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Yes, I saw the Age of Ultron trailer and it looks pretty epic (so I got inspired)! Plus, you know I like the "evil ones"... :giggle:
(They have been shooting some scenes of this movie also in Italy! =D)
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Impressive Ultron you have right here!!

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Ultron: How did you manage to enter the headquarters of my central processing unit?

Thanos: I go where I please.

Ultron: How...did you manage to destroy my troops? All of them!

Thanos: You may have conquered this world, but you are an insignificant flea next to me. I am Thanos of Titan. I have with me the Infinity Gauntlet, and five of the six Infinity Stones. I have already massacred the humans that opposed you. The demigoddess in the leather jacket fled to the Underworld. The Age of Ultron is over.

Ultron: can't...I won't let you!

*with a wave of his hand, Thanos destroys the central processing unit that houses Ultron's CPU*

*as Thanos walks out, we see that indeed, both Ultron's machine armies and the humans who fought them have all been destroyed. Thanos crushes Bulma's skull*

Thanos: Now, with this world ravaged, I am one step closer to winning the love of Princess Black Void. Now, I must return to the main universe...and collect the last remaining Infinity Stone.
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And so begins the Infinity War...
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ultron will you be my senpai Bonnie jaw drop icon 
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I don't know why but I have the strongest feeling he's still alive. Ultron is a robot and so he is never confined to a single body or form and is pretty much immortal. He one survived as just a head and another time as a computer chip in a few comics. The way the hid his "death" with the trees just makes me think it even more.
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I can hear him now: "I got no strings, to hold me down..."
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I saw it yesterday! its so AMAZING. ULTRON is the sexiest robot I have ever seen. believe me. hes so... ROBOTIC
when i see dat bae Benio Nose Bleed Icon Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1] nose bleed 
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i cried so bad when he died i cried , he had me like [CHAT ICON] I'm Out  nd den when the movie started with him in it Danisnotonfire 14 : YES SHOW ME YOUR SEXY BODY Tsukimi's Nose Bleed  , also saw it yesturday Emoticon: Idk what I'm watching 
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I love him.... I like the part when he's talking to the twins, and sitting on the throne. so FINE! TellMeMoreEyesplz 
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XD Awesome! Glad you liked it! I knew he would have been a super cool villain!! =D
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"There is only one path to peace: Mankind's destruction."
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This is great. I just got back from the movie and it was amazing. Good stuff and they hint at one of my favorite heroes so it's exciting.
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Brilliant. Not seen the film yet but so looking forward to it.
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♐️ I love the new Ultron! He's like an evil version of Iron Man instead of the "kraang droid" like personality from 2012's TMNT, except he talked better
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Beautiful drawing! 
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I have this problem where I find a evil characters voice and personality attractive. It sounds weird that I find a robots voice and a personality attractive doesn't it
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Yes! XD Ultron is a nice and charming character, even if he is a robot!
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The most charming robot ever made.
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This was a good movie, I just finished watching it. :)
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So coooooool!!!!!!
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