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cool shot ! like it
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i like this picture, very angled, and the taller buildings even out the cars on the other side. i love it.:horns:
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wow excellent photo
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Me gusta mucho, el ángulo es perfecto y consigue darle una composición estupenda a la foto.

Bien hecho :clap:
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This is an excellent attempt at a dramatically different type of street photo. i have a few suggestions though which chould maximise the potential of this sort of photo. firstly this photo itself i think should be converted to black and white as it would help the viewer to appreciate the textures, especially as the foreground lacks distinguishing colour anyway.

then if you get a chance to reshoot, a couple of things to perhaps try different. firstly get more DOF. what youve got in focus is great, but its not enough to hold the image, get some mof those buildings in focus. also try with less of the rail and hopefully also get the train or tram in the shot as well, best if its going away from you!

good work though! well done.