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My Favorite Character Bingo by SuperAwesomeHamtaro My Favorite Character Bingo :iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 10 55 Surprised Labra Face (AT) by SuperAwesomeHamtaro Surprised Labra Face (AT) :iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 13 25 Furry Pals 4 Life! (GIFT) by SuperAwesomeHamtaro Furry Pals 4 Life! (GIFT) :iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 7 28
Kira Deco Retold: Enter Dr. Hematite Deco!
[The script begins in a tall, tall mountain, where a grey wolf named Dr. Hematite is working in his secret lab. Assisting him is his yes-woman sidekick Wilu the fruit bat.]
Dr. Hematite: How are you doing, Wilu? Don't tell me you're messing up again!
Wilu: Oh, hello, Dr. Hematite~! I'm doing swell as usual~! I'm doing my very best not to mess up, so don't you worry~!
Dr. Hematite: Okay, I am trusting you little missy. You better NOT mess up.
Wilu: No worries~! I won't mess up~! I promise~!
Dr. Hematite: Alright then.
Wilu: Maybe we can dominate the world together~!
Dr. Hematite: You know, that ain't half bad.
Wilu: Really~? Do you think I have the potential to be your crony~?
Dr. Hematite: Yeah, why not.
Wilu: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Hematite~! You're the greatest~
Dr. Hematite: Okay, I guess.
[They get ready to experiment]
Wilu: Okay, now we're gonna make some experiments~!
Dr. Hematite: Cool.
[Then the duo make experiments together]
Dr. Hematite: This is turning out
:iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 6 3
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Valentine's Day in Jewel Land (RP Story)
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a Jewelpet story based on an RP between me and Harmony--Bunny on Discord. Credit to Harmony--Bunny for the RP, btw. Feel free to give me opinions in the comments down below. Remember, this is a Valentine's Day special, and it doesn't take place in certain Jewelpet universes, except maybe her AU. Until then, enjoy for now. ;)
One day in Jewel Land, it was Valentine's Day and Tour was minding his business as usual until he saw Ruby barging in with her custom chocolate fountain which made Tour fall on his stomach.
Ruby: Tooooour~! How do you like my custom chocolate fountain I made for Valentine's Daaaay~?
Tour: It looks pretty good, Ruby! I'm impressed!
Ruby: Aww, I'm glad you do, Tour-kun~!
Tour: In fact, I think trying your chocolate fountain wouldn't hurt!
Ruby: Yeeeeeee! Go on ahead~!
He got on his broomstick and took a lick from the chocolate fountain. His face was covered in chocolate, but managed to lick them of
:iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 6 16
Swappin' Species! by SuperAwesomeHamtaro Swappin' Species! :iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 6 35
Kira Deco Retold: Party at Jewel Town Deco!
[The script starts off at the Diamond Apartment, home to a few Jewelpets and the most popular place to stay to those who don't have homes of their own.]
[A TV screen is showing the bald wig quartet preforming jokes.]
Bella: Hey sis~!
Pearl: Yeah?
Bella: Ya ever wonder what it's like to be a penguin?
Pearl: I don't recall...
Zircon: But get this, Pearl~! If you do, you'll be slip and sliding away~!
Morgan: All the way to the sky, since penguins are slippery~!
[Zoom out to reveal Alex and Brownie watching the show.]
Alex/Brownie: Ahahahahahaha!
Brownie: Aw man! Penguins are such amazing creatures!
Alex: Hahaha... yeah... you got that right, buddy.
Brownie: Say, Alex? ...I'm wondering what's up with our new friend Rosa? She seems to be doing well at her job as a meter maid...
Alex: Now that you've mentioned it...
[The two look out to see Rosa writing down some parking tickets.]
Alex: ...She does seem to do a good job at writing parking violation tickets for such a young age.
Brownie: Mmhm
:iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 3 7
Sunshine Rewritten - Jill the Sea Otter by SuperAwesomeHamtaro Sunshine Rewritten - Jill the Sea Otter :iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 7 3 In Memory of Aunt Vicky by SuperAwesomeHamtaro In Memory of Aunt Vicky :iconsuperawesomehamtaro:SuperAwesomeHamtaro 10 20


