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Supergirl Earth Angel TV Show Episode 7SUPERGIRL EPISODE 7: CRIES IN THE DARKNESSA lit torch hangs on the wall of a cave, illuminating the cavern.  Two figures in red robes walk through the cave, a young blonde woman in a white dress walking between them. The camera moves past the figures into a large round opening in the caves. A large pentagram has been painted onto the floor of the cave. Two figures in white robes stand at the center of the pentagram. “I am indebted to you,” one of the figures in white tells the other in a Scottish accent. “This spell you found is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” The other figure pulls a cigarette out of his robe and lights it. As he puts the cigarette in his mouth, we see that it is Buzz, who is clean-shaven for the first time. “Always happy to help.” “Bevan!” the young woman screams as she is brought in by the figures in red robes. “Brother, please!” Bevan walks up to his sister as she is bound in place at the center of the pentagram. “Please don’t do this,” she begs. Bevan puts his hand under her chin. “Siobhan, dear sister, don’t you understand? I’m giving you a gift. After today no one will disrespect our family again. After today, your word – my word – will be law.” Bevan walks back to Buzz, who hands him an old parchment. All of the robed figures move out of the pentagram as Bevan begins to chant the spell. As Bevan continues his chant, silver flames erupt around Siobhan, who screams in terror. There is a burst of wind, and all torches in the cave are blown out. There is silence for several seconds until Buzz uses his lighter to light one torch, restoring a little bit of light. Bevan stares at Siobhan, who is kneeling on the ground, free of her restraints. She is only partially visible in the dark, her now silver hair glowing and obscuring her face. “It is done,” Bevan declares. Buzz steps forward and looks at Siobhan intently. Siobhan lifts her head, and reveals the skull-like face of the Silver Banshee. The Banshee screams. Fade into the opening credits. CS Colin Thornton sits at his desk at the Newstime office in Leesburg, looking nervous. A woman walks into the office. “Mr. Thornton?” she asks. “Ah, Maggie,” Thornton says as he motions her in. “What’s the latest on Supergirl’s fight?” Maggie pauses before answering. “According to our reporter at the scene, she’s dead.” “Supergirl killed that monster…thing?” Thornton asks skeptically. Maggie shakes her head. “According to our guy, Supergirl is dead. That thing killed her.” Thornton’s eyes widen in shock. “Mr. Thornton?” Thornton takes a deep breath. “Tell everyone to go home.” “Sir?” “This building is one of the most prominent is Leesburg. All our people have internet. They can work from home, and they’ll be safer.” Maggie nods. “Yes, sir.” She leaves, and Thornton leans back in his chair. Alone, he allows his terror to show on his face. He strokes his goatee, deep in thought. CS “Clear!” A team of EMTs is attempting to revive Supergirl with a defibrillator as Fred watches. The police have cordoned off the crowd to give them space to work. One of the EMTs looks at Fred and shakes her head. Fred sighs and looks at Supergirl as the camera zooms on her face. The camera pulls back to reveal Linda’s face. Linda opens her eyes to see that she is floating in a black void. A light appears in the distance. Linda raises a hand over her eyes and squints as the light gets brighter and closer. The light is revealed to be a figure of flame. The wings of fire, flapping slowly and silently, are the first detail revealed. Between the wings is the shape of a woman, all in flames. Linda gapes in wonder as the figure approaches. The camera zooms in on her eye as it reflects the flames. Supergirl gasps as she opens her eyes. She is lying on a stretcher and being wheeled into an ambulance. The EMTs back away in shock as Supergirl sits up. She breathes heavily, clutching her chest. “Supergirl!” Fred yells. He runs up to her as she slowly plants her feet on the ground. “Are you all right?” he asks. “I thought we lost you there.” “So did I,” Supergirl says softly. “I-I don’t understand. Her scream is supposed to kill anyone whose name she knows. I’m Superg-“ Supergirl looks down at her hands and begins to chuckle and breathe hard at the same time. “I’m real,” she says. “I’m not a golem. I’m a real girl!” “Um, what?” Fred asks. Supergirl picks Fred up and twirls him around. “I’m really alive! I’m as alive as you are!” she declares happily. Fred is utterly confused. “I’m happy you’re still alive too, but we’ve still got a killer on the loose.” Supergirl puts him down. “Right. The Banshee,” she says seriously. “Banshee. You know what that thing is?” Fred asks. “It’s complicated,” Supergirl responds. “I think she possessed an innocent girl during the fight.” Supergirl’s eyes widen. “I think I know where she’s going.” She turns to Fred. “Where’s officer Mitchel being held? The one who