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High Temperature

By super-tuler
Everyone can at least say Charizard was their favorite at some point in time! :XD:

I originally had the background blue but looking back, I do blue backgrounds quite a bit so I thought I would mix it up a bit. Lol, oh my god PURPLE! :o


Art © *super-tuler // Pokemon © Nintendo
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Penful-Artful's avatar
I really like this. You captured the style of those old Pokemon cards and polishes it. Very nice. :3
omg that icon of yours is always doing a victory dance!
I love your art by the way! I think it's amazing!😁😸
WolvesCatsAndCrows's avatar
CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! *blows up in exitment*
NeonRedWings's avatar
Awesome! I actuly bought this print at Fanimecon 2012! :D
Naiwi11's avatar
-probably obvious by now, but i'm not stalking your submissions- Cool charizard o3o i luv the flames e-e and yes. PURPLE RAWR XD
StormofThunder's avatar
More and more epicness. I love the flames, seriously. <3

Tied against Typhlosion, best Fire Type ever. :la:
Random-Gal's avatar
Charizard has been my favorite since I was 5! :dummy:
TyrackWolfII's avatar
Dude, I'm getting some serious old-fashioned Pokemon pics flashbacks every time you draw using your brush.

Y'know the ones. XD
super-tuler's avatar
I think it's a bit more reminiscent when I use white in particular to shade. It adds the super-water color look that sugi-used to to. XD That's why I try using all kinds of colors but man... weren't those tge days :'D
Glowandstar's avatar
i can see you achieved the Pokemon card game type of coloring :p
niceness :'p
Zorva's avatar
I lurve ze eye, it looks so...eye-y :P
David-Kioji's avatar
Man i haven't seen a charizard in ages i wonder why
cerasly's avatar
it's so old school and awesome. XD charizard will always be the original badass pokemon!
RioluLover111's avatar
that is such an awesome drawing of chaizard
Vaedrian's avatar
The flame effect is very styling. x3 I like it alot.
UnwrittenTale's avatar
This looks really great! :D It reminds me of the first generation Pokemon cards in color contrast. Very nicely done! :heart:
The-Gundam's avatar
Yayy for Charizard!! :D And as always i love the colors
meriimerodii's avatar
Charizard = The Best!!
Great work!!!
Lithea-the-Guardian's avatar
Charizard is awesome! =P
PJPenguin's avatar
STILL my favorite <3
fuzzygreyhat's avatar
I'm amazed at how much this looks like the original concept art. The coloring is super awesome, and the expression and angle is cool. :D
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