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Hellboy, by jimdragonx Hellboy, :iconjimdragonx:jimdragonx 2 0 Hellboy by jimdragonx Hellboy :iconjimdragonx:jimdragonx 0 0 Lara Croft - RECOLOR by AndersonGSM Lara Croft - RECOLOR :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 42 7 Project Alice by AndersonGSM Project Alice :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 14 3 Wet - Beach Time by AndersonGSM Wet - Beach Time :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 32 6 Lara Croft - (A. Jolie) by AndersonGSM Lara Croft - (A. Jolie) :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 58 13 Spandex super-heroines on Gumroad by ipnozi Spandex super-heroines on Gumroad :iconipnozi:ipnozi 130 5 Zatanna's Hypnotic Scorpion by ipnozi Zatanna's Hypnotic Scorpion :iconipnozi:ipnozi 94 3 Prices Squeezed! by ipnozi Prices Squeezed! :iconipnozi:ipnozi 44 2 Gumroad Sale: Zatanna's hypnotic adventures by ipnozi Gumroad Sale: Zatanna's hypnotic adventures :iconipnozi:ipnozi 75 2 Lady Croft by AndersonGSM Lady Croft :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 62 7 Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft 3D - RHenderART by AndersonGSM Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft 3D - RHenderART :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 71 9 20th Anniversary Lara Croft Tomb Raider by AndersonGSM 20th Anniversary Lara Croft Tomb Raider :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 65 12 Lara Croft [PopArt #1] - RHender ART by AndersonGSM Lara Croft [PopArt #1] - RHender ART :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 20 4 Those Who Wish Me Dead - RHender ART by AndersonGSM Those Who Wish Me Dead - RHender ART :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 52 6 Bat queen and Beastress final by KyoungInKim Bat queen and Beastress final :iconkyounginkim:KyoungInKim 106 2

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Katarina Blood Moon by reportgg
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Poll winner... Sable and Whysper on a trampoline by ShadowhawkOne
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DWOAH: Omni-Man vs Netflix DraculaDeadliest warriors of all historyOmniman vs Netflix DraculaLoving father, genocidal Monster, two sides of the same coinNowl-An/Nolan Grayson aka Omniman info:Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 250lbsWeapons: Bare HandsStrengths: Is the father of Mark Grayson aka Invincible and was the greatest Superhero Earth had known during his infiltration of the planet, Superhuman strength (Was one of the most powerful Warriors of the Viltrumite Empire, Utterly overpowered the Guardians of the Globe and killed most of them with single blows, Ragdolled Invincible in their fight, Can effortlessly lift thousands of tons), Superhuman durability (Can unphased by his sons punches during their fight, Can survive explosions that could decimate planets, No Earthly Weapon could harm him), MFTL speeds (Could fly at speeds allowing him to cross interstellar distances in mere days), Extreme healing factor (Viltrumites can survive and heal from wounds that would be instantly fatal to humans), Can fly, Can hear and project the thoughts of others, As a Viltrumite Nolan’s ageing slowed as he reached adulthood and is over 2000 years old despite looking roughly 40, Can hold his breath for up to two weeks, Is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and radiation, Killed the Guardians of the Globe single handedly, Genocided the Flaxxon race on his own, Aided in the destruction if Viltrum and the Viltrumite Empire.Weaknesses: Viltrumites are extremely weak to high frequency sounds, His temperature resistances have limits, The Scourge Virus can place Viltrumites in a coma or even outright kill them.Count Vlad Dracul Tepes aka Netflix Dracula info:Height: 6 foot 4Weight: 168lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Fangs, Claws, MagicStrengths: Was the father of Alucard and the most powerful Vampire to ever exist in his universe, Superhuman strength (Was the strongest of Vampires, Could effortlessly kill most humans and even Demons with minimal effort, Ragdolled Trevor and Alucard whilst at his weakest), Superhuman durability (At his weakest Trevor’s punches had literally no effect on him, Tanked Sypha’s Magic attacks and a full force strike from Trevor’s Morningstar Whip which could instakill most Vampires and Undead at his weakest, Survived his own Fireball Spell being redirected back at him with minimal damage), Supersonic speeds (Can dodge Arrows effortlessly, Speed Blitzed Trevor, Alucard and Sypha for most of their fight), Is a Master of Magic (Covered the city of Targoviste with a rain of blood as well as summoning Meteorites and fiery rain upon it, Can summon Fireballs and Lightning, Can create small Earthquakes, Can levitate and teleport, Can summon his Castle anywhere at will, Can manifest