shot the doctor?” “He was transferred to the psych ward at Schaffenberg penitentiary,” Fred answers. Supergirl puts her hand on her chin in thought. “It’ll take her a while to get there. Contact Schaffenberg and tell them to move Mitchel somewhere else. If I’m right the Banshee’s coming to kill him.” “What makes you –“ Fred begins to ask. He stops as Supergirl begins to fly away. CS The one torch Buzz lit drops to the floor as Buzz runs out of the cave from the first scene. Silver Banshee is kneeling in the spot where she was transformed, crying. She is surrounded by dead figures in robes, including her brother, Bevan. A figure appears behind Silver Banshee, shrouded in darkness. “Impressive,” the deep voice of Lord Satanus says. Silver Banshee looks back at him. “Who are you?” she asks. “Someone who may be able to help you,” Satanus answers. “You can – you can fix me? Make me like I was before?” “At present that is beyond my power, but I will search for a way to restore you to your original form, for a price,” Satanus says. He holds out his hand. Banshee stares at the long, purple finger fingers for several seconds before taking his hand. CS The camera pulls back from a sign for Schaffenberg penitentiary to a shot of Silver Banshee’s head from behind. Silver Banshee growls as she approaches the security fence surrounding the penitentiary. She stops as Supergirl floats down from above, landing between the Banshee and the prison. “That’s far enough,” Supergirl says. Silver Banshee is shocked to see her. “How did you survive my scream?” she demands. Supergirl folds her arms across her chest and smiles. “Did you really think ‘Supergirl’ was my real name?” Silver Banshee scowls. “Hmph. Fair enough.” Supergirl’s expression softens. “There’s nothing for you here. Mitchel’s already been moved, and I don’t know where they’ve taken him.” Silver Banshee growls. “Why don’t you give Mattie her body back?” Supergirl asks. “Why? Are you offering yours in exchange?” Silver Banshee taunts. Supergirl scowls at that. “I said before, we’re kindred spirits. Mattie Harcourt’s heart is as full of hate as mine.” “That’s not true!” Supergirl snaps. “Mattie’s a kind, gentle person. She’s just going through a hard time right now.” Silver Banshee laughs. “It’s the hard times that show who we really are. Yes, it was during a particularly trying time that I discovered I was a killer. It was as Mattie that I decided to come here and murder Mitchel. Evil arises from suffering. But what would you know of suffering?” “More than you think,” Supergirl says seriously. “But you’re wrong. Mattie’s not evil. Maybe, deep down, you’re not evil either.” Silver Banshee throws her head back and begins to laugh maniacally. “I’m not evil? After all the people I’ve killed, you think there’s hope for my soul?” “You’re so naïve it makes me want to wretch.” Silver Banshee punches Supergirl, knocking her back into the security fence and breaking it. Before Supergirl has a chance to recover, Silver Banshee jumps on top of her and wraps her hand around Supergirl’s neck. “I may not be able to kill you with my scream, but I can still choke the life out of you!” Silver Banshee screams. Supergirl grabs one of Silver Banshee’s arms and tries to pull it off of her throat, to no avail. She struggles to speak. “Please …. Mattie … this … isn’t you … “ “What makes you think you know anything about me?” Silver Banshee yells. “This is who I am, the one who finally killed Supergirl!” Supergirl’s eyes begin to glow orange. “Mattie, move,” she orders in a surprisingly commanding voice. Silver Banshee leaps back as torrents of flame burst from Supergirl’s eyes. Supergirl rises, small flames still flowing to the sides from her eyes. She massages her throat with one hand and says: “Don’t make me hurt you, Mattie.” There is a commotion from behind Supergirl as a group of guards begin rushing out of the penitentiary, drawn by the commotion. Supergirl turns her head and yells at them: “No! Stay back!” Taking advantage of Supergirl’s distraction, Silver Banshee grabs a large nearby tree and rips it from the ground. She swings it at Supergirl, striking the Maid of Might in the torso and sending her flying off to the side much farther than the last time. Supergirl lands on her face. As she begins to painfully push herself up, she is struck again by the tree on the back of the head. Silver Banshee hits Supergirl with the tree again and again. Each successive strike breaks off more and more of the tree until it’s just a stump of wood. Throwing away the stump, the Banshee kicks Supergirl in the stomach to roll her onto her back. Supergirl is dazed from the punishment and unable to stand at the moment. “Stay out of my way, Supergirl. I have a date with my old master in Leesburg, and he’s just dying to meet me.” Silver Banshee kicks Supergirl one more time, sending her flying into a telephone pole. She then turns to the guards who had run up to help Supergirl and glares at them, causing them to freeze in