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Yakuza Frisk vs Hitman Flowey (Undertale)
Based on the characters created by Channydraws I hope you enjoy it :)
The alarm rang at precisely 6 AM. Flowey directly opened his eyes and cut it out. He sat on his bed, stretched for a bit, and walked towards the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and started brushing his long blond hair. He turned on the water, got undressed, and took a quick but thorough shower. He needed to look classy for the party.
Indeed, that party was really important, because it was where his next target would be tonight : Frisk, the big boss of the Yakuza. You see, Flowey was an assassin, a Hitman. He had more than 300 kills down his list. He had killed so many people, bad people, good people, no matter if they were man, woman or even child. This was just a job to him. As long as the client paid, a kill was just a kill.
However he had grown bored of his job. It was too easy, there was no challenge. Their security was shit, if there even was a security. Flowey didn't count bodyguards as security. Too easy to
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Mature content
Jealous Yakuza (Undertale sin) :iconsuperawesomebestman:Superawesomebestman 5 12
Lilith interrogates part 2
Here's the next part ! For Atomic52 's contest. Read the first part if you didn't.
The kid was stunned. This girl was Black Hat's daughter ?! How was that possible. Like, ok, she was intimidating when she made that creepy face, but right now she was...
"How is that possible ?!" he exclaimed, "You're too cute to be Black Hat's daughter !"
"W-What ?" she stuttered "Don't say things like that !"
"But it's true ! You must be joking ! Black Hat's daughter couldn't be so adorable !"
"Shut up ! I'm terrifying !"
"No you're not !"
Her eyes turned fully red, her teeth became as sharp as razors, her horns grew longer. She was looking like the damn Devil itself. The kid screamed in terror.
"I. Am. Scary. If you don't believe me, let me show you why I'm Black Hat's"
She grabbed him by his hair.
"I'm tired of you. If you don't tell me anything, I'll make you talk with other ways"
"That's my girl"
These words surprised Lilith. She knew that cold, evil voice. Her face came back to normal and she
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Lillith interrogates part 1
This story is for Atomic52 's contest. I release only first part for the moment cause I'm not done with it just yet. I hope you'll enjoy it !
(No mature content in this)
Lillith was on her way to the interrogation room. Black Hat had ordered her to make a guy talk. He tried to get in their house but got caught. It's her job to know why. She was a little stressed : it was her first interrogator. But she wanted to make daddy proud. She slowly opened the door, trying to look menacing. She took a glance at the prisoner. He was a young boy, probably even younger than her. She had second thoughts. She couldn't hurt a child ! But then... She saw his clothes : a superhero, or most likely a hero's sidekick. She didn't have to try to look menacing, it happened naturally. At this moment, he wasn't a kid anymore : just another foe trying to hurt her family. Never in hell.
The sidekick saw her creepy face and looked terrified. But even so, he stuttered :
"Y-You don't s-s-scare me ! Y-Y-You...
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Based on the characters created by Channydraws I hope you enjoy it :)

The alarm rang at precisely 6 AM. Flowey directly opened his eyes and cut it out. He sat on his bed, stretched for a bit, and walked towards the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and started brushing his long blond hair. He turned on the water, got undressed, and took a quick but thorough shower. He needed to look classy for the party.

Indeed, that party was really important, because it was where his next target would be tonight : Frisk, the big boss of the Yakuza. You see, Flowey was an assassin, a Hitman. He had more than 300 kills down his list. He had killed so many people, bad people, good people, no matter if they were man, woman or even child. This was just a job to him. As long as the client paid, a kill was just a kill.

However he had grown bored of his job. It was too easy, there was no challenge. Their security was shit, if there even was a security. Flowey didn't count bodyguards as security. Too easy to deceive and to kill. They were no challenge for him. Back then, when he started as Yakuza, they could have been maybe a little bit of problem, but today, he was so experienced he would most of the time simply pass them by without even trying to kill them.

