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Glameow thinks Lunch

By super-tuler
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Jebus, this took longer then I thought. The last tidbit of my ustream and of course like last time... the biggest tidbit XP. Seems I have a warm up, a middle and a finisher piece every time xD.

Anyways, Glameow was my subject matter from a random pokemon generator I found online which was awesome luck! ~CrazyCougar suggested a fishbowl; I REALLY liked that idea and I thank you very much for making this piece happen! :la:

No textures were used at all in this piece, I took a stab at making hardwood flooring and pieced the one piece together and gave it some perspective. Turned out good I must say... @_@ as I had no idea what I was doing or how it would look lol.

Hope you all enjoy it!

Art © *super-tuler // Pokemon © Nintendo

Can anyone spot the Pokemon Rumble cameo?
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© 2009 - 2021 super-tuler
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Beautiful!!!  I love the detail in this.
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amazing draw ,excellent shadow effects and vivid colours:)
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Should Have been a Goldeen or Seaking! :D
Feline-Intellect's avatar
Oh my gosh, I love this! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! The details are beautiful, the colors are beautiful, just about everything is gorgeous! And I believe Glameow, my all-time favorite Pokemon, deserves nothing but the best. wink grin 
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This is really detailed and highly related to the cartoon.
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Wait, goldfish don't exist in the pokemon world! Anyways, I love this! Cute glameow ^^
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Its a great picture almost looks like from the show the only thing you could edit was if maybe the fish could be a pokemon also yo know just to keep the theme of pokemon outher than that its great!
CureLovelyWarrior's avatar
I love it! poor fishy! :( :P
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I love the water and bowl shines here <3
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n-nevermind... :(

(Oh, and I spot the cameo! :D)
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It's cute and a bit funny. I like how you made the colors and such gleam. The fishbowl is convincing, And the gleam in Glameow's eyes looks pretty realistic. What did you use?
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The expression is adorable <3
Rastzar's avatar
Somehow i could imagine this image on a pokemon card easily :)

Imma fav it
dragonite252's avatar
No Magikarp?
NekoHimi's avatar
ME ME ME!! I SEE THE RUMBLE CAMEO!!! Its a rattata:la:
IluvScourge's avatar
Love Glameow's expression! ;)
sbslink's avatar
Love the perspective :) Great Glameow.
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Sweet, It looked like your work from afar! By the way great job!
ByakuganAcolyte's avatar
This reminds me of Figaro's song from Disney's Sing-A-Long.
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