Of Darkness and Shadows: Chapter 5

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Several days have passed on Fantasy Island, and the other Poptropicans have gotten to learn about each other more within the past few days. As the other Poptropicans got to know about each other more, most of them were starting to figure out why they have certain elements and what connections that they have to them. Lidia figured out that her element somewhat relates to her personality, mostly Lidia tries to be a peaceful, calm and, pure person, she tries to see the good in everyone, she's cheerful, and she always tries to see the positive side of every situation, she treats everyone with respect, she's sensitive and she's not afraid to show it, anyway Lidia figured out that these traits of her personality somehow, connects her to the element of lightness, and she even has her own pet dove at home. Octavia and Lidia had become good friends over the past few days because they had found out that they have a lot in common, and at one point Octavia told Lidia that she had also figured out that the traits of her personality somehow connect her to the water element.

Octavia explains to Lidia that she's a simple, kind, and calm person, she tries to be patient, but she can be shy at times, she often thinks before she acts, she explains that while she's in the water of the beach on Mythology Island where she is from, she feels like she's at home there, and that she doesn't feel like she's at home anywhere else then on Mythology Island. Lidia just smiled as she hugged her new friend saying that it's no wonder that they have so much in common seeing as how both the light and the sea co-exist with each other smiling.

Amir and Winslow had also become good friends within the past few days. They are both carefree Poptropicans, and they both liked to do whatever they want, they both liked to be respectful and loving towards others, they both have free spirits and they like to be outside, they both like to be free of needs, and they are both calm and realist, and most of all they are both the best of the friends. Filera didn't quite get along with Octavia, but she surprisingly got along with Ernie very well. Filera was a fun, charismatic and fierce person, she liked being the center of attention, she's easily angered, but she was also passionate, mostly she was hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. Ernie had gotten along quite well with Eleanor, they were both down to earth, they are both quiet and kind, they both get along with other people, they're both complicated people and they tell what they think about each other, and this is what makes them the best of friends, Wes, Tim, Ilene, and Maria had become friends as well.

Anyway, over the past few days, the Poptropicans seemed to be getting along quite well on Fantasy Island, and they were even helping each other figure out how to control their powers. However, there was one Poptropican who wasn't getting along with everyone, and that Poptropican was none other than Xavier. As days went by Xavier was becoming darker, and his personality was changing as well. Instead of being the loving and caring brother that he was supposed to be, he was becoming dark, mysterious, strong, and independent, he suddenly felt as if the other Poptropicans saw him as competition, he was starting to not show his emotions, and no one did anything to help him because they told Lidia that it was his destiny. However, Lidia still refused to accept this, and she was going to do whatever it took to save her brother by any means necessary.

However, as many days passed by there was nothing Lidia could do to stop it, so Xavier ended up isolating himself into a cave on the island so that he wouldn't hurt anyone. However, little did Xavier and the other Poptropicans know that someone was watching them from the shadows? One day, Lidia went to the cave to check up on Xavier, and she had brought him some prune juice that she had gotten from Mystery Train Island, along with some hot cross buns that she had gotten from Ghost Story Island to give him for breakfast. "Good morning!" Lidia said cheerfully as she gave Xavier the prune juice and the hot cross buns from her backpack. "Hey, Lidia, thanks, but you shouldn't be here, I'm a monster," Xavier said backing up away from Lidia sighing sadly after he had finished eating his breakfast afraid that he will hurt Lidia if she gets too close to him.

"Xavier, you're not a monster, no matter what you will always be my brother," Lidia said hugging her brother while doing so. Xavier smiled as he hugged his, sister back. "So, how are the others doing Lidia?" Xavier asks his sister smiling. "They're doing fine Xavier, and we're practicing our powers, right now, so I should probably get back to them, are you sure that you don't want to practice with us, Xavier?" Lidia asked her brother smiling. "No thanks, I think that it's best if I stay here, so that way I don't go dark and attack everyone again," Xavier said sighing, Xavier still felt bad for attacking everyone even though  he didn't mean to, but he couldn't control it, and it was as if something from inside him, had taken over his body when it happened. "Alright, well I'll be back to check on you later Xavier." Lidia sad smiling, and with that, she left leaving Xavier all alone in the cave by himself as she went to go look for the others.

However, as she was looking around for the others, she suddenly heard what sounded like screaming coming from her new friend Octavia, so she went to find her friend to see what all the fuss was about, and when she had found her by the pound on the island, Octavia appeared to be in shock because all of the water in the pound was gone! "What happened?" Lidia asked as she looks at Octavia. "I was practicing my water powers by using the water in the pound, and then suddenly all of the water in the pond evaporates right in front of me!" Octavia replied in shock as she explained this to Lidia. "Huh, well, that's strange," Lidia said confused as to how all of the water could have disappeared like that. Suddenly, as they were talking Octavia spotted Filera arguing with Wes, and Tim was with them trying to break the fight up, so Lidia and Octavia walked over to them to see what's wrong. 

