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Upon National City # 24
(Disclaimer: It is highly recommended that you read the author's notes below before reading this piece.)****** ~ Super’s Best Friend ~ ***“Stop squirming.” J’onn’s voice drifted through the DEO infirmary’s door-less entryway, its occupants oblivious to her approach. “Every thing will be okay,” J’onn continued to whomever he was speaking to. “Kara will-”“I will what?” Kara asked, striding into the infirmary fully clad in her Supergirl outfit. She had just come back from her latest mission, dismantling a CADMUS cell they recently discovered. It was one of a handful of cells that had popped up recently, but thankfully the mission went off without a hitch. Now if only her next target was as easily located, she’d be just peachy.“Hey J’onn,” Kara said, glancing around but not spying her quarry. “Have you seen Alex? I’ve been looking for her everywhere since I got back but can’t seem to find her. Is she still in the field?” Looking up from what he was doing, J’onn’s expression was both one of relief and something else Kara couldn’t quite place when he met her gaze. Raising an eyebrow at him momentarily, Kara’s eyes soon dropped to his hands, when movement caught her attention.“Awww!” she squealed, quickly closing the distance between them and stooping down a bit. “He is so cute!”“She, actually” J’onn said in all seriousness, the object in his hands yipping.“Where did you get her from?” Kara said, not the least bit phased by J’onn’s curt tone. Papa Bear, as dubbed by Winn, was like that at times, too serious for his own good. Especially when he was at work. But that was okay. It wasn’t all the time after all. “I didn’t get her from anywhere,” J’onn replied, Kara only half listening as she cooed at the tiny fluff ball currently staring back at her from atop one of the many beds in the DEO infirmary.“You’re such a cutie!” she said, as if speaking to a baby. “Yes you are!”The one in question whimpered.J’onn sighed.It was a puppy, a chocolate lab from the looks of it, the tiny thing trying and failing to bite at J’onn’s hands while it, or rather, she tried to get out of J’onn's evidently firm grip. The little one probably wanted to go exploring. Or maybe she needed to pee. Kara was never good with domesticated animals, so it was hard to tell. She’d always wanted one growing up, but with her fear of hurting them with her super strength, among other super powers, that desire never manifested, even up until today. Maybe that was about to change?“It’s Alex, actually,” J’onn stated bluntly, the Martian hiding as a human in plain sight looking down in exasperation as the puppy in his grip continued to paw at his hands.“It’s Alex’s?” Kara echoed in mild shock before pouting. “When did Alex get a puppy? How come she never told me!?”Now that Kara had a closer look at her, the puppy did look a bit like her sister. What was that Earth saying? Dogs always took after their owners? Not to mention, this cute little one actually smelled a lot like Alex too. So that would make sense. Kara never understood why it always worked out that way, but whatever. There were always more important things to worry about, like CADMUS still running amok for example. Sighing heavily again, J’onn turned towards Kara and deposited the ball of fluff into her eager arms. Only after being released did the puppy seem to settle down, Kara taking full advantage of this fact as she scratched the furry one behind the ears. The puppy was so cute. Not to mention there was something so familiar about that dog, but Kara just chalked it up to the fact it was her sister’s pet.“It’s not Alex’s puppy,” J’onn said, dusting off his hands for a moment before turning fully to face her. Realizing something serious was about to happen, Kara looked up at J’onn, all the while stroking the puppy’s head. “This is actually Alex, your sister,” J’onn emphasized, leaving no room for argument, no room for misinterpretation.In the middle of petting her new found animal friend for the umpteenth time, the smile on Kara’s face froze, her blue eyes staring at J’onn almost eerily so. While any other person would have laughed at what was said, thinking J’onn was joking, both of them knew better. All of them knew better, including her sister, especially given what they dealt with on a daily basis in National City. Aliens, ghosts, even a werewolf or two. Nothing was out of bounds nowadays. So why not throw this into the mix? Slowly looking down at the puppy in her hands, the small animal having also stilled by J’onn’s declaration funny enough, Kara’s eyes soon raised again to look at her alien friend.