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Bat queen and Beastress final by KyoungInKim Bat queen and Beastress final :iconkyounginkim:KyoungInKim 67 2 Go ahead,Bub.Make my day. by KyoungInKim Go ahead,Bub.Make my day. :iconkyounginkim:KyoungInKim 37 2 Hinata like Chifusa Manyuu 5 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Chifusa Manyuu 5 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 150 2 Hinata and Hanabi like Harry 2 by gekkodimoria Hinata and Hanabi like Harry 2 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 203 34 Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.JOE) 45 Special 4 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.JOE) 45 Special 4 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 48 8 Hinata and Hanabi Bossy office Milfs 01 by gekkodimoria Hinata and Hanabi Bossy office Milfs 01 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 95 21 Hinata like Chifusa Manyuu 6 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Chifusa Manyuu 6 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 163 6 Hinata and the Golden Turd 1 by gekkodimoria Hinata and the Golden Turd 1 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 37 20 New Hinata 6-7/10(ENG) by gekkodimoria New Hinata 6-7/10(ENG) :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 165 59 New Hinata 6-7/10(FR) by gekkodimoria New Hinata 6-7/10(FR) :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 36 6 Hinata like Yuko Igarashi(Dirty Laundry) 3 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Yuko Igarashi(Dirty Laundry) 3 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 94 0 New Hinata 6-7/10(ITA) by gekkodimoria New Hinata 6-7/10(ITA) :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 38 2 Hinata like Nadine Jansen 7 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Nadine Jansen 7 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 42 1 Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 40 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 40 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 56 1 Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.JOE) 41 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.JOE) 41 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 41 0 Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 42 Special 1 by gekkodimoria Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 42 Special 1 :icongekkodimoria:gekkodimoria 48 28

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Written Stories
The Hot OneThe Hot OneLike many addicts, I didn’t see my problem until it was too late.I was just like every other young adult. I worked a decent job, hung out with friends, and yes, experimented with a few things on the weekends. I’ve partaken in all of the standard college recreational substances.I never cared too much for them though. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy them, they just didn’t do it for me. I only drank socially and on occasions, and smoked weed even less because it was hard to come by where I live. Anything harder I had tried was only once and that was it. I was very wary of developing unwanted habits and so I tried to be careful. It worked too. I’ve never become addicted to drugs in my life.My addiction was to hot sauce.Let me explain- I’ve always enjoyed spicy foods; whether it was wings, barbecue, Mexican food, whatever. It started innocently enough- a sample of the tabasco sauce when I was seven, and soon I was putting the devil’s saliva on everything I ate. Growing up, whenever a family or friend went to a new state or country, I’d ask them to bring me back a bottle of hot stuff to sample. By the time I was an adult I had the flavors of the world seared into my tongue.I guess I began to lose control when I was bored on youtube one day. I found a channel where a couple of guys were eating wings, each with a new sauce that was a level of spiciness above the last. I found it amusing how they would become delirious and just lose it as their food became more unbearable to eat. It seemed like something that was up my alley, and naturally I decided to try it.As luck would have it, the channel had a link to the website from where they would order all their hot sauce. I immediately placed an order for a sample back from their first video, and within less than a week it had arrived. For my own amusement I decided to record my reactions. I started with spicy-sweet chili sauce on a chicken drumstick that had me breaking out in sweat. By the time I had gotten to the final sauce I prayed to god to put me out of misery with one side of my mouth and smiling with the other. So yeah, it was fun but strenuous, and I even questioned if it was worth it. But when I rewatched my own reactions I was quite amused with myself. I even showed it to my friends. They got such a kick out of it that they asked me if I would do another. It seemed like a great idea at the time, and so I began walking the path that would lead to my fall.And so, one order of hot sauce samples soon became dozens over the course of several months. I was saving and spending whatever extra cash I could acquire on bottle after bottle of hot sauce. I even asked to be put on the mailing list of the site so I could know when new stuff was coming out. If I was feeling generous I would write