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Mikey S.
United States
Hey all. Redoing the bio so I don't sound too much like a fanboy. Right, I'll get straight to the point. I'm not an artist, in fact I don't like making it. Not talented in the slightest. I mostly photoshop the work of others (so long as I have the permission) and utilize them to make people laugh...or at least try to.

So there's that, and I have a love for literature. I've written works before, but I've never had the courage to post them anywhere. Never really bothered to improve on my own time, either. Note "on my own time". When I was in school, I took writing very seriously and improved myself there. Now that I'm not in school at the moment, I might decide to photoshop more pictures and perhaps maybe post my old stories. Not sure if I'll write my own fanfics though. ...At least not yet.

Aside from that I'm big on video games. But that is for another tale.

...Did I ever mention that I'm a sucker for cute things? ...No? Well I am.

=== === === === === ===

Likes: Mint ice-cream, happy endings, video games, benevolence, empathy, sympathy.
Dislikes: Black licorice, horror films, tattoos, piercings, apathy, ruthlessness, centipedes.
Listening to: Aboard Divine Beast Vah Naboris (1 Terminal Active) - Hajime Wakai…

Favorite Genre of Music: Rock, Alternative, Techno, Piano
Operating System: Windows 10
Favorite Console: Nintendo GameCube
Favorite Video Game: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Favorite Songs: Fields of Gold (Sting), The Pretender (Foo Fighters), Separate Ways (Journey), Permanent (Acceptance)
Favorite characters: Son Goku, Samus Aran, Iron Tager, Applejack, Mettaton, Joseph Joestar
Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Quotes:
-"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

-"The power comes from a need, not a desire."

-"I am matter. I am anti-matter. I can see your past. I can see your future. I consume time, and I will consume you!"

-"You're all so anxious to die, aren't you? Well all you had to do was AAAASK!"

-"Big-O! It's show time!"

-"While you were down there spelunking, I was gathering precious energies."

-"Come at me, clown shoes!"
+++ No stealing my idea +++

Somewhere in a vast and empty white void, two entities discuss the fate of the world.

???: "… Your Holiness, you seem to be deep in thought.  What troubles you?"

???: "Yes… I was debating on whether or not to intervene in current events.   I feel it necessary that Frederick experience a change in scenery… if only temporary.  But I am unsure how to go about it.  …Perhaps…"

???: "Do you truly believe him to be the only hope for our world?"

???: "…I know it, Raven.  The time of a Merciless Apocalypse draws ever closer with each passing day, and if things stay the way they are now Frederick will not be ready for it.  He will need a taste of what is to come if he's to stand a chance."

Raven: "…Not that I ever believed him to have the strength to begin with but the Immoral Flame has gone through a great deal enough already.  Besides… he's too merciful.  Twice has he spared the life of a Gear, and both of them were Command Types."

???: "But that is exactly my point.  He has not lost his humanity, and because of it was able to see their innocence.  I have foreseen every possible outcome up to the point of the Apocalypse, and many of them will result in Frederick either losing to it or succumbing to his Gear nature.  He will need the strengths of both Human and Gear without the one encroaching on the other.  The problem is…"

Raven: "His Gear half becomes in conflict with his Human half when tapping into his power because of the forced joining of animal and human DNA with complex magic Chords.  This joining makes up his Gear Core.  If he is to fully enter Dragon Install with no fear of losing his mind, his Core would need to be in harmony with itself like Justice's.  He would need…"

???: "Justice was a complete Gear, but Frederick is not.  He is a prototype, after all.  So he would need to become complete in that sense.  However, the magical energy required to do so go beyond even the Twelve Steps."

Raven: "Beyond the… impossible!  If that is truly the case, then… it is beyond even you."

???: "Sad, but true.  I am not God, so even I have my limitations.  Therefore, the answer we seek would have to be found from within the source of magic itself."

Raven: "You're talking about the Backyard, aren't you?"

???: "The Backyard is the source of transferred information that makes up most of the world as physical manifested data.  It is what makes our world exist.  If there is anything with the power to make Frederick complete, it would be there."

