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Supergirl vs. CammyRATED PG-13IN THIS CORNERBalrog the burly boxer flashed a big smile as he pulled off his sunglasses. Tonight, live from Las Vegas, we bring you the showdown of the century. These lovely ladies need no introduction, but were gonna give them one anyway.Yes, this is certainly a stellar match up, chimed in Balrogs co-host, billionaire Bruce Wayne. Both contenders for the Blue-eyed Blonde Bombshell title are veteran fighters in their own right. Tenacious. Lovers of justice. Well respected. Beautiful. Hot. SingleBalrog coughed. Ahem, Bruce, can we get back on track?Sorry Balrog, said Bruce. The cameras and lights focused on one corner of the auditorium as a shapely feminine form sauntered up to the boxing ring. In this corner, weighing in at 120 lbs, 55 and 24 years old, we have our beloved Kryptonian. The girl with the charming smile who radiates goodness. You know who Im talking about. Its our very own Supergirl!The crowds roared as Supergirl climbed into the ring and threw off her red cloak emblazoned with the iconic S symbol. Underneath, she was wearing a drab white short-sleeved blouse and a gray denim skirt. Her theme song blared from the loudspeakers.

Whats this? She aint even wearing proper boxing attire! complained Balrog.Easy, Balrog. Theres more to this girl than meets the eye, said Bruce patiently. Wait till you see her custom boxing outfit!Supergirl grinned as her hands went to her blouse buttons. With a flash, she ripped open her blouse. There was a stunned silence followed by a volley of cheers and gasps as Supergirl hastily fumbled to close up her blouse again! Crap, she muttered under her breath. Im so used to my regular costume that I forgot to wear my special boxing digs! Her coach, Jimmy Olsen hurried forward and quickly wrapped her in the cloak shed discarded earlier. They both rushed out of the ring.Whoa! said Balrog. I can see what you meant. Shes full of surprises.Bruce facepalmed in exasperation. He was rooting for Supergirl, but sometimes she could be so absent-minded and nerdy.After a few minutes, Supergirl reappeared in the ring, now clad in crimson trunks and a smart black boxing vest with a red S on it.AND IN THE OTHER CORNEROkay folks, on with the show, said Balrog. In the other corner, weighing in at 145 lbs, 56 and 22 years old, we have world-renowned Delta Red operative and former Shadaloo Doll. The girl whod punish anyone who dislikes kitty cats. Yep, from England, the cutie with the booty, its Cammy White!There was a series of cartwheels and somersaults as the lithe Cammy flipped and twisted onto the ring. Her classic stage music sounded from all sides as she landed with her trademark crouch. Dressed in a form-fitting Union Jack bikini and pink-colored kitty ears, Cammys long pigtails almost knocked out bystanders as she saluted to the delighted crowds.

And you were whining about Supergirl. This girl doesnt even have a clue about boxing dress code, said Bruce to Balrog.What the hell? The fans love it, retorted Balrog. So tell me, Bruce. How is this a fair fight? On paper, Supergirl is virtually indestructible and super-powerful. How can Cammy hope to win?Im glad you asked, said Bruce. Weve lined Supergirls outfit with just enough Kryptonite to bring her to Cammys level. Its hardly enough Kryptonite to cause Supergirl any discomfort, but it will block all her super powers. So no airborne antics, no super strength, no super speed, no laser beam eyes, no ice cold breath, noOkay, okay, I get it, said Balrog wearily. Basically, shes Supergirl without the Super, to keep a level playing field.Im not playing the field, said Bruce, misinterpreting and getting annoyed. Why does everyone always assume Im gonna hit on the chicks?Enough! said Balrog. Its show time.THE RULES