fear. Silver Banshee turns and begins to walk away. CS Some time later, police are cordoning off the scene as Supergirl leans against a wall, struggling to recover from the beating she received. “You all right?” one policeman asked. “D’you need to go to the hospital or something?” Supergirl shakes her head. “I’m fine. I just need a minute to catch my breath.” “But do you have a minute?” a familiar British voice calls out. Supergirl scowls looks across the street, where Buzz is standing and smoking a cigarette. “After all, every second you waste, the Banshee gets closer to Leesburg. Maybe you don’t care if she and Lord Satanus kill each other, but so many, innocent, people could get caught in the crossfire,” he says with obvious false and exaggerated concern. “And whose fault is that?” Supergirl snaps. “You’re the one responsible for all of this.” The policeman who asked if Supergirl was all right and a colleague look in the direction she’s talking and see no one there. “You flatter me, luv, but I can’t take all the credit,” Buzz says. “After all, Satanus had his part to play, and she has free will. You can’t expect everyone to be an angel like yourself.” “Why are you here?” Supergirl demands as she walks over to Buzz. “I know this isn’t you; you’re just projecting yourself into my head again. But why now?” Buzz chuckles. “Watching as you get the crap kicked out of you is its own reward. But I thought, since you don’t have any way of knowing where Banshee’s heading next, I thought you could use a heads-up on the news.” CS Fred is sitting in the precinct, talking on the phone with Sylvia. “Looks like it’s gonna be another one of those really late nights,” Fred tells her. At the Danvers’ home, Sylvia asks: “Is it really that bad?” “It is,” Fred answers. “I don’t know what that thing is, but it nearly killed Supergirl tonight and it’s still out there somewhere.” “How’s Linda doing?” he asks. “She’s not watching the news, is she?” “No,” Sylvia assures him. “She was really tired and went to bed early. I think she’s still not feeling so well.” “A teenager going to bed early on her own,” Fred jokes. “Maybe we’re in the end times.” “Oh, you’re impossible,” Sylvia says. Her expression grows more serious. “What are you going to do?” Fred sighs. “I don’t think there’s anything we can do now other than have faith in Supergirl.” Sylvia chuckles, causing Fred to ask: “what?” “It’s nothing. I think that’s the first time you’ve ever told me to have faith. Normally it’s the other way around.” Fred looks down. “With everything I’ve seen recently it’s impossible not to believe in magic. But I don’t know what kind of god would let monsters like this exist.” CS Silver Banshee walks through the lava-filled realm of Lord Satanus and approaches his throne. “Ah, Siobhan. What can I do for you?” the demon lord asks. “I think it’s time you fulfilled your end of the bargain,” Silver Banshee says. “Make me human again.” Satanus sits back in his throne. “Unfortunately, that is beyond my power.” “What?” Silver Banshee yells. “You told me you’d turn me back!” “I told you I’d search for a way to do so,” Satanus clarifies. “That I have done. My search has led me to the conclusion that your current form is permanent.” “You -you lied to me?” Silver Banshee asks, seething with rage. I-I’ve done everything you asked. I’ve even killed for you!” “I did not lie,” Satanus insists. “I did exactly what I told you I would do.” The Banshee’s eyes narrow. “But you were never going to tell the truth. You were going to keep using me until the end of time.” “I-will-kill-you-for-this.” she breathes. Several demons leap out of the lava and attack Silver Banshee upon her declaration. She throws one into the far wall, but the others grab her limbs and hold her down. The Banshee begins to scream at one of the demons, causing it to die instantly and fall back into the lava. With her free hand she grabs the throat of one of the other demons and crushes its windpipe. The two demons holding her legs panic as they watch their fellows die. They let her go and flee as fast as they can from her wrath. Silver Banshee looks up at Satanus’ throne, but both he and the throne are gone, vanished without a trace. She raises her head and screams, the sound of her voice echoing throughout the realm. CS In the present, Silver Banshee arrives at the Newstime office in Leesburg. She breaks through the front door and enters the office to find it dark and empty. She flips on a light switch and growls. “Where is everyone? This is supposed to be a news organization, isn’t it? There should be people here 24/7.” She picks up a desk in anger and throws it across the room. “That’s enough, Mattie.” Silver Banshee turns to see Supergirl floating through the destroyed doorway. “You. Why do you keep getting in my way?” Supergirl lands in front of her. “This time I didn’t ask anyone to be evacuated.” “It doesn’t matter,” Silver Banshee declares. “I’ll find them all. I’ll find everyone who ever hurt me and make