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Those Who Are Worthy of Love - Chapter 5

Eris and Aphrodite currently dragged Tath towards the atrium, his resistance proving futile once he realized why they were so frantically dragging him. He peered on at two completely suited up superheroes, fury consuming their faces and an overwhelming sense of astonishment turned complete concentration plagued him. He made his way over to Laverna who stood in the corner, her hands swirling about towards the two gods and Tath couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.
“You seem to have outdone yourself, Laverna, very intriguing indeed. You will have to share your secrets with me,” Tath said as he crossed his arms over his chest, a hand raising to rub at his chin, eyebrows furrowed as he prepared to watch this  battle of power, emotion, and skill.
Diana’s POV
I felt if but for a moment that I was having an out of body experience, watching as I stood my ground in front of Thor, ready to take him head o
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True Anarchy - Chapter 4

Chapter Song: I Had Me a Girl by The Civil Wars
Sookie crouched behind the newly installed bar top clad in a tight white tank top, shorts and sneakers, her hands busily loading cans and bottles of beer into the mini fridge behind the bar. Her blonde hair swayed from side to side amidst the ponytail she had it pulled back in as she idly whistled to herself.
Jax swung the door open to the shop, the bell atop the door ringing as he did so, one hand lifted to run down the blonde goatee on his chin as the other adjusted his slightly baggy pants. A brow rose as he looked at the new bar area and couldn’t help but cock his head to the side to take in the sight of Sookie bending over to put cans in a mini fridge. Sookie turned around with a wide grin splaying her hands out to the side in presentation.
“Well, whatta think?” Sookie asked, as Jax crossed his arms over his ch
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Those Who Are Worthy of Love - Chapter 4

Diana’s POV
I wrung my hands together as I made my way down the hallway, fingers lightly dragging down each of the gauntlets on my forearms. I had decided that wearing them at all times was completely necessary with the power I saw emanating from some of the other godly captives. My dark locks bounced as I walked with conviction to my room, deciding I needed a moment to sit and meditate on my current situation. It was an unfamiliar feeling to be at the mercy of space and time, a feeling of vulnerability that I quickly decided I had absolutely no taste for in the least. I walked into my room, turning to shut the door behind me, my forehead pressing upon it as I closed my eyes and let out a breath. I then turned and pressed my back to the door, looking up at the skies for a moment as if willing the gods to guide me out of this wasted dimension and that is when I spotted it.
My lips slowly parted as I darted over to the nightstand whe
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True Anarchy - Chapter 3

Music for This Chapter: Howlin' at The Moon by Blues Saraceno
Eric Northman clutched the handlebars of his new blood red Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle, a pair of sunglasses resting across his face. He rolled his shoulders lightly, the leather jacket he wore creaking in response as he lifted up a hand to point in the left direction, signifying to Pam on the motorcycle following him to turn left. Pam sat clad in leather pants, leather jacket, and a red corset seated upon her new Tiffany Harley Davidson just as Eric had promised her, she realistically would not have settled for anything less. Her blonde locks were pulled back into a low ponytail; a pair of leather-clad arms were snaked around her waist. Jessica’s face pressed into the back of Pam, as she seemed to be clutching on for dear life as they made the left turn that Eric instructed.
The pair of motorcycles pulled
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Those Who Are Worthy of Love - Chapter 3

Tath paced back and forth, as his hand absently rubbed at the smoothness that was his completely baldhead. His head turned quickly to the door when he heard the light knocking from the other side. He trotted over and whipped open the door, a wide grin spreading across his face. Behind the door stood Aphrodite and two other women. One woman was very short with pitch-black hair and a black gown to match while the other bore no head.
“Ladies, yes please, do come in,” Tath started as they all sauntered their way past the doorframe and into Tath’s humble abode. Tath closed the door behind them and rubbed his palms together anxiously, encouraging them all to take a seat as he made hand gestures towards the chairs he had displayed in a semi-circle.
“I am overwhelmed with excitement to hear your reports,” Tath spoke as the woman with the pitch black hair rolled her eyes considerably before taking her seat. Tath seemingly ignore
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True Anarchy - Chapter 2

Chapter Song: Down to the Bottom - Dorothy
Charming, California
Sookie Stackhouse strolled down the street of the small town’s main street with a new hitch in her step. This was the first time since she was born that she aimed to live anywhere else but the south of the United States, anywhere even outside of Louisiana and she viewed it as another adventure. An adventure away from supernatural beings, away from drama, and most importantly, a town where absolutely no one knew who she was, what she could do, or what she’d been through. It was time for a clean slate. She dressed herself in a modest, yet “charming” blue sun dress, her blonde hair falling in waves over her shoulders as she stopped inside each and every single business along that street whether they had a “Help Wanted” sign in the window or not. As she was leaving the current shop, which was a fam
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Those Who Are Worthy of Love - Chapter 2

Artwork by jerrycarr
Diana’s POV
I hadn’t been sure how I was even able to fall asleep, given the current circumstances being as dire as they were, but when I awoke the next morning, I had immediately leapt from my strange bed ready to fight. My chest heaved as I glanced all around me in the unfamiliar space and let a breath of contentment escape my lungs. Somehow, I think I had hoped that the events that transpired the day before all had been some bizarre nightmare. Unfortunately, the events could not have been more realistic. I pursed my lips together, glancing over to my armor that lay over the back of an armchair currently, deciding that I’d not play into this mad man’s obsession more then was absolutely necessary. I walked over to the closet and opened its doors to discover an entire wardrobe of gowns. I let out a sigh and grabbed the first one that
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True Anarchy - Chapter 1

Chapter Song: Bad Things by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Shreveport, Louisiana
Eric Northman sat behind the desk pinching the bridge of his nose as he idly watched his protégé vampire, Pam pace back and forth in front of him. Pam suddenly paused and slammed her hands down on the desk beckoning for Eric’s attention. He sighed and turned his body to face her.
“Yes, Pamela?” Eric asked as her lips parted in disbelief.
“You are actually fucking serious about this,” Pam said as she pushed off the desk, placing one hand on her hip, as the other rose to gesture as she spoke.
“I mean I get it. Louisiana has been the longest we’ve stayed anywhere in the years that we’ve been together but Cali-fucking-fornia, Eric?” Pam said as she made a disgusted face. Eric continued to watch her tirade, patiently waiting for her to concl
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Those Who Are Worthy of Love - Chapter 1

Artwork by wulfsbane

On an unknown planet far away in an equally as far galaxy…

“Sir, were you able to locate him?” the man asked as Tath Ki continued to rub at the temples of his baldhead, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.
“It is not that simple Carth. If he is within the dimension of Asgard I am unable to pinpoint his location, it is only when he decides to visit planet Earth that I have been able to pick up small traces,” Tath Ki spoke as his eyes suddenly flew open with excitement, turning to the group of people eagerly waiting behind him.
“He is on Earth, but within three years of a parallel timeline of the Amazon’s location,” Tath spoke as he began to pace back and forth, rubbing a hand across his chin where the single thick yellow line ran from the bottom of his lip to the edge of his chin.
“But Sir, is t
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Just the Scent of You - Chapter 11

Artwork by
Chapter 11 - Epilogue
Three years later…
Selina’s POV
I stood at the window, my arms wrapping around myself from the chilly morning air. My eyes closed a moment as my nostrils flared to the familiar scent that was getting closer to me. I felt large, firm arms wrapping around me from behind and I smiled craning my head to look up at my “mate” as I called him. That drove him crazy, but I thought it was cute. He dipped his head down to kiss me and I reciprocated.
“Mornin’, Kitten,” Logan said as I turned my head back to stare out the window at
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Just the Scent of You - Chapter 10

Art by vinz-el-tabanas
Inspirational Music for this Chapter
Chapter 10 - To Kill a Hydra
Logan’s POV
I slid the jeans up my bottom half and zipped them up, raising a hand to rub at the back of my neck as I watched Selina’s naked form zip back into her skin tight cat suit. I gritted my teeth as I watched her, sensual personified was what this woman was. I adjusted my jeans as “Fido Jr.” as she so eloquently called it started to perk up again. Christ, this woman was going to give me a heart attack. Selina ran her hands through her blonde locks, bringing life back into them as she glanced over to me. I noticed she took a moment to take in my still bare upper half before she cleared her throat to speak.
“I think we’re going about this the wrong way, Wolvie,” she said as I quirked a single eyebrow at
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Mature content
Just the Scent of You - Chapter 9 :iconsuperchica:Superchica 2 0
Just The Scent of You - Chapter 8