“What?” Kara said, her expression strained.“It is exactly as I said,” J’onn said, his expression firm but apologetic. “The reason I called you here is because there was an… incident during the mission earlier, and Alex got turned into that.”Gesturing to the puppy in Kara’s hands, J’onn frowned at her.“I’m sorry,” he said. “That was my fault.”Blinking blankly for a few more seconds, all the while trying to wrap her head around this revelation, Kara’s eyes immediately went back down to the little fluff ball in her arms again, a large pit growing at the base of her stomach. Small, hazel coloured eyes stared up at her, waiting. Eyes as hazel as her sister’s eyes, but that was ridiculous because…The puppy tilted her head to the side, the exact same way Alex did when she was curious about something, making Kara gasp. “A-Alex…?” Kara stammered out, barely breathing.At the sound of that name, the puppy perked up for a moment then looked down as if embarrassed. She even went so far as to put a paw over her beautiful eyes, and whined.“Dear Rao,” Kara muttered, absolutely floored. The need to sit was suddenly very strong. So she did. On the closest gurney next to them. All the while, J’onn gave her a sympathetic smile, a comforting hand squeezing her shoulder.“I know,” J’onn said solemnly. “It’s a lot to take in.”“Talk about understatement of the year,” Kara said under her breath, more to herself than anyone else.Taking a few breaths as she got her wits about her, Kara held the now even more precious bundle in her arms closer to her before looking back up at J’onn. So many questions were bouncing around her head right now, many of them seemingly a repeat of the one before.How did this happen? Who did this to Alex? Where was the bastard who was responsible for this?!Before she could word vomit questions faster than a machine gun spat slugs, a small paw rested on the back of her hand causing Kara to look down again. Once Kara’s attention was upon her again, puppy Alex yipped, her tongue wagging ever so cutely, that sole action making Kara both smile and calm down, thankfully before she did something she’d regret. An audible sigh. Leave it to Alex to be the voice of reason, no matter the form she was in. Giving an appreciative smile back, Kara nodded before turning back to J’onn much more calmly.“Tell me everything,” she said.***~ An hour and a half ago ~It was a trap. J’onn knew something was off about this whole setup from the start, but while he did his best to predict all possible complications to prevent all the worst outcomes, even he could not have predicted this.Gunfire erupted over his comm, the shouts of his agents mixed in with the cacophony of noise ringing in his ears.“Agent Danvers! Report!” he barked, flying two kilometers above the city as he raced to back up his best agent and unofficially adopted daughter. The moment the chaos erupted, J’onn wasted no time in leaving Agent Vasquez in command back at HQ and leaped off of the DEO balcony as fast as he could, zipping across the sky.A string of curses met his inquiry, J’onn’s lips curling at the edges, even as he heard Alex firing off plasma bolts. Nothing did quite make a sound like Alex’s favorite space gun.“It was a trap, J’onn!” Alex shouted when she finally responded, a brief break in the battle. Her breaths were heavy and harsh, as if she’d been running, that thought making J’onn fly even faster towards his destination.“They knew we were coming and they were ready for us!”“Sitrep?” J’onn asked, trying to keep his voice even. He could just barely make out the battle zone in question on the horizon. “Agent Willis is down but stable,” Alex said, pausing to unload a few more plasma bolts at her aggressors. “Agents Kim and Godiva are maintaining a flanked position but we’re still hard pressed to contain them.”“Hold on Agent Danvers,” J’onn said.The roof of the warehouse where this was all taking place was almost completely visible now. Even from this distance, J’onn could see the flashes of gunfire through the roof’s windows. “I’m thirty seconds away,” he continued. “Backup is three minutes behind-”“What is that!?” someone screeched over the comm making J’onn flinch.“Fall back! Fall back!” Alex’s voice screamed in his ear, a desperation to her voice making J’onn’s anxiety spike.