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Richard Rahl... but not

this started as richard rahl... but it doesn't feel like him anymore, guess i lost it somewhere in the middle. it's not done and prolly never will be. this one stopped talking to me. oh well. just have to wait till insperation strikes again.
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12/04/17  1:19p    Deviant Art    Richard Rahl  Sword of Truth
Pinterest said Chris  Pratt  should play  him in a Movie?
I have no idea who Richard Rahl is right now.
So  I Searched and found  this Pic.
Tell me more.
I think this is absolutely fantastic!    I wonder how you feel about it now, after having it sit here all these years and since the series is finally wrapped up.  I totally picture Richard along these lines. 
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I feel like it's a lot closer to Richard Rahl than I've seen in some depictions.  Don't sell yourself short, this is a great piece.  I look forward to seeing more of your work. :)
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This is the best Richard I've ever seen!
I'm falling in love with this drawing, it's just amazing 
And now, when I'm rereading books I imagine Richard like this
Thank you for your artwork 
Just thank you
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This is without a doubt my favorite of all the different Richards I've seen so far. Awesome work!
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he looks so much better than the guy they got to play him in the tv series!! It's a wonderful drawing!
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Finally something believable for Richard.
Even if he's not really workin' for you, he's workin' for me. This looks to be the right age. And dashing. :)
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I've also read the entire series (I'm starting to re-read it :D) and I was never Quite able to imagine what Richard looked like. The TV show didn't make him nearly big enough, he was supposed to be larger than most men, and TV Richard is to book Richard as a sparrow is to an eagle. When I saw this picture, it just hit me. "THAT is what Richard looks like."
I know you lost inspiration, but honestly, I can't thank you enough. You drew what I thought was impossible to accurately draw, and very nearly hit it exactly on the mark. You perfectly captured his ferocity, morality, and kingly stature without sacrificing his gentle nature or his playful tendencies. I have great respect for you as an artist, and I really hope that one day you'll take this drawing up again and perfect it.
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thanks man, i'll prolly try again later when i have the time again... after i've reread a couple of my favorite books =)
I dont know if you will get this or how much you are on but this picture is simply amazing. Ive read all the sword of Truth series and you always have a picture in your head of what the characters look like. The tv show is horrid using a 20 yr old buff guy where Richard as described is gentle but strong and you nailed it. This is incredible and we finally put a face to Richard. You look at covers on the books but this is more like him than any. Sorry for ranting but awesome
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thanks for the kind words. i still feel this one is a little off the mark, hence i never relly finished it. hopefully, i'll have time to try again soon.
Trust me it may not be finished but compared to looking at the guy that played him in the tv show there is no comparision since the one on the tv show didnt come close to portraying who he was in the books. When you first meet him in the Wizards first rule, he doesnt really have the beard but if you were to mix a little color into it, i know his grey eyes would shine and this to me is what he would look like in the middle books.
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this looks great:) closer to how i've imagined him then a lot of other pic's
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wow your drawings are amazing :D you should do more sword of truth if you will :) you are really good at interpriting the chararcters
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thanks =) i plan on it
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i'm glad :) I look forward to them
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this is the best looking richard i have seen anywhere, most how i imagine him!.. amazing!
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This really is the closest picture to looking like Richard I've ever seen! Gentle but strong! It would be perfect for what he looked like in Stone of Tears when he refused to shave! I'm so freaking jealous! T wish I could draw faces! Anyway, FREAKING AMAZING PICTURE!!!!!!!
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I love this picture!!! This is almost exactly how I pictured him myself, and its nice to see that you didn't copy the television series either. I feel there is a huge lack of imagination floating around with the people who do that.
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