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Batman Beyond - Fan Teaser Poster

With 'The Dark Knight Rises' approaching I thought I'd have another go at making a Batman Beyond poster using the overall idea I've had for years now.
The reason it's taken so long to produce is my computer is so old the programme kept crashing as it couldn't handle the amount of text in the image, but luckily I've finally done it.

I personally do hope we one day get a Batman Beyond movie, whether it be an untied sequel to TDKR or just a solo film.

A little note that may interest a few of you out there, the strands of binary code in this poster (011000100110000101110100011011010110000101101110001000000
11000100110010101111001011011110110111001100100 just incase any of you wanna check just take copy, paste, and take out the space) repeats the words 'Batman Beyond'.
Well it's supposed to, I'm no maths expert so I just used a translator programme on the internet, but anyhow I just thought that'd be cool while also showing Batman enter a more high-tech and digital age.

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