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Luma and Rosalina

So this is /different/ ...I bet nobody was expecting me to draw a Mario character! I was feeling really random, and I had to draw something different.

Rosalina is really cool. I like her design, her purpose, and her back-story! She's awesome c:  
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She's so beautiful! Love the colors and style ;)
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Do Fox, Falco and Wolf, please!
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Great drawing! The linework and coloring are both very appealing!
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She's so pretty. :aww:
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Rosalina is a cool character indeed. Her being playable in many of the latest games really felt surprising.
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This is super pretty!  My bro is convinced he is Rosalina's boyfriend :D
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I have some good news for you guys, Luma and Rosalina are going to be in super smash bros 4 and here's the trailer…
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Yes she is. I hope she appears in more future titles
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 I love that game aaaw. good memories =)!!! 
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She's so purty! I love the poofy detail on her. c:
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Exquisite colors, tuler, Very well done :D
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she look handsomely good.
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Love your style so much!
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I like the rough yet striking colors of her dress 
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Too bad they kicked her out of Galaxy 2, though... She might've made it better. :shrug:
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Super Mario Galaxy was a very beautiful game to play on the Wii and I loved every moment of it. The story behind Rosalina was really deep and interesting to learn about, which made her very unique.
And yes, she's definitely awesome! :D
I missed out on playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, though...

Fantastic work as usual with the coloring and the lineart. You made her and the Luma look very adorable together. Your style is so frikkin amazing! ~Star!
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really lovely work there
great job
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