himself as Bats/Ravens/Flames), Is telekinetic, Can levitate, Extreme healing factor (As a Vampire Dracula heals from even what should be mortal wounds extremely quickly), Is completely immune to Holy symbols.Weaknesses: Suffers from severe depression to the point of being suicidal, As a Vampire sunlight is lethal to Dracula.Battle begin!The feral roar of one of Castle Dracula’s many Demon’s echoed out through one of its many corridors only to be cut off as a blood stained hand clamped over its face and in an instant crushed its head in its grasp, the man who owned the hand looking down with disdain as he cast the Demon’s corpse to the floor to join the several dozen others that had tried to stop him.Stepping over the Demon’s corpse Omni-Man prepared to smash through yet another stone wall in his search for the Castle’s owner when he was stopped as a pillar of Flame ignited in front of him and from it strode Count Dracula himself “so another poor fool dares to trespass into my home” he stated before flaring his cape unleashing a swarm of Bats as he did so “very well then, HAVE AT YOU!”.Merely scowling as the Bats swarmed around him Omni-Man responded by throwing a Fist forward with enough force to break the sound barrier, a sonic boom ringing out as his Fist collided with Dracula’s face only for the Vampire to join his swarm, his body erupting into Bats as his maniacal laughter echoed through the hall.“These freaks never want to do things the easy way” Omni-Man sighed as he then harshly brought his hands together in a thunderclap, the shockwave it caused dispersing the Bat swarm in a near instant.As the Bats were destroyed by the shockwave Omni-Man then grunted as he was struck from behind by a Fireball, sighing as he then wiped off his shoulder to snuff out the small embers the Fireball had left behind the Viltrumite turned only to flinch as a massive stone pillar was then thrown at him by the Vampire’s Telekinesis, raising his arms to catch it before being forced down the hallway by the impact of it slamming into him.Grunting as he dug his heels into the floor carving into the stone of it to stop himself Omni-Man squeezed the pillar until it crumbled into dust just as Dracula rushed him, the Vampire grabbing him by the throat aiming to tear it out only to find that his Claws couldn’t penetrate his skin.As Dracula clamped a second hand around Omni-Man’s neck to try to throttle him the Viltrumite responded by slamming his Fist to the Vampire’s gut, making him nearly fold in half from the force of the punch though the Hero found himself slightly impressed when he found that his hand didn’t just go right through him.Wheezing as he was winded by the blow Dracula responded by slamming his Fists down on Omni-Man’s shoulders, making the Viltrumite grunt as the ground cracked beneath him, his knees bending slightly as the force of the blow ran through his body before Dracula then tackled him around the waist and shot both of them down the hallway.Swinging his arms out to drive his hands into the walls Omni-Man forced them both to a stop before bringing them down upon the Vampire’s back, slamming him to the ground hard enough to crack the stone of it before grabbing him by the cape and swinging him around to throw him through several walls.Landing hard Dracula then swiftly burst into a flock of Bats as Omni-Man flew towards him, the Viltrumite’s Fist slamming into the floor right where the Vampire had been a split second later as Dracula reformed around him and grabbed hold of his head from behind, his fingers sparking for a second before he summoned Lightning from his very hands firing the bolts directly into Omni-Man’s skull making him cry out as his eyes and the inside of his mouth began to flash and glow.As the Electricity coursed through his skull and into his brain Omni-Man threw his elbow back into Dracula’s chest, making the Vampire gasp as several ribs were shattered from the blow before the Viltrumite then followed it up by spinning around to deliver an uppercut to Dracula’s jaw, the punch sending the Vampire up through the ceiling and the floors above them until he went crashing through the roof of his Castle and into the night air above.Exhaling hard to clear the inside of his head of smoke before patting down his burning hair and moustache Omni-Man then shot to the sky smashing through the Castle roof himself to find the once pitch black sky had now turned blood red.A moment later it then began to rain and too Omni-Man’s shock as he looked down at himself it was raining blood, the crimson liquid staining his suit and skin as Meteors began to appear from the clouds as well seemingly setting the very sky ablaze “day after day fools like you invade my home and try to take my life on some ‘holy crusade!’, calling me a Monster! An Abomination!” Dracula declared from the skies above Omni-Man “my name is Vlad Dracul Tepes! AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!”