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Reign of the Superman by J Siegal and J ShusterTHE REIGN OF THE SUPERMAN,The bread-line! Its row of downcast, disillusioned men; unlucky creatures who have found that life holds nothing but bitterness for them. The bread-line! Last resort of the starving vagrant.With a contemptuous sneer on his face, Professor Smalley watched the wretched unfortunates file past him. To him, who had come of rich parents and had never been forced to face the rigors of life, the miserableness of these men seemed deserved. It appeared to him that if they had the slightest ambition at all they could easily lift themselves from their terrible rut.But while he eyed them with a world of condescension, he was busy scanning their faces, searching for the man he sought. Time and time again he seemed on the point of reaching out and putting a restraining arm on the hand of one of the men. But ever he hesitated at the last moment and allowed the fellow to file past.At last, however, he gave up his search in despair and resignedly claimed the attention of the raggedly-dressed person who happened to be before him at that moment. "How would you like to have a real meal and a new suit?" he inquired.The resentment in the vagrant's face died as he saw that Smalley wore costly apparel. "I'd like nothing better, mister." Then, suddenly suspicious--"What do you want me to do for you? Nothing crooked, I hope?"Professor Smalley laughed. "I assure you my intentions are purely humanitarian. But if you doubt……..”"No, no," interrupted the man, stepping out of the line. "Indeed I don't, sir. But who are you?"The professor introduced himself. "Ernest Smalley, a chemist."The down-and-outer bowed in acknowledgement. "Bill Dunn, gentleman of the road, at your service!"SMALLEY HAD no difficulty inducing Dunn to enter his car. When he drove off, something within him sang exultantly. In a few minutes he would be started upon the experiment which, he was sure, would bring most startling results. For now that he had secured a human subject, Smalley would see at first hand how his chemical would react upon the subject when taken internally.All unwitting of the professor's sinister intentions Dunn sat beside him, complimenting himself upon his extraordinary luck.Some time previous Smalley had secured a fragment of a meteor and upon subjecting to chemical analysis found the presence of what he suspected to be a new element. Upon further investigation he had learned that it exerted a strange influence up on the laboratory animals to whom it was administered. Only a few grains of the precious substance were left. Dunn was going to be the recipient of one half of them, though he was not aware of that.At length the professor drew up before his house. He hurried into it, followed by Dunn.Smalley instructed the butler to furnish Dunn with one of the professor's suits.When Dunn next met Smalley he seemed a far cry from the ragged stranger who had uneasily entered the house. For the first time in weeks his face was clean shaven. Clean, faultlessly pressed clothes had replaced his frayed garments. There was an air of confidence about him that surprised Smalley.The professor greeted him with a warm smile. "What a great transformation! It seems impossible that you are the same man!"Dunn nodded. "Yes, it is possible for me to look respectable. Somehow it's hard for me to believe that you're doing this just out of the kindness of your heart. I've received too many hard knocks, I guess."Smalley's genial grin vanished and his eyes hardened. Did the man suspect--!Dunn continued awkwardly. "But I believe I've finally come up against what I doubted existed."Once more Smalley was smirking."You said something about a meal," hinted Bill Dunn. "I haven't eaten for several days."At once the professor was the perfect host. "Pardon me for my forgetfulness. Be seated, please."He hurried from the room, and could Bill have seen the triumphant look upon his face, he would have had cause to worry.IN A moment Smalley returned, pushing a small stand before him. On the rolling platform was a platter of steaming food. "Help yourself," he invited.Dunn lost no time in accepting. He did away with fancy preliminaries and got down to business at once. He ate his food like a famished creature. Convention was forgotten. He swallowed a large sandwich in four gigantic bites.The professor's eyes smoldered queerly as Dunn gulped down his coffee. For the great experiment had begun! Smalley's chemical preparation had been placed in that coffee.Not much later Dunn leaned back in his chair, a frown upon his face. "Feel dizzy," he complained. "Must have eaten too much.""Perhaps you'd better retire," advised Smalley solicitously. "I can talk to you in the morning about a position I plan to offer you. One moment, while I summon the butler, I'll be right back."Though his mind whirled under a terrific pressure, Dunn sensed the aura of evil triumph surrounding the professor. It occurred to him for the first time that Smalley might have made him the unwitting subject of some sinister and terrible experiment. As the professor left the room, he was filled with a wild desire to flee. His roving, frantic eyes fastened themselves' upon a window.When Smalley returned to the room with the butler, Dunn was not in sight. With a smug satisfaction within him, Smalley concluded that Dunn had collapsed upon the floor. But when he scanned the floor and found no trace of his victim, then searched the room with mounting alarm and horror, he knew positively that something had gone wrong. And when the flapping of the wind-buffeted curtains drew his attention to the open window, he cursed heartily. Dunn had escaped!SCARCELY REALIZING what he did or where he was bound, Dunn staggered down the streets. As he approached people, they shrank away, believing him to be under the influence of some powerful stimulant. Fate or extremely good luck kept him away from the vigilant eye of officers of the law. Soon Dunn was babbling incoherently and dashing along the streets at full speed, disregarding any who might be in his way. The