Of Darkness and Shadows: Chapter 2

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As Xavier and Lidia traveled in their blimp together they looked out upon the many islands that stood out on the huge ocean that stood before them, but they were looking for an island called Fantasy Island, and so they had to keep their eyes open out upon the open sea in order to have a chance at spotting or seeing the island at all cost. Finally, after countless minutes of looking around Lidia spotted the island, and then she called over to Xavier telling him that she had found the island. Xavier looked out upon the ocean where Lidia was pointing at, and upon looking out onto the ocean where she was pointing at he saw the almost lifeless looking island that was called Fantasy Island, which is the island that they were looking for this whole time, but it didn't look like anything that neither Xavier nor Lidia had imagined what it would look like in their minds. "Wow, what happened to it?" Xavier asked Lidia surprised to see that the rather divesting looked island that was known as Fantasy Island wasn't quite as he had imagined it to look like in his mind. Lidia then starts to explain what happened saying, "Well, according to rumors this island used to be magical, and full of life, but then one day an unknown figure tried to take all of the magic on the island for themselves, but luckily the figure was stopped just in time, but the unknown figure managed to drain enough magic that it affected the island dramatically before they were finally stopped, and the island has been slowly losing both life and magic ever since then" Lidia replied as she explained the story of what had happened to the island to Xavier.

"Oh, well that sounds interesting" Xavier commented. Lidia nodded as she said, "However, it has been prophesied that one-day elements will be gathered on the island, and then together the elements must work together in order to restore both magic and balance to the island" Lidia said to Xavier smiling. Xavier just looked skeptical as he said, "I don't really believe in prophecies, it's all just some random coincidences, and in my opinion unless it can be proven or explained by science then it's not true, and it just doesn't make any sense"  Xavier said skeptically of what his sister was saying to him. Lidia just shook her head as she said, "You can be a real science nerd sometimes brother, can we please just lower the blimp so that we can land on the island, please?" Lidia asks starting to get impatient with her brother, and Xavier nods agreeing, and with that they lower the blimp together so that they could land on the island together. After they had arrived and landed on the island they got out of their blimp, and then they started to look around the island taking in the view of the island that they had landed on.

The grass on the island looked very lifeless and gray, and very little sunlight was peeking through the very ominous looking gray clouds that were swirling in the sky, the trees on the island were old, rotten, and decayed, except for one tree that was sitting in the middle of a field of decaying flowers, and the tree looked like it had very little signs of life still in it, and there were no animals flickering through the fields anymore, and it just seemed like there was hardly any signs of life still left on the island as Xavier and Lidia look at each other in silence for a moment or two. "So, now what?" Xavier asks Lidia breaking the silence of the scene. Lidia looks at the invention that she had received as she gets out a map of the island saying, "According to the invention we're supposed to go to that big tree that is in the middle of the field, and then we're supposed to wait for further instructions" Lidia replied glancing at both the invitation and the map as she explains this to Xavier. "Alright, let's go over to that big tree then," Xavier said starting to lead the way, and Lidia follows behind him. However, as both Xavier and Lidia walked closer and closer to the big tree that was standing in the middle of the field they realized that several other Poptropicans were gathered around the tree, and Xavier and Lidia just stared at the Poptropicans, and the other Poptropicans just stared right back at them as they looked over both of them silently.

As the other Poptropicans looked them over they saw that Xavier had normal white skin tone, with shaggy styled brown hair, his eyes were an electric blue, and he was wearing black glasses upon his face, he was wearing a white lab coat, just like the ones a regular scientist would wear, along with a striped shirt underneath it, along with black jeans, and finally they saw that he was wearing white sneakers. Next, they looked over Lidia, they saw that she also had a normal white skin tone, and she had light blond hair that went past her shoulders, and she was wearing a white shirt that had orange stripes on the shoulders, along with white shorts that also had orange stripes on them, and finally she was also wearing white sneakers.

Finally, after a long time of looking at them, the Poptropicans asked what Xavier and Lidia what they were doing there. Lidia quickly explains to the other Poptropicans why they were there. The Poptropicans looked surprised as she finished explaining everything saying that they too have also received invitations telling them to go to the island, and then they all decided to wait and see if their unknown host or hostess would arrive, but no one ever showed up to great them, and soon enough nighttime fell, and so they all started up a campfire near the tree, and then they all gazed at each other in silence.

