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the electric monk

By superdunk
High on a rocky promontory sat an Electric Monk on a bored horse.

from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams.

great book, and the radio adaption is excellent too!
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joining the chorus of “May I use your image please” I want to throw a DNA quote in text onto it obviously with a text link back to the original if that’s ok with you.

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sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, haven't checked my page for a bit, life getting in the way again....
i'd be delighted if you use my image, always nice to be appreciated!
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just seen this, thank you, I love it!
Hey I'm doing a podcast about the Dirk Gently books and their various different adaptations on Radio/TV/comic books, do you mind if I use this picture as a banner for my wordpress website where I will post the podcasts? I'll put a credit on the website if you'd like.


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not a problem, help yourself!
glad you like it,
my personal favourite adaption is the bbc radio one of the first book by the way...

I also like your picture a lot! I'm planning a short blog post on my (German) blog about the electric monk and would love  to use your picture as the title image.

I would need to crop it a little bit, however (need it in 800x288px) and make the mountains a little big bigger. But the monk and the horse will stay the same. Is this ok? 

Of course I will give a credit and link to this page.

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I'm thrilled you like it,
please go ahead and use it in whatever configuration you need
Great, Thanks! I'll post the link when my blog post has been published.
The post is online now:…

Thanks again!
Hi there,

I'm doing a short talk at an Irish university relating to online privacy, and I'd love to use this image with the Douglas Adams quote about the Electric Monk. Just like KylieStu, I'll give you a link/credit.

Many thanks,

Dr Eoin O'Dell 
Associate Professor, School of Law,
Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.
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please be my guest,
good luck with your talk!
Great! Many thanks. I'll come back with a link to the stream/slides when I have one.

Great image. 

Here are my slides from today's event:
Many thanks again for permission to use your great image.

Hi there - I'm doing a short talk at a sci-fi event which mentions Douglas Adams - may I use this image in my slides, with a link and credit to you at the bottom, please?
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please go ahead, i'm delighted you like it!
hope the talk goes well
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My favorite Douglas Adam's Dirk Gently universe characters...I believe! Awesome job!
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Hey mofo-

I just started reading that shit!
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yo homey,
did you like it?
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Didn't finish it yet.  But so far so awesome.  Took a while to start up, but now it just keeps getting better and better.  I liked the bit about the horse.
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