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~ I upload atleast 1 thing every month~

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CCS 2022 graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (focus in animation) and a minor in art history. I am working hard on creating my own projects such as animated work, comics, and a video game in the future. Right now I mainly post fan art, but more original work is on its way!

Important Notes:

- Luigi is my husbando

- Sans needs a hug

- I want Bayonetta 3 already!

Something I tell myself sometimes that keeps me motivated is "if someone else can do it, why can't I?"

Maybe it can help keep you motivated too! :)


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Favourite Movies
Tangled, Spiderverse, Wreck It Ralph
Favourite TV Shows
Winxclub, MHA, Svfoe, Amphibia, Demon School Iruma
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Nintendo Power Mario Comics
Favourite Games
Mario bros, Undertale/Deltarune, Genshin Impact, W101, Minecraft, Animal Crossing
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC/ Nintendo
Little update: For about (maybe) 2-3 months I won't be able to post as often because I have been recently accepted for an internship, which I am doing full time. While of course I am super happy that I got accepted, I also have been so upset over the fact that I just have little to no time to work on my own art, especially because the past 2 weeks I have been so motivated to draw so much. I have lots of things I am working on sketching out when I can, like new Scrapbooktale stories, some poll related art, animations and whatever else I can get to. I should still be able to post at least one thing each month while I am doing this internship, so really not a lot will change, but I still wanted to put out this little update! :)
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UPDATE: All 3 spots have been taken, however if you have interest in commissioning me please still feel free to reach out! It just will take a while to complete your order compared to if you were able to grab a spot :) .... One spot left open for commissions! I am super duper busy right now, I have recently been accepted into an internship, so that has been taking up all my time. Basically this means that while my commissions are not closing yet, now is the time to get one in case I do later on! :V
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Y'all I just literally woke up from having a dream where I was watching a new UT villian sans au being created and I swear I'm considering drawing and sharing the mess of a character..... 😶💀
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Hey all, so I wanted to just give a quick update regarding Deviantart's new thing with AI Art. For anyone who does not know yet, here is the journal from DA themselves about the whole thing: I know many users right now are leaving due to this, but I want to inform you all that I will not be going anywhere as of now (though I am also on tumblr and Instagram technically wink wink nudge nudge). I want to state though that I really do not like AI art and do not fully support it in the way it has been being used. Why DA didn't make it so each user is opted out automatically from this is beyond me. Many people have been saying you can only opt out of it by going to each one of your art posts individually and then clicking to "opt out", which is a time consuming nightmare. I thought I was about to have to do this too, HOWEVER.... from me searching here and there it seems there is a way that wasn't communicated very well to make it so that all your work is opted out. You can do this
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TYSM for faving! It means a lot! 🌸

what are you going to do the B day of undertale?

I have something that I am drawing for the anniversary! :D

And possibly something else I that I will upload too but it's a secret for now~

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Thanks for the fav ^w^~ ♥