(REQUEST) Puffball Confusion by Harmony--Bunny (REQUEST) Puffball Confusion :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 19 17 Maddy by SinanJuke Maddy :iconsinanjuke:SinanJuke 6 4 'I've made my point.' by Harmony--Bunny 'I've made my point.' :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 5 8 (REQUEST) All Tired Out by Harmony--Bunny (REQUEST) All Tired Out :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 14 6 (REQUEST) Lovely Day for a Picnic by Harmony--Bunny (REQUEST) Lovely Day for a Picnic :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 12 3 SuperMarioLogan/South Park Crossover Drawing by TheNintendoFan1512 SuperMarioLogan/South Park Crossover Drawing :iconthenintendofan1512:TheNintendoFan1512 3 13 (REQUEST) Pancake and Uka Uka by Harmony--Bunny (REQUEST) Pancake and Uka Uka :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 6 5 St. Patrick's Day! (2019) by Harmony--Bunny St. Patrick's Day! (2019) :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 10 9 Peridot the Rapper (F2U Icon) by Harmony--Bunny Peridot the Rapper (F2U Icon) :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 11 14 (REQUEST) Where Are You, Lily? by Harmony--Bunny (REQUEST) Where Are You, Lily? :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 8 3 My Favorite Character Bingo by TheNintendoFan1512 My Favorite Character Bingo :iconthenintendofan1512:TheNintendoFan1512 6 28 (REQUEST) The Little Merbunny by Harmony--Bunny (REQUEST) The Little Merbunny :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 16 22 (REQUEST) Boom Tails by Harmony--Bunny (REQUEST) Boom Tails :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 32 10 'Yaaaaaaawn...' by Harmony--Bunny 'Yaaaaaaawn...' :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 17 21 secretary gang by kcdoos secretary gang :iconkcdoos:kcdoos 174 5 Scorbunny (Jewelpet Style) by Harmony--Bunny Scorbunny (Jewelpet Style) :iconharmony--bunny:Harmony--Bunny 41 19


by uchikun

That's so sad... It's too sad to see Tails die and Sonic cry... :tears: Anyway, That's a great picture you got there! :D I love the light effe...




Surprised Labra Face (AT)
Art trade with SinanJuke. He suggested me to draw Labra doing the surprised Pikachu face while he does my fursona in return. =P
I wonder what Labra's surprised about? She's probably surprised about Angela dancing with Flora, that's for sure. ;P
Jewelpet(c) Sanrio, Sega Toys
(WIP) Labra doing the Surprised Pikachu Face
Here's some WIP of Labra doing the surprise Pikachu face as part of an art trade with SinanJuke. Say tuned for the final product, buddy! ;)
Furry Pals 4 Life! (GIFT)
From left to right: Tristan (TheNintendoFan1512), Joyce (Harmony--Bunny) and Tuff (Tuff--Rubies).
This is my gift for all three of you! You three are my best friends and online siblings in the whole wide world! I'm so lucky to have closest buddies such as you three! I hope you three enjoy this pic as always! ^^

I made Tristan's fursona a panda because I thought it would suit him well. Hope he likes his fursona design too. :aww:
Joyce and Tuff's fursona designs(c) SinanJuke
Tristan's fursona design(c) SuperAwesomeHamtaro 
[The script begins in a tall, tall mountain, where a grey wolf named Dr. Hematite is working in his secret lab. Assisting him is his yes-woman sidekick Wilu the fruit bat.]

Dr. Hematite: How are you doing, Wilu? Don't tell me you're messing up again!

Wilu: Oh, hello, Dr. Hematite~! I'm doing swell as usual~! I'm doing my very best not to mess up, so don't you worry~!

Dr. Hematite: Okay, I am trusting you little missy. You better NOT mess up.

Wilu: No worries~! I won't mess up~! I promise~!

Dr. Hematite: Alright then.

Wilu: Maybe we can dominate the world together~!

Dr. Hematite: You know, that ain't half bad.

Wilu: Really~? Do you think I have the potential to be your crony~?

Dr. Hematite: Yeah, why not.

Wilu: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Hematite~! You're the greatest~

Dr. Hematite: Okay, I guess.

[They get ready to experiment]

Wilu: Okay, now we're gonna make some experiments~!

Dr. Hematite: Cool.

[Then the duo make experiments together]

Dr. Hematite: This is turning out good.

