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Top 10 favorite Marvel Movies by supercrashthehedgeho Top 10 favorite Marvel Movies :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 6 1 Top 15 favorite Awesome Cartoon showdowns by supercrashthehedgeho Top 15 favorite Awesome Cartoon showdowns :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 23 4
Phineas and Ferb series review

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and I welcome you to my review of a show that simply revolutionized the tv animation industry. Phineas and Ferb! Created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, it premiered in 2007 and exploded in popularity, getting praised for its creativity, songs, and style of humor. Now this was a show that I loved watching during the late 2000's. While I feel like Adventure Time and Regular Show saved modern cartoons, Phineas and Ferb inspired them to do so. However, the show ended in 2015, and three years later, does the show still hold up? Well lets put on our lab coats, and find out.
So the story of the show follows step-brothers Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, who are spending their Summer Vacation building all kinds of crazy inventions and going on wild adventures with all of their friends, while their older sister Candace tries to get them in trouble with their mom and dad. She of course never succeeds. At
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 5 27
Top 10 favorite Voice Actors vol. 3: Superb Celebs by supercrashthehedgeho Top 10 favorite Voice Actors vol. 3: Superb Celebs :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 16 15
The Spectacular Spider-Man series review

Greetings everyone! So if it wasn't obvious, I love Spider-Man. He was the first superhero I was introduced to as a kid. I grew up watching the Sam Rami movies that starred Tobey McGuire! I bought all kinds of merchandise like action figures, and video games. The point is, he's one of my all time favorite characters. So I feel like it's my duty to review his greatest show, and one of my favorite animated shows of all time. Spearheaded by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook, The Spectacular Spider-Man originally started off as a way the same way Avengers EMH did, as a shameless way to promote the movies. Specifically the Sam Rami Spider-Man films. So it was Sony's way to say "Thanks for watching our show, now go watch the our damn movies." Thankfully, also like Avengers EMH, it gained its own identity and did something that other Spider-Man shows seem to not do. While Spider-Man shows before and after this one focused mainly on action and selling toys, Spec
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 3 8
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom review

So yeah, for those of you who don't know, I am a fan of Jurassic Park. The original film is one of my favorite childhood films. The second film was pretty good, and third film was just bad. When Jurassic World first came out, I was super excited! My childhood was coming back! And naturally I loved it, and is now my second favorite Jurassic Park movie, the first one will always be my favorite. However, when I heard Jurassic World would get a sequel.....yeah I had my concerns. My main question was, did it need a sequel? Well when the first trailer came out, I thought it looked promising but with each trailer, it was giving out way too much away and it honestly felt like it was copying the second film. But is this film a whole new adventure, or is it just a cheap attempt to be dark and edgy? Lets find out. 
So the story takes place, I'd say a month or so after the first film, and it appears the dinosaurs are doing just fine. Or are th
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 0 0
R.I.P. Steve Ditko by supercrashthehedgeho R.I.P. Steve Ditko :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 16 4 Happy 27th Birthday Sonic by supercrashthehedgeho Happy 27th Birthday Sonic :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 6 2 Locale 'N' Characters ~ Teen Titans by supercrashthehedgeho Locale 'N' Characters ~ Teen Titans :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 8 3 Star Spangled Man with a plan by supercrashthehedgeho Star Spangled Man with a plan :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 6 2
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes review

There was an idea, to bring together a gup of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more. So when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could. And then there came a day like any other. When Earth's mightiest heroes were untied against a common threat. On that day, they became The Avengers!
Sorry, but I just always wanted to that. Anyway, in 2010 we were introduced to what is, in my opinion the second greatest super hero cartoon there is. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Spearheaded by Joshua Fines, Christopher Yost, and Ciro Neili, the show became incredibly successful. All the way up to the finale in 2013. This leads to now where I think we should celebrate the 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe(more or less)with a review of a show that was original a way to promote it, but eventually ended for the sake of it. In a world where Marvel movies are the most anticipated movies in the world at
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 3 4
The Fox and The Hound review