Inspirational Music for this Chapter
Chapter 8 - Giving Chase
Logan’s POV
Where the hell has this woman taken me? She called it ‘Gotham City’. I’d call it ‘Shit City’ and that was being courteous. Every alley we passed seemed to have this creepy fog nestled within it. When I say fog, I do mean fog; thick and the oddest colors like green and blue. We didn’t pass a single block that didn’t have a person that didn’t seem to either be strung out on drugs, mentally deranged, or just plain down on their luck. Moreover, don’t even get me started on the smell. I could only describe it in a way that resembled moldy cheese and corn chips. I have six knives that protrude from my knuckles at any given moment and this place made even me uneasy. I couldn’t believe Selina had actually grown up here, lived here; it definitely explained
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Just The Scent of You - Chapter 7

Artwork by Jace Wallace
Inspirational Music for this Chapter
Chapter 7 - Story Time
Selina’s POV
I watched Logan as he almost completely choked on his beer at the mere mention of us attempting to take out HAMA. I rose a single eyebrow and sat back in my seat, waiting for him to compose himself.
“Are you out of your mind? This group is international. Not to mention they’re like a damned Hydra. You cut off one head and three more spawn in its place,” Logan said with a gruff and I had to cock my head at him and his nay saying words.
“Logan, we are nearly invincible and our claws are pretty much indestructible…who else is going to take out this group of prejudice, fearing assholes, if NOT us?” I said, pursing my lips together as I stared on at him, adjusting in my seat as he stared at me suddenly as if studying me.
“What all do you remember, Selina?
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Just the Scent of You - Chapter 6

Artist: Patrick Brown
Inspirational Music for This Chapter
Chapter 6: Everything
Logan’s POV
Jean fucking Grey. I still couldn’t believe it. After all these years she sensed the first time I’ve found trouble in Lord knows how long and comes racing to help me, even though she knows that me and the claws have it pretty well covered. I watched her read Selina’s mind, my eyes roaming across her face, her fiery hair, that body. I shook my head and let out a grunt, my hands clenching at my sides again as I began to pace. She was Jean Summers, the asshat somehow drove it all the way home to marriage. Despite Jean’s best efforts, I would never see Scott as anything but a smug douchebag that happened to meet the woman of my dreams before I did. My attention immediately turned back to the matter at hand once Jean spoke the name Colcord, I knew exactly
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Just the Scent of You - Chapter 5

Artwork by Adam Hughes
Inspirational Music for this Chapter
Selina’s POV
Three years ago…
I awoke to darkness;my eyes blinking as the night vision kicked in and I surveyed my surroundings. I appeared to be in a concrete box of a room with no light, no windows, and only a single door with a slit that was currently closed. I looked down and saw I was dressed in a pair of sweatpants, a shirt that felt like scrubs, and I was barefoot. I grimaced as my entire body ached and I hadn’t a clue why. I rubbed feverishly at my hands, which hurt the most when I suddenly realized…I couldn’t even remember my own name. Panic started to settle over me as I stood up, turning around in circles for what had to be several times, my fists colliding into the concrete wall nearest me, actually taking a few chunks out as they cascaded to the ground. I
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I am currently developing a Viking book series that I would like character concept drawings done (rougher sketches with splashes of color) and also a couple of cover designs to help me envision the book better. If interested please post here and/or message me. More details will be given in private messaging and compensation will also be discussed in private.

Thank you
EGL61KBhTHQA-MJYXAV50a2JFq3DRvNR 7h9t7jLpGc by Superchica

Eris and Aphrodite currently dragged Tath towards the atrium, his resistance proving futile once he realized why they were so frantically dragging him. He peered on at two completely suited up superheroes, fury consuming their faces and an overwhelming sense of astonishment turned complete concentration plagued him. He made his way over to Laverna who stood in the corner, her hands swirling about towards the two gods and Tath couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.

“You seem to have outdone yourself, Laverna, very intriguing indeed. You will have to share your secrets with me,” Tath said as he crossed his arms over his chest, a hand raising to rub at his chin, eyebrows furrowed as he prepared to watch this  battle of power, emotion, and skill.


Diana’s POV

I felt if but for a moment that I was having an out of body experience, watching as I stood my ground in front of Thor, ready to take him head on before I was torn right back into my body with no hope of escaping. My chest began to heave as I clutched at the sword in my palm, my irritation growing as Thor’s mouth formed into that smug grin I had grown to love but hate just as fervently.

“Are you going to smile me into submission or are you going to attempt to prove to me what Odin’s power actually has taught you?” I tormented as I watched the blues of Thor’s eyes narrow into slits before he threw his hand with the hammer in front of him, sending it flying directly at my head, my sword quickly rising to block its blow, causing sparks to fly. I widened my eyes at him as the hammer started its way back home to its master’s palm. I cocked my head to the side at him before I took a triumphant leap into the air and came back down with a sliced fury of my sword.

Thor followed in time with my own fluid movements, for every slash of my sword he parried with his hammer or dodged. I was in the midst of turning around from a previous blocked attack when his hammer suddenly came swinging for my midsection. I dropped to the ground, sliding on my knees to evade the blow, reaching for the lasso on my hip as I effortlessly hopped to my feet again.

“I believed you asked what use I had for a rope,” I reminded him as I quickly shot the glowing yellow lasso toward the arm that was currently holding the hammer, my hand twisting around the rope until it was slinked securely on my forearm. I proceeded to use the other end of the lasso to toss it around his other arm, doing the same pulling maneuver but with this hand, since it did not hold the hammer, I yanked it downwards as I took a flying leap into the air and kicked Thor straight in the face. I watched as his face contorted in surprise before I grabbed onto the lasso with both hands and proceeded to swing my body around so that I hurled Thor completely across the atrium, the only thing stopping him being the stonewall which cracked as his body collided with it.

I slung the lasso about my hip again, sliding to grab my sword as I watched Thor stand up to his feet again, his throat growling in protest to being thrown into a wall. I watched as the hammer was raised to the skies, a harsh streak of lightning coming out of nowhere as it charged the hammer with a bout of electricity. He furrowed his eyebrows at me as he then swung the hammer downward and sent a bolt of lightning straight for me. My eyes widened as I dropped my sword and lifted my gauntlets to block the bolt, absorbing the lightning within them.

My forearms and hands now glowed with the eradiating electricity coursing through them, thanks to Thor sourcing their power as I gave him a wicked grin. Thor rose a single blonde eyebrow as he watched me slam my gauntlets together, letting out a battle cry as the entire room lit up in an electronic sonic boom. Thor blocked most of the blow with his hammer but his body was pushed backwards with such force, his stance caused small craters to form where his feet still resided. He slowly lowered the hammer from his face, anger fuming his features as he prepared to throw out all of the stops.

Thor sent his hammer flying toward me, all the while reaching his hands up to the skies to allow the current to overtake his entire body rather than just his hammer alone. He proceeded to throw bolt after bolt towards me from his hands, the hammer all the while continuously flying toward me, going back to Thor and hurling at me once more. I blocked the blows with my gauntlets as quickly as my arms would allow, but when Thor sent several bolts of lightning from above straight on top of me, it overwhelmed me. I let out a grunt as my body rolled to the ground in a heap, watching as Thor started to move towards me. I pushed to my feet as he raised his hands to launch a steady stream of lightning towards me again my gauntlets raising to block the power as I inched my way forward. Once I was close enough to him, I super sped my body forward, slamming my palms into his chest.

I could see from my peripherals that Tath was nothing short of enjoying the spectacle that was unfolding before him, while the rest of the gods that had bothered to stick around and observe, watched with gaped mouths and hands that clutched to their collars in a bout of nerves. Thor let out a grunt from my chest slam, my gauntlets swarming with renewed electric power. Thor gritted his teeth as he called for his hammer; he started to spin it around furiously when all of the sudden he started to fly into the air above me. I narrowed my eyes when he flew downward with intense speed, his hammer raised high above his head. I took one knee and crossed my gauntlets above my head as his hammer all out crashed into my gauntlets causing a blue explosion of sorts to occur which sent us both flying onto our backs in shock. My eyes squinted, as the air in front of us became one bright light, then the bright light suddenly morphed into a swirling portal. My eyes widened as I realized what we had just managed to create as I scrambled across the ground for my sword.

I looked over to Thor, who was already on his feet, making a bee line for the portal, the fog of my mind having seemed to clear, my anger subsided at the sudden realization that this could very well be our ticket out of here. Thor paused in front of the portal, looking over his shoulder to me.

“Are you coming, Amazon, or have you managed to make new friends here?” Thor asked, having to bellow over the loud noises the portal was causing. My dark locks violently swept around as I looked up at the portal with slight hesitation.

“We don’t even know where this is going!” I answered as I squinted from the wind being blown in my face and Thor smiled to me.

“Only one way to find out!” Thor answered as I grabbed onto his hand, allowing his assistance to pull me from the ground as we both leapt straight into the portal, my vision going completely black but for a brief moment.