Wilu: I know, right~? It sure is~!

Dr. Hermatite: We're gonna take over the world

Wilu: You got that right~! We'll take over the world together~

Dr. Hermatite: Yes!

[They do their evil laugh together]


[Then it switches to Rosa, Kris and Flora]

Rosa: Hello desu~ I'm excited for my job today!

Kris: We're glad to hear that, Rosa!

Flora: Now good luck and make us proud as usual, my pal~!

Rosa: Thank you~!

Flora: By the way, Rosa; before you go... we want to discuss with you about something important today...

Rosa: What is it, desu~?

Kris: Today, we're going to celebrate something special honoring our new goddess, Decolina!

Rosa: That's so awesome, guys~!

Flora: Everyone in Jewel Town is invited, so I guess that means you're coming too~

Kris: We'll meet up tonight once you continue doing your meter maid duties. Until then, good luck!

Rosa: Thanks, Kris and Flora~! I'll do my best, desu~


[What they didn't know is that they are being watched by Dr. Hematite in his secret hideout]

Dr. Hematite: Arrgh... they are having fun but me! Why am I not invited to this celebration party honoring this "Decolina"?!

Wilu: I know exactly how you feel! I'm not invited either!

Dr. Hematite: [Grabs Wilu] We are going to sabotage this party together... and you will be helping me destroy the one source of Decolina's power... the Mirror Ball!

Wilu: [Gulp] Y-Y-Yes, sir...

Dr. Hematite: We'll have to set up some plans... [Brings out a blueprint and places it on the desk] So, the Mirror Ball is hung up during the Decolina Festival, and we will be destroying it through our big plan...

[The gray wolf began using a white marker to draw the plan he had in mind]

Wilu: Ooh, that plan sounds like a great idea~

Dr. Hematite: We will pass through as normal civilians through a disguise, and you will be holding a special detonator that will shatter the ball and spread its pieces across all of Jewel Land. Then, I will use a secret invention to suck up everyone's "Jewels of Fate", the sources of their bonds...

Wilu: Ooh, that's a perfect idea~! I love it~

Dr. Hematite: Then, we will dominate the entire universe, and I shall rule above all who oppose me!

Wilu: You got that right, and it's gonna be so awesome working with you~!

Dr. Hematite: Hehehe... indeed, my right-hand bat. We shall wait until we make our move, which is tonight. You'd better get ready, Wilu.

Wilu: Yes sir~! [Salutes]

Dr. Hematite: Up-up! Call me doctor, you insolent fool.

Wilu: S-Sorry... [Sweatdrop]

Dr. Hematite: [Chuckles to himself] Soon...


[Meanwhile, with Alex and Brownie in their new Party Joint building]

Brownie: I'm sure glad we got our new Party Joint building, Alex!

Alex: Hehe, yeah. But haven't we forgotten something...?

Brownie: Wait...

[Both gasp]

Alex/Brownie: We left our TV at our apartment room!!

Brownie: I can't believe we forgot our TV! What should we do?!

Alex: Aveline's probably taking it away by now... But we still have the broadcasts through Jewel Land's moon, right?

Brownie: Uh-huh. At least we can still see some broadcasts in Jewel Land's moon!

Alex: You got that right, Brownie ol' buddy. By the way, have you heard of the Decolina Festival that'll open up tonight?

Brownie: Uh-huh, and I'm super excited for it!

Alex: It's gonna have fairs, attractions, a big Go-Go Dance party, everything! But that doesn't mean we can't leave our Party Joint unless there's a more important event, right?

Brownie: Uh-huh, that's correct, Alex ol' pal!

Alex: We should tell everyone! C'mon! [Grabs Brownie's paw and storms off the front door]

Brownie: W-Whooooa!

[They pass by Rosa, drawing a butterfly on a parking violation ticket]

Rosa: Oh, hello Mr. Alex, Mr. Brownie-desu~!

Brownie: Hello! You must be Rosa!

Rosa: I hear you're going to the Decolina Festival too-desu~!

Alex: Indeed, my fellow cop-in-training!

Brownie: Rosa, did you get invited to the Decolina Festival too?

Rosa: Flora and Kris told me about it-desu~

Brownie: That's awesome!

Alex: We'll be off to tell everyone... but you can come along and help us if you want.

