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Mighty O's Official Comprehensive Comic Cover! by SUPERcubs Mighty O's Official Comprehensive Comic Cover! :iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 14 6
Fire Fox #12 - Piece by Piece
Fire Fox #12 - Piece by Piece
Written by G. Scheaffer and C. DuBois
Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by L. Rasmussen
Mark and Sam enter the elevator and begin taking it up to the next level of the command center.  Chrome Dome’s headquarters and the new workplace of “Fire Fox” -- Mark’s newly-attained codename -- are waiting for them there.  On the way, Sam soon hears growling and fidgeting below him, and he looks down to the fox.  Mark is indeed causing the ruckus, as he’s irritably squirming underneath his new IntraNet officer jacket.  Chrome Dome continues to look down toward him, curious and concerned.
“You uh…you okay there, buddy?”
“It’s this damn jacket,” Mark growls as he keeps fidgeting, “it don’t feel right…”
“It’s the right size, isn’t it?  All the other clothes were to your liking.”
“Well yeah…
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 2 25
Story Teasers - Serious Origins by SUPERcubs Story Teasers - Serious Origins :iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 3 0 Anties -- Sabre by SUPERcubs Anties -- Sabre :iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 9 21 Factions -- IntraNet by SUPERcubs Factions -- IntraNet :iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 2 0 Heroes -- Chrome Dome by SUPERcubs Heroes -- Chrome Dome :iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 5 12 Heroes -- Fire Fox by SUPERcubs Heroes -- Fire Fox :iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 13 26
Fire Fox #11 - Welcome to the IntraNet
Fire Fox #11 - Welcome to the IntraNet- (it doesn’t work with the rhythm)
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by L. Rasmussen
All across the second floor of the command center’s main level, the friendly robotic voice of C++ projects through the speakers.
“IntraNet Officer #234, please report to the training room for orientation.”
No one reacts or responds to this message, however.  After a pause to make sure, C++’s voice moves to a particular room in the residence area, one labeled with the same number that was called.
Within this room, Mark lies sideways under the sheets in his large, round bed.  The fatigued fox is rudely rustled from his slumber at the announcement outside, and the second C++ announcement soon comes, this one within his room.
“IntraNet Officer #234, please report to the training room for orientation.”
Mark groans and grabs his pillow, holding it over his head as he tries to g
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 1 13
Mighty O's #2 - Mighty Whoas!
Mighty O’s #2 - Mighty Whoas!
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by G. Scheaffer
The next morning, Theo, Ben, and Patricia wake to the bustling sounds of the orphanage staff outside their room door.  They always get started early, or they simply let the kids start their days late.  Theo the lion cub sits up in his crib and rubs his eyes, his disposable diaper squishing a bit underneath his footed sleeper.  He looks to the slightly-ajar door and the noise outside it with a slight moan as he stirs himself out of his slumber.
“Miss Gaiw…?  Miss Wupe…?”
One of them usually comes to wake the cubs when the time is right.  Ben and Patricia soon start stirring as well, squishing and shuffling to the ends of their cribs.  Soon enough, one of the caretakers -- Lupe the wolfess -- returns to the room to tend to them.
“Good morning, you three!  Or what’s left of it, anyway.  We let you sleep pretty late cause lit
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 2 7
Fire Fox #10 - In Decision
Fire Fox #10 - In Decision
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by L. Rasmussen
The four figures sit in awkward silence at the table for a moment, and Mark looks back and forth between the three IntraNet officers opposite him.  Spam the boar soon tends to his massive pile of food, Sam the eagle trades glances with his leader and Mark, and Element remains focused on Mark with his paws clasped atop the table.  Soon, the white wolf in the center turns his eyes but not his head to Sam, clearing his throat as if to send a signal.  Looking over to meet his gaze, the eagle’s eyes widen and he jumps up from his seat.
“Oh yeah!  Mark,” Chrome Dome begins as he gestures toward the white wolf, “I’d like you to meet THE BOSS…#001: Element.”
Tensed and wary, the fox nods and extends his right paw.
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ve met before.”
Element returns the nod and accepts the
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 0 9
Fire Fox #9 - The Other Side
Fire Fox #9 - The Other Side
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by L. Rasmussen