professor's residence was situated near a public park. He was soon rushing into its shadows, tearing through the desolate park, like an escaped lunatic. In his blind dash he noted no obstacles. When he crashed unexpectedly into a tree, therefore, he received the full force of the violent contact. He toppled to the ground, dazed and half-conscious.Suddenly, as he lay there on the ground, a veritable holocaust of confusion burst upon his mind. "I tell you! We’ve got to use a little strategy. Brains is what this gang needs, and brains is what it ain't got." "The damn fool; I thought she said she could play bridge." "I gotta have that dough, Ma. I gotta have it!" "I'll wait until he turns around and then I'll let him have it in the back." "He's just a kid, Mame. Why don’t you let him alone?" "Listen, you; we don’t stand for welchers in this burg see?" "I wonder what she thinks I am; a sap for her to wipe her dirty shoes on?" "Listen, Chief, get this straight. It was Maretti who did the killin', not me. I wouldn't squeal on a pal, but--" "So I tells the umpchay I'm not that kind ova dame. Well, he just looks at me and laughs himself blue in the face. And say, dearie, did I get mad!"What gibberish was this that darted into his brain like thousands of little light-rays?"Gentlemen, this is a serious problem that confronts us." "I'd better watch that guy. He looks bad. Maybe he's followed me from Chicago." "To hell with the anarchists!" "I'd starve before I'd go back to that brute." "I wish he'd keep on his own feet. A helluva nerve he had askin' a swell dancer like me to fox trot with a palooka like him." "Look here, punk. You may be the star reporter on this rag but unless you turn in your copy by three o' clock you'll be out in the street peddling shoelaces." "I must not forget to wake up early tomorrow morning."Dunn shook his head. He wished that the terrible noise raging within his head would cease. Scarcely had he conceived the desire, before the pestilence disappeared. Abruptly he caught himself wondering what Professor Smalley was thinking at that moment, how he had taken Dunn's escape.AT THE same moment a voice within him began to speak, a voice that undoubtedly belonged to none other than--Professor Smalley himself. "He's gone and the chances are ten to one that I'll never locate him again. What infernal luck. My precious chemical wasted! I'll get him somehow. Why did the fool have to run away? How could he have suspected my motive? Perhaps I should inform the police, hire detectives. Tell them he’s a dangerous maniac. Either that or I’ll put some crime upon him, frame him. God knows what may happen to him; he may be transformed to an imbecile, but on the other hand--"Abruptly the voice ceased speaking. Dunn gasped. Was he going crazy, or, sterner possibility, was he already insane?And then the solution occurred to him; the monstrous, unbelievable truth. Somehow, some way, Professor Smalley had treated him with some chemical that had reacted upon him in this manner, had sharpened his mind so that he could hear thoughts! But was that all?The five senses! Were they all influenced?Sound -- Yes!Touch -- (Dunn touched himself. He noted no new sensation.) No!Scent -- No.Taste -- (Dunn raised a pinch of dirt and dropped it into his mouth. He spat it out quickly.) No!Sight ---------Dunn considered the problem of sight. Was it improved? How could he determine whether it was or not?He happened to look up into the sky and his roving eyes caught sight of a brilliant red point of light. His interest grew as he regarded it. Within his mind a dry, metallic voice spoke mechanically, unconcernedly: "Mars!"What was occuring up there, wondered Dunn.Faster than the speed of light came the answer to that rash thought.In less time than it takes an eyelid to blink, Dunn was viewing a weird, fascinating scene that was not of Earth.It seemed to Dunn that he was hovering a short distance above the red, parched surface of the ground in an invisible body. Below him and stretching out from both sides of him to infinite distances was a straight unmarred plain. Except for two objects, and the pale sky, nothing else was in sight. The two objects instantly attracted his interest and attention. Both were--beings! One was a giant tree-like creature, the other a thirty-foot high thin streak of red light.AS DUNN watched they covered the short distance separating them from each other. Both seemed to flow, rather than to walk across the soil. The moment they came within striking distance, the tree-creature flung out a limb-like tentacle that agily wrapped itself about the red-intelligence. Other limbs flashed out, encircled the red flame and drew it against the tree's breast. In that instant the two alien monstrosities shook with their mighty efforts to destroy each other.And Dunn, while still on Earth, was witnessing this incredible scene, this sight which was transpiring 35,000,000 miles from where he lay motionless in the park.The red intelligence now brought into use 'a power which it had not used before. Suddenly it expanded. The twig-like tentacles of the tree-monster snapped brittlely under the unexpected attack. Entirely engulfed by its adversary it could be faintly seen within the red body that imprisoned it. Then suddenly it had vanished, was gone.Where before there had been two creatures there now was but--the red-intelligence.The Martian sight suddenly disappeared. Once more Dunn, white and trembling at the strangeness of the vision he had glimpsed was in the shadows of the park.The strain and excitement, the influence of the drug, was too much for Dunn to withstand. Exhausted to his very soul, he dropped off into a troubled sleep.WHEN THE thing that had been Bill Dunn awoke the next morning, it recorded its surroundings and its clothes unfamiliarly. Memory abruptly flooded back. With a chuckle of sheer amusement, it rose, to its feet and stretched its arms. Then it began to follow the road toward more densely populated districts. As it walked, it spoke to itself."Fool! Why did you sleep on the ground when there were thousands of unoccupied beds in the world! Money, obviously, was