to the website and give them my thoughts on the sauces they sent me. Occasionally, I would hear back from them, but only with “We’re so glad to receive your patronage.”Anyway, with each new hot sauce I sampled on a chicken wing or leg, I found that I was experiencing all sorts of crazy side-effects. Sure, there were the classics- sweating bullets, tongue on fire, saliva that felt like molten lava when I swallowed it; but there were other things too- many times the sauces would be so spicy that I almost thought I was hallucinating. I can’t say exactly what due to the tears in my eyes, but I can definitely say I was seeing red. The various empty bottles I kept around my apartment looked like volcanoes, smoke hazing from the nozzles while dried sauce strips appeared to be magma flowing down the sides. Some of the bottles had little mascots, such as devils or skeletons, and in my delusional state I could swear they were snickering at me. Like, they knew something that I didn’t.And at the end, after I cooled down, I would rewatch the videos I recorded of myself. And needless to say I came off like a lunatic. With each new sauce I would become frantic, often talking about nothing and sometimes going off about things I had kept hidden about myself; like embarrassing moments or weird opinions I had of my friends and family or sometimes just random people. Occasionally, I would show these to other people, within reason of course. Their reaction was only encouragement like the first time. They got a kick out of seeing me in such a tormented state. Their enjoyment of my displeasure only fueled my fire to continue on with this crazy pastime of mine.I suppose my first sign that I was closing on rock bottom was when I went to order my next sample. To my surprise, I had discovered that I had sampled every hot sauce the website had to offer. Essentially, I had caught up and was now on schedule with the Youtube streamers, and it was definitely a shock to me. I hadn’t expected this to happen so fast. My first reaction was to write to the website and explain my situation. Thinking that it would take a day or two for them to get back to me, I was surprised not ten minutes later when I got a reply:“We are honored to have received such patronage from you, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that we will have new samples ready in a short time.”Like many customers who wrote to customer service, I was a little disappointed by the answer I got. I had hoped for something a little more reassuring, but I told myself it was no big deal. New videos came out almost weekly, so I was certain it wouldn’t be too long a wait.To my surprise, however, the wait was much longer than I had expected. A week turned into two, and two turned into a month, and so on. And during this time signs of my addiction to the hot sauces were clear to everyone but me. I was anxious, on edge, hoping that each new day I would get news of a new sample pack. I found it hard to focus at my job, and more than once I got written up for slacking off or being on non-company sites while at work. My friends didn’t help either. They kept asking me if I had any new reaction videos to show them, and while their curiosity was in good nature, sometimes I took it a little too personally and lashed out at them.Perhaps the only sign I could identify was that my food didn’t taste as satisfying anymore. If I ever had any sauce left over, I would use it in my meals. Sandwiches, omelettes, soups, whatever I could make I would season them with my remaining sauce samples. As I was waiting for news of new sauces, however, I quickly went through my remaining hot sauce supply. To say I panicked a little when I officially ran out was a bit of an understatement. I have a clear memory of running to the grocery store and buying every name brand of hot sauce they had, just to satisfy my addiction. But it wasn’t the same, it was never nor could it ever be the same compared to the exotic flavors I had been receiving before.Finally, one day, I lost it. I wrote a very angry email to the website practically demanding something new, anything new. My message would have made a sailor blush. I remember waiting for a reply, the minutes felt like hours. Finally I received a reply bearing an offer on the website called “The Nuclear Option.” Curious, and more than anything desperate, I enquired as to what it was. They explained it was a special sample only their most loyal and devoted patrons could receive. Their message was practically catered to my taste. The way they described it reflected the many reviews and compliments I had sent to them based on the reactions I had from their hot sauces. Had I learned about this earlier, I might have had second thoughts about how perfect this all sounded. But in the state I was in I couldn’t see it. I immediately agreed to The Nuclear Option and placed an order.As soon as I got home from work the next day, I found a small, square package in my mailbox. It bore the website’s logo. I didn’t really expect it to be here so soon, but I couldn’t have cared less at that point. I immediately prepared a plate of sauceless wings and set up my camera. I had decided to save opening the package until I had everything ready. I didn’t know if this was going to be my last sample for a while or not, given what I had been