them pay. I’ll kill and kill until they’re all dead.” She glares at Supergirl. “I’ll find Mitchel too. I’ll kill everyone I have to until I get to him.” “Really?” Supergirl asks. “Then why didn’t you kill anyone at the penitentiary?” The Banshee stops and gapes at her. “You’re not a killer, Mattie. You haven’t killed anyone since you two joined together.” “This again?” Silver Banshee sneers. “You still think there’s some good in me?” “Why do you want to kill Satanus so badly?” Supergirl asks. Silver Banshee hisses. “He used me. He used me as a weapon the same way Buzz used me for his entertainment and my own brother used me to gain power.” Supergirl’s expression turns sad. “I thought so. You’re a victim too.” “A victim?” Silver Banshee screams. She lunges at Supergirl and punches her in the face. This time Supergirl is able to brace herself. While her head is turned to the side and she is forced to lean back by the power behind the blow, she remains on her feet. “Why?” Silver Banshee asks, beginning to cry. “No matter how much I hurt you, you refuse to fight me. You just pity me more. Why would you want to help someone like me?” Supergirl turns back to Silver Banshee. A trickle of blood is flowing from the side of her mouth. She rubs the blood away before answering. “Because I finally know who I am, and that is someone who would never do anything to hurt you, Mattie.” “I hate you!” the Banshee screams. She punches Supergirl twice more, once in the face, and once in the stomach, causing Supergirl to double over. “That’s it, Mattie,” Supergirl says as she rises. “Let your anger out here. I can take it.” Silver Banshee is breathing heavily. “You could kill me with a look. After everything I’ve done I deserve it! But you just- what the hell are you?” “I’m just me,” Supergirl says. “I was also used for Buzz’s entertainment. And I understand what you’re going through.” Silver Banshee tries to hit her again, but her punch is weak and Supergirl catches her wrist. “I wish you were dead!” Silver Banshee yells, beginning to sob. “I wish Buzz and Satanus and every other magic user was dead! I -wish PJ was here! I wish – “ She stumbles forward, and Supergirl holds her in a close embrace. The camera focuses on Silver Banshee’s head as she leans on Supergirl’s shoulder. “I wish Linda was here.,” she says softly. “I need a friend.” “I am here, Mattie,” Linda’s voice answers. Silver Banshee gasps and lifts her head. The camera also pulls back to reveal that Supergirl has turned back into Linda. Silver Banshee now towers over her, “Linda?” the Banshee asks. “Is it really you?” “It’s me,” Linda says. “Now you know who I am. You could kill me if you wanted to.” Silver Banshee is trembling as Linda raises her hand to her cheek. “But you won’t, because you don’t need to be angry anymore. You can let it go.” Silver Banshee smiles. For a moment her eyes glaze over, and Mattie seems to fall out of her. Mattie hits the floor, unconscious. “It’s not fair,” Silver Banshee says after she separates from Mattie. Her body is glowing and becoming more transparent as she begins to fade away. “I know,” Linda says, still holding her close. “I was beautiful once. More beautiful than you. I had a name, a family.” “What was your name?” Linda asks. “Siobhan,” Silver Banshee says. “It was Siobhan.” Linda looks up at her and smiles. “That’s a beautiful name.” “I never wanted any of this?” Siobhan sobs. “Please,” she begs Linda. “Make the monsters go away.” Siobhan has faded so much Linda’s arms are passing through her like a ghost. “Don’t worry,” Linda says. “I’ll protect you from all the monsters. I’ll be here with you always.” Siobhan disappears completely, leaving Linda standing there alone in the office with an unconscious Mattie. Linda closes her eyes and hugs herself tightly. “Always,” she whispers. Fade into the end credits. The end....
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She s supergirl by Creativa-Artly01
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NIGHT VISIT 7/20 by MajorO
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Supergirl Stamps
Supergirl, Blue 2 Piece Swimsuit by svettzwo
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Supergirl can never stand magics by supergirl2006
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Supergirl 8 14 2020 by svettzwo
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Membership in SupergirlDAFC implies you have an artistic desire to show your love of Supergirl. Membership requires that you have some self created deviations. Reason being not to clutter the Group up with members when there is a DeviantWatch list.

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My current health finds me losing the ability to maintain the group, as well unless there is a miracle, I will lose my Core membership, and not sure I will apply for it again.  The fact is I may be promoting someone to Founder within the next 4 days, stay tuned.
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