But today, maybe his target Frisk would be a little bit more challenging. After all, she was the queen of the Yakuza. A born killer. She had an impressive kill count of more or less 280 people. It wasn't as much as Flowey but it was still damn impressive. Besides, he was not counting the hundreds of deaths she indirectly provoked. Clearly she was impressive, but so were the others too. Even though he had a little hope with Frisk, he still didn't expect much. Besides, women were his jam. He had seduced and killed many women before. If needed, he could do the same. Well he probably couldn't though. To seduce her, he should be able to get close, but with the many bodyguards around her it would be hard. A bodyguard wasn't a problem, even if there were hundreds he could easily kill each and everyone of them. But fighting bodyguards in the open would blow his cover, and he wasn't stupid or careless enough to do that. He could shoot her with a sniper bullet, but the windows were tinted and his infrared telescope was broken. He could have tried to ambush her to kill her in a fair fight one-on-one. That would be interesting and challenging to fight another pro. But she could just call her guards and he'd end up being the one ambushed. No, the best plan would be to simply wait for her to make her speech, and discreetly follow her when she leaves. She would be followed by her guards, but when she's alone, he'd just sneak behind her and strangle her with his piano cord, just like he had done many times ago. No. She deserved something more special. She was not anyone after all. Snap her neck ? Nah, too common.

Flowey had really been thinking about a way to kill her worthy of the Yakuza Queen. He had a beautiful katana he had crafted himself. The blade was made of silver, and it had tasted the blood of many other great people. It was clearly a weapon worthy of killing Frisk. But it would make her bleed, and she was too beautiful to be emptied of her blood. No, it needed to conserve her body perfectly, she deserved a honorable death, not a barbaric mess. Strangling her was too violent.

After much thought, he remembered something. In her office, there was a big aquarium Frisk's grandmother, the former big boss, had given her after her death. Drowning her in it would be a death worthy of an incredible woman like Frisk. Dead drown in her grandmother's aquarium. Poetic, and it wouldn't damage her body.

He had readied everything. He had murdered a guest in an alleyway and had stolen his invitation. For this mission, he was now Ferdinand Leroy, a french rich man. He had his fake ID and his plan with him. There was no needs of weapon for tonight, eventually he'd just steal a weapon from a guard once inside. He was ready.

The party would start at 8 AM. Frisk would show up at 5 PM. Then she'd be alone around 6. He left his apartment, set the defensive system, locked the door and left the abandoned building. He took away the leaves he used to hide the car and drove to the party. He would arrive at 3 PM then would wait a hour before finally walking in. He needed to find a possible exit.

Hours of driving later, he hid the car in a nearby alley and took cover. He observed the Yakuza's manor to gather informations. 11 guards to the front, 7 to the back, 9 on the left, 12 on the right, and... Wait...

Flowey took his eyes away from the binoculars for a moment, unsure if what he saw was real. Then he looked again and realized he was correct : Frisk was already there.

Why ? His informer told him she wouldn't be there before 5. Did he lie ? No, he had worked with him for 20 years and his informations had always been correct. Did Frisk changed her schedule ? Well whatever. Flowey shrugged. After all, it didn't matter. He would just kill her earlier.

He took a moment to observe her. She was really beautiful. She had that piercing gaze that would paralyze any man looking at her. Just by the way she was standing, you could immediately tell that she was dangerous. She had beautiful curves and that her tattoos were complimenting. The most beautiful curves Flowey had ever seen.

"Tsk. Too bad she's my target" said Flowey, disappointed.

However, over her incredible beauty, Flowey noticed something when two of her bodyguards stood besides her. This beautiful girl, with her wonderful curves and her piercing eyes, was... so small ! Flowey had never seen such a small women before. He estimated she was 4.9. He couldn't help but chuckles a little. But even if he thought at first that it was ridiculous for a big boss to be so small, eventually, he recognized it was part of her charm, and that somehow, her little size made her even more dangerous and attractive. Yeah, she was just so cute.

After Frisk entered the manor, Flowey waited a few minutes before entering as well. He gave his invitation and his ID, then the bodyguards searched for any weapons. Eventually, they let him enter. Frisk was just finishing her speech. Perfect timing. He could observe her from a closer view. Beautiful.

"Concentrate Flowey ! She's a target, not your next conquest" he thought to himself.

When she finished, Flowey noticed something that made him step back a little. Frisk was looking at him. Not to the crowd, but directly at him. Those piercing eyes were oriented in his direction, like she knew who he was. Did she ? Did she notice he was an assassin sent to kill her ? Impossible. Not so fast, he had barely walked in.

She smiled a bit then looked away before stepping out of the stage. No, she didn't know. He knew she didn't. He looked around her and could only see old geezers drinking and laughing like idiots. Then he knew why she looked at him : she was into him. He was the only young person around here after all, and a woman like Frisk was probably always surrounded by old men. She probably never had a young man in her bed for a long time, maybe she never even did.