Rosa: Sure, desu~!

Brownie: Alright! Let's go! I hope Kris and Flora won't find out and get mad.

Alex: You said it, Brownie!

Rosa: Don't worry, Kris and Flora won't get mad~! In fact, I'm pretty sure they won't mind at all~

Brownie: Off we go, then!

[And so, the trio went to tell everyone about the upcoming Decolina Festival, who are at the town square.]

Kaiya: Like, have you heard of the Decolina Festival~? I don't know who proposed it, but I'm certain its Decolina herself who did.

Topaz: [Giggle] Tell me about it, Kaiya~

[Alex, Brownie and Rosa arrive at the Jewel Town square, where the other Jewelpets are talking about the festival itself as well]

Rosa: Hello, girls-desu~!

Chite: Ooh! Look who's here, wan!

Io: It's Alex, Brownie & Rosa, dachi!

Sango: It sure is, nya~!

Rosa: We came to tell you about the upcoming Decolina Festival, desu~!

Larimar: No need, I told everyone about it~!

Alex: That's good to know, Larimar.

Brownie: I'm pretty sure Decolina herself is the one who thought it up!

Rosa: I'm pretty sure about that too, desu~!

Sango: So am I, nya~!

Sapphie: [Checks her Jewel Pod, with the newly-implemented Philosopher's Stone on the center] Ah, according to this, Decolina did claim the Decolina Festival to be on May 1!

Garnet: Which is today~!

Rosa: That's so awesome, desu~!

Io: We're gonna boogie all night long, dachi!

Larimar: You and me, Io~!

Nephrite: Imagine all the food we can eat during the festival...! [Drooling]

Nix: Oh, Nephrite, you're always obsessed with food.

Rosa: Either way... I wish you all good luck on the preperations, desu~!

Alex: You're always positive, Rosa; the definition of a friend!

Brownie: What he said! That's what we like about you! We love how you're always so positive!

Rosa: Aww, thank you desu~!

Sango: Everyone, let's set up everything with our Jewels of Fate~!

Everyone: Okay!


[Dr. Hematite looks at the tube]

Wilu: Is there a source of this~?

Dr. Hematite: [Checks his laptop after inspecting the tube, and finds that Rosa is smiling while everyone adores her] So, it's this little girl...

Wilu: She must be super positive that your tube of evil is beginning to turn from negative to positive energy, heehee~!

Dr. Hematite: I... HATE... positivity!

Wilu: So do I, doctor! Let's make this tube have some negative energy~!

Dr. Hematite: Then we have to execute our plan at the start of 6:00 PM! Wilu! Inspect the alarm clock and pay close attention to its hands!

Wilu: Yes, doctor~!

[Wilu flaps over to the clock on the desk]

Dr. Hematite: I have prepared the detonator, but not the invention... we still have plenty of time... [Chuckle]

[Later, it is now 5:00 PM, and Rosa ended her shift to attend the festival at 6:00 PM]

Rosa: Lalalala~ Ooh? [Notices a strange oasis on her way home] What's this, desu~?

[She then inspects the oasis]

Rosa: [Looks at the water's reflection] Oooh...?

[Suddenly, she hears a voice]

Decolina: Rosa... is it~?

Rosa: Yup, that's me, desu~!

Decolina: [Appears in front of Rosa herself] Oh~! Its you! I am the one responsible for you being born.

Rosa: Are you the one who thought up the Decolina Festival~?

Decolina: Why, yes~! I thought it would be boring to just watch over all of you like a typical Goddess, so I decided to set up a yearly event honoring yours truly, deco~!

Rosa: That's very wonderful, desu~!

Decolina: You might even be my guest of honor, if you'd like, deco~!

Rosa: I'd love to be your guest of honor, desu~!

Decolina: Then its settled. Be sure to tell your roommates Angela and Labra too, deco~!

Rosa: Okay, desu~!

[Rosa smiles as she walks off to her home]

Decolina: You might even be the chosen one... [Giggle]

[Back at Rosa's house...]

Angela: Paca~? [Checks the flyer to the Decolina Festival that appeared in front of them]

Labra: Oooh, a festival-labu~

[Rosa comes in]

Rosa: Guess what, Labra-desu, Angela-desu~?