through the last few months. I opened the posted box and… was quite surprised.The sample was nothing like I had expected- it was small, smaller than the champagne bottle stewardess gave to passengers on airplanes. The bottle itself was clear with a strange, white liquid in it. Its label bore only a strange symbol of a horned skull overlaid across the symbol for hazardous materials.; fitting for something called “The Nuclear Option.” For a moment, I had questioned how this was their exclusive sample for their best customers. But like many addicts my mind instead focused on getting my much needed high. Seeing as there was only enough for one piece of chicken, I chose the biggest drumstick from my platter and poured what little I had on the piece of meat. And once I took a bite I immediately understood why this sauce was so exclusive.Immediately I was overwhelmed with spice and heat levels that I didn’t think measured on the scoville scale. It was nothing like I had felt before- I was in such pain and yet in such pleasure, my mouth burning like a million suns. I remember screaming from the intensity, but that's when it all went blurry. Immediately the visions came, only this time they were more clear despite my watery eyes. I saw a land of fire, with flames of every color from yellow to red to orange to blue. The heat was so real that I could swear that my skin was becoming blistered and scabbed. I could make out little creatures, skulls and devils like those on the many sauce bottles I ordered. They were dancing to heavy metal music, a mosh pit of anarchy as they guzzled down bottles of hot sauce like water. It felt like everything was in slow motion yet moving really fast. Then there was a loud bang and brilliant flash of white light.I found myself in my home. My head was pounding. I felt so dehydrated, evident as my clothes had been soaked with so much sweat like I had walked the Sahara Desert. I lifted my head and found my apartment was a mess. No, calling it a mess would be an understatement. My place looked like a stampede of tornadoes ran through it. Furniture was broken, walls were perforated with holes, books and knick-knacks littered the floor. More curiously, they looked a bit… scorched?I picked myself up, stumbling a bit from the pain in my head. I immediately went to the fridge and got a bottle of water. It was cool, but its taste was dull on my still spiced-up tongue. As I drank, I decided to scrounge for my camera to see if I could find out what had happened. I shuffled through the mess on the floor and unfortunately found it like everything else- shattered and beyond repair. There would be no way I could play it back.I then felt a familiar sensation, a rumbling in my stomach. I was hungry. I remembered biting into the wing, but not eating anything after that. So it was only natural I was starving. I went back to the fridge and pulled out a leftover pizza I had ordered earlier this week. I picked a slice, not bothering to heat it up, and took a bite.I couldn’t taste it.I wasn’t sure it was my head or not, but I continued to eat the pizza slice and found it still had no taste. When I finished it, I picked up another slice and bit into it. Again, no taste. I tried another slice, and again found there was no flavor.Thinking it was just the pizza, I reached into the fridge for something else- a jar of pickles. Maybe a little sour would wake my tongue up. I pulled out a big spear and bit into it, and the results were the same- just a tasteless thing of nothing.At that point, I was beginning to panic. I reached into the fridge again and began biting into everything I could- bread, cheese, tomatoes, bananas, ice cream, onions; whatever was in there I frantically bit into in hopes of waking up my numb taste buds. But again, I couldn’t taste anything. I then pulled out my spices and condiments and began slathering any and all food with it. Ketchup on the onions, cumine on the cheese, chocolate sauce on the tomatoes. All sorts of flavor combinations that I or anyone would normally be repulsed by, I made it and shoved it into my mouth. As I did I made a mess of myself and my kitchen even more.Eventually I gave up and went with the option I wasn’t ready to try after last night- I reached for one of the name brand bottles of hot sauce and squirted a massive amount into my gaping maw. For a second, I could have sworn I felt something. A tingle, a spark, but it passed as soon as it faded.I then heard a small *ding*. I had received a new email. In my panicked state I picked up my phone and opened my email. It was a message from the hot sauce site. My eyes went dull with horror as I read their email-“Thank you for your final purchase from Dante’s Infernoes. We are saddened to know you will no longer be a valued patron of our sauces, but we hope our Nuclear Option sauce was everything you thought it would be.”END.
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Bonus pin up - En-Trance 'Gemesis 3' version by devduck01
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The Iron Assassin by Galahound19
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Shego | Kim Possible | by xdtopsu01
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Surrender the Jedi... NOW! May the 4th 2021 by ShadowhawkOne



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