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:star:First deviation of the year!:star:

Is that Karate Kid?


This is Caterina kid! =D

:star: Do you know Caterina kid?
I haven't told you so much about this Me. She is older than Baby-, but younger than Super Me: this is the age when she let the Mario Bros (ugh! I could say it!!) to go in the side of koopas. At this age, I started training to become the koopa hero, but never faced personally the brothers: I only used to kidnap the Princess for Bowser. =D I know very well the Peach castle- I have been there for long time as child: this can be good advantage for my Majesty.... Nyahahahah....:iconsmartyplz:
Particularities of the look: the hair are not like mine nowadays...C.kid has long hair, but she keeps them into a ponytail (this stais on the left shoulder):star:

First of all I just felt the urge to make a kind of "unofficial" New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork of ...guess who?
Me, myself and I was a child!. :heart:

Then, before getting this wonderful game, I had great spoiler of level 9 on a dream (yes, this happened before the Shigeru dream): in this dream I was personifing...Baby version of me! I was trying to challenge Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad in the 9th level of world 9.
I know it doesn't exist, because dreams are almost always non-sense. :XD:

Anyway, in the dream my baby version seemed to look cool in 3d.

In LESS WORDS: this dream and then the game of New Super Mario Bros wii itself inspired me to do this drawing. :icononionharpplz:

:bulletblack: Made with Adobe photoshop cs4...with mousepad...yes... x_x

:police: Caterina Kid is me and my persona belongs to me> :iconsupercaterina: Do not use this image without having my permission first.:police:
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You should animate this.