Tath’s Lair…

“No! NO! NO NO!” Tath bellowed as he grabbed onto his head with both hands, watching as the portal closed behind Thor and Diana. Just as quickly had they been present, they were just as quickly gone within a literal flash. He moved over to Laverna, grabbing her by the shoulders violently.

“Tell me you still have a link to them!” He beseeched of her as her hands slowly began to raise in defense.

“I do not. They could be anywhere. That portal was a wormhole,” Laverna’s eerie voice spoke as Tath let out a growl, his fists clenching so hard, his bones cracked.

“No one disturb me! I need to meditate in an effort to try and locate them….AGAIN!” Tath bellowed as he stormed off. Aphrodite put her hands on her hips with a sigh.

“Could he at least send us back while he does his little mind game?” She asked, but was not expecting any kind of real answer.



Diana’s POV

Our bodies lurched through the seemingly never-ending portal as stars seemed to blur around us and colors began to distort. I had to close my eyes from the bright light that was quickly approaching before I felt my body being launched downward and onto grassy ground. I left out a grunt as I heard Thor’s body slamming down to the ground beside me, my eyes slowly opened as I started to survey the surroundings. I saw Thor from the corner of my eye, raise to his feet, clutching the hammer in his grasp as he shook his head as if clearing away cobwebs. I slowly stood, grasping the hilt of my sword with both hands as I looked around to the vast green rolling hills surrounding us. I felt Thor approach me as he cleared his throat.

“Diana, I – I must apologize for back there, I did not intend to hurt you I am not sure-,” he started to say and I lifted a hand to silence him.

“We were both obviously under some kind of mental influence, besides you were not even close to hurting me,” I said with a smirk as I watched Thor cross his arms over his chest.

“I would hardly call that fight even, in fact-,” he began before my eyes widened, seeing a dozen horses start to appear from beyond the horizon as I dropped to my knees, grabbing Thor by the collar and yanking him down with me.

“Do you think that perhaps figuring out where we are currently, takes precedence over who won a hypothetical fight?” I said to him in a loud whisper as Thor’s eyes shifted to the approaching horses, concern suddenly flooding his features as the figures began to become visible. I cocked my head to the side, taking note that the horses seemingly had parts of them that were not horse at all but robotic in nature. I reached out to Thor as I idly gave his arm a tug my knees falling to the ground as I crossed my gauntlets. Thor looked down at me with a raise of the eyebrows.

“I have the sinking feeling we do not wish to be here, care to try again?” I said, having a bad feeling about this place given their cyborg horses and the stale feeling in the air. Thor nodded once as he raised his hammer and slammed them into my gauntlets. We were both expecting a portal to open again, as did the last time but to our astonishment absolutely nothing occurred. I furrowed my eyebrows as I slowly stood up, the sound of galloping hooves becoming ever closer. I slammed my gauntlets together again as my bewilderment grew even larger when nothing happened, not even a spark.

“Zeus warned me about this,” I started to say, as Thor lifted the hammer, watching the approaching men.

“Warned you about what?” Thor said as I continued to try to make my gauntlets work again to no avail.

“My gauntlets are forged from Zeus’s shield, he warned me that they could be powerless if I were in another dimension where the Greek gods cease to exist,” I said as the realization slowly dawned on me, my eyes panning up to see that the men were but thirty feet away and my hands clenched tightly around my sword.

“Perhaps this would have been a good detail to share back in psycho’s lair?” Thor asked as he glanced at me sidelong.

“If I would have known that I would be stuck with you for an infinite amount of time, maybe the thought would have occurred to me,” I said through gritted teeth right before the men on their horses stopped several feet in front of us. One man, who was more than obviously the leader of the group, hopped down from his horse and slowly approached us. He bore a large metal ax with a black handle that he let drape over his shoulder as he walked. His right hand rested atop the handle of what looked to be a modified Gatling gun that was being supported by a mechanical arm extending from an apparatus attached to his chest. Both sides of his head were shaved save for a mess of hair that sprouted from the middle, one side of his head tattooed in some form of symbols, several braids hung off the sides of his hair and some were also littered about within the full beard on his chin. His attire reminded me of a military uniform but not from any branch that I was familiar with and I took note of the patches that littered the sleeves of his jacket. One patch contained an X atop another X with two lines on either side of it and a number beneath that. His eyes were the most striking however, turquoise in color and actually glowing. All the men’s eyes were in fact the same shade and all strikingly glowing. The man approached us and idly sniffed the air with a grunt.

“Who are you?” the man asked in a language that I couldn’t even begin to understand. I looked over to Thor who gave a sidelong grin, clearly having understood the man.

“My name is Thor,” Thor responded in that same language as the man spoke, the only part I having understood form that of course being his name. My grip tightened on the hilt of my sword as all the men broke out in a fit of laughter. The man in front of us shook his head as he too chuckled.

“What would the God of Thunder do if he knew you slaughter his name?” the man asked with a sardonic smirk as I continued to furrow my brows in frustration having not a clue what was going on. Thor smirked as he took a step forward to meet the man eye to eye.

“He would do nothing, as I am the God of Thunder,” Thor responded as the men all laughed again, this time a bit more hysterically. Thor grinned again as he raised his hammer to the skies, causing a bolt of lightning to cascade downward and then several more struck, making a burnt ring in the grass surrounding the men. Their laughter soon stopped as their eyes grew wide and all began to sink to one knee, their heads bowing. My eyes shifted as I watched all the men kneel before Thor, confusion only becoming fiercer within me.

“Thor…,” I started to say as the lead man kneeling glanced up to me with irritation.

“Why does she not kneel?” the man asked, looking straight at me. Having not understood his question, I had assumed he was asking who I was.

“I am Di,-“ I started to say but was quickly cut off by Thor raising a hand in front of my face.

“She is dying…to inform you that she is the Lady Sif,” Thor responded in English as a few gasps escaped the men as I eyed Thor, wondering who this Lady Sif was and why he felt the need to lie to them about my true identity. The man kneeling in front of us thumped his chest with his fist before he rose to his feet.

“A fortuitous day that we are to greet not only the God of Thunder himself, but also a fierce Asgardian warrior such as yourself, Lady Sif,” the man said in English. I cleared my throat, giving my sword a small twirl. A warrior they say? This I could work with, as I gave him a simple nod. I was prepared to let Thor do most of the talking, this one time.

“We have come upon this place by accident. Tell us, where are we?” Thor asked as the man nodded turning around to whistle to his men, another man with tattoos across his entire face and extremely long hair galloped up with two other horses in tow.

“You are on Alvilda within the Outer Rim,” the man said simply as if any of those words would have made one bit of sense to us. I caught Thor’s glance as he cleared his throat nodding.

“As gracious as we are to be in the midst of your company, we would seek your guidance for a way back home,” Thor beseeched of them as the man nodded, leading the two horses to both Thor and myself.

“My name is General Gulbrand, please accept these steeds to accompany us into our village,” he said, motioning with his head towards the horses as I spared a glance in Thor’s direction who gave me a reassuring nod as I sheathed my sword at my back and mounted the horse. Once Thor and I were following the men on their horses, allowing a good distance between them and us I leaned over to whisper to him.

“Would you mind explaining what that was all about and who pray tell you told them I was?” I said, my face contorting in annoyance.

“These people are clearly Viking descendants and given your bit of information on the reason your gauntlets do not work here leads me to believe, they’re an advanced Viking culture of some nature. I did not think they would take kindly to your…heritage. Sif is highly respected, has dark hair, and wields a sword,” Thor said as I pursed my lips together for a moment before narrowing my eyes at him.

“And how do you know said Sif?” I asked with curiosity as Thor cleared his throat.

“We fought alongside each other in many a battle…we were also romantically involved, for a time,” Thor said and I rolled my eyes settling back into the saddle of my horse.

“So my seething hatred for you will be realistic then,” I scoffed as I gripped onto the reigns of my horse, kicking my heels into the side of the horse’s ribs to encourage it to pick up the pace. I could hear Thor give a light growl as he was soon trotting alongside me, and our second of temporary homes came into view once we reached the top of the hill. An expansive array of geometric designed skyscrapers littered the horizon with jutting edges and radiant chrome. Spaceships of all shapes and sizes swirled about the buildings while others floated on the ground below. As we neared the town, a large metallic shrine of an exact replica to Thor’s hammer resided, as my lips slowly began to part. I looked over to Thor whose smile widened from ear to ear.

“I do not know, but I think I may actually like it here,” he said giving me a wink as he passed me.

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Chapter Song: I Had Me a Girl by The Civil Wars

Sookie crouched behind the newly installed bar top clad in a tight white tank top, shorts and sneakers, her hands busily loading cans and bottles of beer into the mini fridge behind the bar. Her blonde hair swayed from side to side amidst the ponytail she had it pulled back in as she idly whistled to herself.