“Alex?” he said, the increase in noise over the comm making it impossible to figure out what was happening.Just as he reached his destination, and about to phase through the steel siding that was warehouse wall, a brilliant flash of light blinded him, an invisible force throwing him backwards, leaving him skidding along asphalt nearly twenty feet. Taking nearly a minute to get his wits about him, J’onn was on his wobbly feet the moment he was able to, staring up at the now fractured and half collapsed warehouse in front of him.“Alex!?”***~ Present ~“They were waiting for you,” J’onn said in ending.That statement made Kara wince as she looked down at her sister turned puppy in her arms. At this point, puppy Alex was looking up at her all cutely again, though that did little to make any of them feel better. Especially Kara, now knowing all of this was her fault.“But I guess it never occurred to them that you may not be the one to answer the threat,” J’onn continued, smiling slightly as puppy Alex licked Kara’s hand as a means of comfort.“Given that the device was tuned specifically to Kryptonian DNA, when Alex got hit with the beam instead of you-”“She got turned into a puppy rather than me being turned into… whatever they intended to do with me,” Kara finished for him.J’onn nodded.“Dr. Hamilton is currently running tests on how to change Alex and the rest of her team back human right now,” J’onn said, the Martian sneaking in a pet or two himself much to puppy Alex’s delight. “But so far, all we can tell is that all of them are healthy, despite their animal forms.”“That’s something at least,” Kara murmured, looking at her sister conflicted.No doubt sensing Kara’s depressed mood, puppy Alex whimpered a bit before nuzzling her face into Kara’s hand again. Kara couldn’t but smile at that action, the corners of her lips quirking upwards a bit.“And CADMUS?” Kara nearly spat out, that organization the real one at fault for all of this. “Please tell me we caught some of them at least.”With Lilian Luthor behind bars, the shady organization’s operations should have been significantly impeded, crippled even. At least that’s what Kara had thought. Sadly that was not the case, CADMUS’ activity seemingly multiplying twofold, leaving the DEO to split operations earlier this morning, with Kara leading one team on one side of the city against them, Alex leading the other team on the other side of the city to deal with them simultaneously. While Kara’s team was successful in their mission, Alex’s team was… well...“Alex’s team managed to subdue some of them before everything went downhill,” J’onn said, interrupting Kara from her more morbid thoughts. “That said, none of them are saying anything for the moment, and of the tech we recovered, we’re still trying to figure it all out.”“I see...” Kara said, her shoulders drooping, along with her spirits. Kara was tired. She was so tired of all of this. Her family, her friends, even innocent bystanders would never be safe as long as those maniacs remained out there, unchecked. Yet for all of her powers and abilities, she still couldn’t keep everyone safe and out of harms way. Especially Alex. And that thought alone hurt the most. “In the meantime however,” J’onn said. “There’s nothing further can be done for any of them right now. So I think it best for the both of you to head home to take some much needed time off.”“What?!” Kara’s head snapped up in an instant, her jaw clenched in anger. “Kara-” J’onn started.“Time off?” she nearly screeched. “J’onn, this is not the time to be doing that! We need to find these guys and make they turn Alex and everyone else back!”“Kara-” J’onn said again, only to be cut off again.“How are we supposed to do that if we’re taking ‘time off’?!” Kara barreled on, her voice shaking.Puppy Alex made sound, something akin to a yip and a whimper, but it went ignored.“Kara,” J’onn repeated. “It’s not that simple.”“Not that simple?!” Kara shouted. “If I had been on that mission from the start with Alex, this wouldn’t have happened!”There it was. The truth behind her anger. It wasn’t actually CADMUS, though yes, they were part of it. But the real reason behind everything was the guilt of not being able to protect her sister, her family, the most important person to Kara, again. The number of times something like this had happened, that Alex had gotten hurt somehow protecting her, the invincible one, was just too much. “I have all these powers, but for what!” Kara exclaimed. “I can’t even-”J’onn pulled her in for a side hug.