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Spider-man The new Avenger by sia1965pak Spider-man The new Avenger :iconsia1965pak:sia1965pak 214 17 Hulk vs. Harry Potter by RockyDavies Hulk vs. Harry Potter :iconrockydavies:RockyDavies 1,743 196 Power Couple by Delinde-Photography Power Couple :icondelinde-photography:Delinde-Photography 7 2 dee dees by jimdragonx dee dees :iconjimdragonx:jimdragonx 2 0 BAMF by AstroZerk BAMF :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 232 41 Logan by JPRart Logan :iconjprart:JPRart 351 13 Wolverine vs Sentinel by leomon32 Wolverine vs Sentinel :iconleomon32:leomon32 66 7 Robin Damian Wayne #2 by naironkr Robin Damian Wayne #2 :iconnaironkr:naironkr 34 0 Robin Damian Wayne #RENDER by naironkr Robin Damian Wayne #RENDER :iconnaironkr:naironkr 53 1 comission / dragonball - DC COMICS MOVIE THEATER by naironkr comission / dragonball - DC COMICS MOVIE THEATER :iconnaironkr:naironkr 57 6 Superman by naironkr Superman :iconnaironkr:naironkr 73 2 Superman wallpapers by naironkr Superman wallpapers :iconnaironkr:naironkr 62 4 SPEED FORCE by Zedkate SPEED FORCE :iconzedkate:Zedkate 22 0 avatarded Hogwarts by viria13 avatarded Hogwarts :iconviria13:viria13 20,845 1,896 Danny Phantom meets Jake Long by Franci98my Danny Phantom meets Jake Long :iconfranci98my:Franci98my 154 32 Spiderverse Live action poster by MOTive777 Spiderverse Live action poster :iconmotive777:MOTive777 20 2

Gallery Folders

Sailor Moon wearing Ao Dai by minnhsg
Princess Space Marine by OGYungLilBig
Onward Avengers by Gilliland35

Mature Content

Katarina Blood Moon by reportgg
Featured 2
Medusa by Emerald--Weapon
Is that So? by QuickTron
Mirko by ioxxxoi
:/ by kevinsbrush
Marvel 2
Iron Man - 6 Fanarts by Juggernaut-Art
Dasvidaniya comrade by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Rogue (Gold and Green) by FeydRautha81
Spidersona Comicbook Cover 1 by IAmNoxArt
Spider-Man 30 by Mlgpirate01
Scarlet Spider II 02 by Mlgpirate01
Spider-Man 31 by Mlgpirate01
Spider-Man 36 by Mlgpirate01
What if Godzilla was a accurate dinosaur? [WIP] by OGYungLilBig

Mature Content

Vegeta Realism Sketch by OGYungLilBig
Katsucon 2020 by OtakuDude83

Mature Content

The Amazon and the wildboar of Erymanthus 1 by eurysthee
Wonder Woman! by RazSpookin
Power Girl 2020 by BenFormity
Dammit, Bruce... by TheGodofCities
The Joker vs Captain America by TheGodofCities
All Might (PLUS ULTRA) by Steel-Ink
Loser by KimberlyGB
Jill Valentine Fanart ABS Mobile Wallppaper 2v2 by Metalkatts
What Couldve Been Spawn Season 4 by JAM4077
Dark horse
Hellboy by Ururuty
Predator Ghost Moon by Tom kelly by TomKellyART
Hellboy - Digital 2020 by Juggernaut-Art
Aliens by Przemo85
Other comics and Crossovers
TMNT Raph by andrew-henry
Sora, TF Story (PATREON TEASER, Page 3) by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Flightman 6: Jake and Ashley by SonicClone
Youngblood Homage Cover 3 by WOLFBLADE111
Original Characters
I Will Get My Revenge! by wascl
I Have A Allergic Reaction To Blade Swords! by wascl
The Sensational Kat-Girl by wascl
Krista and Chelsea: Private School Students by F86Sabre53
Fan fiction and Character Bios
PRFSEP01 by OtakuDude83
Original Characters 2
Daga Spell Of The Lord by SilentSanctum
DC 2
SG-Skeleghost by wwcape
Your precious Gotham belongs to The Foot! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Marvel 3
Bacon sex by MefistoFist
DC 3
Batman inks by Tantemal
Other Comics and Crossovers 2
Boss Fight by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Marvel 3
Eva Green as Madame Web (Spider-Man) by MZimmer1985
DC 4
Jason Todd, The Red Hood - Judas by DashingTonyDrake
IRON MAN! 2020! COLORS! by Montotus
OC 3
Thundaclap -Storm Install- by DoomRangerEX
DC 5
Blue Devil by Zal-Cryptid
Devious Folder
rocketeer  by Dragonsmasher
Marvel 5
I'm Bulletproof, You Dummies! by MacabreHouse
Supercorp  by TristanHartup
Marvel 6
Elektra Alluringly Clad In White by CharmingCurmudgeon
OC 4
Fight! - Know your Fighters!!! - Miss Sylvie by CrazyStupot
Crossovers 2
My Hero Academia OC: Wade Walker by Cowboy-Alchemist
Featured 3
Dancing Tyrande (+NSFW optional). by TattiArt
Original characters 3
Smugglers That Time Forgot Page 7 by TheCosmicBeholder
Other comics and crossovers 3
Cheshire Tiger (Master Q Parody w/ BNHA) by meiyeezhu