Greetings everyone and in 1981, Disney released The Fox and The Hound. Can I just go ahead and say how much I love this film? This was one of the first animated films that I ever saw as a kid. Seeing it for the first time was both scary and exciting. So I cant wait to talk about it here. Now this film was the last film that was animated by two of the legendary 9 old men, who worked on many of Disney's past films. So you could say this was when the torch was passed to all new all different animators, all though I'll talk about their first So, lets continue the Disney marathon, and look at The Fox and The Hound.
So the main story of this film follows a young fox named Tod, and a younger hound named Copper. One found as an orphan and raised by a widow, the other raised by a hunter to kill small and helpless animal. They come from different worlds, figuratively speaking, yet they become the best of friends. However, they don't even r
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 1 3
Space Jam review

Well, it's time to review the 1996 film, Space Jam! Now this was a film I loved when I was little. I remember when I first got it on VHS. Back then, VHS was still a thing, although it was slowly but surely dying out. While I don't own the original VHS copy, I do have it on DVD. While people like my brother, who is also a lover of animation, still loves this movie with a passion, looking back on it now, I personally think it's not as good as I remember. Although now may be a good time to take off the nostalgia glasses and look at Space Jam with fresh news eyes. Let's get ready to slam, and review Space Jam!
…….yeah. The story of Space Jam is an odd one. Ok so we have Michael Jordon, famous basketball player who's retiring and going into baseball. Things change when several basketball players lose their talent because cartoony aliens stole them. STAY WITH ME FOLKS! This brings us to the Looney Tunes, who are threatened to be t
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 3 8
Regular Show series review

When it comes to modern cartoons, there are plenty that stick out more than others. One of those is the 2010 to 2017 cartoon show, Regular Show. Now first hearing about the show, I was very skeptical about it at first. It didn't look like it would last very long, and the characters seemed to be pretty mean spirited. Which is something I hate in cartoons. However, the trailers and commercials looked pretty good, not as good as Adventure Time, but still pretty good. I have a first five episode tv show rule when watching new cartoons. It was however the last three episode of season 1 that made me a full blown fan. But sadly the show ended in January of last year, so now a year has passed since the finale, does Regular Show this hold up? Should people who haven't seen it give it a watch? Well lets find out. Also, I will try my best to not spoil too much. Maybe a few things here and there, but I'll let you guys know. 
So yeah try
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 5 7
Another top 10 Phineas and Ferb songs by supercrashthehedgeho Another top 10 Phineas and Ferb songs :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 2 2
Avengers Forever S1EP1: Avengers Assemble p1

A lot has changed since the last time we saw Earth's Mightiest heroes. Many months have passed. In those months Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and The Black Panther have kept the Earth safe. Mostly from minor threats. Iron Man had captured tech based villains and brought them to the Vault. Ant-Man, Wasp, and Black Panther had brought their research to New York, and on the way captured mutant villain and brought them to The Big House. The Hulk had taken down Gamma villains had captured some of the Gamma villains and brought them to The Cube. With a little help every now and then from Hawkeye and Black Widow, who Hulk still didn't trust. Thor on the other hand had captured some of the most dangerous villains and brought to The Raft. A prison built to keep the world's most powerful supervillains. Including Baron Zemo, Graviton, Dr. Octopus, Taskmaster, and many more. However, while The heroes have faced many minor th
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 3 3



Update: My injury is doing a lot better so I thought I'd just pop by. Just want to say thank you once again to those who wished for me to get better. I also want to say that once I've recovered, I'll have plenty of stuff to post all week long. I kinda have it all planned out. Anyway, back to recovering.
I told myself to take a break from this site to let myself heal, since typing one handed is really hard! But I want to comment on something.

As a sonic fan, I must say, yes I have heard about some recent new info on the ever anticipated movie. With that said, I'm interested to here Ben Schwartz's take on Sonic, as I think he's not only hilarious but a good voice actor.
Ok so quick update. Gonna be off Deviant Art for about a week or so. Possibly 2 weeks. The reason: Recently got into a serious injury so it makes it a lot harder to work on stuff. But don't worry, I'll be back to work in no time.
If there's two shows that I really want to do series review of, it's Ducktales 2017 and Steven Universe, but I sadly can't because they're still going.
So just thought I'd say it now, I have several top 15 list in the works. Including, but no limited to, Regular Show, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

Yeah that's right, I'm heading back to Mega Man. The last time I talked about Mega Man was during my Mega Man marathon, and since then I wasn't too sure about the future of Mega Man. Well it seems that Capcom is listening to their fans, as Mega Man 11 is now officially on the way. Now as a long time Mega Man fan, I can say that I am pumped up as hell for this game! Don't give me Mighty No. 9! Give me Mega Man 11! However, there are things that I want this game to have in order for it to succeed. But what you ask? Allow me to explain.