the reason. You lacked money. How hilarious! Money is the easiest thing that can be secured upon this planet! And you have spent a full year in idle wastefulness when you could have been living the life of a Prince, an existence incomparable in its ease. It is the greatest sin. I must atone for that; I must remedy my financial condition. That will not be difficult."A grin of superiority crossed the Superman's face.I can do four things that no one else of the planet can emulate. They are intercept interplanetary messages, read the mind of anyone I desire, by sheer mental concentration force ideas into people's heads, and throw my vision to any spot in the universe."Furthermore," he added, "during the night my mind has assimilated all the knowledge that exists in the universe. I know as much about Pluto as its inhabitants whose information I absorbed. I am a virtual sponge that absorbs every secret ever created. Every science is known to me and the most abstruse questions are mere child's play to my staggering intellect. I am a veritable God!"Thoughts of his mental achievements swelled him with confidence. He strode along the road arrogantly, his head erect, aggressive. One might have supposed his pockets were overflowing with banknotes of tremendous denominations rather than the empty air.He stopped the first man he met and inquired where the nearest public library was located. Upon receiving the information desired, he strode off without word of thanks. It seemed perfectly natural to him that people should do as he directed.ENTERING THE library, he took the elevator to the third floor and hurried into the Science and Technology Room."Professor Einstein's book on 'The Expanding Universe,'' he instructed an attendant.The attendant returned with the copy in her hand. "Our only one," she explained, "but it's printed in German.""What do I care?" snapped the Superman and snatched the book from the astounded attendant's hand, "I'd be able to read it if it were written in Portugese, Beteguesian, Andromedian, or in the sands of time!"He seated himself and began to read. A supercilious sneer flashed over his features. Suddenly he roared with laughter and slammed the book down on the table before him, with a mighty bang. "Trash! Bosh!" he cried.The attendant hurried up. "You will have to be quiet, sir," she cautioned. "There are others in this room who are concentrating. No disturbance will be tolerated."The Superman bared his teeth. "If I had a ray-tube within reach, I'd blast you out of existence!" he hissed.Quickly the attendant retreated, positive she was confronted by a madman.The Superman chuckled softly as he read her terrified thoughts.An elderly gentleman entered the room and sat down beside the Superman. He shot a momentary glance of disdain at the Superman's dirty, wrinkled suit, made a motion as though to rise and change his seat, then sighed, and apparently changed his mind. He slipped a small magazine_ from his pocket and began to read. The Superman read the following two words upon its cover: SCIENCE FICTION.Suddenly the gentleman noted the - Superman's stare. He reddened angrily, seemed on the point of speaking. The Superman read his thoughts: "I will humble this impertinent person by asking a difficult question which shall show him his ignorance. I shall say, 'My dear fellow, can you quote me the Fitzgerald Contraction’!"Before the gentleman had an opportunity to put the question, the Superman replied. "The Fitzgerald Contraction," he stated calmly, "which was looked into by Lorentz and Larnor, has the following equation: L=v/1-V2."The elderly man stared unbelievingly. His lips moved, but no words issued forth.Laughing, the Superman rose to his feet and left the place."NOW," THE Superman informed himself, "I will proceed to collect a large sum of money."He approached a drug-store and stood by the scales. A man approached. The Superman stopped him. "What is your name?" he inquired."Smith," replied the puzzled fellow."Hello, Smith!" greeted the Superman and slapped him on the back. "Fine weather we're having these days, don't you think?"Smith nodded, puzzled."Say, Smith, how about returning the ten dollars you owe me? I've waited long enough."Smith started to protest, but suddenly it occurred to him that he did owe this stranger ten dollars."Who are you?" he asked, "I've forgotten your name.""I am your grandfather," the Superman stated, without cracking a smile.Strangely enough, Smith grinned genially. "Well, darned if you aren't! What a fool I was to forget! Where have you been?""I've just returned from a polar bear hunt in South Africa. But how about the ten dollars?"Two five dollar bills exchanged hands. "I wager I can guess your weight," the Superman abruptly said."Five bucks says you can't.""Fine!" The Superman searched the man's mind. When Smith had stepped on a scale yesterday, he had registered one hundred and fifty pounds. "You weigh 150 lbs."Smith stepped on the scale. One hundred and fifty pounds The Superman now had fifteen dollars.When Smith reached home, something snapped within him. For the first time it occurred to him how nonsensically he had acted.The Superman approached the clerk at the drug-counter.The clerk thought: "I wonder if he wants some booze, too?""I'd like a pint," the Superman whispered."I don't understand," the clerk said evasively, cautiously.Dunn leaned forward. "It's all right," he said under his breath. "Smith, the guy who just left, is a close friend of mine. He put me wise."The clerk reached under the counter and his hand reappeared with a wrapped bottle. "Ten smackers," he whispered.Suddenly an authoritative gleam appeared in the Superman's eyes. "I got the goods on you!" he exclaimed.The clerk snatched for the bottle, but the Superman, divining his intention beat him to it. "I'm a Federal Agent," he hissed. "Come along or--" He winked."How much?" inquired the clerk hoarsely."One hundred dollars!""Robber!" "Come across or to the cooler you go."The Superman left the drug-store with one hundred fifteen dollars in his pocket. "A paltry sum," he told himself. "How can I increase it?"His forehead furrowed