“Kara,” J’onn said, using that voice that the Danvers sisters had aptly named the ‘Dad Voice’. “This is not your fault. None of this is your fault.”“But-” Kara started, her eyes burning with unshed tears, her breaths coming out ragged as she shook in J’onn’s embrace.“I do not blame you for what has happened,” J’onn continued, the sense of comfort he exuded never faltering. “And neither does Alex.”At those words, Kara reluctantly looked down at the bundle in her arms again, almost terrified of what she would see. Hazel coloured eyes met her gaze dead on, those eyes filled with nothing but love. There was no anger, no hatred, only warmth and compassion. Kara almost broke down right there at that sight, her eyes watery, many tears threatening to fall.“But if it wasn’t for me, this would have never happened,” Kara sniffled, her voice barely a whisper.Puppy Alex whimpered at that confession, the fluff ball that was her earth sibling licking her hand. Kara stilled for a moment, her eyes wide as she stared. Alex yipped after a few seconds of silence before nuzzling her muzzle against Kara’s family crest on her chest.Kara closed her eyes and chuckled. “El Mayarah, huh?” she said.As if agreeing, puppy Alex barked again, her tail wagging as she looked up at Kara. Too enamored by her sister’s unfaltering loyalty, Kara missed the smile on J’onn’s face at that sight. “Love you too, Sis,” Kara said, kissing her sibling on the head. “Sorry for being so silly about all of this.”Kara’s response came in the form of another bark, puppy Alex’s tongue hanging out of her mouth as her tail wagged even more. It was not perfect, nothing ever was, but with all of them here together, Kara knew they would find a way. One way or another. Wiping her eyes with her hand, Kara cleared her throat before pulling out of J’onn’s hug. “You’ll tell us the moment you know something, right?” she asked, already knowing the answer.“Of course,” J’onn said, resting his hands on her shoulders. “We have our best agents on the case, Kara. The moment I know anything, you’ll be the first to know. Don’t worry, we’ll get this all sorted out soon enough. Together.”“Thank you, J’onn,” Kara said, smiling faintly. “For well… you know, everything.”“No need to thank me, Kara,” J’onn said. “That’s what families do.”“Yeah.”Taking another moment for herself, Kara took a deep breath before looking down at her puppyfied sister in her arms. She wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows just yet, but she would get there again.“So,” Kara said. “My place or your place?”Alex responded by wiggling in her grip. Thinking that maybe she was suffocating her sister with how tightly she was holding her against herself during her distress, Kara relaxed her grip, but that didn’t seem to be enough, puppy Alex only squirming some more. “Alex,” Kara said as her puppy sister squirmed some more. “What-”Alex bit her.“Alex!” Kara almost shrieked, jumping in surprise. Not that the bite on her hand hurt, no, she barely felt the thing. But the sheer fact that puppy Alex had resorted to such a thing was enough to make her jump in surprise, her grip lost as the chocolate brown lab that was her sister leaped from her arms to land awkwardly on the ground at their feet. That mattered little after the fact, as now puppy Alex scampered across the floor faster than thought possible and out of the infirmary.Kara had all of a second to look at J’onn bewildered, her alien colleague doing the same before the both of them of them scrambled after puppy Alex in a panic. Despite having super speed as part of her arsenal, in such a frazzled state, Kara completely forgot she had it as she gave chase after her wayward sister on foot with J’onn in tow much to the confusion of the DEO agents in the vicinity.“Alex!” Kara called out in nearly a panic, as the tiny form of her sister slid around a corner out of sight. By the time they finally caught up to her surprisingly fast for her size sibling, Kara came to a stumbling stop when they found themselves in front of the woman’s washroom on this particular floor.“What?”The sound of scratching drew their eyes downward, puppy Alex frantically pawing at the door, whimpering.“Alex,” Kara said in confusion. “What are you-”Pleading hazel coloured eyes looked at Kara in desperation.