Angela/Labra: [Looks at Rosa smiling] We know-paca/labu~! [Brings up the flyer]

Rosa: I'm gonna be Decolina's guest of honor, desu~!

Angela: She told us about it via telepathy-paca~

Rosa: The Decolina Festival's gonna be so much fun, desu~!

Labra: Labula will have so much fun, labu~!

Angela: Are we ready to go, paca~?

Rosa: Yup, we're ready to go, desu~!

Labra: Labu~! [Hops onto Angela's back] C'mon, Rosa-labu~!

Rosa: Okay, desu~!

[Rosa then hops onto Angela as they trot their way outside]


[It is now 6:00 PM, the alarm clock rang, startling Wilu]

Wilu: Eeeeep! [Fell down] It's time to initiate Operation: Go-Go Bye-Bye~!

Dr. Hematite: That may be a stupid name, but we shall do our best... [Brings up old lady and baby disguises]

Wilu: Uhh... what are these, doctor~?

Dr. Hematite: Those are old lady and baby disguises, you fool!

Wilu: Oooooooh~! ...What was the plan again?

Dr. Hematite: Pay attention, you scatterbrain! We'll be using these to pass off as regular citizens of Jewel Town, and when that time comes... Boom! Farewell to the Mirror Ball!

Wilu: Right... I guess that means I'm gonna be the baby~?

[Dr. Hematite forcibly puts on the baby hat on her and places her on the baby carriage, while he puts on the old lady dress and wig]

Dr. Hematite: Now pay attention and act natural. Got that?

Wilu: Yes, doctor.

[The wolf then presses a button to bring an escalator to bring them down to Jewel Town, as he pushes the carriage down the escalator]


[It is now the night of the Decolina Festival, there were fairs, theme park attractions, and even a big dance floor with the Mirror Ball at the top of the sky. The pets notice that something is going on.]

Rosa: What's going on, desu~?

Angela: Wow... look at everyone having fun-paca~!

Labra: This is the best, labu~

Kris: [Tosses a ring at a fair game but it missed the pole] Shoot... your turn, my lambchops.

Flora: Right, here goes...

[Flora proceeds to toss a ring at the fair game, but somehow she wins. Kris stands there in complete and utter shock as Flora receives her prize.]

Flora: Yay~

Kris: ...A-amazing!

Sango: [Attending a cotton candy cart] Who wants this honey-dipped cotton candy-nyan~?

Charotte: Approved by yours truly, bzz~!

Rosa: Ooh, ooh, me-desu~!

Sango: Alright, have some cotton candy, nya~!

Rosa: Thank you, desu~! [Eats the honey-dipped cotton candy] Wow, this honey-dipped cotton candy is so yummy~!

Sango: You're welcome, nyan~! I am glad you like it!

Charotte: Yes, bzz~! I am so happy you enjoy my honey.

Rosa: It's really yummy~! I love how it's cotton candy combined with honey~

Sango: Well, it is, nyan~

Rosa: Awesome~!

Sango: Yes! So yummy~ [stuffs some of her cotton candy in her mouth]

Rosa: I'm glad you girls made the best cotton candy!

[Charotte has second thoughts... meanwhile, Angela and Labra are riding the teacups decorated with sparkly gems]

Labra: Labuuuu~!

Angela: Pacaaaaaa~

Labra: This is so fun, labu~!

Angela: It sure is, paca~!

[It then switches to Dr. Hematite and Wilu popping out of the bushes]

Dr. Hematite: This is it, my smarty sidekick... it is time to make our move!

Wilu: Alright, let's do this~!

[Wilu began flapping over to the festival, but the grey wolf grabs her before she could make her move]

Dr. Hematite: Slow down, Wilu.

Wilu: Why, doctor~? I was just about to make my move~!

Dr. Hematite: You stay in your carriage until I say so.

Wilu: Yes, doctor.

Dr. Hematite: [Brings out binoculars and spies on the dance floor] Oh, there she is... about to make her grand entrance!

Wilu: Decolina does exist~?

Dr. Hematite: Indeed. We'll go when I bring out the signal.

Wilu: Okay, doctor~!

[At the dance floor]

Decolina: Calling all Jewelpets, deco~!

[Everyone attending the festival walk over to the dance floor where Decolina is about to make her speech]

Decolina: I want to thank you all for attending the Decolina Festival, a celebration honoring me, deco~!