with the intensity of his thoughts. At last he relaxed. "It all depends upon the drug," he muttered. "If I can give rise to this power, nothing can stand in my way toward universal domination."Dunn stopped walking and approached the side of a building. He braced his back against it. And then his face screwed up with the intensity of his concentration. Abruptly he stiffened.A vision floated before his eyes. It was of a man sitting on a park bench, reading the daily newspaper. The date on the newspaper was March the twenty-first. The day happened to be the twentieth. The Superman was looking twenty-four hours into the future!Eagerly the Superman focused his attention upon an article."GAMBLERS MAKE BIG DOUGHGOD OF FORTUNE FAVORABLEFollowing the race-track, we find that the heavy betters cleaned up when Blue Angel came in first when odds against it were ten to one. The shock was great and the bookies were hit hard."Followers of another, but more popular gamble, the stock market, who owned shares of the formerly valueless Colorado Fruits, got a break today, too. When morning came, the brokers found out Colorado Fruits had shot sky-high overnight. A lot of newly rich were created."Abruptly the vision vanished.Dunn had accomplished the impossible. He had looked into the future! It was only within his power to see several hours ahead, but that was enough."After all," the Superman mused. "Time is simply duration, and duration is an illusion of the mind."ALONE IN his laboratory sat the chemist, Smalley. In his hand he clutched the latest edition of a newspaper.His face was white and strained; a light, bordering on madness, flamed in his eyes.An hour previous he had fired his butler. He wanted to be alone, away from prying eyes.On the page he so tightly clutched was a picture. The photograph was of Bill Dunn, the man he had administered his drug to.Under the picture was the following article: "Into the public eye has stepped a mysterious figure, the man who calls himself William Dunn. No one knows from where he has come and he refused to offer any information. But the fact remains that through gambling circles he has amassed a tremendous fortune."No one can understand his extraordinary luck. Ever since he appeared, he has been reaping thousands from incredibly fortunate investments. His luck is almost supernatural in its unfailingness."The man himself is a queer type. He is exceedingly alert, snaps back answers almost before questions are completed. But he has an overbearing conceit that is almost stifling.On another page was a short notice which, while it might have been insignificant to anyone, was of great importance in the eyes of Smalley."Clyde Kornau of 1131 Grantwood Rd. came to Police Headquarters with a strange story this morning. He says that while sitting in his study yesterday, he suddenly caught himself in the act of writing a check for forty-thousand dollars in favor of William Dunn."The police are puzzled. Kornau is too wealthy and powerful a citizen to lie for the sake of cheap publicity. A psychologist informed Kornau that his action had been the unconscious result of reading a great deal about Dunn. Kornau replied that he had never heard of William Dunn."Suddenly Smalley leapt to his feet with a bellow of anger and rage. "I'll tell the whole world the truth about Dunn," he swore, "and they'll put him where he can't do any harm!"He secured pencil and paper and began to write a long, heated letter. He old how he had taken Dunn from the breadline to make him the noble subject of the greatest experiment of the century. He told of how the chemical had been administered and Dunn's subsequent vanishing. "And," he concluded, "unless this creature is snared and shot dead like a beast, he will grow, his powers will strengthen, increase, until he will hold the fate of the world in the palm of his hand!"When the letter was completed, he placed it in an envelope, addressed it to the City Editor of the largest newspaper, then left the laboratory and mailed it.Upon returning to his laboratory, Professor Smalley began to think. He began to envy the power of the Superman, as much as he hated the being itself. Visions of world domination rose before his eyes. Why should he not assume the position he had dreaded the Superman would take? The longer he thought, the stronger the temptation grew.The desire had grown so strong soon that he began to mechanically go about the procedure of preparing the chemical. Then, with a visible shock, he realized what he was doing, he went to work with a will that was almost savage.Quickly he hurried from tube to vessel, working with the rapidity and recklessness of a maniac. Gradually his task neared completion, and finally he poured a thin liquid into a flask and put it away to cool off.Several minutes later, when the preparation had cooled sufficiently, he raised the flask and prepared to take the drought that would transform him into a Superman.At that moment the bell to his home rang.Ordinarily he would have disregarded it, but some instinct informed him that Dunn had returned.With an evil leer upon his thin features, Smalley lowered the flask and left the room.Smalley's surmise had been correct. The Superman was standing at the entrance when he opened the door. He stepped out and Dunn entered.The two walked silently to the laboratory, then Smalley spoke for the first time. "Report what has happened to you."The Superman did, revealed everything, concealed nothing. He had a motive for telling the entire truth. It was that he had determined to murder the professor before he left the room.As Dunn related his marvelous experiences one after another, Smalley's greed grew. He visioned what he would do when he had the same powers."Dunn," he said, when the Superman had finished speaking, "I am going to drink my preparation, now. That means that between the both of us, with our two gigantic brains, we shall rule the universe!"The Superman read his mind, which spoke as follows: "And after I take the drug I'm going to dispose of my friend here. Only one Superman can exist, and that will be me!"Thought the Superman. "Now is the time