... Or maybe he was just imagining things. "Jesus Christ Flowey, calm your dick" he thought. She was probably just surprised to see a young man around, that's all. He mentally slapped himself. He needed to concentrate on his target. That's right, his tar... get...

Fuck, where did she go ? Because of his daydreaming, he had lost sight of her.

"Fucking idiot !" he told himself.

He needed to get out of here. But discreetly. He went to the bar and took a few drinks while looking around to find an exit. He found 3 possible escapes. He was thinking about which one to choose when he heard a calm, almost warm, yet somehow scary, voice behind him.

"Welcome to my manor. May I know who you are ?"

He knew who it was. That voice could only fit one woman.

He turned around to see Frisk looking at him with her piercing gaze, giving him a devious smile that he somehow found incredibly attractive. God, he was going to die young if he kept falling for the crazy kind...

"Enchanté Mademoiselle" he said in a perfect French, "My name is Ferdinand Leroy. I've heard so much about you"

He gently took her hand and kisses its back. She had a really smooth and soft skin. When he kissed her hand, he noticed her two bodyguards put their hands in their vest, in case he'd try anything.

"My my, what a gentleman you are Mister Leroy" she answered, "I heard about you too"
"Why, I'm honored you know of my existence, Mademoiselle"
"Yes. To be fair Mister Leroy, I didn't just come to do the presentations. I would like you to follow me"

Flowey found a bit surprising she'd let him near her that easily. Suspicious even.

"Of course, but may I know why ?" he asked.
"Because I want you to of course" she answered. You wouldn't want to refuse an invitation from the Yakuza Queen, would you ?"
"Of course not. It truly is a honor"
"I'm sure it is" she said with a smirk.

She grabbed his tie and walked away from the crowd, pulling him with her. The bodyguards were  following behind, watching him closely. Flowey could only follow her. Well, at least, his job would get easier. Yet he felt like something was wrong. That's why he took the time to discreetly steal a knife that was laying on a table nearby without anyone noticing, just in case he might need it later.

Frisk led him to an isolated part of the manor. There, more guards staring at him as he was being dragged by the Yakuza girl. He could only guess she was bringing him to her office. Where else would they go ? And he was right.

"Here Mister Leroy" she said, "We'll be talking in my office"
"Très bien Mademoiselle" he answered.
"Sato, Iiro, we'll be talking privately"

Sato and Iiro, the two bodyguards, looked at each other, hesitantly.

"I'm sorry boss" one said, "but we can't risk you to get murd-"

In a swift movement, Frisk grabbed his collar and pulled him close.

"It was an order little man" she said to the muscular 6.7 bodyguard who looked terrified even though he was 3 times taller than her. Who could blame him though. Frisk was looking at him with terrifying and murderous eyes. Any man would be petrified. But once again, Flowey... found her incredibly sexy. That man has a problem. It's not surprising he never found any normal woman attractive.

Nor why he almost died too many times to count...

"Y-Yes ma'am..." the bodyguard finally muttered.

She let him go and have him an angelic smile...

"Good !"

... Before kicking him in the balls. Being small has its advantages.

"Damn..." Flowey thought, "What a woman" (Flowey, for Christ's sake...)
"Don't ever defy one my orders ever again, okay sweetie~?" she said smiling creepily.
"Y-Y-Yes m-ma'am..." the bodyguard answered, holding his severed balls. The other bodyguard was too afraid to try helping his friend. He didn't want to suffer the same horrible fate.
"Let's go then Mister Leroy~"
"Yes ma'am" Flowey answered, being pulled by his tie once more.

The inside was... pretty normal actually, to Flowey's surprise. He had expected her office to be luxurious and deadly, but it was just a classical office she didn't even bother to change the design. He looked around and noticed there was a hidden door on the left wall. He also noticed his weapon of crime : the gigantic aquarium, sitting on the floor next to her desk. He just needed to wait the right moment, push her in it, then submerge her body in until she stops moving. Then be could hide her body in the secret room, and said to the guards she ordered them not to disturb her. After the blow the big one endured, they wouldn't even try to disobey an order. And he'd be out there through the main entrance before they can find the body. He just needed to carefully lock the door and...