Jax swung the door open to the shop, the bell atop the door ringing as he did so, one hand lifted to run down the blonde goatee on his chin as the other adjusted his slightly baggy pants. A brow rose as he looked at the new bar area and couldn’t help but cock his head to the side to take in the sight of Sookie bending over to put cans in a mini fridge. Sookie turned around with a wide grin splaying her hands out to the side in presentation.

“Well, whatta think?” Sookie asked, as Jax crossed his arms over his chest causing the leather of his vest to creak in protest as he did so. His head began to nod slowly as he looked from one side of the shop to the other, running his hand across the smooth mahogany of the bar top.

“I think you’ve outdone yourself, Darlin’. The boys are gonna dig this for sure, “he said as Sookie nodded emphatically, causing her pony tail to sway again. She stood to the side to show the two bar taps that were currently resting on their side uninstalled.

“Supposed to be havin’ someone come next week to install the kegs and bar taps, but for now there’s cans and bottles,” she said with a grin as Jax leaned on the bar top giving Sookie a sly grin, catching her gaze. Sookie offered an awkward smile in return, clearing her throat and finding the need suddenly to tug at the bottom of her shorts. Jax pointed behind her to the mini fridge.

“Mind if I have one of those?” he asked as Sookie jolted back to attention, opening the fridge to hand him one of the bottles across the bar top.

“‘Course! You do own the place after all,” Sookie said with another sheepish grin as Jax took the bottle from her grasp. He used one of the rings on his right hand to pop the cap off and took a long swig.

“Thank you, keep up the good work,” he said with a wink as Sookie dug one of her finger nails into the bar top absently, watching as he turned to ascend the stairs. Once he was out of view Sookie rolled her eyes at herself, grabbing a rag to clean the bar top of debris.

“Get a hold of yourself, Stackhouse,” she mumbled to herself, repeatedly moving the rag back and forth on the bar top, even though the thing was spotless.

Upstairs, Jax slunk into the head chair of the table looking around to the empty seats where his brothers normally resided. He let out a deep sigh as he took another swig of his beer, letting his head rest on the back of the chair, sinking down deeper. He raised his fingers and pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes so tight it caused the skin at the corners to crinkle. There were times that he felt like stepping down from President and all the responsibilities and expectations that came along with it. Everyone looked to him for guidance, trusted him to make the right decisions, and amidst all that he had to push down the seething hatred and anger still swelling in his gut from Tara’s death. He was jolted back to reality when he felt the pocket of his jeans vibrating, his hand reaching in to bring the handset to his ear.

“Yeah?” he answered as he quickly jumped to his feet, slamming the bottle down on the table causing some of the foamy contents to spill.

“What the fuck are you talking about? When?” he asked as he began to pace, running a hand over his face and over the hairs of his chin. The hand holding the handset began to shake with tension.

“I’ll be right there,” Jax said, as he ended the call, pressing the hand set into his forehead for a moment before he slammed his fist onto the table in a bout of anger.

“God dammit!” he bellowed, before throwing the door open and running down the stairs. Sookie found herself pressing up against the back counter behind the bar watching him making his way furiously through the shop towards the front door. He pointed a finger at her as he continued to walk.

“Lock the fucking door and don’t let anyone in until we get back, you understand?” he said as Sookie’s face contorted into pure confusion.

“Sure, but we were supposed to open to-,” she started to say but was quickly cut off by the sound of a slamming door.

“Well, that was rude,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest. She hadn’t a clue that he gave her those orders for her own protection, given the event that had just transpired.

Jax mounted his steel steed, slipping the glasses over his eyes and clipping the helmet under his chin. The motorcycle roared to life as he peeled out and headed straight to the auto shop. Once he arrived, he barely put the motorcycle in park before he was clamoring off it, whipping his helmet and glasses off upon seeing a familiar form lying on his back motionless in the middle of the auto shop parking lot, as the rest of the club members stared down at him in angst. Jax dropped to his knees, feeling actual tears beginning to well in his eyes as he grabbed on the back of his friends head, Bobby.

“Jesus Christ, Bobby! Bobby!” Jax bellowed as Chibs reached out a hand to grab onto Jax’s shoulder. Jax shrugged it off.

“Jackie Boy, he’s gone,” Chibs said and Jax ran the back of his hand across his nose to dispose of the mucus that was starting to form from the tears that he fought back, looking down at one of his oldest friends, dead in a fucking parking lot. Jax shot to his feet and looked to all the men surrounding him, looking just as mournful as he was.

“What the fuck happened!” Jax yelled as Chibs crossed his arms over his chest, fighting back tears himself as Tig rubbed the back of his head with discomfort.

“A black van pulled up, tossed him out like this. Some of us went after the van but we lost it. It had to be Cartwright, there’s no other explanation,” Tig said as Jax began to pace, his nostrils flaring.

“Cartwright’s a fucking dead man. We did everything he asked! And why is he missing a god damn eye!” Jax bellowed pointing down to the hole in Bobby’s skull where an eye used to reside. Jax clasped his hands over his nose and mouth as he continued to pace, thinking.

“We have that meeting with that vampire tonight, maybe he-maybe can help,” Tig said as Jax stopped pacing and came toe to toe with him, pointing a finger in his face.

“I don’t need a damn blood sucker to solve my problems for me, Tig,” Jax retorted as Tig lightly rolled his eyes, raising his hands in defense.

“I’m just saying to bring it up is all,” Tig said as Jax’s jaw clenched and nodded slowly, realizing that his friend was right and he was just too fumed to react appropriately.

“Let’s uh, let’s get him out of the parking lot. We’ll bury him behind the shop, give him a proper send off and then everyone meet back at the club house tonight. I want all of us there for this meeting,” Jax said looking around to all the men as they solemnly nodded in agreement and began the mortifying task of burying their own friend.

Back at the clubhouse, Sookie was beginning to get restless as she sat atop the bar watching the sun starting to set outside. She had really thought they would all be back by now and she wasn’t about to waste any more time sitting around twiddling her thumbs.

“Screw it,” she said as she hopped off the bar top and rummaged through a stack of random items on the back table, looking for the writing pad and a pen. She wrote a quick note to Jax explaining that she had to grab a few items from home to bring into the shop that would make her job a lot easier and that she’d be back. Sorry, not sorry as the popular saying was these days. Sookie thought to herself that she had been through enough in her life that she felt confident in being able to defend herself, not to mention she never was good with being ordered around. She unlocked the door, walked out and locked the door behind her.

Later that night…

Eric stood outside of the shop staring up at the neon lights blazing the word Scoops and grimaced to himself with a sigh. He crossed his hands one atop the other and let them rest at his front, patiently waiting for someone to come to the door. Pam stood at his side, picking at her fingernails with impatience.

“You do know Jess is ticked with you for not allowing her to attend this little soiree, right?” Pam said deadpan as Eric maintained his gaze through the glass door as he spoke.

“I don’t really care, Pam. Just because I allowed her to tag along doesn’t mean she has to be on our coat tails the entire time,” Eric responded as he saw Jax finally start to approach the door, his gaze mistrusting as he unlocked and opened the door, stepping aside to allow them entry. Jax cocked an eyebrow as he watched both of them just standing there, not budging.

“What are you doing?” Jax asked as Eric rose his eyebrows and leaned forward slightly.

“You need to invite us in,” Eric said simply as Jax fought off a smile at this amusing notion as he cleared his throat, realizing that Eric was serious.

“Seriously? That’s a real thing?” Jax asked as Eric let out an annoyed sigh.

“It’s a real thing, now will you invite us in before we die of old age out here?” Eric said sarcastically as Jax furrowed his brows.

“Come on in?” he said in more of the form of a question rather than a statement, having not known the best invitation for vampires to enter an abode. Eric nodded once and brushed past Jax, followed by Pam who gave him a seductive smirk before reaching a finger out idly tapping his nose. Jax cocked an eyebrow as he ran a finger down his nose where she tapped him. Eric paused a moment as he looked around the shop, glancing from the ice cream bar and then over to the alcoholic bar and cocked his head.

“Ice cream and alcohol?” Eric asked as Jax locked the door behind them, moving to the center of the shop.

“Oh, yeah, we hired this new girl, was her idea actually,” Jax said as he started for the stairs. Eric nodded slowly, a look of mild impressiveness spreading across his features.

“Intriguing,” he said as he and Pam followed Jax up the stairs where the rest of the members were all waiting at the table. Jax motioned to a pair of chairs whose backs were to the door of the meeting room, as Eric and Pam took their seats, Eric adjusting his leather jacket as he did so.

“Let’s get right to it gentleman,” Eric began as he scooted forward on the chair steepling his fingers on the tabletop looking around to each of the men individually. Most of them look scared out of their wits, others were on edge, and a few seemed actually intrigued by his presence.