to kill this creature of such abysmal intelligence who seeks to oppose and replace me."Smalley made a move to raise the flask which contained the last dose of his chemical. But before he could reach it, Dunn stepped forward and knocked his hand aside.Instantly the professor leapt for the Superman's throat. Dunn fell back under the sudden attack, then, with a sudden roar, sprang forward and wrapped his arms about Smalley. The chemist struggled and flung the Superman off his balance. They both crashed to the floor.Over and over they rolled, first one on top, then the other. It was a battle with an almost inconceivable stake. For to the victor would go the rule of the universe.Abruptly Professor Smalley tore himself loose from his adversary's grip, jumped to his feet, and flew toward the table upon which lay the flask…….THE INTERNATIONAL Conciliatory Council was in session. Gathered in the great hall were the representatives of all the world's nations, both large and small. This was the greatest Peace Conference of all time. Chairman Warren Mansfield was thundering at the top of his voice "--and as we have gathered here, sit beside each other with no enmity between us, so shall our respective nations be in the future; friendly, brotherly."As Mansfield seated himself, thunderous handclapping acclaimed him.Chinaman and Jap, Frenchman and Englishman, American and Mexican, all smiled genially at each other. They saw that for the first time in the history of the globe, all races were to be joined into one tremendous, everlasting fraternity.Chairman Mansfield rapped his gavel for silence. "Our first speaker," he announced, "will be Italy's messenger of peace, Anthony Ferroti!"Ferroti rose to his feet and grinned engagingly. "It is with great pleasure that I annouce--" Abruptly his face under went a startling transformation. The amiable smile disappeared. His eyes snapped cruelly. His teeth were revealed in a sneer. "—that Balvania is a hotbed of dirty anarchists!"The silence in the room was stifling. Every man was thunderstruck.Balvania's representative recovered from his astonishment. Angrily he leapt upright and screamed a flow of bitter denunciation. Someone gave him a violent shove and sent him crashing against another individual. In another moment the hall was in an uproar. Dignified old gentlemen were bellowing with rage and clutching at the throats of life-long friends. They who had come to make the final peace settlement were now attacking each other like mad hate-filled wolves.FORREST ACKERMAN listened patiently to his City Editor."The Chief gave me this letter and recommended that I pass it on to you. At first he thought it was just the work of a nut, but in view of how things have been developing lately, he suggested that I pass it on to you, and instruct you to look into the matter. Well, that's your assignment. Keep your mouth shut about it. If there's anything to it, we want an exclusive."Ackerman accepted the proferred letter and glanced through it. As he read, his interest quickened. He whistled. "Sounds screwy.""It's up to you to discover whether it is or isn't. Get going!"As Forrest drove to Professor Smalley's home, he considered the relationship of this letter to the recent world-stirring events. If what the professor stated was true, it was likely that his Superman was behind the bitterness between nations. What might the Superman's motives be? Was it simply that his nature demanded he bring evilness and death upon humanity, or more likely, did he hope to gain control of it by first breaking down its strength by pitting it against itself?He had come to no definite conclusion when he drew up before Smalley's residence. Leaving his car, he climbed the steps and rang the bell. He waited and no response came. He repeated the act. The same result. Impatiently he put his hand on the doorknob, turning it. The door swung open. For a moment he hesitated, then he entered. He walked from room to room meeting no one.And then he entered a laboratory. His first glimpse told him that he had stumbled upon something important. The whole room was in terrible shape. Chairs, tables, cabinets were upset. Glassware was smashed. There were evident signs of a battle. A gasp escaped the reporter as he came upon a large crimson spot on the floor. Hardened blood!But whose?Ideas rushed through his mind, some incoherent, others complete. But several were not to be denied. Professor Smalley had been one of the men involved in the struggle. It seemed likely that the other had been Dunn, the Superman, but who had won the battle? Whose blood marked the floor?A possibility occurred to him. Smalley might have conceived the ambition to rule the world. Perhaps there had been a quarrel and the resulting fight in which one of the two had been killed. Who, then, had been the victor? And whoever the victor might be, was it he who was to blame for the world being on the point of war?Forrest ran from the house and sprang into his car. In a moment it was started and he was tearing along the streets toward the offices of his paper. But he had scarcely gone several dozen blocks before he behaved uncomprehensibly. Instead of continuing along the thoroughfare that would have taken him directly to his destination, he turned into a side street and after that into another thoroughfare which was directly parallel to the one upon which he had been travelling previously. He was headed in the opposite direction!Abruptly he forgot the startling discovery he had made. Instead, the impression had come to him that he was following an assignment which was to take him to a certain street-number.In a few minutes he drew up before a building. He entered it. He was met by a cordial, beaming man who led him into a dusty office. "Mr. Dunn?" Forrest inquired."Yes. Be seated."Forrest complied. Instantly, bars of metal sprang about him from the chair's side, grasping his arms, chest, and legs, in an unbreakable grip. At the same moment Forrest realized what had happened. He had been brought here under the power of the Superman's will.The Superman had seated himself at his table and was facing the