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PMD Vol1 Ch4: Wigglytuff's Guild
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Volume 1 - Explorers of the Earth
~ Chapter 4: Wigglytuff's Guild ~

‘This... is Wigglytuff’s Guild.’
They had climbed the long set of stairs to the crossroads, then continued straight on to climb even more stairs set into the side of the cliff. At the top, overlooking the boundless ocean, was a single building.
‘Ah. I see.’
A building which looked uncannily like a Wigglytuff. Complete with long thin ears sticking straight up out of the roof, and a swoop of wooden fur sitting on the top, and stumpy arm-like structures raised in a celebratory gesture, and a smiley painted mouth, and two round windows where the eyes would be. They looked cold and dark – not flattering, and certainly not inviting.
‘You need to register here to become an exploration team, or to start training up to be ready for one. I hear the work’s really tough – they don’t send you out to work for real until you’re first
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PMD Vol1 Ch3: Precious Treasure
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Volume 1 - Explorers of the Earth
~ Chapter 3: Precious Treasure ~
'We could try to wash it off with some water,' Daisy offered. 'Oh, but it's probably all salty, so... Maybe not.'
'No, no, it's all right. I think it's starting to come off on its own now, anyway.' Not to mention the fact that my sight is entirely unobscured. That's pretty cool. So wind, rain, darkness... none of that makes any difference to how much I'm aware of. My eyes might be buffeted, but my vision itself seems to be completely weatherproof. Just so long as I can keep my focus, that is.
The Mud Slap from the wild Shellos had given Fletcher a serious shock, but he had recovered not long after – and was terribly embarrassed about the whole thing. Not even so much because of the fact that he'd been splattered with mud and goo, but rather because of the rather abrupt panic attack it had driven him into. Although it had left him wondering: why the intense f
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PMD Vol1 Ch2: Exploration
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Volume 1 - Explorers of the Earth
~ Chapter 2: Exploration ~

Hanging out in a medical facility was interesting, at least for a while. Suddenly there was all manner of things to look at, and suddenly Riolu was determined to look at each and every thing that he could. Syringes, windowsills, curtains, bags of fluids on tables and carts, piles of hay and cushions (he presumed these to be makeshift beds), bottles and boxes of supplies, plates of fruit and Pokéblock... Even each of the walls and doors couldn't escape his inquisitive touch.
Occasionally he had come across a new Pokémon sleeping in one of the beds, or being examined by a Chansey or Blissey in a nurse's cap. He had peered in these rooms sometimes, but tried not to disturb anyone. The air was thick with chatter and the scent of well-scrubbed floors.
This was real. This was all very, very real.
After mulling it over a while, he had decided that he may as well refer to himself as Riolu
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Descent (extracts 1 and 2)
‘This isn’t the first time our species has walked the earth, you know.’
Isa watched the light play on Kezia’s back. It came in through the window, cutting out patterns of dark shadows and patches of silver. It felt as though she had stepped into a fairy ring; Kezia looked like just a girl, but there was a magic sheen tracing her. The effect was such that Isa found herself whispering, even though they were quite alone.
‘The birth of Christ, right? Gabriel and the shepherds?’
Kezia turned back to her again. Every shadow on her narrow face was dead black, and there were silver points of light in her eyes. The cabin felt suddenly spacious.
‘Yes. That’s one of the few times an archangel in particular has made its presence explicit. But there are times before and after the time of Christ that angels have come down - whole garrisons, that is, as opposed to one or two or those that have Fallen.’ She licked her lips, brushed back a lock of h
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PMD Vol1 Ch1: Beginning
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Volume 1 - Explorers of the Earth
~ Chapter 1: Beginning ~

His head was swimming, full of cotton wool and the rush of blood. It took him a while even to register the voice, let alone decipher the words.
'Hey. Can you even hear me? If you can hear me, please say you're all right, okay?'
The voice was high-pitched, lilting and pleasant even through the thick coating of concern.
'I mean, unless you're not all right, which you definitely need to tell me if you aren't, I just, you know, I really hope you're all right! Please be all right. I, you, you can hear me, right? I think? What happened to you?'
Waves, gentle. Grains of warm, if damp, sand beneath his body, and warmth from above. Sea breeze, bringing shivers with it. The smell of salt.
He opened one eye, groggy. The other eye cracked open, too, after an effort, and they felt... He wasn't sure how to describe it. Sticky? His left eye was wide open, he knew that, and yet all he saw was a vague blur; a
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I used to write lots and lots of stories here.

I don't really do that so much anymore.

I got older and a bit more chill about stuff, I guess.

But that doesn't mean I'm not still a total nerd.
I am not an interesting person, and I don't lead a particularly interesting life. So these journal things will be few and far between. But hey, here's an update.

Just so people aren't under any illusions, I probably won't be posting much content here. I guess I'm just in a different stage of life now. It's not that writing isn't important to me anymore, it's just... not the most important anymore. I have other dreams now, and most of them are a lot simpler.

I'm looking for a job right now (as I write this, I believe I'm close to snagging one), part-time preferably that won't bring me down like the last one did. I've chosen retail - not the best, I know, but I gotta start somewhere and I think I could deal. Plus it's a good way up to where I'd like to be one day.

Aside from that I'm focusing on friends and hobbies. I've been through a lot this past year, and I think I'm slowly starting to get the hang of things. Of... being an adult. Well, legally considered an adult, rather. I certainly don't feel like an adult. My main goal is to be happy. To be content with what I have.

No rush. No comparing myself to others who are on totally different paths and calling myself a loser for it. No caring way too damn much about what other people think of me.

I'm just going to try to be.

I think I could manage that.
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mysticdragon01 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Student Artist
Another happy birthday to you. :party:
mysticdragon01 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Student Artist
Happy birthday! :party:
mysticdragon01 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Student Artist
I don't know if you've heard of the game Undertale, but I have a strange feeling that you would really like it.
Super-Sk1tty Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yes, I have heard of it! There's quite a buzz about it!
I've seen a little of it and oh gosh I absolutely adore what I see - it's definitely on my list of games to buy so I should be playing it for myself pretty soon. :D
mysticdragon01 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Student Artist
It's all deserved, I think. I hope you haven't spoiled yourself too much, because if you do end up playing it, the experience is better the less you know. :)
Super-Sk1tty Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Well, uh. I bought the game the evening after I read your reply.
I got to the end today.
Which told me how to get to The End.
I did that too.

So I may or may not have been gently sobbing for a while now. I am. So glad. :heart:
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Aerui Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i missed you!! welcome back! <3
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Thanks for the watch! 
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