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I fight for the great King Bowser and I protect his beloved Peach, the future Queen of Darkland! This is me, Super Caterina, the hero of Darkland!

Favourite Visual Artist
My grandfather Norino and Shigeru Miyamoto!
Favourite Movies
The Lord of the Rings, The Lion King, Tron Legacy! =3
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Koji Kondo-Nintendo music (especially Mario Galaxy and Brawl music)...+ many others!
Favourite Games
Everything related with the Moustached Evils Bros! >:o
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendomaniac! =D
New update! Well....maybe it is not really such a new update.😅 Just remember that the 9th of April 2013 I got my degree in Public Relations university! =D Maybe you did not know that I was the first one in the entire 'history' of my college to bring a university thesis about video games, so my relator asked me if she could use it in the future as inspiration for the next students who might be interested to bring the same topic for their college graduation or during college lessons. I have never said anything about this back in the days... XD I bet that nowadays there has been more students who brought something related to video games and I hope I was one of their primary source!=D BTW! To celebrate that special day, my mother cooked power up cookies! And guess what? You can find the recipe online! (For non-Italian speakers, you can translate the blog's text authomatically with google (I have checked and the authomatic
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HELLO! Did you miss me? You know, sometimes I come here to 'lurk' and read my old journals: it makes me so nosalgic! It is very interesting to see how many things I used to share here through these years, from my personal stuff, to video game news and my thoughts. I bet that most of the people who used to follow me here have moved on with their own life, move to other websites and most of them have grown up meanwhile (I am very happy some of them actually kept me updated about this ^^), so I don't know who will read this journal, but I would like to share anyway like the ol' good times! I have seen I started to be less active online from 2016...that time I started to be very busy with some projects related to my job. Some of you may not know, but I actually became a freelance artist and I am drawing full time now! The onlye issue is that unfortunately I cannot share much because of NDAs and when I have free time, I am too tired to draw my own stuff most of the time (sometimes I
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Recently I am pretty free, so I have decided to go back into working on commissions.   It will be good for me to warm up again (I have had a little art block for the past 3-4 months :,)) I am thinking to do this monthly, but let's see how it goes (depending on your interest on these and my time :P). I have decided to drop down the prices- with the hope to cheer you (and/or your friends/relatives/lovers/etc) up easily! =D LET'S START! ********************************************************************************************************************************* SEPTEMBER EDITION! *******************************************************
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Wow! Thankyou so much, you remembered it!! *o* It means a lot to me!

Bienvenida a mi cuenta.