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Going my way by Mur2008
SUPERGIRL scouts about 6-21 by johnleighs01
kept you waiting  by Mur2008
Supergirl by Leomatos2014
Supergirl Original Outfit
 Supergirl in flight 2.2   9-21 by johnleighs01
Superboy-Supergirl  8-21 by johnleighs01
The next move  7-21 by johnleighs01
Supergirl new outfit by Mur2008
Kara Zol-El Hotpants

Mature Content

Supergirl Sunday 02 by nyctophobia11
SG-TDNAOS-Flying1 by Retro70sSupergirl
SG-Vol4-77-21-Beat-Up by Retro70sSupergirl
SG-Shark-Wrestle by Retro70sSupergirl
Supergirl Headband Crisis Outfit
Supergirl by jdavidlee1979
Supergirl abused 9-21 by johnleighs01
Lets unwrap and finish this by Mur2008
she walks in the room by Mur2008
Linda Danvers EarthAngel Outfit

Mature Content

Tiangtam's Supergirl v2 by Galvatronusprime12
S is for Sam by Inspector97
What If Kara Was Older Than Kal-El? by tb86

Mature Content

Supergirl  -  optional NSFW on Patreon by evandromenezes
Supergirl Matrix
time to be heroic by Mur2008
Supergirlsw 001 by Mur2008
The Matrix Supergirl2 by Mur2008

Mature Content

Stop come back by Mur2008
Supergirl's New Oufit

Mature Content

Supergirl by ShadowBoxer-Art
Supergirl -early years  8-21 by johnleighs01
Supergirl surfaces  7-21 by johnleighs01
SG surprize 7-21 by johnleighs01
Supergirl Other Uniforms
SG-Police by Retro70sSupergirl
Practice poses with Supergirl by theoDnanda
SuperGirl by joestyck
SG-Alien-Tentacles by Retro70sSupergirl
Super Family
The Reign of the Supergirls by nyctophobia11

Mature Content

A New Change of Venue 5 by LexiKimble
A Change of Venue 4 by LexiKimble
COUSINs 8-21 by johnleighs01
Supergirl - Powergirl
SGPG Fight  9-21 by johnleighs01
Karas' New Outfits by winterjoshuar

Mature Content

Two worlds collide by Flick-the-Thief
Supergirl AND power girl mind controlled by theproffesorOz
Supergirl - Gotham Family
Ruined Costume by LexiKimble
Supergirl - Wonder Woman

Mature Content

Wonder Woman trapped by Osira by rustedpeaces
Supergirl Cosplay
Supergirl Gun Show by HeatherAfterCosplay
Digital 3D Supergirls
Heroine Heroine: Prologue by rustedpeaces
Supergirl Sexy
Super Bat Bath by Glee-chan
Supergirl Literature

Mature Content

Supergirl Wallpaper
She s supergirl by Creativa-Artly01
Supergirl Novels and Comics
SG-SF207-10-Intensifier by Retro70sSupergirl
Supergirl in Series, and Captions
Supergirls vs Mr Ninja pg 61 by LexiKimble
GREATEST HITS 06  11/20 by MajorO
Supergirl Stamps
Supergirl, Blue 2 Piece Swimsuit by svettzwo
Supergirl Peril
TDNAOS-Psi-Power by Retro70sSupergirl
Super Sort
Supergirl by BallsySmithhh
Pencil and Ink
Supergirl batgirl 2345edf (2) by blackphantomx7
Supergirl Christmas
Supergirl Xmas by BroetchenX
Supergirl Television Uniform
Supergirl Relaxed by mvmconde








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All Supergirl in any incarnation, any situation, and any format.
Founded 11 Years ago
Sep 28, 2010


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Fan Club

1,487 Members
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882,291 Pageviews


From Kara Zor-El, to Linda Danvers, to any and all that is Supergirl. All images must reflect the spirit of the Kryptonian Goddess that have won our hearts over time. Any medium is welcome, all I ask is submit to the proper folders, and there will be no problems.


Membership in SupergirlDAFC implies you have an artistic desire to show your love of Supergirl. Membership requires that you have some self created deviations. Reason being not to clutter the Group up with members when there is a DeviantWatch list.

Contributors, may be chosen by Founder/Co-Founder Bi-weekly, for artistic ability, as well as a comprehension of Group rules, and protocol.

Members are limited to 5 Deviation a day currently.
Contributors have no limit as of today, for submission of Deviations.

Submission limits for now are 5 for members that are subject to vote, and unlimited to contributors daily. I ask only for quality, not quantity.

:bulletred: No WIP
:bulletred: No sketches on notebook paper
:bulletred: No Unfinished work
:bulletred: No chibi charictures

:bulletgreen: Cosplay welcomed
:bulletgreen: Literature is fine
:bulletgreen: Multiple Character is welcomed as long Supergirl is present

:bulletyellow: Nudity is tolerated to a point.

Porn and underage nudity is NOT allowed in this site and will be immediately rejected. There are other groups for that. If you need a definition of porn I direct you to DA definition of porn as stated in the DA Terms of service…

All art should be original, or credited to the artist properly. Failure will result in removal from the group. Give credit where credit is due people.

Supergirl, and all Logos, are property of DC Comics.


The SupergirlDAFC Chatroom is at…

As of 01/24/11 ...
We have approx. 2037 Supergirl art pictures and stories.... (Kclcmdr)
My current health finds me losing the ability to maintain the group, as well unless there is a miracle, I will lose my Core membership, and not sure I will apply for it again.  The fact is I may be promoting someone to Founder within the next 4 days, stay tuned.
More Journal Entries


The official :iconsupergirldafc: chatroom
SupergirlDAFC Chatroom

The discussion of this chatroom is General, what ever is on your mind. It is an open resourxe to be used to share ideas, and thoughts as well as Deviations.

Anyone can join the Chatroom that include Deviant Watchers. There are several titles to choose from.

:bulletred: KaraZor-El
:bulletred: Matrix
:bulletred: LindaDanvers
:bulletred: Evil-Supergirl
:bulletred: All-Supergirl

Only Kryton-Gods (Founders), and Super-Mods can give titles

:bulletblue: Krypton-Gods - Founders/Co-Founders
:bulletblue: Super-Mods - Contributors



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Has anyone noticed that one of our beloved artists, wwcape, disappeared without a trace (along with his work)?  You might be interested to read the comments on this re-post:  SG Transformed 01 by pippl
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