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Child Dream .Bunny. tutorial

Alot of people requested a tutorial of " child dream" the 200 plushies..and am so glad they loved it <3 i really appreciate all the sweet comments..:heart: [link]
and this is my fisrt tutorial so if its not clear somehow plz tell me.. #><#.. thank you and enjoooy~~~ <3

please cut the bunny shape from here [link]

:star:New-born bunnies :star:
[link] by:iconyamacheero:
[link] by :iconemi-ku:
[link] by :iconchirpilittle:
[link] by :iconkindoffreak:
[link] [link] by :iconraiza-eyes:
[link] by :iconaleckzandurh:
[link] by :iconkezzi-rose:
[link] by :iconiceorfire:
[link] by :iconcheshirecatsmile37:
[link] by :iconhimitsunoegao:
[link] by :iconmaryam-x:
[link] by :iconhyde-n-psyc:
[link] by :iconwolvesoflaraya:
[link] by :iconxxjalaikaxx:
[link] by :iconphantom-hotshot:
[link] by :iconearthgirl9870:
[link] by :icondoggypriincess:
[link] by :iconsugarbun:
[link] by :iconnikita666:
[link] by :iconjinnello-beans:
[link] by :iconkhoi-luff:
[link] by :iconxspiralstarx:
[link] by :iconpiripanda:
[link] by :icondarlinqdarlinq:
[link] by :iconrainbow57:
[link] by :iconblondebunnyboo:
[link] by :iconemivarga:
[link] by :iconcrazytooner:
[link] by :iconkoshadesing:
[link] by :iconbluedice:
[link] by :iconiluvchocolat:
[link] by :iconkatasandra:
[link] by :iconazuraxx:
[link] by :iconkatasandra:
[link] [link] by :iconbuttercupjap:
[link] :iconelf1219:
[link] by :iconprincessnami:
[link] by :iconalicecab:
[link] by :Tinkalila:
:heart:Send me your bunnies to add them too~~
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ElizaTeny's avatar
I love this!!!! So adorable <33333
Rorrim-J-Tori's avatar
These are adorable! (and a great use for the little, scrap pieces of fabric!)

I have seriously made about 18 of these things. I'll upload a picture of them when I get the chance.

  ( o.o)<
yukikazehayshi's avatar
If it's not too much trouble could you make a list of all the supplies you used in the tutorial? Like the kind of fabric, tools and such. Thank you!
Musical-Toast's avatar
Oh this is sooo perfect~ I was looking for a quick and easy project that I can make a multitude of for Christmas gifts~
12fionnaxfinn12's avatar
i just wanna ask.can i make a heart shape using this steps?
MeowChell's avatar
Ima make one~!
VividWanderer's avatar
thanks a bunch for helping me learn that stitch <3
VividWanderer's avatar
do you use doll needles? or a regular needle?
FunSmilies's avatar
So cute!
I want to try making one~
Great tutorial by the way =D
SuperCat0000's avatar
happy to hear this :`)
FunSmilies's avatar
VampireAcinoriv's avatar
Its so CUTE, can i sell it???????????????
CrystalisFoe's avatar
OMG SO CUTE!!! What type of string did you use? Great tutorial BTW :D
SuperCat0000's avatar
i mentioned it in other replies >< can you plz go and check it
SleepyUsagi's avatar
Thanks for posting this tutorial! They're super cute and I made some for my valentine. Except mine look more like aliens than bunnies x0
SuperCat0000's avatar
ohhhh >_< dont say that...let me see them :(
DrKNickel's avatar
thank you for the tutorial ^^
here are my bunnies:
Tinkalila's avatar
SuperCat0000's avatar
Tinkalila's avatar
Would it be ok if I sold some of these on my online shop? I will link to the tutorial if you like. ^-^
SuperCat0000's avatar
yeah sure you can <3
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