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A wild Pangoro appeared!

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Heheh, these are incredibly fun to make! I've been drawing a bunch of 6th gen Pokemon. I am in love with this generation more then any previous one, given the Pokemon we know about currently it's really hard to choose favourites. Pangoro is obviously the best *shot*

I have made lots more, stay tuned. c: I'll do some close up deviations of the other guys shown in the picture when I think of a good idea for proping them.

ELEVEN MORE DAYS. /me vibrates in chair.

What I used: bristol paper (smooth), prismacolor markers, grey copic markers, and various sizes of inking pens... and some sort of black brushy marker that smudges for the dark spots.

Art © *super-tuler // Pokémon © Nintendo

Also, this paperchild is huge. Beside it is my 3DS XL... rip black markers.
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This inspires me to get back into drawing again...
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Is all copic!? Love how the colours turned out!
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soooooo cooooooool

What do you use to paint???

I have pokemon art to
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Pangoro is awesome! I was blown away with him in this newest gen. Then I found out he was designed by Hitoshi Ariga and it all made sense.
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awesome artwork! I really like the style and the coloration is amazing.
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OH whoa! Whoa!!! These are stickers? And you draw with markers? Neato :D I would totally commission a couple of these from you *o*
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what's the cut-off level?
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love your art style
(also have that pikachu XL i play X on :D)
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I envy your awesomeness sometimes... so cool!
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very awesome shading
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I definitely approve.
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Looks really good! Enjoy your Pokémon work! :]
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Absolutely love how you've drawn Pangoro, he's so fluffy! I also keep looking at it and wondering how the colouring is so similar to your digital style even though you did it traditionally. It's really cool.
Awesome work! :)
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These look great, m8 :D
Excellent work ^_^
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ohhhh man this looks amazing O.O Really inspires me to want to get to this level someday
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THAT IS AWESOME! And I doubt they will be able to make a pokemon that is more awesome than pangoro.
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