“Oh,” she said in understanding.Wasting no time, Kara pushed open the door, puppy Alex scurrying inside without further notice. “I should get back to the Command Centre for the time being,” J’onn said, the Martian looking slightly uncomfortable at the situation they found themselves in.Kara would have laughed at the absurdity of this all had not a howl stolen her attention. Kara nodded to J’onn before rushing inside to find out what was wrong. Thankfully the women’s washroom was currently empty save for Kara and her puppified sister. Unfortunately, due to her smaller size, that left puppy Alex unable to reach the toilet seat on her own, her sister now howling as she paced in front of the toilet in the first stall. Realizing her dilemma, Kara flushed brightly once it occurred to her what she’d have to do. Hearing the sound of Kara’s boots on the floor, puppy Alex ran up to Kara’s feet and howled again, pawing at her boots.“Dear Rao,” Kara said, grimacing as she lifted her sister up under her forepaws and walked into the first stall of the woman’s bathroom. Kara didn’t both even locking the door behind her. It wasn’t like anyone would see anything beyond her cape anyways should they be walked in on. Puppy Alex was super tiny right now after all.“When I get my hands on the bastard who did this to you,” she growled, her face turned away as she held her sister over the toilet bowl to do her business. Puppy Alex was much too small and too uncoordinated in this form to balance on the toilet seat on her own, and hence this current situation. Upon hearing her sister complete her business, Kara stood staring at the wall of the stall to her right frozen with indecision. A yip from her sister had her swallowing as she looked back at her sibling, refusing to look any lower than Alex’s adorable puppy face.“So uh...” Kara began. “Do you need me to like, uh, wipe you off or something?”At that remark, Puppy Alex’s eyes widened before looking down and then back up to Kara again. Ears dropping, Puppy Alex whimpered.“I’m going to kill him,” Kara growled, her face red as she reached for toilet paper with one hand, balancing her puppy sister in the other.When Kara got her hands on that bastard who did this to her sister, there was going to be hell to pay. Big time.
Once Upon National City # 23
(It is highly recommended that you read the Author's Notes below before reading this story.)*** ~ Superhero Hugger ~ ***Alex wasn’t sure what drew her from her peaceful slumber at first, just that she was warm. Warmer than usual.“Mmm…”Not that it was an uncomfortable warmth. On the contrary, Alex was very comfortable right now, the secret agent relishing everything about the position she was currently in. The soft pillow under her head. The plush blanket covering most of her body, staving off the cold. The reassuring weight draped over her waist. And the tall, lithe body pressed up against her back. Wait. Tall body pressed up against her back?Slowly blinking back into consciousness and looking under the blanket, Alex spotted a familiar blue sleeved arm holding her around the waist, as well as a familiar red cape draped over her body. Had it been any other person, at any other time, that same person would have found themselves with an elbow to the head and a very scrappy Alex wailing on them in an instant. As it was, this was not any other person.“Kara…?” Alex mumbled, still not quite awake.A soft sniffle.“Sorry,” came a regretful voice near her ear. “Didn’t mean to wake you up.”They hadn’t done this since they were kids. Cuddling like this. Usually it was the other way around, but still. Sure she and Kara hugged all the time, and snuggled together on the couch during Sister’s Nights, but this kind of cuddling, this soul warming cuddling, had happened for years. Not since Kara’s nightmares of Krypton exploding stopped.Covering the arm around her waist with her own, Alex intertwined her fingers with her sister’s. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked, her voice still rough with sleep.The arm around her waist tightened.“No,” the Kryptonian mumbled, Alex almost not hearing it.“No?” she echoed, knowing her adopted sibling all too well.Another sniffle.