1. The return of E-Tanks
Yeah it's no secret that energy tanks are a staple to the franchise, but Capcom cant seem to decided on whether to keep them or ditch them. I say keep them! There is something so satisfying about finding an E-Tank in the levels. It's one the reasons I love Mega Man 2 and 3. So if this game is truly being made to help celebrate 30 years of Mega Man, then bring back what something that classic Mega Man remember.

2. Proto Man
If I had to choose and overall favorite character from the Mega Man franchise as a whole, I'd go with Proto Man. First appearing in mega Man 3, the origins of the red robot with the badass yellow scarf begin with Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. He was the original Robot Master. While Wily saw him as just a project, Light saw him as a son, and naming him Blues. Blues appeared to be a success, until it was revealed he had a faulty energy core. If it wasn't fixed, Blues would eventually die. While Light planed to fix him, Blues feared that he would lose his personality, so he ran away. As the years passed, he tried his best to keep his energy up, but his energy reactor had eventually depleted, and he collapsed and was slowly dying. He eventually woke up and found himself in the care of Dr. Wily. After Wily replaced Blues' solar core with a nuclear core, he realized he owed his life to the and doctor, and was willing to help him in his plans. Wily gave a shield, and a helmet, and was dubbed, Break Man. He was soon sent to fight Mega Man whenever he could to slow him down. Eventually, Break Man realized how much of an evil jerk and ran away again. He redesigned his helmet, and became the fan favorite anti-hero, Proto Man, and would occasionally help out his brother Mega Man. So yeah, Proto Man is pretty badass character. I would love to see him appear in the game, maybe as an unlockable character, or hey, maybe just as a cameo. Either, Proto Man seriously needs to appear in the game.

3. Roll becomes playable
Roll is another character I love. She's the spunky sister of Mega Man who is there to give him some moral support. Although considering she was playable in Mega Man: Powered Up, and in one of the Marvel vs Capcom games, I think she should be playable here. She has a broom, and a unique wardrobe of costumes. Roll is a character who is rarely given too much attention, and is usually just there to show up, say a line, and cheer on Mega Man by the end of his adventure. Come on Capcom, where's that Roll DLC?

4. Memorable Robot Masters
The Robot Masters haven't always been perfect. Games like Mega Man 5, 8, and Mega Man and Bass had Robot Masters that ranged from ok to just plain bad. Whether it was due to lack of creativity or lame weapons. So I really want the Robot Masters to have an engaging fight, no Toad Man bulls**t! And they should also have a cool weapon that players will want to use for more than situational situations. And hey, maybe a bit of a personality. Some of my favorite Robot Masters have something fun in their personality. Metal Man hates dogs, Quick Man is a cocky jerk, Shadow Man is a mysterious guy with a mysterious past, and Gemini Man is a narcissist. So I think we deserve Robot Masters who are both fun and memorable.

5. Actually GOOD voice acting
Ok so it's no secret that the Mega Man franchise, classic or not, is infamous for having terrible voice acting. From what I've seen from the trailers, the voice actors are so far alright. Although Mega Man sounds too old, and Dr. Wily sounds a bit to corny. Although I'll give them credit for actually making Dr. Light sound like I always imagined, and not like Elmer Fudd. But hey, it my not be perfect but anything is better than Mega Man 8. So lets hope everyone else sounds good, and it doesn't all turn into a contest of who can sound the cheesiest.

6. Callbacks to previous games
This I something we actually need in the game! I feel like if this game is a tribute to classic Mega Man, then lets make it feel like it! A Dr. Cossack and Kalinka cameo, a Robot Museum, a Guts Man mini boss because Wily likes him for so much for some reason, an appearance from duo, and maybe a few Star Droid parts lying around a few levels. I think that a few references and nods to previous games would be very appreciated.

So those are my hopes for Mega Man 11. And even if none of that happens, I hope we get a game that is worth playing, and is worthy of being a part of the Mega Man franchise by being fun, and fairly challenging. So what are your hopes for this game? Are you excited for Mega Man's triumphant return? Let me know, and I hope you have a great night, be safe, and take care. Until next time true believers!


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