Diana: [Giggle] No problem, Decolina. I would be pretty lonely without Coal, and of course, you.

Coal: Aww, shucks-yami... [Blushes]

Flora: Wow, Diana, Decolina and Coal are really getting along well~!

Kris: I'll say!

Ruby: We're having fun with our children, Jewelina-

Tour: Um, it's Decolina; Ruby.

Ruby: Riiiiight, silly me.

Touruby: Man, our mom's an idiot...

Pearlia: Yeah, our mommy can't even say Decolina's name right...

Decolina: We have a guest of honor for this year's festival, deco~!

Rosa: That's me, desu~!

[Everyone gasps, then cheered]

Labra: Rosa-labu~!

Angela: Paca~!

Ryl: Amazing! That beautiful dress looks good on you, Rosa~! [Takes a snapshot]

Charotte: Eh, I guess so; bzz.

Rosa: [Giggle] Thank you, Mrs. Ryl-desu~

Decolina: We shall begin the Go-Go Dance!

Ruby/Tour/Garnet: Yay! Our favorite!

Pearlia: I've never tried the Go-Go Dance before~! I wanna try it~

Touruby: It's easy! Just do what our parents do, sis!

Pearlia: Okay, big brother~!

Decolina: Everybody, Go-Go~!

[They start to do the Go-Go Dance]

Rosa: [Dances around in circles] Wheeeeee~ This is fun, desu~!

[Her dress glimmers and shines, awing the dancers]

Kaiya: She is so marvelous and beautiful, am I right, Lapis?

Lapis: You said it, Kaiya. She is our guest of honor, after all.

King: Look what I can do, dasu!

[King does what he can do]

Io: Wow, King is really good, dachi!

Kohaku: You're right, Io! He's really amazing, shiba!

Io: If only I could do that good...

Larimar: Don't worry, Io. I know you can do it eventually if you try hard enough~! Hee hee~!

Io: [Blushing] T-thanks, Larimar... dachi...

Larimar: [Smiles and winks] Don't mention it~!

Opal: Check me out~! [Flies up and swings some glow sticks]

Topaz: Oooh~! What do you call that, Opal~?

Opal: The Glow-in-the-dark Groove~!

Rosa: Amazing, desu~!

Decolina: That's a well thought out dance move, deco~!

[Then, all of a sudden, Dr. Hematite passes by as a mother taking her baby out on a stroll]

Dr. Hematite: Ah, hello~! Is there a place I can sit and watch all of you dance? I don't want to awaken my beautiful baby girl here~

Labra: Sure, labu!

[Labra suddenly realizes something...]

Labra: Wait, WHAT-labu?! [Checks on the baby bat] ...Labu...

Angela: What's wrong-paca~?

Labra: Its a bat, labu!!! I'm scared!!

Angela: Paca~?

Dr. Hematite: Isn't my baby adorable~?

Wilu: Googoo~

Labra: [Cries] Its scary, Labu....

Angela: I kinda have to agree with Labra-paca. This bat is kinda creepy, paca.

Dr. Hematite: How rude!

["She" walks off]

Rin: What just happened~?

Angela: Well, this old lady showed Labra that baby bat and it scared her, paca!

Labra: Labu...!

Rin: A bat? We don't see those around Jewel Town lately... they usually come out at night~!

Angela: Well, that baby bat just came out earlier, paca!

Rin: Come to think of it... that lady looks like a wolf... who also comes out at night. I think.

Angela: That wolf also came out earlier too, paca.

Rin: Something's suspicious, and I'm not resting until I find out~!

Dr. Hematite: [Stops in place] You, Wilu! Did you see that naughty brat Labra?

Wilu: Uh-huh...

Dr. Hematite: Now it is time to bring out the bait... out with it!

[The fruit bat salutes and brings out a gigantic lollipop with a detonation device]

Dr. Hematite: Perfect... they'll never know what they got coming.

Labra: [Notices a lollipop] Labuuuuu~!

Angela: [Became worried] Labra! Don't eat that, paca!

Labra: Labu!

Wilu: Oi! That's MY lollipop!

[They began doing tug-o-war with the lollipop]

Angela: (I hope Labra doesn't get that lollipop because I just know that the lollipop is a trap, paca...)

