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Future Heroes

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Daisy, Luigi, Mario, Peach and also Bowser: they are the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom (and Darkland =D). And also our heroes! ^___^

*Done with new pastels I bought in Mushroom kingdom yesterday! =D
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Apr 27, 2008, 11:02:13 AM
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Dear LORD!!! The colors, do!!! So BEAUTIFULLY VIBRANT!!!!! XDDDD
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Wow! I see only now your drawings... You're a professional artist in traditional art, did you have study for this or is only your natural talent?
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♥wait I THOUGHT I FAVORITED THIS A LOOOONG TIME AGO:O_o: Here, have an overdue favorite.=) You earned it, I love how everybody looks and the coloring is so good:wow: You earn a watch=P
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Aww so cute Heart Love La la la la 
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Baby Peach is so cute!
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Toad's more of a hero than Daisy... Well, he is significantly younger than Mario and Luigi...
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How is BOWSER a hero?!
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This is great job! Amazing traditional art! =D
valeriekoopz's avatar
awww look at bowser
emma275512's avatar
awww that is so cute
ZommYippy's avatar
awesome colouring and expressions x3
Roseyshadows's avatar
Love Luigi's expression
CarryPhoenix's avatar
Daisy: Wheee, all is alright!
Luigi: Wow! What's there?
Mario: It's gonna be funny!
Peach: You're right, Mario!
Bowser: Gaze upon my smile!
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XDEhi Bowser , SEI contenuto di dare la manina a Peach?^^
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This is way too cute! *Shields my eyes from burning in a good way* :iconbravoplz:
LilacPhoenix's avatar
That's very cute!X3
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this is going to my fav's list!!!!!!!!!!
ivanamarie's avatar
thats so cute!!!
mushroomgirl3's avatar
cute!I love baby peach!
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