“My request is that you continue your normal operations with the inclusion of dealing, ‘V’,” Eric continued before Jax interrupted him.

“Okay, but seriously what is this ‘V’? Cocaine?” Jax asked as Eric smiled to him, leaning back in his chair again.

“Decidedly not. It is vampire blood,” Eric said as all the men’s faces morphed into confusion.

“Vampire…blood? Why the hell would anyone want to dope up on that?” Tig asked as Eric draped one of his arms over the back of the chair.

“Heightened senses, a feeling of ultimate euphoria, and probably the most popular perk being the best sex a human has ever had in their entire lives,” Eric said simply as the men’s faces turned from confusion to intrigue. Eric couldn’t help but smirk at the predictability of humans and their obsession with sex, but he couldn’t blame them, he too was a fan.

“O….kay, and I’m guessin’ you all will source the distribution?” Jax asked as Eric smirked leaning forward onto the table once more.

“Fuck no, a vampire’s blood is sacred,” Eric responded as Chibs shook his head back and forth looking between Jax and Eric.

“Then how do ye plan to source it?” Chibs asked as Eric started to look around the room as if searching for something.

“Does this place happen to have a basement?” Eric asked as Jax’s eyebrows furrowed in curiosity.

“Uh, yeah?” Jax responded and Eric nodded once in response.

“Perfect. It’s quite simple gentleman, we pick a lucky soul to turn into a vampire, chain them up in the basement and repeatedly drain them of most of their blood,” Eric said as his forefinger idly tapped atop the table. The men’s eyes all widened as they looked back and forth between each other.

“Is he fucking serious, Jax?” Tig said to Jax as he pointed towards Eric whose face showed anything but not serious. Jax kept his gaze fixed on Eric as his eyes began to narrow.

“Yeah, I think he is Tig. Remember what you asked me earlier?” Jax said, his gaze now turning to meet Tig’s who was confused, trying to remember what he said earlier.

“Uh, yeah…oh….oooooh,” Tig said as he came upon the realization of the thought pattern that Jax was heading in and a grin spread across Tig’s face.

“Now you’re talkin’,” Tig responded and Eric looked unenthused as he watched the two men mentally jerk each other off with their non-verbal communication.

“Alright, on the condition that we get to pick the lucky soul,” Jax said as Eric couldn’t help but grin, stealing a glance to Pam who smiled like a Cheshire cat.

“Interesting. I’m assuming you already have a candidate in mind?” Eric asked as Jax motioned to Chibs who handed him a photograph. Jax leaned forward as to slide the photograph into Eric’s view.

“His name is Cartwright. He tortured and killed one of my men. We were going to kill him, but I like this idea a whole hell of a lot better,” Jax said as Eric picked the photograph up staring on at the soon to be victim who hadn’t a clue what he was about to be eternally in for.

“I like him,” Pam said wriggling her finger towards Jax who only smirked in response. Eric continued to stare at the photograph.

“Down girl, we have business to get through,” Eric said as Pam idly pouted, crossing her arms over her chest, but not before offering a wink to Chibs who looked behind him as if there was another man she was winking at instead of him.

“Excellent. This makes my job a lot easier. I accept these conditions. Once we have the supply up and running, we will discuss the next steps. I assume you want to be present for his ‘death’,” Eric said as he made air quotes with his fingers upon saying the word death.

“You better fucking believe we all want to be there,” Tig responded as Eric nodded slowly in response and agreement.

“Good, it shall be done tomorrow night,” Eric said as Jax cocked his head.

“You don’t even know where he’ll be,” Jax said as Eric smiled again tapping his forefinger atop the table.

“Oh I have my wa-,” he started to say when the door to the meeting room creaked open, all men’s eyes shifting to the crack in the door.

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“Jax? Jax I’m sorry I was just getting ready to leave and wanted to make sure th-,” Sookie started to say, but was stopped short upon seeing a very familiar head through the crack. The back of a head that is, but still very recognizable. Eric too stopped talking when he heard the all too familiar rich southern drawl from behind him. If his face could have paled any further then it had already been it would have paled as his entire body froze, a lump forming in his throat. Sookie’s eyes widened as she opened the door completely, now also seeing the shocked face of Pam and Sookie’s shock suddenly turned to irritation.

“Eric? What the fuck!” Sookie bellowed as Eric’s eyes met Jax’s who looked confused, his hands gripping the table.

“You two…know each other?” Jax asked as Eric’s lips slowly curled into an incredibly wicked grin.

“You can say we have…a history,” Eric said.

Chris-hemsworth-as-thor by Superchica

Diana’s POV

I wrung my hands together as I made my way down the hallway, fingers lightly dragging down each of the gauntlets on my forearms. I had decided that wearing them at all times was completely necessary with the power I saw emanating from some of the other godly captives. My dark locks bounced as I walked with conviction to my room, deciding I needed a moment to sit and meditate on my current situation. It was an unfamiliar feeling to be at the mercy of space and time, a feeling of vulnerability that I quickly decided I had absolutely no taste for in the least. I walked into my room, turning to shut the door behind me, my forehead pressing upon it as I closed my eyes and let out a breath. I then turned and pressed my back to the door, looking up at the skies for a moment as if willing the gods to guide me out of this wasted dimension and that is when I spotted it.

My lips slowly parted as I darted over to the nightstand where my beloved sword was leaning against it. I immediately wrapped my hand around it and lifted it up with a huge smile, almost wanting to hug it if it weren’t for its sharp edges. I secured it within my dress and turned to leave my room, a new hitch in my step as I decided it was time to have words with my dear sister, who I believed to know more about the current situation then she let on.

I spotted the blonde beauty hanging out in the commons like area where everyone was drinking, laughing, carousing, and listening to music. My eyebrows furrowed seeing this, as if all of these gods cared nothing for the fact that they were indefinitely trapped here. I moved through the crowd with caution as I made my way to Aphrodite and didn’t bother with an invitation as I sat down at the table across from her.

“Sister! What a pleasant surprise!” Aphrodite shouted excitedly, almost a little too excitedly.

“Aphrodite, why is everyone behaving as if this was any normal, given day?” I asked, taking the moment to look around again at the obvious party that was underway.

“Oh this? This is all Dionysus’s doing – I am telling you the man knows how to throw a party!” Aphrodite said as she took a swig of the red liquid that was currently sloshing around in her goblet. She turned around to fetch another bottle from the table behind her, another bottle suddenly magically appearing to replace it, which made me quirk an eyebrow.

“Who is, Dionysus?” I asked quizzically as she slid a goblet over to me with a smirk.

“The God of Wine, silly, who else? You should really try some of this, it’s to die for,” she remarked as she filled my goblet to the brim. My eyes widened as I watched her maniacal grin, taking more sips from her wine goblet. She let out a soft hiccup as I noticed her gaze moved to beyond my own and behind me.

“Mmm don’t look now but something very tall, blonde, and delicious is walking this way,” Aphrodite said, grinning into her goblet as her gaze remained on the obvious Thor who was approaching. I let out a huff of agitation, bringing the goblet immediately to my lips and downing the entirety of its contents.

“Well look at you, armed now and knocking them back like you were a Viking yourself,” Thor said as he grabbed a chair flipping it around backwards before he sat, placing his forearms on the back of it and offering me a wink. I wiped one of my gauntlets across my mouth, save I developed a purple moustache.

“Not a Viking, an Amazon…far superior to your band of looters, thieves, and defilers,” I said as Aphrodite just sat there smiling, her legs crossed and the top one bouncing up and down as she watched us. Thor smiled widely at me and nodded once.

“Very well, let us see who is stronger,” Thor said with a raise of the eyebrows. I was a bit confused at this point considering that there were a numerous amount of ways to test strength, none of which I was the least bit interested in getting into with the Norseman.

“What do you want to do, arm wrestle?” I said with a smirk and all he did was continue to grin, raising from his chair and moving to the wine table. When he returned, at least fifteen wine bottles were cradled in his large arms and he set them all on the table. A rose an eyebrow, looking up at him speechless. He sat down as he grabbed a goblet and proceeded to fill it with the red liquid, tossing his head back to drain it of all its contents. He slammed the goblet down and continued to pour another goblet full, but also pour some into my own.

“Drinking contest,” Thor said and I couldn’t help but laugh at his suggestion.

“You must be joking, my tolerance for alcohol is extremely high,” I said, having never actually been full-blown drunk and believe me I’ve tried on several occasions.

“Well, for one this is wine made by a god and two…” he started as he leaned forward into my face, his words laced with a mixture of defiance, sultriness, and mirth.

“…I beg to differ,” he finished before sitting back into his seat. My fists clenched, along with my jaw as I wrapped my hand around the handle of my goblet.

“Fine. Care to make a bet?” I asked, knowing there wasn’t a chance in Hades that he’d actually be able to win. Figured I might as well get a little something out of him in the meantime.