reporter."Who are you?" Forrest cried. "Smalley or Dunn?"The Superman did not answer at once. He seemed lost in concentration. Abruptly he seemed to become aware that Forrest had asked a question. "Smalley or Dunn?" he repeated, puzzled. Memory flowed back. "Ah--yes. Dunn.""You killed Smalley?""I killed Smalley.""And--and what are you going to do with me?""I have a little matter to attend to before I dispose of you." His tone was flat.Forrest's mind reeled at this calm declaration of his death."I am about to send the armies of the world to total annihiliation against each other."And then something snapped within Forrest. He cursed at the inhuman monster, called him every insulting epithet that occurred to him, swore to crush him if he broke loose.The Superman paid no attention to the screaming, pleading man. He clenched his fists and stared before him. As he concentrated, his face slowly twisted itself into such a visage of hate and cruelty that Forrest was appalled. The Superman was broadcasting thoughts of hate which would plunge the Earth into a living hell.In this moment of dread and terror the reporter sent .a silent prayer up to the Creator of the threatened world. He beseeched the Omnipotent One to blot out this blaspheming devil.Was it true that Forrest saw the look of hate swept from the Superman's face and terror replace it, or was it mere fancy?Suddenly the Superman leapt to his feet. The chair he had been sitting upon crashed back. "No!" he cried. "No!"Forrest saw he was shouting at the empty air."That vision! That glimpse into the future! Myself tomorrow--sleeping in the park. Once more just Dunn--Dunn the vagrant, the down-and-outer!" The Superman drew a hand across his eyes. "It's the drug! It's influence will be gone in an hour, exhausted! And I can't duplicate the drug unless I can reach the Dark Planet where lies the needed element. And there is not time enough for that!"The arrogant, confident figure had departed. Instead, there now stood, a drooping, disillusioned man.Dunn raised his head and regarded the mute reporter. "I see, now, how wrong I was. If I had worked for the good of humanity, my name would have gone down in history with a blessing--instead of a curse." He approached the chair and tampered with some mechanism on its side. "In fifteen minutes you will be automatically released and I--" he grinned wryly, "I shall be- back in the bread-line!"The End.
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The fae refers to the dominant inhabitants of Faerie, an alternate dimension rich in magic. Portals to and from Faerie appear occasionally but visitors are seldom welcome. The Fair Folk (as they also like to be called) are descended from protohumans who wandered through portals.
The magical energies had a profound effect on the protohumans, accelerating their development and gradually changing their bodies. The protohumans struggled to survive but over millennia their descendants learned how to harness the mystical energies that saturated the dimension and used their magic to start to tame it. As they continued to thrive the children of the first magic users were born, not just formed of matter but magical energy made flesh. These were considered the first ‘true’ fae. It’s believed that some of these fae left Faerie to return to Earth and, breeding with humans, produced the ancestors of the human subspecies Homo Magus (magic using humans).
Being literally made of magic gave the fae immense mystical power and they used it to truly master their world, forming organised societies much like feudalism. Some of the early fae were more gifted with magic than others and used their power to become conquerors, forming armies to claim lands. This period is regarded as the dark ages of Faerie. The wars for control were incredibly bloody, lasting for centuries and costing thousands of lives. As the wars progressed two main factions gradually proved themselves superior; The Seelie and the Unseelie.
These armies had some of the strongest magic, better tacticians and an undeniable charisma which the others lacked (more than one smaller faction had their leaders assassinated or overthrown). The conflicts ended when the remaining leaders surrendered to either the Seelie or Unseelie and were absorbed into their folds. The remaining armies rattled sabers at each other for a few hundred years and had a few minor skirmishes but an uneasy truce was eventually formed between them. Both factions agreed that they would rule separate territories where they would have ultimate authority. Members of the other faction may enter the territories but must submit to the laws of the kingdom and are forbidden from interfering with matters of state.
The mainland of Faerie is known as The Fair Lands and is split into two territories with an area of neutral ground in between them. The lands ruled by the Seelie Court are referred to as the Summerlands as they consist of vast forests and plains rich in plant and animal life. The Unseelie Court rules the Winterlands, a harsher environment consisting of tundra and mountain ranges and has very little life. Each region is ruled by a royal family and, as the name implies, a court of advisors, lords and ladies, knights and servants.
The royal families inhabit castles which are masterpieces of fae construction and would be impossible to recreate without magic. In addition to being ornate the Seelie and Unseelie castles are fortresses, nearly impossible to breach and are the most heavily guarded places in Faerie.
Noble and common fae have the opportunity to be trained as warriors, including the royal family who are expected to lead their armies. Many fae, both men and women, become knights and many aspire to achieve the position of Royal Guard, one of the highest honours a fae can reach. Although warrior fae are trained with a multitude of magical weapons it’s common for them to ‘bond’ with a certain weapon and specialise with it. An example of this would be the falchion Shadowsteel which has been handed down from king to prince for generations of the Seelie royal line. Another is the Unseelie queen’s whip Soulstealer.