"So, we all got invitations telling us to meet on the island, and no one seems to know why we are here, very strange" Lidia commented and the other Poptropicans just nod agreeing with her. "This all just seems like a rather big coincidence to me, and yet our host has still not shown themselves, and can anyone please explain why we have not gone looking for them?" Xavier asks looking annoyed by the fact that their host has not shown themselves. "Xavier, the invitation said to wait at the tree for further instructions, and it would be just rude to not follow our host's instructions, it's just like staying at a friend's house, they are expecting us to follow their rules," Lidia said pointing this out to Xavier. Xavier just looks agitated as he starts to get up as he says, "Yeah, well I say this was all just a big waste of my time, and I should be home working on my science experiments by now, and I'm going home!" Xavier shouted angry as he starts to leave, but Lidia tries to stop him, but he ends up pushing her to the ground hard, and he looks shocked by this. "Xavier what has gotten into you, you haven't been acting like yourself since we first got here," Lidia says confused by Xavier's behavior, and Xavier helps her up saying, "I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me," Xavier said helping her up.

They go back to the others and they sit around the campfire completely silent until Xavier said, "Well since our host has still not shown themselves, I say we introduce ourselves just to pass the time while we're waiting, I'm Xavier, and this is my sister Lidia, we are both from Mocktropica Island, I have a job as a science teacher, and my sister here works at a daycare that my son Mathew goes to, now mind telling us who you people are" Xavier asks introducing himself and his sister to the Poptropicans without even giving his sister a chance to introduce herself, but Lidia just acted like it didn't bother her at all since she is used to Xavier taking the spotlight away from her.

"My name is Octavia, I'm from Mythology Island, and I like to hang out at the beach a lot there, and sometimes I even surf on the waves there, just to have fun" One Poptropican said introducing themselves as Octavia, she had a tanned skin tone, with short blue curly hair, her eyes were a light sea green, she was wearing a pearl necklace around her neck, along with a short light blue dress and a hula skirt, and finally she was wearing tropical looking flip-flops to just go along with her look. "My name is Amir, I'm from Reality TV Island, and sometimes I like to go air gliding, I mean I like to do it all the time basically" Another Poptropican said introducing themselves as Amir, he had a mixed skin tone, with short black hair, his eyes were hazel colored, he was wearing a white shirt along with short skinny jeans, and finally he was wearing what looked to be sketchers on his feet.

"My name is Winslow, I'm from Cryptids Island, and I like to fly my kite on windy days there" Another Poptropican said introducing themselves as Winslow, he had a normal skin tone, with short light blue hair, his eyes were light green, he was wearing a baseball hat, a jersey shirt, and jeans, and finally he seemed to be wearing hiking boots. "My name is Filera, I'm from Poptropolis Games Island, and I'm a member of the wildfire tribe" Another Poptropica said revealing that her name is Filera, she had a light tanned skin tone, with short red hair, her eyes were blue, she was wearing a wildfire tribe jersey, and finally she was wearing gym shoes.

"My name is Ernie, I'm from Crisis Caverns Island on Poptropica Worlds, and I like to collect rocks and minerals" Another Poptropican said revealing that their name is Ernie, he had a black skin tone, along with black hair, his eyes were blue, he was wearing mountain climbing gear, and finally he was wearing hiking boots. "My name is Ilene, and I'm from Survival Island, and during the winter months I like to have Snowball Fights" Another Poptropican said revealing that her name is Ilene, she had a light skin tone, along with blond hair that was in a ponytail, her eyes were an electric blue, and she was wearing winter clothes, and finally she was wearing snowshoes.

"My name is Wes, I'm also from Mythology Island, and I like to predict the weather sometimes," another Poptropican said introducing them as Wes, and he looked like what any normal Poptropican would look like. "My name is Eleanor, I'm from Twisted Ticket Island, and I like to wander into the forest there," Another Poptropican said revealing that their name is Eleanor. "My name is Tim, I'm from Time Tangled Island, and I own a clock shop there," another Poptropican said revealing that their name is Tim. "My name is Maria, I'm from Monster Carnival, and I like to do magic tricks," The final Poptropican said revealing that their name is Maria. After, the Poptropicans introduced themselves they all went to sleep in sleeping bags they had brought with them after they had eaten supper together hoping that their host would introduce themselves in the morning. However, Xavier hardly slept that night as he kept having nightmares about a dark entity chasing him, and he screamed waking up only to see that a smudge of something colored gray had appeared on his skin, but then it quickly faded away, and all Xavier could do was wonder what's happening to me? Xavier thought as he slowly forced himself to go back to sleep.

To Be Continued!

Next Chapter! We're introduced to some new characters, and it looks like something dark might be trying to turn Xavier to the dark side.

Chapter 2: You are here!:…

Tell me who your favorite character is in the story so far and why, and what do you think should happen next, I'm open to any ideas or suggestions that you guys might have in the comments section below, please tell me what you think about this so far in the comments section below please!
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This story is so exciting! Looking forward to get to know these new characters better and what their elements are. :D (Big Grin)
Sorry, I can't pick a favorite.