Raven: "Your Holiness… wouldn't it be easier to simply create another Complete Gear?  Statistically, chances of success would be considerably higher in creating another 'Justice' than the completion of the prototype's core."

???: "I've come to realize that Frederick's power is something I cannot re-create.  Justice and her one hundred year war with the Humans, The Crusades, made it painfully obvious that I had failed.  I don't wish to repeat the same mistake a second time.  …With that said… I have a job for you."

Raven: "Of course, your Holiness.  Consider it already done."

???: "I must contact an old friend first and make known of my intentions.  Frederick's journey will stem outside of this world, and I have an idea as to where in the Backyard Frederick should be sent to… Raven?  You are to take him there."


[Dialog to be added]

---(Rock You)---

Sol tries to get in close to deal damage by going low with a Grand Viper, transforming into a human candle as he starts to barrel towards his assailant.  However, Ky, being all too familiar with Sol's fighting style, predicts this and extends his Thunder Seal sword appropriately to counter.  It works, causing Sol to stumble back in recoil.  With the offensive role switched to Ky's favor, he dashes forward and lashes out with slashes, kicks, and Stun Edges, keeping his fiery opponent pressured and unable to retaliate.

Caught off guard, Sol is now forced into a block position, all the while becoming increasingly annoyed with how today's events have led up to this point.

"All this is bullshit…"  Sol curses under his breath as his mind recollects how he got into a fight with Ky in the first place.  It was all because of some stupid tea cup collection he accidentally destroyed.  He never even knew it was Ky's, much less the fact that he owned one.  Out of all the stupid reasons that has ever compelled someone to fight him, this one was by far the most retarded.

Snapping back into reality, Sol had decided that he'd had enough of a fight with no valuable purpose.  Any fight that he didn't start himself was never worth his time.   Muttering something under his breath, Sol prepares an attack of his own.  Just as Ky had predicted his Grand Viper, so too has Sol predicted Ky's [work in progress] "It's the same shit day after day..." he says as he maintains his defense, waiting for the chivalrous Boy Scout to try his forward heavy slash.

As if on cue, Ky twirls forward on his heel and was going to hit Sol with an electrically charged slash attack.  However, before he could finish his attack, he is suddenly cut off with a – "Volcanic Viper!"  With his world suddenly set ablaze, Ky is sent flying towards the ceiling above due to Sol's signature uppercut.

- Utilize "Fighting Is Magic" into the story in some way.  If any of the Mane Six (except Fluttershy) are put into a combat situation, referencing their move list from the game is recommended.

- Utilizing 'The Backyard' into the story in some way is recommended, due to its significance in the Guilty Gear world.
    o Magic exists in both franchises.  This is very important and should be considered for potential use in the story.
    o Consider having Guilty Gear's Earth and MLP: FIM's Equestria exist in the same universe, but not necessarily on the same planet or time frame.
- Consider how many of the Guilty Gear cast members are to be involved in the fan fiction?
    o Originally planned to be only Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske.  However, Slayer and Faust could make an appearance.

- Having Lyra Heartstrings interact with some of the Guilty Gear cast members should be considered for potential humor.
    o Another consideration is the addition of Faust and Pinkie Pie, for both have exceptionally unorthodox but devastating physical abilities, are known to break the 4th wall and are both precieved as having a darker side to them (Ex. Faut is to Dr. Baldhead as Pinkie Pie is to Pinkamena Diane Pie).  Their interaction with each other could be used for humor as well as a possible side-story.

- Keep in mind of each character's personal information, Guilty Gear cast member or famous ponies alike, that are to be involved/added in the fan fiction (their likes, dislikes, hobbies, goals, past history, etc.).
    o Ky Kiske collects tea cups for his teacup collection.  …Would suck if something happened to it.
    o Ky's sword is named the Fuuraiken (Thunderseal) and Sol's is the Fuuenken (Fireseal).
    o Sol is a huge fan of the once famous rock band 'Queen'.  This should be taken into consideration during the story as a possible tool to invoke dialog from him (Ex. Quoting lyrics to their songs during appropriate situations).
    o In Holy Zen, a Guilty Gear sprite comic by Shadow Draygon, Sol harbored an intense illogical hatred for squrriels.
    o Rarity is a fashionista.  Before her fight with Sol, would she rip on him for his taste in RIOT brand clothing or praise him for it?  What would she think of his clothes?

