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Introducing Basawe



Anybody here remember that 'Super Blade' pic I made depicting a Super Saiyan version of me? Well, I was bored, and I honestly hate that picture, so I took that Super Saiyan form and gave it a makeover, a backstory, and some actual muscle tone.

The result is Basawe (a combination of 'Blade' and 'wasabi,' which IS a vegetable and so it fits the weird naming system Saiyans use), an alternate universe Saiyan with a manic attitude and a rather unusual birth defect: He was born without a tail. As a result, he was born much weaker than other Saiyans, but due to his wild temper, he managed to go Super Saiyan as a toddler having a tantrum.

Because of his lack of a tail and his ability to go Super Saiyan so young, Basawe was picked on and called a freak as a kid. So, being the erratically-behaving hothead that he is, he did what all kids do: Beat the crap out of everyone who picked on him, and when he couldn't, he fought harder. By the age of 9, he ascended to Super Saiyan 2, and at the age of 17, he went Super Saiyan 3 for the first time.

Unfortunately, Basawe's awesome power affected him in a negative way at times, making him cocky and something of a bully himself. And one day, he picked the wrong fight and wound up critically injured. He needed much time to recover, and even a blood transfusion from another Saiyan.

That blood is where his Super Saiyan Extra form comes from: Due to having energy from another Saiyan in him as well as his own, he became stronger and able to hold his ascended forms for longer, as well as something else: With no tail, he cannot become an Oozaru and, thus, he can't become a Golden Oozaru or a Super Saiyan 4. So what happens when moonlight strikes him? Before the blood transfusion, nothing.

But afterwards? The 10x power amplification that comes with an Oozaru transformation has nowhere to go. The foreign Saiyan blood in him - from a Saiyan with a tail - multiplies his current power by ten, as well as the foreign blood becoming ten times as energized.

The end result? At his absolutely most powerful, Basawe is 10x10=100 times stronger than his Super Saiyan 3 form. He's two Saiyans in one - one Saiyan extra. Hence the name, 'Super Saiyan EXTRA.'

But, like an Oozaru, he can barely control himself and his body is near-overloaded with power. So, yes, Super Saiyan Extra is stronger and lasts longer than Super Saiyan 4, but at the same time it is also much harder to control and much more dangerous.

And yes, I know he looks kinda like Trunks and/or Broly. Shut up. Spiky yellow hair can only be styled so many ways. -_-'

Super Saiyans and all that other DBZ-associated stuff are (C) Akira Toriyama. Don't sue me - I don't have any money anyway.

Also, props to :iconking-of-diamonds: for suggesting the condensed aura in his SSE form.
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Hehehe! Delightful!

And crunchy! ^w^ What a great back stuffage for him, its wonderful to see him finally