Mark’s eyes open again amid a dark red atmosphere.  No walls, structures, or people seem to be present.  There is only red.  He coughs and grimaces when the taste of his own blood returns to his tongue, and he soon discovers all of his previous injuries still linger.  Much of the bleeding, however, has stopped, and the pain is gone.  He merely feels exhausted from everything that has transpired.  The fox continues to float amid the red atmosphere as if left out in space, and while nothing else can be seen around him, some faint sounds bounce and echo around him.  These sounds are so faint they become difficult to classify, but they seem to be voices.  As he focuses upon them, they sound like the voices of those in pain, agony, or torture.
“Where…where the hell am I…?”
This voice is masculine, much
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 1 40
Fire Fox #8 - Under Fire (and Metal)
Fire Fox #8 - Under Fire (and Metal)
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by L. Rasmussen
Red Sullivan has gathered all available Dumpers to the landing bay for an important announcement.  The army of brown coats now stands before the chimp’s office above as he stands firmly, barking orders down at them while he holds his trademark spear.
“My fellow Dumpers, it seems another member of our family has turned on us.  Mark Pyre has gone rogue.”
This news causes a chatter to erupt among the crowd below.  Most of them have known the fox for a long time, and they thought he would never leave.
“Pyre?  I can’t believe it…”
“That son of a vixen finally got tired of us, I guess…”
“He snapped!  He’s lost his mind!”
Among the familiar faces in the crowd, Zen and Jim -- now in Dumper garments as well -- show no compassion for their former Captain.  Jim remains apathet
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 0 13
Fire Fox #7 - Fox on the Run
Fire Fox #7 - Fox on the Run
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by L. Rasmussen
IntraNet Officer #127 is awake in his room and just finishing reattaching the helmet to his suit, the effective air seal it creates being heard as it closes and the red eye lights illuminate.  The suit’s damages from his scuffle with Mark Pyre have since been repaired, so he can now get back to work.  And soon enough, he hears a few consecutive knocks on his door before it slides open, revealing his white wolf superior once again.
“127!  Ah, good; you’re awake and suited up.”
127 turns around as Element continues speaking with a gleam in his eyes.
”That’s excellent…because I have a mission for you.”
Now in the briefing room, Element brings some graphics and diagrams up onto the screen.
“We’ve received a tip that Pyre is heading to planet Infuria as part of a new assignment.”
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 3 37
Thunder Pup Official Comprehensive Comic Cover by SUPERcubs Thunder Pup Official Comprehensive Comic Cover :iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 8 5
Thunder Pup #4 - Catch and Release!
Thunder Pup #4 - Catch and Release!
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by L. Rasmussen
Up in his bedroom the next morning, Carl is rudely awoken by the strong pressure contained in his bladder.  Lying on his back in the crib, he moans and opens his eyes before looking down toward the currently concealed padding.  Baffled by how he managed to keep all that pressure contained while he slept, the pup squirms a bit before letting it release into his diaper, confident that the new Dryden brand can hold anything he can put out.  He relaxes further as he feels the padding warm and swell from underneath his average footed sleeper, sighing happily as he just lets it happen.
Thunder soon notices, however, that the surge of wetting isn’t slowing down like normal.  If anything, it seems to increase its intensity.  This would normally be cause for alarm in most instances, but Thunder continues to further relax from the feeling.  Lik
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 6 85
Mighty O's #1 - Mighty Hellos!
Mighty O's #1 - Mighty Hellos!
Written and Edited by G. Scheaffer
Art by G. Scheaffer
Somewhere in the city of Furbank, California is where the Star Harbor Orphanage resides.  Named for its proximity to the "stars" within Hollywood, as well as its proximity to the California beachfront, the orphanage harbors what are hopefully the stars of tomorrow within its walls.
It is one of those stars that a toucan couple wishes to acquire today.  They walk up to the large complex, made up of modern-style stone walls and traditional red-orange Spanish tiling on the roof.  While no part of the orphanage exceeds two stories in height, it is certainly expansive, covering a large area with semi-connected structures of varying color and design.  The size and shape of the windows even varies from section to section, some big and square while others are smaller circles.  All in all, it's a big, colorful, eccentric establishment.
The two toucans head to the orphanage's main entra
:iconsupercubs:SUPERcubs 7 18