"What's going on?" Lidia asked as she looks at Tim. Tim sighed as he said, "Filera here says that she was practicing her firepower's when suddenly it rained causing her flames to go out, and since Wes here has the weather elemental she thinks that Wes had something to do with it." Tim replied calmly as he explained this to Octavia and Lidia. "Yeah, and I told her that was ridiculous because I have limitations to my powers, I can make clouds move, and yes I can make it rain, but I can't cause major storms or anything like that," Wes said angrily as he glares at Filera. "Why don't you just have Tim go back in time to see who did it?" Lidia suggests. However, Tim interrupts her saying, "I'm afraid that I can't do that, I have limitations to my powers too, I can see into the future, but I can't fast forward or go back through time because of something called the butterfly effect, and I don't think that we want to mess up the space-time continuum, it's complicated really, it's a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, so yeah," Tim said explaining this to Lidia.

"Great, so we have no way to know for sure who did it?" Filera asked glaring at Tim. "It couldn't have been anyone, precipitation is a regular thing you know," Wes said pointing this out to Filera. Filera sighed as she said, "I guess you have a point there Wes, I'm sorry for blaming you," Filera said apologizing to Wes. "It's fine, let's just let bygones be bygones," Wes said hugging Filera. "Well, I'm glad that's settled," Tim said smiling, and Lidia smiled as she said, "Yeah, but I can't help, but get the feeling that we're being watched," Lidia said feeling like someone was watching them.

Meanwhile, hiding behind some trees a familiar figure is indeed watching them chuckling silently. Um, if I can somehow turn them against each other it will allow me enough time to attack them and then I'll take their powers, they won't know what; hit them the figure thought smirking evilly. "Once I have their powers Poptropica will be mine, all mine!" the figure said out loud to themselves laughing evilly. Now all I need to do is come up with a plan to tear the elements apart the figure thought as it tried to think of a plan to turn the elements against each other. Um, for now, I'll just continue to watch them from the shadows until I come up with a plan the figure though, and with that, the figure disappeared into the shadows.

Xavier sat in the cave alone by himself. However, as he sat in the cave alone all by himself the cloaked figure suddenly appeared to him again. "You poor thing, it's a good thing that you didn't go practice with them, do you really think that they want to see you, or is it, that you are afraid to tell them just how close we are, Xavier?" the cloaked figure said chuckling as it glanced at Xavier. "Stop tormenting me, and quit making me hurt my friends!" Xavier shouts angry at the cloaked figure. The cloaked figure laughed as it said, "Your friends, are you sure that is what they are, seems to me that they don't have room for a monster like you." the cloaked figure said chuckling as it glanced at Xavier.

"You are the monster!" Xavier shouts angry at the cloaked figure. "Oh, interesting, calling me what you think about yourself, and you know that I'm right about it too." the cloaked figure said laughing at Xavier's remark. Xavier becomes silent as he glances at the cloaked figure. "After all this time, do you really think that they understand you, or do they just feel sorry for you?" the cloaked figure asked continuing to manipulate Xavier. "Please, just leave me alone," Xavier said trying to ignore the cloaked figure.

"You mean just like how everyone will eventually abandon you, tell me how does it, feel to know that you will be alone for the rest of your life?" the cloaked figure asked Xavier chuckling evilly. "No!" Xavier shouted starting to cry. "They will all abandon you, Xavier, even your own sister will abandon you!" the cloaked figure said laughing at Xavier. "It's not true!" Xavier said continuing to cry. "You know that it's true Xavier, and there's nothing that you can do about it, but I understand, and I can help you." the cloaked figure said walking towards Xavier.

"You can, how?" Xavier asked as he looked at the cloaked figure. "Take my hand Xavier, and I can make all the pain go away." the cloaked figure said reaching his hand out to Xavier for a handshake. However, just as Xavier was about to take the cloak figure's hand he felt someone shaking him, it was Lidia. "Xavier, Xavier, wake up!" Lidia shouted shaking her brother. Xavier shakes his head, and then he looks at Lidia as he asked her what happened, and Lidia explained that he was talking to himself again.

"I'm starting to get very worried about you, you have been talking to yourself for the past few days, and now it looked like you were about to make a deal with someone, what is going on Xavier?" Lidia asks her brother concerned of what was going on with him. Xavier sighed, and then he finally explained to Lidia that ever since the day that they got the invitation to come to the island a cloaked figure had been appearing in his mind manipulating him, and it had gotten to the point where he was about to accept its offer to make all of his misery go away. After, Xavier had explained everything to her Lidia looked even more worried about her brother. "It sounds like something is calling out to you, please promise me that you won't talk to that figure in your head anymore Xavier," Lidia said wanting her brother to promise her that he won't listen to the cloaked figure in his mind anymore. "I'll try, but I don't know how much longer, that I can fight him off sister, but I'll try my best," Xavier said smiling as he hugged his sister not knowing that deep within his mind the darkness was calling to him, and soon enough he will have no choice but to accept it when the time comes.

Here's the next chapter of my Poptropica story, I'll start working on the Halloween special tomorrow!

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