The classic High Roller Casino stage music began rolling as the referee blew his whistle and summoned both women to center stage. Okay ladies, you know the rules. Three rounds. Whoever lands the most hits or scores a KO wins. I want a good, clean fight!Absolutely, said Cammy, pulling out hand sanitizer and applying it to her hands. Id have it no other way. Want some? She offered the bottle to Supergirl.Supergirl smiled and took the bottle, I showered before this match, but no harm in killing some more germs. Thanks Cammy!My pleasure, replied Cammy.Good grief! I dont like stereotypes, but if they keep up this behavior, Ill be forced to call them dumb blondes! whined Balrog.Now, now, Balrog. Be nice, said Bruce, looking sternly at his co-host. I think its sweet how theyre getting along. What else can you expect from good girls?I didnt come here to see them kiss and make up. I came here to see a brutal match. They better deliver or Im gonna lose a boatload of fight money, sneered Balrog.ROUND ONEBack in the ring, the bell sounded. Supergirl and Cammy bumped boxing gloves in a show of good sportswomanship.All right, here we go folks, said Bruce, watching the girls circle each other warily. Supergirls got a keen sense for danger. Shes going to stay far enough from Cammy to avoid any deadly punches and close enough to deal some danger herself.Rubbish. My girl Cammys got some moves. Youll see, said Balrog confidently.Cammy darted forward and launched her Axel Spin Knuckle Attack.See that? Shes going for a cross-up, cheered Balrog.Cammy twisted behind Supergirl before Supergirl could react. Confused, Supergirl spun around to be greeted by a belly punch. Ouch! yelped Supergirl, stepping back. I forgot what pain feels like.They dont call me Killer Bee for nothing, winked Cammy, following up with a powerful Dash Straight punch.Arrghh! said Supergirl, absorbing a point blank face smash and falling backwards.I taught Cammy that one, said Balrog smugly.Bruce looked intently at the fighters. Supergirl needed to step up her game. The bell sounded, concluding Round One.Hey, you ok? asked Cammy, getting a little concerned. She went forward and helped Supergirl to her feet.Yes, just a little rusty. Thanks, said Supergirl.What the hell? Next theyll be baking cupcakes and playin dressup, groaned Balrog.Bruce smiled and said nothing.Back in her corner, Supergirl listened carefully to Coach Olsen. Okay girl, you got this. Breathe deeply, focus your mind and empty out any negative thoughts. I know you dont have your powers, but pretend like you do, said Olsen.Got it, Jimmy, said Supergirl.In Cammys corner of the ring, Cammys own coach, Dee Jay, played the bongo drums and tossed her some Cat-oradejuice.Yummy, said Cammy, downing the fruity energy drink.You doin fine, Mon. This match is as good as won! said Dee Jay enthusiastically.Thanks Dee Jay, smiled Cammy.ROUND TWOThe bell sounded the start of Round Two. This time Supergirl charged forward.Supergirl takes the offensive, folks, said Bruce happily. The Kryptonian cutie will make Cammy pay for that easy win in Round One.Cammy struggled to deflect a two punch combo from Supergirl. Ughhh! thought Cammy. She seems to suddenly be putting her full force behind her attacks. Even in her weakened state, shes tough!Supergirl faked a third punch. As Cammy ducked, Supergirl darted out of Cammys line of sight.Where did she go? said Cammy, carefully getting to her feet.Boo! came Supergirls voice from behind.Cammy had barely turned before she was greeted by a furious uppercut.Noooo! screamed Cammy, landing in the far corner of the ring with a thud. She groaned and tried to get back to her feet but could only manage to sit up.Round Two goes to Supergirl! said the referee.Supergirl walked over to Cammy and pulled the fallen fighter to her feet. There, now were even, she said, grinning.Not bad, said Cammy with a grudging smile.ROUND THREEWithin minutes, a nail biting Round Three was underway. Cammy got desperate and decided to go all out. Unfortunately, in her zeal, she forgot it was a boxing match and only fists were allowed. The enthusiastic Brit spun around like a top and flew like a dart towards Supergirl.Wha? said Supergirl in surprise.Spin Drive Butt Smash! yelled Cammy as she landed on Supergirl like a sledgehammer. Ughhh!!! winced Supergirl, pinned to the ground by Cammys derriere.Foul! yelled the referee.What was that? said Bruce in disbelief. Did you teach Cammy that underhand move as well? He shot Balrog a disapproving look.Balrog shrugged and played innocent. Technically, its not underhandAFTERWARDSAfter a few minutes analyzing the replay footage, the judges reached a unanimous decision. Due to unauthorized fighting methods that are deemed too sexy, Cammy White is disqualified from the competition. Supergirl wins!Supergirl patted Cammy on the shoulder. Hey, tough luck. I could easily have made a similar mistake if they had not blocked my powers. When youre trained to fight one way, its hard to adapt and fight another way. For what its worth, youre a good fighter. And nice booty, she added.Thanks, said Cammy gratefully. Youre a top notch fighter yourself. And super-hot.Balrog put his face in his hands as Bruce whooped. And with that, Supergirl wins $2 Million for the Kryptonian Orphans fund. Tell you what folks, Im feeling generous. So Ill match the same amount for Cammys charity, Save the Kitties!Cammy perked up. Oh that Bruce. What a sweetheart! She turned to Supergirl. What a night its been. Wanna go grab a drink?Sure, why not? said Supergirl.And after, maybe we can go back to my place? said Cammy, raising her brows and smiling suggestively.Ohhh. naughty kitty, said Kara, crossing her arms and acting like a stern school teacher. Go back to your place and do what?Play Street Fighterall night. What else? said Cammy, winking.Id rather play Arkham City but hey, your place, your rules, quipped Kara.The two girls put their arms around each others shoulders and walked out of the ring. They were both winners.

Welcome to the Supergirl TV group

"When I was a child, my planet, Krypton, was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin, but my pod got knocked off course and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become Superman...

"And so I hid my powers, until recently, when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people I'm an assistant at CatCo Worldwide Media. But in secret I work with my adopted sister and the DEO to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm...

"I am... SUPERGIRL !!"


:superman: This group is for fan creations based on the television series SUPERGIRL, starring Melissa Benoist. It accepts contributions featuring ANY CHARACTER from the show, including Cat Grant, James Olsen, Alex Danvers, Astra, etc., providing the work is based on the character as they appear on screen. Crossovers with non-show characters are permitted, however.

:superman: Please DO NOT post general Supergirl images here; this group is specific to the Melissa Benoist tv show. Try these groups instead:

:iconsupergirldafc: :iconfans-of-supergirl: :iconsupergirlfans:

:superman: Please DO NOT post out-of-character images of Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, etc -- the actors are not characters in the Supergirl tv show.

:superman: Please DO NOT post unmodified publicity photos or screen shots from the tv show itself. Photo manipulations are welcome, providing you've done something more than just add text to an existing photo. Submit your own work, or work you have the creator's permission to post.

:superman: See the ABOUT US tab for more guidelines.


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