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Bowser: Wargh! I don't think to be SO retarded at least...This games must be broken! :blush:
Wendy: yeah...mmmayybeee... :worry:
Larry: Come one, pa! We know you can do much better! :#1:
Morton: Papa is not retarded!! :disbelief:
Iggy: :roll:
Lemmy: :psychotic:
Bowser Jr: Let me see my papa results!!!:frustrated:
Ludwig: BE QUITE STUPID CHILD!! :pissedoff:
Roy:Luckily Peachy isn't interested so much in clever guys...eheheh... :giggle:

Bowser is not an evil genius, but he doesn't need to be so to defeat Mario & Luigi! XD Then Roy is right... T.T

So it's better if Bowser doesn't care of this stupid game (Brain Training).

PS: I know braintraining doesn't calculate your QI! =p

*In it:
Bowser: Wargh! Non credo di essere così ritardato alla fine...questo gioco deve essere rotto! :blush:
Wendy: mmmmh...probabile... :worry:
Larry: Andiamo pà! Sappiamo che tu puoi fare di meglio!:#1:
Morton: Papà non è ritardatoooo!:disbelief:
Iggy: :roll:
Lemmy: :psychotic:
Bowser Jr: Fatemi vedere i risultati di papà!!!!!:frustrated:
Ludwig: STAI CALMO BAMBOCCIO!! :pissedoff:
Roy: Per fortuna a Peachetta non piacciono gli uomini intelligenti....:giggle:
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sonicboomartist353! I WANT SUM CAKE!!! X3    ^w^
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When it comes to family time/ family bonding this one takes the cake xD
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Jajaja too funny
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Although, Super Mario Galaxy shows Bowser's stronger and smarter side.
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building lava pits in the battlefield you fighting on yeah,smart
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no word to discribe how funny this is! :iconlmfao-plz:
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what is the thing that bowser have
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Bowser is playing Brain Training for Nintendo DS (it is showing in a baloon that Bowser's brain is +100 years old...which means that he thinks "slow". :o).
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jajajajajjajajjajajaja its good
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Che simpatici! Disegno semplicemente stupendo, subito nei preferiti! ^^
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Wow! Very interesting pic of Bowser and the other Koopalings you did here! You know, I haven't played brain training at all, really.
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cute all of they looking at his Papa while he is playing the game x3
So cute, nice job on expressions and colouring
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I saw this pic on Google and some Youtube clips! It's Amazing!
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These are the most adorable koopalings I've ever witnessed.
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heeheehee iggy isawesome >:3
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aww! so cute! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
it reminds me of this somehow. =D
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Non ce lo vedo proprio...
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Lol funny and exllcent work here
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