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Blue Topaz's Pov: Hello, my name is, Blue Topaz, I live on Homeworld, I'm an era two gem, and I'm part of, Blue Diamond's court. I have turquoise colored skin, along with teal colored hair, my eyes are a crystal clear blue color, my gem is located on my chest, and I'm wearing a uniform that's navy blue with a teal colored diamond on it, and finally I'm wearing navy blue colored boots. Anyway, I have basically lived on Homeworld my entire life, and living on Homeworld can be cruel and hard, but it can also be great and easy to live here as long as you follow the diamond's rules. It's quite simple actually, whichever court you're under that court has a list of different kinds of rules and ranks in the court that you are in, and since I'm under, Blue Diamond's court, the rules are simple, mostly because her rule's are less strict then, Yellow Diamond's, and since I'm the lowest rank in her court she usually has me go on small missions for her, but we get along quite well, and she would always tell me everything that she knew about Pink Diamond, so being under, Blue Diamond's court wasn't so bad.

However, Yellow Diamond's court on the other hand lived under a list of very strict rules, and this is because, Yellow Diamond herself expected everyone to follow her orders and commands without question or hesitation, and you especially do not yell at her face and call her a clod because if you do, well, let's just say that it won't end well, and then there's the highest diamond's court, and I can't even mention her name because even the mention of her name will shatter a gem to its core, at least that's what I heard anyway, but let's just say that she's the most powerful diamond of them all, the ruler of Homeworld, and the greatest diamond of them all, and once again I cannot mention her name, I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be I'm afraid.

Anyway, her court works in the shadows, and members of her court work to make sure that no gems steps out of line, and if they do they would report it to her the highest diamond, and if the gem gets caught they would immediately be sentenced to shattering, but most importantly the courts job was to make sure that all gems followed her rule of perfection, and if just one gem happens to step out of line from that rule of perfection they would immediately be punished for it, in short her court was the most secretive of them all, in fact it's so secretive that only very few gems know about its existence, but trust me it does exist, that's how secretive it is. Anyway, we also have houses that we go to on Homeworld after we have completed our missions and assignments that are given to us by the diamonds that is, but yeah, that's the way it has always been on Homeworld, and as long as you live by the diamond's rules you will be respected on Homeworld, and that's the way it has always been on Homeworld for a really long time and nothing ever seemed to change. However, then the day of the trial came, and I think that a little bit of Homeworld might have changed that day because one way or another I had a feeling that things were never going to be the same that day.

That day word about what had happened at the trial spread around Homeworld quickly, and no matter how hard the diamonds tried to keep quiet about it everyone on Homeworld was already talking about it, and everyone was already starting to ask questions about Pink Diamond's shattering, and I must admit even I'm starting to ask questions about it myself. Blue Diamond had told me everything that she knew about Pink Diamond's shattering and how she felt about it, so to hear that Rose Quartz possibly didn't do it, but a diamond, it just made me start to question everything that I thought I knew about Homeworld to this day.

Blue Diamond went off to talk to, Yellow Diamond the day after the trail had occurred, and she had told me to wait for her. So, I have been waiting for her in the new palanquin that, Yellow Diamond had made for her after the trail had occurred since her old one was found, but it was broken. However, it has been more than an hour I think, I don't really know how long it has been for sure, and I'm starting to think that she's not coming. Suddenly, as I was waiting, Blue Pearl steeped into the palanquin curtsying while doing so as she said, "My diamond has requested to see you, please follow me." Blue Pearl said as she gestured for me to follow her, so I got up and I begin to follow her to, Blue Diamond, and, Blue Diamond was in a room all by herself looking upset. Blue Pearl bowed as she said, "I have brought her, my diamond." Blue Pearl said bowing while doing so, and, Blue Diamond looked at her as she said, "Thank you Pearl, that will be all, I wish to speak to her alone.", and with that, Blue Pearl left leaving me and, Blue Diamond alone in the room, and I just stood there, silent, as we glanced at each other for a really long time.

Blue Diamond seemed to sigh finally breaking the silence as she said, "Topaz, I really want to believe, Yellow Diamond, but for all I know she could be lying to me, and the trial has made me question so many things lately, what am I going to do Topaz, I'm so confused." Blue Diamond said sighing sadly as she said this to me. I just shrugged as I said, "I do not know my diamond" I said as I shrugged my shoulders. Blue Diamond just sighed as she said, "Well, one thing is, for sure, Yellow Diamond is not telling me everything, which is why I want you to go to Earth Topaz." Blue Diamond said to me. I looked at her as I said, "What?" I asked her, and she replied in response as she said, "I want you to go to Earth and investigate the scene of Pink Diamond's shattering; I want you to find out the truth, and do whatever it takes, is that clear?" Blue Diamond asks me as she said this to me. I thought for a moment this could be my chance to prove myself to her I thought as I said, "Very well, my diamond, I accept," I said bowing to, Blue Diamond, and with that she excuses me from the room, and then I get into a ship getting ready to head towards Earth, but I couldn't help, but get the feeling that I was being watched as I got ready to take off.

Unknown's Pov: I watched, as, Blue Topaz got into her ship shaking my head as I thought she's not going to be happy about this. I thought as I vanished into the shadows, and walked over to the capital building of Homeworld. As I walked in there she was sitting upon her giant, throne, and she looked at me as she asked me why I was there I told her what I had witnessed, and just like I had imagined she was not happy about it as she said, "What, this will not, due, she must not find out the truth, I want you to go after and stop her, and do whatever it takes, but I want you to bring her back to me alive, is that perfectly clear?" the silhouetted diamond asks me as she turns to me. I smirked bowing as I said, "Yes, my diamond," and with that I got into a ship getting a gem destabilizer as I made my way into the ship, and as soon as I made my way into the ship I got ready to go after, Blue Topaz, who had already left the hanger, but with her being a low ranking gem I figured that she couldn't have gotten too far.

I chuckled as I left the hanger, and went into hyperspace going after, Blue Topaz. Eventually, I caught up to her, she was already halfway towards Earth, and I chuckled as I began to launch missiles at the ship, and as soon as I did that she attempts to communicate with me by using the ships intercom.

I chuckled as I accepted the signal allowing her to speak to me as I continued to pilot the ship while doing so. "Hey, what gives?" Blue Topaz asks me through the ships intercom. I chuckled as I said, "No hard feelings, but it's my diamond's orders and she wants you alive." I replied chuckling as my eyes glow up with a white, light surrounding them. I heard her gasp as she said, "No, I won't allow you to stop me, my diamond is counting on me." I hear her say through the intercom. "Too bad, looks like you have failed your mission!" I said as I got ready to capture her ship with my ship's tractor beam, but then I clutched my head and I hit the wrong button hitting her ship by accident, and then I watched as, her ship crashes towards Earth as I said, "You just got lucky, but mark my words I will find you!" I shouted angry that I had failed to capture her.

To Be Continued!
The beginning of my new Steven Universe story, tell me what you think so far in the comments section below, and if you have any ideas or suggestions on how I can make the story better, please let me know that too in the comments section below! Who is the mysterious gem that's going after Blue Topaz, and who is her diamond, all these questions and more will be answered soon! By the way, this story is taking place after The Trail and Lars' Head.

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I really like your presentation of Homeworld, it's so realistic! Also This beginning of Blue Topaz's adventure is so exciting!
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Thanks, sure to read chapter one next!