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Super Mario and Dark Star C



:star: Update: I've written something about the Darkstar, for those who don't know what is it exactly. You can find the "story" under the deviation description! :P :star:

Oh, Mario...Why so serious? :iconwhysoseriousplz:

At least my little Dark Star wants only to play some games with you, nyahahaha... :iconevilplz:

And then...don't make that face, you look too Grumpy ([link])!!! :doh:

(When I finished this drawing, the Mario face reminded me of someone...Ehehe! :XD:)

:flame: I made this drawing for the Mario collab. idea of :iconcaptainjamesman:! I added the Dark Star because I didn't like to see Mario lonely: it would have been too "sad"! :dummy: :flame:
:flame: Drawing made by hand and the coloured with Adobe Photoshop CS4.I guess there is something wrong, because I am not too satisfied with it... :P maybe it's the Mario Presence! Ahaha!:giggle:
Just kidding! ;p :flame:

:star:Please, ENJOY or else.... :iconorelseyouwilldieplz: :star:

:bulletblack: The Dark Star with the "evil smile" looks a lot like Super Me because is my symbol and my power(up)! Dark Star C. has been created by me> Caterina Corsini (:iconsupercaterina:). Do not steal! :police::bulletblack:
Curiosity:Actually my Dark Star is not the star you you see in Super Mario games.

She is not "evil", but "bad"! XD

It is said (Yoshi island ds ;p) that Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, DK and Wario, were Star Children: young children who had magical stars in them.
However, when they grew up, they lost this Star because they weren't pure like children any more.

Super Caterina is different: me ish the 8th Star child, with the difference that my one is Dark. The fact that this one is dark takes her most of the time to be the "bad" gal and to have a future working for the koopas.
She hasn't lost her Star like the others, because she doesn't need to be pure to keep it! ;)

(this is the loooong story of my Dark Star in a few words).

However that is only representation of the Dark Star C.: normally it doesn't go out of her body and it gives me some magic only when I use the magic brush (it has been invented from the magikoopas basing on the model of E.Gadd's magic brush). For the rest, I have no magic: I am just like the Mario bros....more and less! =D

:star: What inspired me to do this Darkstar? Simply, I saw that Bowser called it the evil- the fake star in the first Mario Party . When he gives to you this star, it take away you a powerstar. Something like Super Me make normally! :iconevilplz:
I've heard that this darkstar returned in Mario Party ds: I play many times this game, but I never had the chace to got one! Maybe it doesn't want to hurt me...=D

Anyway, since when I first saw it in Super Mario Party 1, I've always thought it to be the Bowser's Star.

Peach got the powerstars, while Bowser got the Darkstars: logical, uhn? ;p :star:
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i was curious, does this Darkstar and The Dark Star from Bowser's Inside Story have anything in common other than just name?