He heard a little "clic" behind him. Frisk... had locked the door behind them ?! What was she thinking ?! She was not cautious at all ! Was she that confident she could beat anyone up ? If so, did she know he was an assassin and just wanted to lure him into a false sense of security, making him feel like she was an easy target. It was easy. No...

Too easy.

She walked by him and came sit on her desk, facing him directly. They stayed silent for a while, looking at each other. He could feel her piercing gaze all over him, checking every parts of his being. He did the exact same thing. He looked at her whole being, and noticed she didn't have any weapons on her. It wasn't normal. Frisk, who was known all over the world for her love for knives, with no weapons ? It wasn't normal. He felt his sleeves to make sure he still had his knife on him.

"Well Mister Leroy," she said with a malicious smile, "I heard you were a great business man"

He had looked for infos about Ferdinand Leroy. It was true.

"I sure am Mademoiselle" he answered.
"Well Ferdinand..." she was calling him by his "first name", "I actually have some business with you"
"A trade maybe ?" Flowey answered.
"Sort of" she answered, standing up and heading to the aquarium.

It was ridiculously easy. Something was wrong. She was just there, standing over her doom. She had locked the door herself, there were no guards, she was unarmed, and there was even a place to hide the body! It had to be a trap! Yet... This opportunity was too perfect. He couldn't just let it pass. He slowly made his way towards her.

"You Mister Leroy, I need you for something, and I think you'd be perfect for that" she calmly said, still showing her back to him, looking over her aquarium.

Maybe she was just dumb after all. Maybe she was just sexy and nothing else. It was really disappointing. She was just stupid and she'd just be another easy target.

And yet...

"Am I?" Flowey said, getting slowly closer.
"I'm confident you are"

Way too easy. She was just a fake killer after all who could just show off in front of her guards, knowing they wouldn't defend themselves. But against an assassin, she was at his mercy.

And yet...

"Well I'll be glad to help" he said, almost reaching her, as she was still turning her back on him.
"Oh I'm sure you'll be Mister Leroy"

So easy. She wasn't even close to her reputation. She was probably so weak she'd just die in a few seconds. She was so small after all, he couldn't believe she could have potentially been a danger.

And yet and yet and yet...

"And how could I be of help Mademoiselle ?" he said, his arm almost grabbing her hair.

She grabbed it and looked at him with murderous eyes.

"Let me show you"

She pulled him to her.

That was it. He was dead. That was a trap and he had been dumb enough to fall for it. Frisk had been smarter. She knew she couldn't have taken him down directly. She had to get the element of surprise. And she had. Everything was over thanks to his stupidity.

He had closed his eyes, waiting for that knife slitting his throat. But... He felt something weird. It was not painful, it was actually really enjoyable. Wait, what was she doieEEEEY !

She had pulled him... into a kiss !?

"W-What the heck ?!" Flowey thought, "What is that secret technique ? Is she going to kill me while kissing meEEEEE !"

He felt her hand grabbing his ass.

"Nice ass~" she said before pulling him back into the kiss before he could say anything.

She started frenchkissing him. He stopped working for a few seconds. Then eventually...

"... fuck it"

He decided to roll with it and pulled her by the waist, frenchkissing her back. He was waiting for her to kick him in the nuts, but she just let him, moaning a bit in the kiss. They kept exchanging a passionate kiss for a few minutes, their tongues dancing with each other, until they finally broke it to catch some air.

"I-Is this the something you needed me for ?" Flowey asked.
"Yep~" Frisk answered, "When I saw you entered, I thought you were pretty cute~ Those parties are always so boring, and you were the only young man around~ Well, except Roman, but Roman is a cunt. So I thought I'd bring you here for some fun Mr. Leroy~"

Holy shit, he was right the first time ? Damn, that girl was thirsty ! He found it even more attractive though.

You know what ?

Screw the mission.

"W-Well it would be r-r-rude of m-me to refuse s-such an offer" he said, smiling nervously.

He was playing the shy guy, but the truth is, he was super excited. If it wasn't for not betraying who he really was, he would be banging her on the desk already. But he still needed to be careful. She thought she was about to make out with Ferdinand Leroy, the famous french business man, not with Flowey, the assassin who was about to kill her only a few minutes ago.

Suddenly, she grabbed him by the tie and looked at him with lustful eyes. She then pulled him to the secret door. He followed obediently, hypnotized by her hips swaying in front of him. She pushed something on the wall and the door opened. Inside... was a bedroom ? Well that was convenient.