Several unaffiliated factions of fae formed since the formation of the royal courts. Most of these are harmless, preferring to avoid the politics of the courts or just wanting to have simpler lives but some of these rogue factions are dangerous.
Wild fae have devolved into primitive barbarians who reject their magic in favour of brute strength and weapons. Because of their relative brutality and overall love for combat, wild fae are ignored by most of the other fae and will only associate with them if they don’t have a choice. The wild fae live in tribes who regularly war with one another for various reasons; territory, resources, women (wild fae are patriarchal with the women being forbidden to learn to fight) but mostly just for fun.
Dark fae practice the darker aspects of magic such as ritual sacrifice, necromancy and demonic deals. Their usage of black magic has twisted the dark fae’s minds and many have been mistaken for demons. Although the dark fae have an alliance with the Seelie Court, it was one formed out of convenience and the two do not get along. Dark fae are feared by most of the races of Faerie and some fae mothers even use the threat of them to get their children to behave.
Throughout the history of Faerie some of these groups, as well as outsiders, have attempted invasions of the main kingdoms but none have been successful.
Fair Folk that weren’t slain in battle or executed were exiled to other dimensions, including Earth. In many of these worlds the exiles were met with hostility so were forced to use their magic to disguise their appearances to live amongst the inhabitants. Even the most powerful fae is unable to create portals to places already rich in different kinds of magic, such as Heaven or Hell, as it creates interference or more powerful beings have blocked access.
Some of the fae who left their world changed and adapted into new species. One of these, having lost their magic entirely, became a race known as the Shi’Van who specialise in organic technology.
The monarchies of Faerie are very different. The Seelie Court is ruled by equal monarchs, usually a king and queen, and any major decisions must be unanimous between them before they can be executed. The Unseelie Court has always been ruled by a queen alone who’ll have at least one royal consort who’s level of authority has varied depending on the queen. The Unseelie queen’s word is law and she reigns unchallenged (except by any daughters she may have).
The Summerlands’ castle is located deep in the heart of a forest and has been fused with the plants, being famous for the two large trees that form the outer towers. The Winterlands’ castle was effectively grown from the peak of the kingdom’s tallest mountain and is a maze of cold stone and ice.
As a rule the monarchs reign until their deaths but some have previously stepped down for their heirs. Kings and queens who’ve stepped down occupy the role of Summer/Winter Father/Mother, a position of importance which involves them advising the current ruler(s), handling some matters of court and state and ensuring the kingdom thrives. The Fathers and Mothers technically have a higher authority than the monarchs and can overrule decisions or go over their heads but only in extreme circumstances like negotiations or war.
The crown princes and/or princesses of the courts are known as the Summer/Winter Lord/Lady. The heirs are expected to learn from their parents so they’re ready to assume the throne when the time comes. Lords and Ladies have several duties (several of which are ones the monarchs are too busy for) some of which include; combat training, matters of court, observing the kingdom and its inhabitants, and occasionally handling duties normally performed by the king/queen. Upon their coronation it is traditional for a king or queen to invite a challenge to prove their worth as a warrior but these are seldom taken up and they will often spar with the previous ruler for show.
Centuries ago, The Fair Lands were plunged into a bloody civil war between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. The reigning monarch of the Winterlands, Queen Mab, was a highly ambitious ruler and wanted the entirety of Faerie to be hers.
The Winter Queen gathered her army, even recruiting mercenaries from the unaffiliated fae, and marched on the Summerlands. The Seelie Court was unprepared for the initial assault and they took heavy losses before being able to push the Unseelie army back. The armies fought brutally and the monarchs were forced to initiate a draft, any able bodied or magicked fae was recruited into the armies. The courts were at a stalemate for a long time, sometimes an area would be claimed by one just to be retaken by the other shortly after and all the while taking heavy casualties. Eventually the stalemate was broken when the Unseelie Court had their allies, the banshees, aid them and for a long time they had the clear advantage.
Out of desperation the Seelie Court made alliances as well; with the dark fae. In return for their assistance the Seelie Court would allow them to continue practicing their magics without persecution and turn a blind eye.
The alliance turned the tide of the war in the favour of the Seelie due to the dark fae’s reputation and different form of magic and for a while it seemed that they would win but then the rulers, King Oberon and Queen Titania, were betrayed by one of their own. Robin Goodfellow A.K.A Puck had grown rebellious under their rule, feeling marginalised, and the idea came to him that things might be better for him in the Unseelie Court. Puck went to the Unseelie camp and eventually met their queen to deliver his message. Mab and a handful of warriors slipped into the enemy camp with the knowledge of how to get past their magical defences. Many Seelie warriors were slaughtered in their sleep but the army was alerted to the assassins’ presence before they could reach the king and queen.
Despite being caught unawares, the Seelie killed all but Mab. The Unseelie queen then used powerful magic to kill Oberon and Titania.
