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Just so you know, I'M NOT A CROSSOVER PERSON. The only crossovers I will ever allow is with OCs. Also, If you have a request for either a drawing or literature, The price will depend on what it is.

"...sometimes, you've got to sacrifice realism to write a decent story, or create a decent product"- MrEnter

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I don't think DeviantArt Eclipse is that bad, granted, there are some issues like only seeing drawings from people you follow or having things catered to you via algorithms. Not to mention, writing novels on DeviantArt is no longer viable. However,
I'm sorry for my absence. I haven't really been able to come up with many good ideas for me to draw & I lack the motivation. There has just been so much going on with my life that I am too stressed to do anything right now. Sorry folks. I might star

SMG4: Dark Reprise for Ultimate Diss Track

SMG4: Dark Reprise for Ultimate Diss Track

Sit down folks Let me tell ya a little story About the time... I lost all my sexy glory These are a group of people They were my so called friends Because of them, My career came to an end First was Mario a dumb fat ass b**** Even when he became smart, I still wanna put him in a ditch Then there's Luigi now he's a big ass snitch Though, with how he wants to die…he will always be a bitch! The annoying squid girl is now an annoying freak girl Her moping about Desti made me wanna hurl Oh, & her voice still sounds like screeching metal There was this axolotl weeb……that I could not stand He has a cool artifact, but he doesn’t know jack about keeping it out of wrong hands. Toad and Bowser, what a waste of space SMG4, A career-stealing disgrace Then there was this green turd, that I still dread It was all because of him, that LilBigBob was dead! Ultimate Diss Track, Ultimate Diss Track You bitches ruined my career, and you will pay with this ultimate attack! Ultimate Diss Track Ultimate

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Hello, and thank you for the watch!

SuperAngel502Hobbyist General Artist

no prob, it's not everyday you see plush bondage. It would be neat to see male plush bondage one day.

Sorry, but I ain't much of a guy-in-distress person.

SuperAngel502Hobbyist General Artist

that's fine

thank for the favs

SuperAngel502Hobbyist General Artist

no prob