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BC "Comics"
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Come with us into a universe where super beings, age regression, and the antics that ensue reign supreme!
We offer different but connected prose stories that are told in a delightful style that both pays great homage to and parodies the great comic book universes we all know and love. We hope that the universe we create here can someday equal the real thing, becoming diverse and expansive in both scope and lore.

BC Comics is currently:
- G. Scheaffer - Co-Creator, Lead Writer, Editor, Profile Manager (who you talk to here)
- C. Carey - Co-Creator, Writer
- C. DuBois - Writer, Collaborator, Comic Consultant
- L. Rasmussen (Koopus) - Commissioned Concept Artist

Our stories also feature characters created by (cameos/crossovers):
- killercroc300 - Quix -
- kaafan10 - ??? - COMING SOON!
- Fail-Seeker - ??? - COMING SOON!
- Lulshi - ??? - COMING SOON!

S.U.P.E.R. stands for:
S uperheroes
U nder
P rotection while
E xperiencing
R egression

As time goes on, we will diverge from the main storyline of the superhero team and release their own spin-off stories, before and after the main plot chronologically. We attempt to emulate comic book issues with these different stories and chapters, and you can be sure there will be lots of poking fun at classic superhero characters!

As our super protagonists are regressed to babies in the main story (and elsewhere from time to time), there will be a lot of Baby Fur content and diaper usage.
But if you're not into that stuff, we encourage that you keep reading for the story and the parodies of canon superhero comics and characters! There will also be stories that do not feature this content at all.

If you would like to contact us, feel free to comment or PM us here.
You can also email us at

We will also happily take part in non-sexual roleplays from this account. Just note, however, that:
-- We (being this user) will only roleplay as characters from the various stories posted here. You are free to be whatever character or sona you prefer though, even one of ours if you wish!
-- The events of the roleplays will likely not be canon, as we try not to spoil things before the chapters come out. If the events of the RP and the events of the actual story overlap in any way, please know that we didn't steal your idea. We've had our entire stories planned out for a while now!

If you have a character or two that you think could work well in our universe, we are also open to crossovers and/or character registrations! The process may be easier when more stories get started, but feel free to contact us for more information!
**[Brief cameos are open to the general public, whereas registering a constant character is normally restricted to Patreon supporters. Please keep this in mind.]

We aim to create a world as deep and entertaining as those found in actual comic books, and we hope that you begin to love our characters as much as you love theirs!
Thank you for reading!

- "S.U.P.E.R." - [on hold until side stories complete]
--- "Thunder Pup" - ~4% (1+ pages of prose/synopsis)
--- "Psi-Kitty" - ~56% (~4 pages of prose)
--- "Hatchie + Gummy" - ~4% (roleplay started)
--- "Tattle Tail" - ~20% (1+ pages of prose)
- "Fire Fox" - 0% (brainstorming)
--- "Fire Fox Zero: Mark the Dumper" - ~40% (~6.5 pages of prose/synopsis)
- "Mighty O's" - ~21% (3+ pages of prose/synopsis, later chapter completed)
- "Tall Tails" - ~20% (3+ pages of prose/synopsis)
- "Incredible Courage Wolf" - 0% (brainstorming)
- "The Gargoyle" - 0% (brainstorming)
- "Iron Eagle" - 0% (brainstorming)
- "Java and Cookies" - 0% (brainstorming)
- "Baron Boudreaux" - 0% (brainstorming)

- Bringing our new Weasyl account up to date with submissions
- More Database entries to be posted very soon!
- Database entries for important buildings and homes to be drawn
- Considering making a "beginner's guide" to our universe with intro and tips
- Considering making a character encyclopedia with a grading system
- Considering making a list of roleplaying templates to give fans ideas
- Potential theme songs Database entry needs to be updated
- Updates to the Chronology are always a possibility!

