let me be.... honest.

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yeah.. hey every one!! how you all been!! i going to open commissions soon!! also yeah the honest part..... er... i draw.. "mean" and also "nice" know what i mean.? so im open soon for anyone "18+" that wants any of that.?? but not on DA... you have to talk to me first like.. note? BUT!!!

BUT BUT!! im still doing "CLEAN" draws, I know.. that i have not been post much here.. but i still am! so CHILL cuz im still going to be here for you guys! so plz understand that i want to do this, ME, but also.. lol i need to get better at lots of things.

1. FACES! (jeezus! yes thats what i need to do the most on FACES shy cute mad ROLF and others...)
2. BODYS (I know im O.K with bodys but i need to get MORE better at it!)
3. OTHERS (like other furries, how they look and how to make there faces better then just thinking of Rafaels Face all the time lol)
4. BACKGROUNDS (like for real!! i need to learn that badly!)
5. COLORS AND SHADES (yeah better on colors shades will be so cool to know!)

"SO plz understand im not POSTING ANY bad "18+" DRAWINGS HERE! theres so much people that dont watch me for that kind of draws I UNDERsTAND" :3 see you all soon and plz! note me if you like im always open to talk to anyone!

And tell me what you think? see you all!
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