Rosa: W-What are you doing, desu?!

Labra: Laaa-!

[Suddenly, the lollipop flew up into the Mirror Ball as the detonator hits 0, causing it to explode and shatter the ball itself into Deco Stones again]

Decolina: Oh no...

All: [Gasp]!

Flora: Oh no! The Mirror Ball!

Tour: I had a feeling this would happen...

Nix: Oh nononono! Not again!

Decolina: That means... [Checks her left foot beginning to turn into stone]

Larimar: P-Professor?!

Rosa: What are you, desu?!

Dr. Hematite: [Takes off his disguise] I am Dr. Hematite, soon to be dictator and ruler of the universe!

Wilu: [Takes off hat] And I'm Wilu, his loyal sidekick~!

Brownie: So, you two were the ones who were responsible for shattering that Mirror Ball!

Dr. Hematite: [Chuckle] Indeed... you can say goodbye to your Goddess, for I have shattered the Mirror Ball once more!

Opal: Curse you, Dr. Hematite and Wilu! We're gonna defeat you once and for all! We swear it!

Luea: Indeed!

Diana: I may be evil before, but don't you dare try to remind me of it!

Decolina: [Notices her lower body turning into concrete] Jewelpets... teach that wolf and bat a lesson!

Ruby: Don't worry, Decolina! We're gonna teach these two bad guys a lesson!

Tour: That's my Ruby!

Touruby: Finally! About time our mom said Decolina's name right!

Pearlia: It's a miracle~!

Ruby: You two, find a place to hide in~!

Touruby: Right, c'mon sis! [Grabs her paw]

Pearlia: Okay, big brother~!

Dr. Hematite: Try as you might, but you'll never see Decolina ever again... and the so-called "Decolina Festival" is cancelled!

Ruby: How dare you, Dr. Hematite?! I'll never forgive your for shattering that Mirror Ball!

Rosa: Oooooh! You're making me MAD, desu!!

Dr. Hematite: Come at me! [Gets Wilu to fly him up as he brings out a vacuum device]

Wilu: Grrg... so heavy...!

Dr. Hematite: You can also say goodbye to your Jewels of Fate!

[He sucks up the RubyTourmaline, GarnetDian, SapphireNephrite, AngeLabradorite, CitrinePeridot, TopazKyanite, BrownAlexandrite, EmeraldMoonstone, FluoriteColla, AmberChrysoprase, TitaniteAmethyst, TurquoiseGranite, LarimarIolite, CoralCharoite, AquamarineSardonyx, MalachiteEuclase and Blue Opal-tite]

Rin: Nononono! Not me and Peridot's Jewel of Fate! [Attempts to get it back by flapping over and grabbing it with her talon, but the sucking power was too strong for Rin to handle as she gets sent to the ground] Ow...

Peridot: You monster! Why did you do all this?!

Dr. Hematite: That would be a secret... I'm not telling you no matter what you do.

Wilu: You said it~!

Ruby: W-without our RubyTourmaline, we can't resummon the Deco Stones...

Io: [Panicking] And it won't be the same without our LarimarIolite, dachi!

Larimar: Aww, come here...

Luea: Without our Blue Opal-tite, how will we reveal our friendship...?!

Opal: I don't know! I can't believe that jerk sucked up our Blue Opal-tite!

Dr. Hematite: This won't be the last time you'll be seeing of me...

Wilu: Y-Yeah! Can I let you go now, doctor...?

Dr. Hematite: Very well.

[When she lets go of the wolf, he fell face-first onto the ground]

Dr. Hematite: You should've lowered down...

Rosa: Stealing everybody's Jewels of Fate-desu? What a meanie! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Dr. Hematite: Haha... my work here is done, but my plan is not yet finished... I'll be back for you, Jewelpets! And when I do... I'll destroy you all!

Coal: Not until WE defeat your first, yami!

Dr. Hematite: Oh, so what?

Tata: Uki ukiiiiiii! [Gets angry]

Yuku: Calm down, Tata!

Prase: Yuku is right! You gotta chill out!

Tata: Ukiiiiii! [Began charging at the doctor]

Wilu: Whaaa-! [Slams Tata's face]

Tata: Ow...! M-my face-uki...

Wilu: Let's get outta here, doc~!