Rules and Gallery categories

Just click on the join button up there :above: Then confirm, and you're in. :hug:

- Joining requests to Members are automatically approved.
- Joining requests to Contributors are subject to vote by an admin.

:star:You DO NOT need to be a Contributor to add your art to the group's gallery.:star:
Contributors are a helper admin role that can, in addition to submitting their own art, more easily submit art found in other people's galleries (The dA Groups system automatically asks for the original artists' approval). They also vote on submitted works and can suggest art to be placed into the Featured folder.
In the future, if needed, more powers may be added to the Contributors group. However keep in mind:

:spidey:"With great power comes great responsibility.":spidey:

If you ask to join Contributors, please be aware that you're asking to be a helper in the group. Write clearly in your join request note that this is what you want. (Also be sure that you've actually read the rules).
If you ask to join Contributors without writing anything, your request will be ignored or denied.

All artwork submitted must be your own work and not works by other artist. In other words: you didn't draw it, then don't post it. Only exception is when you make something over existing artwork AND you have the original artist's permission to use their work.

Submission Limits
:bulletpurple: Members can submit up to 5 pictures per day in the gallery and up to 5 pictures per day in the faves.
:bulletpurple: Non members can't submit to the gallery but can suggest up to 2 faves per day


There are now 13 folders in the gallery, so that it will be easier for people browsing it to find stuff of their interest.

:police:Please double check and be sure to submit to the proper folder. Thank you.:police:
Esté amable. Por favor someta el arte a la carpeta apropiada. Gracias.
As we don't know every single comic character/superhero out there, feel free to let us know if you notice things in the wrong folders, we'll move them.

Here's how it goes

:bulletred: Featured
This will be a special showcase for the best submissions. We admins will select them.
Direct submissions to that folder are now closed.

:bulletgreen: DC
:bulletgreen: Marvel
:bulletgreen: Image
:bulletgreen: Dark Horse

These folders are for fanart of heroes that are © of those famous comic companies. Be sure to post your art in the right folders.

:bulletgreen: Other Comics
Every fanart that doesn't pertain to the above companies goes here. Crossovers between characters of different publishers go here too (like, Wonder Woman meeting Spiderman or something like this :))

:bulletgreen: Original Characters
This is the place of your own superhero/super-villain characters. Only OCs here, no fanart.

:bulletgreen: Fan fiction and Character Bios
Submit your fanfic here, as this group is to do with all and every aspect of superhero comics and superheroes in general. All literature/written works regardless of ownership of characters are featured in this folder.

:bulletgreen: Artjams
This folder is for contest for our group and craft works. Such as dolls, jewelry, clothing.

:new:The chatroom for the group is here.…
Greetings everyone, I would like to remind everyone that this is a group for superheroine images and stories and not a fetish site. Please refrain from submitting or requesting images of a fetish nature to be included to the site.  Images of bound or captured heroines is something that can be considered an occupational hazard for heroines but images of heroines displaying bare feet is not considered to be part of a heroines job description.
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OtakuDude83 Featured By Owner May 20, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Bad news.  Because DA has gone full Eclipse, I can't submit anything!  So someone's gonna have to add my pics.  Especially con photos to here.
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OtakuDude83 Featured By Owner May 20, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I uploaded a ton more pics into my Katsucon 2020 folder.  Could you guys send me requests for you to add a bunch of them so I can submit the others please???
OtakuDude83 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Last month, I partook in a big cosplay photo shoot where we had a surprise guest!  Try to find me in the photos.  This is superhero related!…
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Can I request a drawing from someone here?
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most of the folders are full
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