“Ooo, intriguing. What do you get if you win?” Thor asked and I looked up for a moment, thinking.

“You have to call me your Majesty whenever you see me as well as bow until we are free of this place,” I said with a raise of the eyebrows. He gave out a hearty laugh and idly slapped the table making all the bottles jingle in protest.

“Fair enough. And if I win, you have to let me kiss you,” he said and my eyes narrowed, probably should have predicted he’d suggest something as idiotic as that.

“Fine,” I said with exploding irritation as I tilted my head back and drained my goblet yet again, slamming it on the table defiantly. Aphrodite hiccupped and waved her hand around; her speech was now slurred.

“Tat’s feen, I probibly shen drunk mer anway,” she said, both Thor and myself completely ignoring her as we downed goblet after goblet, never taking our gazes off one another.

An hour went by as we both continued to down our goblets, my eyes were starting to get a little hazy and I felt as if the room was beginning to slightly spin. I had never felt like this before and though it was a bit disorienting, I made every attempt possible not to let it show that the alcohol was starting to get to me.

“Who name’s their hammer anyway?” I asked as I took it as an excuse to stop halfway in between my current bout of wine. Thor narrowed his eyes at me with a mischievous grin, glancing down to my half-full goblet.

“Gods do. Do you not have a name for your sword?” Thor asked as he easily downed his goblet, my annoyance level starting to peak, as he seemed completely unscathed by the alcohol. I finished my goblet with a stifled burp as I began to pour more.

“Mhmm, God Killer,” I said staring at the liquid in my goblet as if I could will it into my stomach rather than actually drinking it. Thor smirked as he easily downed yet another goblet.

“Well, that is a stupid name,” Thor said and I scrunched up my face at him.

“You are stupid,” I said, even managing to stick my tongue out a little. By Zeus, was I seriously resorting to childlike insults now? What was even in this drink? I paid it no matter as I downed it again, having to pause a moment before finishing the very last bit. Thor laughed at my comment as he paused a moment before finishing his next goblet to lean over to me and wave his hand idly in front of my face. I was about a second behind at successfully following his movements and he laughed again.

“Is the alcohol starting to affect you there a bit, your majesty?” Thor said with the utmost sarcasm as he finished his goblet. I guffawed and rolled my eyes leaning forward now to peer at him.

“You think you are such a marvel with all your rigid muscle and your Fabio hair, but you are not fooling anyone, you…you…buffoon,” I said as I gave his shoulder a poke with my finger. Thor glanced down to my finger after I poked and then looked down at me, his blue eyes turning upward slightly as a grin started to form on his face.

“Well, you certainly told me,” Thor said condescendingly as I slammed back into my chair, grabbing one of the bottles and decided to forego the formalities of goblets and go straight for the clincher. I tilted my head back and began to guzzle. Thor watched me over the rim of his goblet as he was finishing his and quickly grabbed a bottle himself, eyeing me as he too began to chug. I let out a full on burp after I finished the bottle and placed a hand on my chest, widening my eyes with complete embarrassment. I cleared my throat as I grabbed another bottle and went to stand up, when I realized that the room was full on spinning now and my legs felt like jelly. I stumbled and almost dropped the bottle as I played a very uncoordinated game of juggling before slamming it down on the table, smashing it. Clearly, my strength power was not as controlled as I normally had it. Thor rose an eyebrow, looking at the red liquid as it began to drip off the edges of the table. He stood up and next to me, his hands extending to help as I quickly batted them away.

“I am fine!” I bellowed as I went to take another step and completely lost my footing, falling forward and straight into Thor’s grasp as he laughed at me. I looked up at him, the man who was currently the only reason I did not fall flat on my face and blew a strand of dark hair from my eyes.

“I really do not need your assistance, I merely tripped,” I stated, as I stood straight up now, the room spinning even more. He rose his eyebrows as he stepped to the side and displayed his hands out to allow me to pass.

“Please, by all means,” he said as I nodded once and attempted to walk, my form bumping into a pedestal with a vase on it, causing it to crash to the floor. I continued to stumble forward bumping into several irritated people before I started falling straight to the floor…again. My face did not meet the marble floor however, as I found myself elevated six feet from the floor, draped in the arms of Thor. I furrowed my eyebrows at him as I idly punched at his chest.

“Put me down, you brute. Amazons need not be carried, I will crawl my way if I have to,” I said with a huff as he continued to carry me down the hallway, completely ignoring my words and onslaught of punches.

“I do not think you would even make it to your room crawling at this point, Princess,” he said as I let my head fall back in exasperation, laying limp in his arms like a noodle.

“Have you not ever been drunk before, Diana?” Thor asked and I let my head still hang down towards the floor as I spoke.

“Of course I-no, no I have not,” I said, not having the stamina to bicker anymore at this point. Thor laughed again, as my head shot back up with a scowl.

“I feel honored to witness your initiation,” he said, as we arrived at my room. He held me with one arm for a moment as he used the other to turn the doorknob and started to walk towards my bed.

“How are you not even slightly intoxicated?” I asked suspiciously and he grinned down to me.

“I am Norse. I have a millennia’s worth of more practice than you,” he said to me with a wink and I rolled my eyes again with a groan. He approached the bed and didn’t lay me upon it but rather tossed me onto it and I scrambled to my knees in agitation batting my hair out of my face.

“Did you just…toss me?” I asked with a look of surprise on my face. He had started to make his way back to the door when he paused and turned back around to look at me.

“I did,” he said simply and I sat back on my heels, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Are you not going to claim your bet?” I asked tilting my chin up defiantly.

“Not while you are amazingly intoxicated. One must actually remember a kiss from the God of Thunder,” he said with a smirk and I again rolled my eyes at his words.

“I had assumed you were like most other men when it comes to intoxicated women,” I said, my body slightly swaying from the inability to keep it still. Also, because I couldn’t even tell I was swaying at that point. I watched as Thor’s eyes narrowed, his arms uncrossed and he took several long strides to be standing directly in front of me from the bed.

“What kind of man do you think me, Diana?” he asked, all form of jokes and quips erased as I pursed my lips together.

“Selfish, pig-headed, arrogant, conniving…,” I started as Thor let out a sigh turning from me and moving towards the door as I continued to rattle off just what I had thought of him.

“Goodnight, Diana,” he said as he walked.

“…womanizing, disloyal…,” I continued until the resounding noise of a slamming door that nearly came off its hinges caused me to jolt. I let out a sigh, probably going to regret going that far in the morning but for now, all I wanted to do was sleep as I let my body fall back onto the bed, sleep consuming me the precise moment I landed.

When I awoke the next morning, I half expected my head to be aching, my lips to be parched, and my stomach to be doing back flips as I had heard was such the symptoms of a hangover. To my astonishment, I felt completely fine, save for the mess that was my hair and the dried drool on my cheek. It was almost not fair that a god could seemingly reap the benefits of alcoholic consumption and be free of the consequences the following morning. I slid from the bed, changed my dress and tided myself up before exiting my room. I planned to immediately make my way to Thor’s room and apologize for my irrational behavior.



A vase was thrown across the room as it smashed into a nearby wall. Aphrodite stood with her arms crossed, watching Eris have her temper tantrum.

“What did that vase ever do to you?” Aphrodite asked as Eris let out a growl, which caused Aphrodite’s eyebrows to raise.

“I simply do NOT understand how these two are resisting absolutely everything we throw at them. It doesn’t make any sense!” Eris said as Aphrodite shrugged her shoulders.

“This Contemplator guy obviously prizes these two for a reason, maybe they are really just that powerful,” Aphrodite said as Eris was about to retort when the eerie voice they both recognized began to speak from behind them.

“Every being, every entity has the capability to become chaos. What you two fail to accomplish is the intricacies. I have stood back and watched you both fail enough times, it is now your turn to step back and let me finish the job,” Laverna said as both Eris and Aphrodite slowly turned around to peer at her headless form.


Diana’s POV

I approached Thor’s door and knocked a few times, awaiting his response or for him to open the door. I waited several moments and pursed my lips together as I received neither of those responses. I looked around and then turned the doorknob to allow myself entry. I eyed the hammer resting atop the nightstand by the bed and started to walk over but paused a moment as I noticed Thor’s half naked body lying on the bed beside it. His head was turned in the opposite direction and he lied atop his stomach, his back facing up as I decided to attempt it anyway, just very quietly. I tip toed over and wrapped a hand around the handle; my face grimaced as I went to lift it, expecting it to be difficult when all of the sudden it rose with ease. I smiled to myself.

“You would think an Amazon to be better at silent approaches,” Thor suddenly said as I glanced over to him, his body turning to face me as I gave a sheepish smile.