If you enjoy our work, please come support us on Patreon! Your patronage will let you see some content before DeviantArt users and will also allow us to make more!
Hello again, SUPER fans!
This is your head writer and SUPERverse co-creator, G. Scheaffer, as usual.

I've mentioned many times that the SUPERverse is separated into different areas of focus I like to call "corners".  These "corners" are multi-story arcs that are -- for the most part -- distinctly separate from the others to a point that they can't quite be categorized together.  The plan of the SUPERverse so far has always had 4 corners:

- Corner 1: The "S.U.P.E.R." storyline, which will include its characters' origins as well as their future adventures
- Corner 2: The "IntraNet" storyline, which focuses on Fire Fox and all the other heroes involved in the cosmic organization
- Corner 3: The "Mighty O's" storyline, which will remain grounded until it connects to the "S.U.P.E.R." corner much farther ahead
- Corner 4: The "Tall Tails" storyline, a soon-to-be-revealed arc of cosmic scope focusing on very specific and isolated characters

These have been the "corners" of my universe for a long time now.
In the back of my mind, however, there has been an urge to create another.

I always assumed that there are so many comic superheroes from New York City because many of their writers were very familiar with that setting.  They may have been from there or just visited, but they knew how to write a story involving it.
In this aspect, I am at a disadvantage.  I am not from New York City, nor have I even visited.  I have put quite a few heroes in that area of my universe as well, to be sure, but I actually have very little knowledge of that setting.  Because of this, I've felt the great desire to put heroes in places I actually know.  I feel this would benefit the stories, as it may help the settings feel a little more real and grounded.

In my life, I have lived in two major areas, both within the United States.
The later state is Colorado, and I have assigned this setting to Chrome Dome's upcoming origin story, "Iron Eagle".
The earlier state, where I spent my childhood and -- as of now -- the slightly-larger half of my life, is Louisiana.  The New Orleans area in Louisiana specifically is a wonderful hub of art, music, history, and culture.  I have a large amount of family there still; I know the area pretty well, and I would love to give it a hero.  To my knowledge, not very many comic book heroes govern the state of Louisiana specifically, at least nowhere near as many as New York.

For a while now, I have been hard at work planning a hero for this portion of my universe.  As I'm still in the beginning stages, it's tough to see exactly when and how he will interact with the other "corners".  Because of this, I am giving him a "corner" all his own.  I still have a ways to go with planning, but I have a pretty strong concept so far, and I have a pretty final name for this hero as well.

His name is Baron Boudreaux.

Given the culture of the Louisiana area, I have decided to give Boudreaux a strong connection to Voodoo.  As such, he will be a far more mystical hero than what my universe is used to so far.  My idea is for Boudreaux to be a unique Doctor Strange type for my universe.  While my initial idea was to make him an incredibly dark character (partially to fix the lack of darkness in Gargoyle), I'm finding that the more and more I plan him, the more light-hearted he's becoming.  I'm aware that a few other characters in DC and Marvel alike are also connected to Voodoo, but I have done some research and realized that I will still have a VERY different take on it and on him.

I have also been HEAVILY researching Voodoo itself, and I've found its mainstream representation is wildly inaccurate.  I'll spare you too many details, but as an example, "Voodoo dolls" are NOT a part of Voodoo at all.  Because of this, I've made it my goal to portray Voodoo far more accurately in my stories.  There are a lot of variations of Voodoo, so I have prioritized the teachings of Haitian Voodou for this character.  I have learned quite a lot and found a lot of great mythology/lore to use, but a few aspects are fairly ambiguous and confusing.  Online articles can only take me so far and teach me so much.

Here's where YOU come in.

