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July 17, 2014
Attack on titan Bowser by SuperCaterina
What a fantastic Mario fan art, a brilliant idea to parody Shingeki No Kyojin into it. Very funny, very smart. Well done!
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Attack on titan Bowser

I have seen many alternative versions of this…, taken from the BBBRRRR shonen "Attack on titan". =D

What about a Super Mario one?

There it is! XD

A giant Bowser appears in most of the Super Mario games as final boss (without encounting this as his own ability in Super Smash Bros and Mario & Luigi), so I do believe that this particular scene could fit very well with the saga!

PS: In the beginning, I thought to replace only the two characters ... but then I thought that the landscape didn't look like the Mushroom Kingdom, so I have decided to draw the whole thing starting from "zero" (thinking that it can be a good training also for myself). The houses are the same you can see in Super Mario Galaxy. ;p
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ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
This aged remarkably well.
SuperCaterina's avatar

Glad to know it! =D

WoodyXD2's avatar
Super Mario: Shattered Kingdom (Poster)

Mario: *beats Bowser once*

Bowser: *goes into titan sized form* PREPARE TO DIE MARIO!

PJToon75's avatar
This looks epic. Amazing work! 👍🐲
GUNCLASHER79's avatar
Hums gruen no yumia
MexicanGangster2005's avatar
To my standards, it works better with either GMK Godzilla, who is 60 meters tall. But the art is pretty cool. Now we got a titan that BREATHS FUCKING FI-HOOP-Wait....alright we already had Godzilla for the job. Come back later to apply when he's dead.
GeekytheMariotaku's avatar
Sooooooo badass !!!!! :o
GigaBowzilla's avatar
Bowser would have to be REALLY big to end up in that scenario. That would be a cool fight though.
hary324's avatar
Daamn I think I found new awesome wallpaper. It's so good 😀
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Really awesome Super Mario take on the Attack on Titan poster.  The lighting, flames, line art, and details give it an epic feel.
I am totally using this in my video. You are credited in the description.…
WridianGrey's avatar
In retrospect, I can't believe that a Bowser version of this never occurred to me before. It makes ssssooooo much more sense than most of the other variants. Well done!
SuperCaterina's avatar
I thought the same when I made this! XD I have also looked around the web to see if someone already had this idea because there were thousands of versions from fictions, cartoons, games, movies, etc. But no Super Mario Bros! So I did it. XD

Anyway, are you one of the memebers from the old Koopatorivm? I kinda rememeber you..
Foxx1042's avatar
the BOWZ gon get'cha. 
PatsyBelle's avatar
Holy crap, this looks badass! :jawdrop:
justjasen's avatar
I commented on this three years ago, I still remember how good it was.
SuperCaterina's avatar
Thankyou so much! I cannot believe it's already 3 years old! :o
justjasen's avatar
Me neither, time flies.
HeinztheBlueGiant's avatar
A really good artwork of the great tyrant Bowser.
I have made many artworks from his ancestors. Unlike Bowser, they were good and honest rulers.
I hope you like that.
TheStrongGladiator's avatar
It's koopazilla attack, rapidly defend the wall!!!
Tchaikorsakovich1812's avatar
Holy.... I just happened to visit your page, and saw this brilliant, fantastic and amazing piece of art. Stunning work you have there! :)
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