"We'll be more confortable here~" she said, "Don't you agree cutie ?~"
"I do ma'am~" he answered.

She pushed him on the bed. He found it hard but didn't care : Frisk was mounting him. She unbuttoned his shirt but let the tie on, commenting "It might come in handy later~". So she was that kind of girl, huh ? Great : so was he.

She started unbuttoning her red sleeveless blazer, making her already pretty obvious cleavage even more obvious. Those curves man, Flowey couldn't get enough of them. Finally, she took it off, only leaving her black bra.

"Enjoying the view boy ? ~"
"Y-Yes ma'am...~"

Fuck yeah he was ! She kissed her neck, and he let her. He really didn't mind being bottom when she was the one on top of him. What kind of man would ?

It was awesome. She was a goddess. It would have been perfect if that damn bed wasn't that hard.

That... hard.

He felt like something was horribly wrong. Something was just... not right. He didn't know what that was, but looking around as she was kissing her neck, he saw something on the ground. He didn't know what that was. It looked like something someone tried to wash off but rushed. It was...


Quickly, Flowey took his knife out of his sleeve, putting it against Frisk's belly... just in time to see Frisk putting a very sharp one against his throat.

From the bed. That's why it was so hard. She was hiding her collection under the bed.

She chuckled a bit, looking at him with murderous eyes.

"My my, so you were armed Mister Assassin~" she playfully said.
"So you knew, uh ?" Flowey answered.
"Of course, the second you stepped inside. Do you want to know how ?"
"I memorized the faces of each one of my guests before the party~ And you weren't one of them. I would have remembered a cutie like you~"
"Why you truly are up to your reputation Frisk" he answered, smiling. He was truly impressed, "I knew you knew from the second you looked at me. You realized so you played me to kill me"
"Well yes and no. I knew you knew I knew, so I tricked you to think I was an easy a target. But I didn't really want to kill you. He'd be a shame to waste such a cutie like you~"
"Then why the knife ?"
"You are a Hitman, you can never be too sure. Besides, you have a knife against my tummy"
"Fair point. You know it's funny"
"What is ? ~"
"You thought he'd be a shame to kill me because I was cute. I thought he'd be a shame to kill you because you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen"

Frisk stared at him, surprised. She kept her eyes on him for a few seconds, then giggled, blushing a bit.

"My my, such flattery~" Frisk said playfully.
"It's not flattery. You are so beautiful and cute, and the fact you're dangerous makes you even hotter"

She kept laughing, then stopped and looked at him with a smile. Flowey smiled back, thinking that her natural smile was the prettiest he had ever seen.

Then eventually, they threw away their weapons and simply kissed. Not a rough, passionate kiss like before. Just a tender one, a long, tender one. Flowey caressed her arms and waist gently, while Frisk was letting her hands discover his torso. He was more built than he looked like. Slowly, Flowey reached for her bra...


A bodyguard was knocking loudly on the door. He was obviously worried about his boss who had been in there with this complete stranger for 30 minutes now. He didn't hear anything for a moment now and he was already thinking about the worst scenarios possible.

Frisk was really pissed. She pulled away from Flowey's lap and started getting dressed.

"Frisk, let's just ignore him and keep going" pouted Flowey.
"Don't be greedy cutie~" she said, smiling at him, "Besides, if we ignore him, he might destroy the door"

He got up and got dressed. He looked at Frisk who smiled at him.

"By the way my assassin, what is your name ?" asked Frisk

He hesitated.

"Tell me. I promise I won't tell anyone" she whispered in his ear.

He smiled at her and whispered back :


She smiled and gave him another kiss.

"Nice to meet you Mister Flowey~ I hope to see you again soon. In other circumstances of course"
"Really ?"
"Well then, I'll be sure to come back~"

Frisk rolled her eyes and went back to her office, followed by Flowey who closed the secret door behind them. She unlocked the door and opened it just as her bodyguard runned towards the door to break it. He fell flat on the floor and looked like a complete moron.