“Maybe?” Kara offered a few seconds later.Since her near drowning at the hands of Rick Malvern, Alex found herself constantly in the presence of her friends and family. If it wasn’t Maggie, it was J’onn. If it wasn’t J’onn, it was Winn or James. And if it wasn’t the boys, it was most definitely Kara. While other people would have gotten annoyed at this point (it had been a week since the incident after all), Alex didn’t mind the attention all that much. After all, she still couldn’t take a shower without someone else in the apartment with her. Not yet at least.Alex hummed.It was an irrational fear Alex knew, one which stemmed from the trauma she suffered while in captivity. And as much as Alex wished it would all just stop, the anxiety of nearly drowning always came back the moment she stepped in the shower and the water was turned on. Even though the was no chain link fencing covering the top of the shower barring her escape. Even though the glass shower door could be easily opened no matter what side she was on. Even though she knew her family and friends would save her should such a thing happen again.“Did something bad happen?” Alex queried, the half asleep DEO agent wondering what could have upset her Super sister so. At this point, it could have been any number of things, especially something superhero related. Alex hadn’t stepped foot inside the DEO for almost a week now, J’onn forcing mandatory sick leave upon her the moment she was able to walk again on her own after that ordeal. And should she even think about getting back to work before she was cleared for duty, the suspension that would follow would be the least of her problems, or so he threatened. So, rather than tempt fate, again, Alex rested as much as she could, leaving National City safety matters to the rest of her colleagues and sister. But now it seemed something had happened.Feeling Kara shake her head behind her, Alex frowned. If nothing bad had happened to the city, what else could have possible set the Kryptonian off like this? Did something happen at CatCo? Did Kal-El do something to upset her sister? Or was it something else like-“I dreamed I couldn’t save you,” came Kara’s small voice, as if hearing Alex’s thoughts. Oh.“I didn’t get to you in time and you... died...” came the rest of her sister’s choked words.Alex pursed her lips together.Yeah… she could see how that could be upsetting, especially for Kara. Heck, it was quite upsetting for her just thinking about what could have been, even though it didn’t actually happen thankfully.Silently contemplating just how to comfort the distressed Super, a thought occurred to Alex. “Where’s Maggie?” she asked, realizing now it was only the two of them in her apartment, her girlfriend nowhere to be found. Maggie was definitely here before she fell asleep, Alex remembered as much.“She got called into work earlier,” Kara said, solving the mystery for Alex. “Told me to keep an eye on you.”“You were already here?” Alex asked, her eyebrows raising in surprise. She turned to look over her shoulder at her sister.Usually it was only one of them keeping her company since her near drowning. Outside of Games Nights that is. For Kara to have already been here, despite Maggie’s presence, the Kryptonian must have been really bothered by that nightmare. While whatever rift between her girlfriend and sister had mended over the time they frantically worked to save Alex, both of them respected each other enough to allow the other their solo time with her. Kara especially so. So for that to suddenly change-“I was,” Kara reluctantly answered, her face hidden from Alex’s limited view. “On the couch.”A beat.“Just listening to you breathe,” her sibling admitted a few seconds later.“Oh Kara,” Alex said sadly.Unable to keep this position any longer, Alex quickly turned around in her sister’s arms, Kara letting out a whine at the sudden movement. That whine quickly turned into a sigh when Alex wrapped up the alien in her arms, tucking Kara’s head under her chin, leaving Kara’s ear pressed to her chest over her heart like they had done so many times before as kids.“Better?” Alex asked, stroking her sister’s hair.Kara nodded, nearly whimpering in response.“I got you,” Alex said softly, kissing the top of her sister’s head. “I got you.”Alex didn’t know what it was, perhaps it was something in her tone or maybe it was the words she said, whatever it was, Kara soon became a blubbering mess in her arms, the Kryptonian sobbing uncontrollably into her tank top.“It’s okay,” Alex said, all the while rubbing her shuddering sister’s shoulders and back. “I got you.”Ignoring the trembling fists threatening to rip open the back of her tank top, Alex pulled the Super closer to her, repeating what she always did in moments like these.“I got you.”And it would be in this position hours later that Maggie would find them upon returning from work, the NCPD officer wasting no time in joining in on the hugs as well.

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