“And do not get too excited about the hammer,” he said as he gestured with his eyes for me to look. As I did, I noticed that a single finger of his was resting under the hammer. He quickly removed it and the hammer felt like it was pulled by a magnetic force as it landed on the nightstand again. My eyebrows furrowed as I attempted to lift it, but now found that I could not.

“Are you here to allow me to collect on our bet?” Thor said as he removed the covers and stood up from the bed, my arms still pulling at the hammer to no avail.

“What? No, no I came to apo-,” I started to say as I turned to face him, being caught off guard by the fact that he was currently standing in front of me completely naked. I glanced downward and then immediately shot my eyes back up.

“Could you, could you not cover yourself?” I asked as he smiled, obviously enjoying my uncomfortableness.

“Have you not seen one before?” He asked and I looked at him with a narrowing of the eyes.

“Of course I have seen one,” I said with irritation, his hands raising to grip onto my shoulders, turn me around and pull me towards him. His head dipped down to mine and I watched, as his lips grew ever closer to mine when suddenly he stopped. I looked up into his eyes and they seemed distant and foggy as I furrowed my brows.

“Thor?” I asked as he gave my shoulders a shove, which caused me to go on the defense, raising my fists. What had gotten into him all of the sudden, this was all completely out of sorts.

“You think my father was weak?” He asked and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“Your fath- I have spoken not a word of your father,” I said, when suddenly I felt an overwhelming bout of anger, jealousy, rage; a feeling that ran all the way down my spine and into my very core.

“Your father was weak. If he and Zeus would have ever met – Zeus would have burnt him to ashes in a heartbeat,” I said, venom lacing my every word. Thor’s fists clenched, as did mine.


Outside the door…

Laverna stood on the other side of the door as her hand moved about, a red aura swirling about her fingers as she did so when suddenly she snapped them. She caused Thor and Diana to appear in the atrium, their bodies now donning their appropriate uniforms. They both glanced down to themselves for a moment before making their gazes fix on each other again, fury building tenfold between them.

“A bedroom is certainly no place for the battle of the millennia,” Laverna said as Thor and Wonder Woman charged at one another.

inCollage 20171106 144940660 by Superchica

Music for This Chapter: Howlin' at The Moon by Blues Saraceno

Eric Northman clutched the handlebars of his new blood red Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle, a pair of sunglasses resting across his face. He rolled his shoulders lightly, the leather jacket he wore creaking in response as he lifted up a hand to point in the left direction, signifying to Pam on the motorcycle following him to turn left. Pam sat clad in leather pants, leather jacket, and a red corset seated upon her new Tiffany Harley Davidson just as Eric had promised her, she realistically would not have settled for anything less. Her blonde locks were pulled back into a low ponytail; a pair of leather-clad arms were snaked around her waist. Jessica’s face pressed into the back of Pam, as she seemed to be clutching on for dear life as they made the left turn that Eric instructed.

The pair of motorcycles pulled into the parking lot of Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair only mere moments after dusk. Once parked, Eric dismounted his bike, sliding the glasses from his face, looking around the empty parking lot save for one vehicle. Pam equally dismounted her own bike as Jessica sat there a moment as if she were frozen to the seat.

“You gonna be alright there, Cupcake?” Pam asked Jessica with a cock of a thin eyebrow. Jessica nodded a few times before she ungracefully slid off the bike.

“I don’t understand why I couldn’t get my own bike, maybe I wouldn’t be as terrified being able to grip onto metal instead of your bony torso,” Jessica exclaimed as she folded her arms over herself, Pam placed a hand on her hip and the other hand touched to her chest.

“Aw, you flatter me. I haven’t been called bony in ages,” Pam said as Eric started to move toward what looked to be a front office of sorts.

“You two stay out here until I summon you,” Eric proclaimed as Pam crossed her arms over her chest and leaned on her bike with a huff. Eric peered into the office seeing a single desk light lamp on as he gave the door a light knock.

Gemma Teller sat at the desk, her reading glasses hanging off the edge of her nose as she sorted through various amounts of paperwork. She glanced to the clock and cursed inwardly to herself. They were scheduled to close in ten minutes, why did this always happen, people waltzing in at the last minute. She let out a sigh as she cleared her throat, hoping the customer would be able to just come back tomorrow.

“Sorry, we actually just closed! Anyway you could come back tomorrow?” Gemma yelled to the closed door. Eric leaned on the doorframe as he played with the sunglasses between his fingers.

“I assure you, I only need a moment of your time. I’m new to riding, just had a quick question about a funny sound my bike is making,” Eric lied, his blue orbs turning to peer through the screen of the door again, making out the slight outline within of the woman inside. Gemma sighed as she tore the reading glasses from her face and stood from the desk. Walking over, she unlocked the door and pulled it open, her eyebrows raising when she looked up at a tall, blonde-haired, and up kept man clad in black leather. Clearly, he was not from around here. She stood to the side and gestured a hand past her.

“Come on in,” Gemma said to Eric, as his lips curled slowly into a grin having gained the invitation he sought and ducked his head as he walked in. Gemma reached past him to flick on the light switch, clearing her throat as she batted some of the rogue hairs from her bangs that were hanging in her eyes.

“So, you said your bike is making a funny noise? What kind of noise?” Gemma asked as Eric took a moment to survey his surroundings before he took the few steps he needed to be standing toe to toe with the woman. Gemma was slightly taken aback as she found herself being pressed into the desk behind her, her hand started to inconspicuously search for the Ruger that was somewhere beneath all the papers.

“I am actually looking for Jax Teller, you wouldn’t happen to know his where abouts?” Eric asked as Gemma felt her throat beginning to tighten, her hand finally finding the Ruger as she gripped it in her palm, waiting for the opportune moment.

“No, he uh, he only comes by the shop every once and awhile to check in. Hasn’t worked here regularly for years,” Gemma said as she watched Eric carefully, Eric doing the same, having already caught wind of her plan to pull a gun on him. He had most certainly not been born yesterday. He nodded in response to her answer as he leaned in closer.

“Well, I’m going to need you to give him a call and tell him that you need him here, tell him you’re being threatened if you’d like, maybe he’d get here faster,” Eric said as Gemma took a sharp intake of breath before she yanked the Ruger from beneath the papers and brought it immediately up and towards Eric. Eric raised a hand effortlessly, latching onto Gemma’s wrist, she wincing from the slight pain he was causing. He used his other hand to pry the pistol from her hand, crushing it within her grasp as Gemma’s eyes widened in absolute fear.

“Wh-what are you?” Gemma asked, suddenly finding it hard to even breathe normally. Eric leaned down and peered into Gemma’s eyes, watching as they locked onto his in a Glamour.

“What is your name?” Eric asked as Gemma stared on at him, completely under his spell.

“Gem-Gemma Teller,” Gemma responded as Eric smiled, pleased that they were clearly related to each other, this would make things far easier.

“Mmm, the Prince’s mommy, are we?” He asked as Gemma’s face contorted into slight confusion at the question.

“No matter. Gemma, I need you to take out your cell phone and give your son a call. Tell him that a very powerful man is threatening you and he has requested a meeting. Tell him if he is not here within the next hour, that the man will drain you of blood and leave you to die,” Gemma slowly nodded as a single tear managed to creep its way down her cheek. All she could do was agree and comply while under Eric’s spell. Eric raised a hand to brush the tear from her cheek, offering an understanding smile.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he will comply. Call…now,” Eric said as she hadn’t taken out her cell phone upon the word call but fumbled about in her pocket after he spoke his determination. Gemma dialed a number into her phone and rose a shaky hand to her ear, waiting for Jax to pick up.

“J-Jax? Hey honey, listen, you need to get to the shop as soon as you can,” Gemma began to say, Eric holding his Glamour stare on her as she continued to talk.

“No, the shop is fine, there- I just have a very powerful man here who says if you don’t get here within the next hour, he will-he’ll drain me of my blood and leave me to die,” Gemma said, another tear starting to fall from her eye and she dropped the phone absently as she couldn’t feel her fingers anymore. Eric reached out a hand to catch the phone before it crashed to the ground.

“I take it he’s coming?” Eric asked as Gemma nodded slowly and he patted her lightly atop the head.

“Thank you, my dear, now go ahead and take a seat and do not move until I say otherwise,” Eric spoke as he gestured towards her desk chair, as Gemma followed orders and sat down. Eric turned and walked out the door, sauntering back over to where he left his motorcycle and the women.

“Not that I honestly care, but you could have at least told him where you were goin’,” Pam said with half the enthusiasm one would usually have when having ‘girl talk’ with another female. Eric cocked an eyebrow as he looked between Pam and Jessica, he having clearly walked up in the middle of a conversation.