- Consider whether or not if the Equine's language should be the same as the Guilty Gear cast members.

Brainstorming the Plot:

Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske are in the middle of a fight due to something silly and comedic, when suddenly Raven appears and opens a gateway to the Backyard.  Ky is forced through somehow while Sol tries to confront Raven, but is bested and forced through anyway.
From there, Sol appears somewhere in Equestria, a sublevel of the Backyard, but at a different place than Ky.  Ky will appear in pony form in Canterlot Castle.  From there, I have yet to make a solid story for Ky's side of the fanfic.  However…

When Sol regains consciousness, having been beaten by Raven to the point of collapse, he will wander for a bit, not sure what to make of his objective.  He'll know that, due to the pressure he's feeling, he is in one of the many sublevels of the Backyard.

As he wanders around, he'll start to hear 'noises' that will give him headaches.  The only things that give him these headaches are Gears that conceal their forms and the Youkai (residences of the backyard).
Having nowhere else to go, he sets out to find the source of one of the noises.

From there, I'll have Sol fight the Mane Six, one after the other.  Perhaps the 'noise' he's hearing are the individual Elements of Harmony?  Still working on that.

Eventually, though, I plan on having Sol fight a "Boss".  However, he'll lose to whoever that is supposed to be (I haven't figured that part out yet) and will have to utilize the Elements of Harmony in order to stabilize his Gear Core.  That way, he would be able to fully enter his Dragon Install, without fear of losing himself, and defeat this "Boss" in the second fight.

Sketchy, I know, but it's going somewhere at least.

Suggestions by friends:
Okay, dig this my man.
Being that the majority of ponyville is herbivorous, Sol's hunger for meat comes as a factor. So Sol stumbles onto Fluttershy's home, abd at first Fluttershy is fascinated by the new creature, but Sol can barely concentrate due to his hunger. But then Sol spots a chicken coop, and Sol walk to the coop, and spots a chicken. Then it cuts to the next scene where it's nighttime, and we see a roasted chicken on a spit roast, with Sol eating a chicken leg, and Fluttershy sitting there traumatized. Sol then offers a chicken leg to FS, and it ends with her fainting. All while Sol remains quiet.
Sol: The name is Sol... Sol Badguy
Twilight: My name is Twilight Sparkle
Sol: heh, what kind of a name is Twilight Sparkle?
Twilight:What kind of a name is Sol Badguy?
I just remembered something...

In Holy Zen, the Guilty Gear sprite comic by Shadow Draygon, there was a story arc where Dizzy wanted to wield both the Fireseal and Thunderseal swords in an attempt to go mad with power and rule the world.  

In Guilty Gear canon, those two swords are but two of eight Jinkies that form The Outrage: powerful anti-Gear weapons created by Sol Badguy.  They function by enhancing the magical abilities of their users depending on what element they enhance (Ex. Fireseal enhances fire-based magic).

What if a certain magically talented pony got a hold of Sol and Ky's swords... and became tempted with the possibility of becoming the most powerful pony who ever lived.
Idea for Friendship Core: Sol needs to take a train in order to travel to (insert location here) to search for answers, but has no money. And later it turns out that Iron Will has come to town, taking bets to see if anypony can take him down in 5 minutes. Sol agrees to the competition, and whoops Iron Wills ass.
In Friendship core, I think when Sol finally meets ponyfied Ky, he should just laugh uncontrollably, just go into detail on how Sol has never laughed in his life as a gear but this is so damn funny that he actually just starts tearing up.

|My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Hasbro
|Guilty Gear by ARC System Works
|This idea by me and my writing partner.

Suggestions are encouraged!
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