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All that isn't known
Scooped-out, stepped-on, threadbare boy,
Might-not-make-it-out-alive boy,
Eyes lit up like a Christmas tree,
Lamp light reflected off fresh snow in the orange night,
Staring boy,
Trapped-in-a-box, can't-get-free,
Fingers pushing down the piano keys boy,
Hands clutching guitar strings like they're the only friends who never left,
Calloused, gentle,
Songs torn out of a chest, tumbling from chewed lips like heavy prayers,
Drip drip dripping
Onto open, begging palms,
What's left?
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Modern Myth (2/2) by SuperAelita Modern Myth (2/2) :iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 3 0 Modern Myth (1/2) by SuperAelita Modern Myth (1/2) :iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 2 0
Don't Cut What You Can Untie
"I'm sorry."
The silence unravels,
Spooling between us like the
334-mile yarn
I used to tie around my pinky
Every morning.
I feel where I used to embroider
Each kilometer
On the cartilage of my ribs,
Years I stitched into a
Patchwork quilt
Before we lost the thread.
"For everything."
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The wool scarf wraps
Around his slender neck,
Its color complimenting the
Rosy hue of his arched cheeks
And scarlet glow of his
Fingers have been dipped in
This time of year.
Cherries bloom beneath his
So elegantly planted at the tips
Of his slight digits,
Usually found skating across the
Keys of a piano
Like dancers on the frozen lake,
Now casually submerged
In the fur-lined depths of his
The wind's teeth do not
Frighten him.
Instead, he stands tall
Like the steady light of a
His chin displayed proudly above
The folds of his handwoven
Daring nature's needle-pointed maw
To dig in and take a shot at us,
He in his corduroys
And I in my crimson
We look like tulips.
Poking out from the gentle
Drifts of white,
We find that it is not spring
Like we once thought,
But a much harsher season.
His favorite season.
I can tell by the way his
Bow-shaped lips curve
As he watches the flakes
Drift past his flushed face
And sticks
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Pepsi by SuperAelita Pepsi :iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 19 7
1 AM
So much noise at 1 AM
crowds its way into the quiet space
between the covers in the dark
A television
jammed with static, the mind
is the antennae
Bent in the storm,
twisted out of tune and
slippery with rain
The remote has fallen
between the bed and the wall
and I cannot reach it
So I watch the dots
dance and take form and
expand into stars
And I write.
:iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 6 0
I never took you for granted.
While so many others were swept away,
Spinning bottles and kissing for spare change,
I remembered the way tears dripped from your eyelashes
Like paint from a brush.
Thick bristles that brushed your cheeks when you blinked,
A face composed of more freckles than skin,
Hair that curled over ears as round as a doll's.
I remembered how your jaw set when you tried to hide,
How your body turned to stone and the light left your eyes
The time your steps dragged and your shoulders curled,
And you turned away when I tried to make you laugh.
I remembered when I saw you for the first time in a month,
When silver skylines were fresh in my mind,
When you leaped from the swing set and ran down your driveway,
And the sky was so blue when you smiled.
I remembered the way the light framed your face when you slept,
How your chin reminded me of Greek statue, but I didn't wake you.
I remembered your last words at the train station were,
"See you."
I remembered the moment I spot
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Cushy Tushy by SuperAelita Cushy Tushy :iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 7 0 Just Another Morgan Moment: Cover Photo by SuperAelita Just Another Morgan Moment: Cover Photo :iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 8 0
On the first Saturday, I was a stranger in your house.
We lay side by side, your ankle over mine,
And watched re-runs of our favorite show.
Your fingers found my hand, as if by accident,
But neither of us said a word.
Your sister asked if we were going to get married.
On the second Saturday, I knew you better.
We spent the day jumping on the trampoline,
Laughing and rolling in colored leaves.
At night, we lay on your bed and stared at the ceiling
And talked about the stars.
My jacket left a constellation on your arm.
On the last Saturday, we threw a party.
We ate pizza around the koi pond and walked to the park,
Where you said goodbye to a friend.
When the sun disappeared, we piled into a car
And took sharp turns with the windows down.
The wind smelled of summer when you kissed me.
Saturdays don't happen anymore.
:iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 8 6
Syllables jangle inside my chest.
They swell in my lungs, useless,
Battering my heart like waves against rocks.
At high tide, they reach my eyes,
But never my lips.
I love you.
Three words, three sounds,
Once so innocent; now they drown.
I'll fall overboard unless I speak them,
Yet they push you out to sea.
You're sinking.
Who am I to cry when the ocean has you in its grip?
My floorboards are splintering,
Yet still I watch from the safety of a ship.
I am silent.
The salt in my eyes joins the salt in the sea.
:iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 2 0
Long Distance
When I look at old photos of us, my heart slams itself against my ribs,
Trying to slip between the bars of its cage.
I trace the familiar curve of your jaw on the screen
And I feel like I could bust down walls
Just to touch that face again.
I could run across Lake Michigan in my pajamas.
I could punch a hole in the space-time continuum with my bare hands,
Just to pull you through.
You’re six hundred miles away, but you’re not.
You’re right here.
When we talk on the phone, the universe folds
And I can feel your arms around my waist
And your breath against my cheek.
I could reach through the speakers,
Grab your hair, make you look at me.
I can see your eyes.
But when I kiss you, there’s only static.
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Morgan Ashley
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Morgan, I'm nineteen years old, and I like to create things.

Born May 13, 1997 (Taurus)
Ohio, USA
Personality type INFJ

I exist solely to make puns at every opportunity.



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Just a bit of brainstorming...

Izzy: white; heteroromantic; demi-heterosexual
Gerard: white; heteroromantic; heterosexual
Charlie: Native American (?)/white; panromantic; pansexual
Quinn: white (?); biromantic; heterosexual
Lottie: African American/white; heteroromantic; heterosexual
Nathan: white; biromantic; bisexual

No one in the story has a set religion; they are all open-minded and agnostic.

(I feel like Quinn should be something other than white, but I see him as white in my head, and I don't want to change a character for the sole purpose of adding diversity. That would just make him a token. :/)

If any of these sexualities are unfamiliar to you, I encourage you to consult this nifty flow chart:
  • Reading: Good Omens

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