In order to make sense of some of my research, I feel I need a Voodoo specialist.  I realize this is a long-shot, but I am looking for someone within the furry/art communities that boasts considerable knowledge of REAL Voodoo, preferably Haitian Voodou.  Only through clarifying things with an expert can I solidify my impressions and plans for the story.

If you do not know of anyone with this kind of knowledge, PLEASE help spread the word to find someone with it.
I'd really like to continue planning and eventually write this character, and these frustrating ambiguous research elements are preventing me from doing so.  I have searched and searched for what I need, and I keep coming up short.  I need someone with legitimate knowledge of the religion and its spirits.  Any and all assistance with this will be GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you.

If all goes well, you can look forward to Baron Boudreaux's contribution to this universe in the future!

Journal History


We've now updated and added Invisi-Bandit to our FA Database, so now all five of the original heroes are there!
Heroes -- Invisi-Bandit by SUPERcubs
Check out this adorable fanart of Thunder Pup by user Nozo27 on deviantART!
Popsicle Prize for Thunder Pup by Nozo27
Now Courage Wolf has also been updated, as we've also put up his Database entry on FurAffinity!  Not much new information with these, but mostly just updates to formatting.
Heroes -- Courage Wolf by SUPERcubs
Back from seeing Deadpool 2, as well as Infinity War for a second time!  Both are amazing!
We've updated Stretch's database entry, as we soon will for other heroes as we add them to our FurAffinity profile!
Heroes -- Stretch Paw-Strong by SUPERcubs
A bit late now since I saw it last week, but "Avengers: Infinity War" was absolutely amazing.  What an ending!  Marvel's done it again...or is it still?
We've finally taken the plunge and started a dedicated account on FurAffinity!  Be the first to watch us there!…
Black Panther was amazing.  So much technology, yet so much culture and tradition as well.  The country felt real, and the villain was truly superb.  Wakanda Forever!
We've made progress on a chapter for the first time since September!
Please don't interpret our recent inactivity as a lack of interest.  We're still thinking about this universe tirelessly, even if we unfortunately can't find the time to work on it!  But we hope/plan to be back soon!
Sorry for the inactivity recently, but hopefully this new "Mighty O's" comic cover will make up for it!
Mighty O's Official Comprehensive Comic Cover! by SUPERcubs
Thor Ragnarok was fantastic!  All ready to see Infinity War now!
My new laptop is now on its way, and that means new chapters soon will be too!
Work has begun on a new comic cover image!
Due to computer problems, progress on most of our stories may be held up for another month or so. Sorry. :(
"Fire Fox" #12 is now being proofread for posting!
"Fire Fox" #12 is close to completion!  It should be up either tonight or tomorrow!
The poll has ended!  Total results: 2 votes for Red Sullivan, 3 votes for Lupin Lobowitz, 0 votes for Element.  Lupin wins!  Thanks to everyone who voted!
Just a few days left for the Twitter poll!  Comment here if you can't there, but please give us your input!…


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Sasuke-sama28 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I saw the Incredibles 2 and I was wondering, will you have an Edna Mode inspired character you makes the supersuits and other tech for the heroes in your comics?
SUPERcubs Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
The IntraNet officer #061 Pinterest who made an appearance in "Fire Fox" #12 is likely the closest we have to that kind of character at the moment.  They obviously cover costumes, and the whole Silver branch of IntraNet creates tech for other IntraNet heroes to use.

Gargoyle's friend Gizmo Vulpez also helped design costumes and tech for the S.U.P.E.R. team as well.
Sasuke-sama28 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
That's awesome! :)
Nozo27 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Happy Summer! Dare to challenge?
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner May 22, 2018
Check this out:  Dragon daycare by jemajema

Like it?
SUPERcubs Featured By Owner May 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, it's cute.  ^^
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner May 22, 2018
I knew you would love it, my friend. :aww:
DragonSnake9989 Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave! :D
SUPERcubs Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome!
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Your Notes are coming in blank for me.
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