"B-Boss? Are you okay?" he asked
"Yes Sato, I'm fine, see?" Frisk answered, annoyed.
"I-I thought... He didn't try anything, right ?"
"Don't worry, Mr. Leroy and I just came to an agreement, didn't we Mr. Leroy?"
"We sure did Mademoiselle"
"O-Oh. Good. Um, the party's about to end boss. You need to do the closing speech" Sato said while getting up.
"Urg. Fine"

Later on, Flowey stayed to listen to Frisk's speech. She was incredibly good at doing them, even though she hated to. Yet another reason to find her even more attractive.

That day hadn't been a usual day. He had fell in love with his target, and his target fell in love with him, her assassin. It was their first meeting. But it wouldn't be the last. Oh no... Far from it.
Yakuza Frisk vs Hitman Flowey (Undertale)
Flowey is a Hitman. His next target is Frisk, the beautiful boss of the Yakuza. But this mission won't be like any other. Based on the characters created by Channydraws
Wanted to do that.

[x] You smile at strangers 

[ ] You are a social butterfly
[x] You laugh at least five times a day 
[ ] You ask to pet strangers' dogs 
[ ] You have a pet
[ ] You have hung out with a friend this week (the week just started)
[ ] People compliment you often
[ ] You like babies (HELL NO)
[/] You love skinship (Depends whose skin...~)
[x] You admire yourself in the mirror at least once a week (I dunno why tho :/)

💛Joy Total: 3,5 (Man, I'm not a happy person :/)

[ ] You cry easily 
[x] You have/had depression 
[x] You've been to a funeral
[ ] You wish you had/didn't have siblings 
[/] You watch sad videos/listen to sad music solely for the purpose to cry (I do, but no for the purpose to cry)
[x] You aren't happy with your body
[x] You've had suicidal thoughts (you know... teenagers things)
[x] You feel tired often (I'm a freaking lazyass XD)
[x] You get grades you aren't happy with
[ ] You don't have a skill/hobby

💙Sadness Total: 6,5 (Holy shit... I sure am a sad person :/)

[x] You have a bad temper (my mother's temper...)
[ ] You punch things when you're angry 
[x] You can't stand a certain person 
[x] You rant often 
[x] You sometimes get so frustrated you want to cry
[x] You get angry over little things
[ ] You hate school
[x] You have to take deep breathes to calm yourself down
[x] You roll your eyes often
[ ] You get called 'rude' or 'mean' often

red heart bullet Anger Total: 7 (... I need help)

[ ] You can't sleep without a night light 
[x] You're often paranoid about being watched (Had some kind of trauma... Long and embarrassing story...)
[/] You jump when you hear loud sounds (Only when I'm lost in thoughts)
[ ] You won't go in the deep end of the pool 
[ ] You dislike going on amusement park rides
[ ] You hate going on planes (never been to one but im scared)
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[ ] You've been called a 'scaredy cat' 
[ ] You can't go in haunted houses

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[x] You hate babies because "they're gross" (and because they're loud)
[x] Cheesy romance movies make you cringe 
[ ] You dislike greasy food (Greasy food is my life)
[x] You have more than two phobias

💚Disgust Total: 4,5 (Hmm, really ?)

💖Overall Total: 23
Now multiply your differents results by 10

💛Joy : 3,5 x 10 = I'm 35% happy
💙Sadness : 6,5 x 10 = I'm 65% sad
red heart bullet Anger : 7 x 10 = I'm 70% angry
💜Fear : 1,5 x 10 = I'm 15% fearful
💚Disgust : 4;5 x 10 = I'm 45% disgusted

Now multiply your final result by 2 and name it "I'm ...% emotional
23 x 2 = I'm 46% emotional

Huh... Interesting... I'm more emotional than I thought... What about you ?

I tag = Creative-Chai MinionLily and Loveponies89 

Have fun guys :)


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Writter I guess...


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DylanCArt Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Student General Artist
You are awesome my friend.
Superawesomebestman Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Am I ? XD Why ?
DylanCArt Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Student General Artist
Well I just want to be nice to people that all.
Superawesomebestman Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Oh okay ;3 Well thank you very much, you are great too ! :D I hope you'll find wonderful treasures on your Adventure called Life ! :D
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QueenSolaris Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
thank you for the favv :3
Superawesomebestman Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Fav? You mean watch, right? ;)
QueenSolaris Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
but you favv one of my draw too
QueenSolaris Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
ops! you'r right XD my bad
Superawesomebestman Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Nah, I just did watch you just after I told you that X3 I thought I had already watched you but I didn't so I did. Anyway, you're welcome :3
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