Of Darkness and Shadows! Chapter One

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Our story begins in a college building on Mocktropica Island where a science teacher can be seen trying to give his class a lecture about neutrons and atoms, but they are too busy playing Mega Fighting Bots to pay him any attention. The science teacher just sighed as he sat down putting down his lesson plan suddenly to the teacher's surprise a black looking smoke was coming out from his hands and he was freaked out by this. However, the black smoke soon stops coming from his hands and the teacher looks confused as to what just happened. Suddenly, a young lady walks up to him saying "hey brother, what are you doing?" the young lady asks the science teacher. "Sadly nothing, what do you need?" The science teacher asks the young lady revealing that she is his sister.

"I got an invitation to go to an island called Fantasy Island, and I think we should go, what do you think?" His sister asks with glee. "I don't know Lidia, I'm a science teacher, and I have tons of paperwork to do, and I don't know if the principal will let me take the rest of the week off" The science teacher replied revealing that the lady's name is Lidia. "I think that I can convince him to let you take the rest of the week off, besides you have been working very hard brother," Lidia says to the teacher smiling. The teacher just smiles as he says, "Yes, I know, but it's just to keep Mathew in school, things have been hard for him since" The teacher says before he starts to tear up.  "I know Xavier, I know, but you could use a break, and I'll have someone look after Mathew, alright?" Lidia said revealing that the science teacher's name is Xavier, and Xavier just smiles as he hugs his sister Lidia.

"Thanks, sister, you're the best you know," Xavier asks Lidia smiling.  "I know, and I'll go talk to the principal, so I'll be right back," Lidia said smiling, and with that Lidia walks off to go talk to the principal. Xavier suddenly clutches his head as a dark voice in his head begins to speak to him in his mind saying, "Embrace your destiny" The dark voice said coming from inside his head. Suddenly what appears to be flames of black fire circles around him trapping him and the room goes dark around him. "What's going on?" Xavier asks starting to freak out, and panicking confused as to what is going on around him.

Suddenly, Xavier sees this dark entity walk up to him, and they seemed to smirk as they stared at him from the cloak that they were wearing. Xavier looks scared by this dark entity as he asks, "What do you want?" Xavier asks scared by this dark entity. "I want you to make a deal with me!" The dark entity replied in a dark and creepy voice as it said this to Xavier. Suddenly, the room lightens up around him as he feels someone shaking him. "Xavier, snap out of it, wake up!" Lidia shouts shaking him awakening him from the dark episode that he was under, and Xavier shakes his head as he looks around confused.

"What happened?" Xavier asks he looks at Lidia. "Well, I talked to the principal and he said that you could take the whole month off, and then I came back here to tell you, and you were in a trance" Lidia replied looking concerned for her brother. "Also, the principal said that he is going to look after Mathew while we're gone, now come on we have to get packed up and get ready to go to Fantasy Island" Lidia said leading the way to their house that they lived in together along with Mathew, and Xavier follows, and after they enter the house they started to get everything packed up for their trip to Fantasy Island. Finally, after they had finished packing up, Xavier told his son goodbye, told him to be good while he was gone, gave him a hug, and then together Xavier and Lidia get into their blimp and they start to head towards Fantasy Island. On the way there Xavier couldn't help, but wonder who the dark entity was that visited him in his mind, and he had a feeling that this was just the beginning.

To Be Continued! Let me know what you think of the story so far in the comments section please, and give me any tips or suggestions you have to make it better, please!

Here's the next chapter! Vote for who you think is the dark entity in the comments section below, and the identity of the dark entity will be revealed soon! Please let me know what you think of the Poptropica story so far in the comments section below please! 

Chapter One: You are here!…!

Vote for who you think the dark entity is in the comments section below!

Type A) for The Darkness it's self.

Type B) for Zeus.

Type C) for Ringmaster Raven.

Type D) for Hades.

Type E) for The Binary Bard.
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Creepy brain: ringmaster raven please I know you can change and I can help you cause I know how it’s feels I know how it feels to be called a freak *sheads tears *