.With that declaration Dracula launched the Meteors down upon Omni-Man to which the Viltrumite shot up towards him, smashing through each Meteor as it struck him, his Fists reducing each one to rubble as he shot faster towards Dracula as the Vampire shot down towards him surrounded by his Bats.When the pair made contact it created a shockwave that parted the blood rain for several seconds and dispersed Dracula’s Bats as Omni-Man grabbed the Vampire by the throat “it’s over freak!” the Viltrumite stated reeling his free Fist back aiming to cave in Dracula’s skull to which the Vampire lashed out at his face with his Claws.Whilst his skin proved too tough for Dracula’s Claws to cut through his much softer eyes were a different story, Omni-Man crying out and releasing Dracula to cover his eyes after the Vampire’s Claws cut across them, his vision turning blood red as his corneas were neatly sliced.As the Viltrumite was momentarily blinded Dracula shot behind him to grab him by the arms, baring his large canine Fangs he then drove them against Omni-Man’s neck only for his eyes to widen in shock and pain as his Fangs outright shattered against his skin.As the Vampire lost his Fangs Omni-Man threw his head back slamming it against Dracula’s face before shooting back to send them both crashing back down into the Castle, sending Dracula through several more walls until he stopped in what looked like a pristinely maintained childs bedroom, landing hard enough on the bed to crush it beneath his body.Having landed in a better position Omni-Man quickly rose and marched after Dracula, his vision swiftly healing leaving his eyes more bloodshot than blood filled, marching into the room to deliver the killing blow when he suddenly stopped to take in the surroundings, despite the Castle being macabre and the very image of being ruled by an inhuman Monster the room was that of a child that was raised in a loving home “this…is this?”.“My boys room…our boys room” Dracula replied sombrely, as if the sight of the room had removed every trace of rage and hate from him “my…my Adrian” he continued as his gaze turned to a large painting on the wall, the picture showing him, his wife and Alucard with the Dhampyr at a much younger age “we were so happy…”.Eyeing the Vampire suspiciously suspecting his sudden change of tone to be a trick Omni-Man took a deep breath “what happened?”.“They’re gone, the villagers, the…HUMANS” Dracula replied, snarling the last word with a bitter hatred “took my wife from me…my beloved Lisa…burned her as a Witch, she was a healer! She helped them and they murdered her!” he roared in anguish slamming his Fist to the wall hard enough to make the room shake.“And your son?”.“Alive, but he is not my boy anymore, he chose humanity over me…” the Vampire lamented as he then slumped down to his knees “I have had enough, go on, slay your ‘Monster’”.Taking another deep breath as his thoughts went to his own son Omni-Man paused for a moment before then acting, shooting forward to grab Dracula by the collar before suddenly taking him to the sky with him.Too tired of life to resist Dracula then realised why Omni-Man had brought them back outside, the blood rain having dissipated when he had lost his will to fight and was now replaced with fiery streaks of orange as the sun was rising on the horizon, his skin starting to smoke and burn as the light slowly washed over him “Lisa…I’m coming home…” the Vampire sighed as he then looked up at Omni-Man, his gaze seeming almost thankful as he crumbled to ash.Watching the ashes blow away with the morning breeze Omni-Man sighed before moving to fly away, out of all the Monsters he had killed in his life this one was far less satisfying to put an end to.Winner: Omni-ManAfter watching Jonathan Joestar vs Tanjiro I was inspired to make the ending of this fight more wholesome than normal, in a way I thought fitting to Dracula’s depression and suicidal feelings.But anyway, why does Omni-Man beat Netflix Dracula?Well looking at what Dracula was able to do in his prime and after discussing it with a reader I came to the conclusion that Dracula would be able to harm Omni-Man but that was about it, he could harm, not kill. Yes his access to Magic gave him an advantage over the Viltrumite but honestly even his most powerful attacks being compared to natural disasters are all things that Omni-Man has survived in the past meaning that Magic wasn’t much of an advantage afterall.Omni-Man on the other hand had every possible advantage over the Vampire meaning it was only a matter of time for him to power through Dracula’s Magical attacks and give the Vampire the end he deeply craved.
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Zener01 colors 10 by NRGComics
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Latex Fox by request... by ShadowhawkOne



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