Rosa: D-Decolina-desu...? Are you okay...?

Decolina: Not at all, deco... I'm turning into stone again...

Alex: What can we do? Anything we can do to stop this from ever happening?

Decolina: All of you... a new foe has emerged before you... don't let him steal... the Deco Stones again... or else a disaster will fall- [Gets fully turned into stone]

Larimar: D-Decorisky! Nooooo! [Wails]

Amelie: [Came over to Larimar] Don't be sad, Larimar~! We'll get the Deco Stones and teach Dr. Hematite and Wilu a lesson!

Larimar: I know... but... my former mentor is gone...!

Luea: Larimar. I'm still here, remember~?

Larimar: Y-Yes... Master Luea. [Smiles]

Tour: What can we do, sweetie? Without our Jewel of Fates, we can't restore the Mirror Ball!

Ruby: Let's face it, this would've been over way too quickly if we still had our RubyTourmaline~!

Tour: Kids, you can come out now!

[Touruby and Pearlia came out]

Pearlia: What happened, mommy and daddy?

Touruby: Yeah, what happened?

Ruby: Tour...?

Tour: ...Our Jewel of Fates... they were stolen. And the Mirror Ball shattered again.

Touruby/Pearlia: Aww, that's too bad.

Pearlia: I feel especially bad for our mommy and daddy, who are supposed to be the "Deco Stone Masters"...

Angela: Paca...

Labra: I'm sorry, Angela-labu...

Angela: It's not your fault, Labra-paca... It was that meanie wolf and that meanie bat's fault, paca!

Labra: Labu...! [Gets angry]

[Out of curiosity, Rosa walked over to the Decolina statue, while shedding a tear over this revelation.]

Rosa: [Sheds a tear] Decolina... Why did you have to turn into a stone, desu...?

Garnet: What do we do now...?

Sapphie: Maybe... we can try to find the Deco Stones all over again.

Rosa: Miss Sapphie's right, desu~! We can't give up now!

Tour: Yeah! We're not cowards, are we?

Ruby: Nope! You said it, sweetie~! Looks like we'll have to start from square one!

Touruby/Pearlia: We'll help too!

Ruby: We'd really appreciate your assistance, kids~! So, sure, you two can help too!

Touruby/Pearlia: Yay!

Kris: And with our police officer-in-training Rosa, we'll be sure to find them before that grey wolf does!

Flora: Mm-hm~!

Rosa: I'll do my best to be of assistance too, desu~!

Ruby: So its settled... we'll recollect the Deco Stones, get our Jewels of Fate back, defeat that "Dr. Hematite" and restore Jewel- I mean Decolina to normal~!

All: Yeah!

[From above the sky, Dr. Hematite is watching everyone at the distance]

Dr. Hematite: I'll be back for you, Jewelpets... the party is over, but the fun has begun.

Wilu: C'mon, doctor! Let's go home...!

Dr. Hematite: Maybe I'll have a few tricks up my sleeve... soon... the entire universe will be plunged into darkness... Hehehe...

Wilu: C'moooon!

Dr. Hematite: Quit interrupting my inner thoughts! Back in your cage for you, Wilu!

Wilu: [Sigh] Yes, doctor...

Dr. Hematite: Argh, the things I do for a living!

[The duo left back to the mountain cave, hoping to hatch another scheme...]


[Two new baddies, Dr. Hematite and his sidekick Wilu shattered the Mirror Ball during the Decolina Festival, causing the Goddess herself to turn into stone again. The Jewels of Fate are all obtained by the mad scientist himself, too. But can the Jewelpets find the Deco Stones, their Jewels of Fate and defeat the grey wolf and fruit bat? Find out in the next episode of Jewelpet Kira☆Deco! Retold.)

[End of script]
Kira Deco Retold: Enter Dr. Hematite Deco!
This is Episode 55 of Kira Deco Retold.
The Jewelpets were invited to the Decolina Festival. However, Dr. Hematite and Wilu plan on shattering the Mirror Ball as well as suck up the Jewels of Fate.
Credit to Harmony--Bunny, Tuff--Rubies and SinanJuke
Jewelpet(c) Sanrio, Sega Toys
Jewelpet: Kira☆Deco! Retold(c) SuperAwesomeHamtaro, Harmony--Bunny
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