“Hoyt can go straight to hell with his cheating, lying self. I will never forgive him for making me a divorcee, ever,” Jessica spat as she crossed her arms firmly over her chest and turned her back to Pam, as if Pam herself were the one that lied and cheated on her. Pam looked over to Eric with a raise of the eyebrows and shrugged then gestured towards Jessica with her head. It took Eric a moment to realize Pam was edging him on to offer Jessica some form of comfort so he took a step forward and lightly patted the redhead’s shoulder.

“There, there. You will find another, he didn’t deserve you, and all that jazz,” Eric spoke with monotone as his interest was taken elsewhere, seeing the group of motorcycles making their way down the road right towards the auto shop. He smiled to himself as he half took a seat on his own motorcycle, placing his hands in his lap.

Jax Teller pulled into the parking lot followed by Chibs and Tig, who were accompanying him for back up. Jax sprung off his bike, ripping the helmet from his head. Chibs leaped off his own bike, grabbing Jax by the arm who had already seemed wound up tight from previous events.

“Jackie-Boy, ye can’t forget what just happened back there. Once word gets around that ye killed a club president, things are goin’ tah get complicated,” Chibs said as Jax’s jaw squared off, yanking his arm from his friends grasp.

“I already told you, Jury betrayed the patch. He told the Chinese where those guns were and worse he pulled a gun on me. I did what was necessary, Gemma’s life is far more important right now,” Jax said haughtily as he turned from Chibs, running a hand through his long blonde locks, his pistol immediately coming out of his holster and pointing at Eric who still sat on his bike, cool as a cucumber.

“Where is she?” Jax asked as Eric’s hands rose, palms facing Jax to show that he was in no way armed.

“Relax. She’s inside, completely safe,” Eric spoke delicately as Jax motioned with his head towards the office, Tig nodded once in understanding as he moved to the office to check on Gemma.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t shoot you right now,” Jax said, his nostrils flaring as Eric couldn’t help but smile.

“Because your bullets will not kill me,” Eric said as Jax’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, his grip tightening on the pistol.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jax asked, his mind racing as Chibs stood behind him looking equally as confused. Eric was then off his bike in a flash, his hand clasping around Jax’s throat, with just enough pressure to constrict his airway slightly but not do any real damage. Chibs immediately removed his pistol and shot Eric twice in the back. Eric sighed at the sheer disregard for his words. He was starting to miss how easy it had become to be a vampire in the south, all humans having feared, welcomed, or shunned them but at least they were all aware of their existence and what they were capable of. Chibs dropped the pistol as his eyes widened, not understanding how Eric was still standing, completely alive and seemingly unharmed by the bullets lodged into his back. Pam and Jessica had replied in kind to the threat on their lead vampire by baring their fangs, which made Jax’s brows furrow not believing his eyes, and assumed that the adrenaline was throwing off his vision. Then Eric leaned forward and unleashed his own set of fangs, which made Jax’s eyes grow that much wider in realization that he had in fact seen correctly.

“Jackson Teller, I am Eric Northman…and I have a proposition I’d like to discuss with you, if you’d be so kind as to stop trying to shoot me, and listen,” Eric said as Jax slowly nodded, Eric’s grip loosening from his throat as he took a step back. Jax rose a hand to rub at his neck, his eyebrows still furrowed as Jax and Chibs moved to stand next to each other and several feet away from Eric.

“What the hell are you people?” Jax asked as Eric, Pam, and Jessica all retracted their fangs, Eric adjusting the cuffs of his leather jacket. He had to smirk at Jax’s lack of context clues given the current situation.

“Is it not fairly obvious?” Eric asked as he rose his eyebrows to him, waiting for the wheel to begin turning. Jax and Chibs just continued to look between the three of them, apparently too shocked to think properly and Eric sighed.

“Dracula? Blade?...Buffy?” Eric said as he hesitated on using that last one as an example but he was pulling at strings here. Chibs shook his head as he let out a laugh, splaying his hand around in the air in sheer disbelief.

“Nae way, there’s nae bloody way ye all are vampires,” Chibs said as Jax looked over to him and then back at Eric, having not known what to believe at this point. Suddenly, Tig immerged from the office with a very frightened Gemma clinging to the back of him as he raised his pistol to Eric. Eric sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as Jax held up his hands to Tig.

“Tig, put the gun down, now!” Jax bellowed, as Tig hesitated but for a moment before holstering his pistol in confusion. Eric took note of this, his men showed loyalty to their leader, which would prove incredibly useful in his endeavors, as that meant all he had to do was convince Jax, and the rest would surely follow.

“What’s uh, what’s going on Jax?” Tig said as he came to stand beside them, Gemma peering around from behind pointing at Eric with a shaky finger.

“That man is a demon, that’s what’s going on,” Gemma said as Eric couldn’t help but laugh at her observation.

“Hardly. I’m far worse, I assure you,” Eric responded as Jax’s jaw began to square off again, nodding slowly.

“So, how do we know you’re telling the truth and not just some whacked Goths who got their teeth sharpened and like to drink blood?” Jax said with a cock of an eyebrow which made Eric cant his head in appreciation.

“Now you’re thinking more clearly, good. Your first clue was the fact that I was shot twice in the back and I am still standing. If the retractable fangs and insane reflexes are still not enough to convince you, I suppose I can perform one last parlor trick,” Eric spoke as his form suddenly lifted straight up into the sky, a feat that not all vampires could do, but given his age was something he had perfected. Jax and Chibs blinked as they looked around for him, when suddenly he darted back down from the skies directly behind Gemma.

“Boo,” he said which cause Gemma to nearly jump out of her skin with a shriek. Jax turned around and held up his hands, having had enough of this and not really having any other choice but to believe these people truly were vampires, which was a crazy thought to even come to terms with.

“Alright, alright. So, you’re vampires, but what the hell do you want with us?” Jax said as he found himself standing between Eric and his mother now protectively which Eric also took note of and smiled. Eric crossed his fingers behind his back and began to walk around them, explaining his proposal.

“When you live a thousand years, life starts to become dull at times, and you look for ways to brighten things up. I have been stuck in the God forsaken pit of the south in America for the last decade and decided to seek new territory. I heard of your little motorcycle club as well as the reputation you all have built for yourself and I wish to capitalize on that,” Eric spoke, as Jax listened intently, narrowing his eyes.

“What, you want to gain profit from our club? We are out of the gun running business,” Jax said and Eric laughed, cocking his head to him.

“We both know that isn’t true, Teller,” Eric challenged as Jax’s jaw began to square again.

“Never the less you will continue to run your current operations as you see fit, but you will also begin to run a drug that has become known as ‘V’,” Eric said as all the men of the Sons of Anarchy began to glance to each other in confusion.

“We don’t want any part in any kind of drug trade,” Jax said sternly as Eric again couldn’t help but laugh.

“I find it interesting that you thought any part of this was negotiable,” Eric said as he smirked. Tig took a step forward as he shook his head rapidly.

“You can’t force us to go into a trade we want no part of, pal,” Tig said as Jax looked over at Tig with a shake of the head, as if signifying to not fuck with this guy. Eric could feel his blood boil as he suddenly lurched forward, grabbing Tig by the throat and lifting him from the ground with a growl, his fangs coming out to play again.

“I could kill all of you in a blink of an eye, so when I say you are going to get into a new trade, it would behoove you to notchallenge me,” Eric said loosening his grip, letting Tig fall to the ground. Jax held his hands up defensively as he moved toward Tig to ensure he was okay.

“Alright, alright! Come by the club house tomorrow and we will go over details,” Jax agreed as Eric ran a hand through his blonde locks with a slight sniff of his nose.

“Where is this said club house?” Eric asked as Jax started to move towards his bike, Jessica making the motioned effort to follow him.

“It’s above an ice cream ship called, Scoops, on Orange Ave,” Jax said as Eric’s face slipped into the grimace of the mention of an ice cream shop. Surely he couldn’t expect a creature of the night to be seen entering an ice cream shop.

“An ice cream shop? Hmm, we will look into this as well, there has to be better places with which to hold meetings,” Eric said as he slipped onto his bike, sliding the glasses over his face. Jessica moved over to Jax, shifting a bit of red hair behind her ear as she smiled at him sheepishly.

“Um, hey, mah name’s Jessica,” Jessica said as Jax nodded to her once slipping the half helmet on his head.

“Nice to meet ya, Darlin’, welcome to Charming,” he said as he slid the riding glasses over his face and roared the bike to life taking off down the road. Jessica raised a thumb to her mouth as she idly bit at her fingernail, having obviously developed a sudden schoolgirl crush on Jax Teller as she trotted over to Pam’s bike, sliding on the back of it. Pam stared at her deadpan as she slid on.

“Seriously? Now you’re going to be a biker chick?” Pam asked as Jessica ignored her sliding her arms around Pam’s torso. Pam pursed her lips together in slight annoyance.

“Welcome to fucking Charming, indeed,” Pam said before she roared her bike to life and followed Eric down the road.


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