Before she could absorb their essence Mab was driven off. The Seelie monarchs had no heirs so the kingdom was thrown into disarray and, without its head, the army was forced to retreat, the Summerland castle being taken in the process.
In a last ditch attempt to turn the tide the strongest remaining Seelie fae performed a ritual that would resurrect their fallen monarchs. The ritual worked, to a degree, as Oberon and Titania were reborn, not as fae but as humans. As the humans aged the fae in them grew more prominent and they were drawn to each other after the spirits of the king and queen spoke with them of their true natures.
Mab extended the reach of the Winterlands and claimed the Summerlands as her own, ruling both kingdoms for many years with plans to expand to the rest of Faerie. Rebellions were attempted but were all swiftly quashed, many before they had even begun.
One day Oberon and Titania returned and eventually gathered an army to retake the Summerlands. The Unseelie were pushed back to their lands where they fortified themselves, preventing the Seelie from completely wiping them out.
The courts were once again locked in a stalemate and entered into a prolonged ceasefire. Any trespassers were imprisoned but neither side engaged in any other open hostility.
Some of the Seelie were uneasy about the returned king and queen as, although they were technically the same Oberon and Titania, they were also humans. Some fae were disgusted by the thought of being ruled by humans they defected and many were left doubting their rulers’ ability to run the kingdom. Fortunately the resurrected monarchs proved just as capable as they were before and had a prosperous reign. Things were thrown into disarray when Oberon and Titania once again died heirless as they had been so busy reorganising the kingdom to have a child. The kingdom was vulnerable and confused. A regent was appointed and they held the throne until the return of the king and queen.
Over time The Seelie Court gradually adapted to the routine of their rulers’ deaths and rebirths. Unfortunately, so did the Unseelie Court who became aware of the Summerlands’ vulnerability without their king and queen. Although none of Mab’s attacks have ever succeeded in conquering the kingdom they severely tax the Seelie Court.
The current Oberon and Titania (Ian Andrews and Maisie Green) are operating as teenage superheroes on Earth. Both know that they’ll have to eventually surrender their human lives to become the full time rulers of the Seelie Court. Puck is also on Earth, having fled Faerie, but has been sealed out as punishment. Recently Queen Mab has journeyed to Earth in the hopes of finding Oberon and Titania before they reach their full potential so she can kill them and rule Faerie again.
There are a handful of different kinds of fae. The most common are the ‘true’ fae who mostly resemble humans but with a few differences such as slitted pupils and long pointed ears. True fae’s appearances vary depending on if they’re Seelie or Unseelie. Seelie fae have very pale, practically white, skin and, as a rule, have some shade of green eyes. Unseelie fae have skin in various shades of grey and usually have pale or very dark blue eyes.
The wild fae vary greatly in appearance but are larger and more muscular than other fae. They are also the only kind of fae to grow facial hair.
Exposure to dark magic twisted the dark fae’s very beings with their growths often being stunted and many are born with birth defects. The Dark Fae tend to have dull coloured skin and brighter colours are seen as desirable.
Sprites, like Puck, are considered a lower class or subspecies of fae and are natural shapeshifters, constantly changing their forms, but are still powerful magic users. Generally, Sprites resemble true fae but smaller and more delicate, however this may just be a ruse.
Some sprites are known as changelings as they will abduct a human (usually a baby but not always) and shapeshift to take their place. Whilst disguised they will at best cause mischief but at worst physiologically torment humans and more than one couple have been driven insane by their ‘baby’s’ actions. There appears to be no reason for this other than their twisted amusement. The human abducted is perfectly safe and is put in an enchanted sleep somewhere in Faerie. If the changeling is exposed (and prevented from escaping) they can usually be persuaded to bring the abductee back.
Both the Dark and the Wild fae inhabit an area of the Fair Lands called the Midnight Forest where, eons ago, a powerful demon sorcerer appeared. No one knows how or why he came to Faerie, or even what his name was but his presence alone, due to his Infernal nature, disrupted the magic of Faerie and by extension the land itself. When he began using demonic magic it didn’t mesh with the raw Faerie magic as they were so fundamentally different. Things got worse when he began to try and use the raw magic and combine it with his own.
It gave him immense power but almost killed him every time he used it as well as poisoning the land around him, killing plants and animals. His corruption grew worse and worse but attempts to stop him were met with failure. It took an alliance of several species in a combined assault to finally kill him although at the cost of many lives.
Although the demon was slain his influence lingered and corrupted the forest he’d been inhabiting, including the plants and animals when they returned. Those who had killed the demon worked together to try and erase his poisoning but were unable to and were forced to contain it in the forest where it left a permanent scar on the land. The precise point where the demon emerged has never recovered and has come to be known as Demonscar.
The fae who called that forest home (those that hadn’t been killed) were forced to live with the permanent darkness, the malformed plants and aggressive animals and eventually they began to change as well. The ones on the outskirts of the forest grew larger and more aggressive, becoming the wild fae.
The ones inside the forest were exposed to even greater amounts of the corruption, including traces of Infernal essence which mutated them into the dark fae. Dark fae began to respect this demon and respect turned to admiration which eventually changed into worship. In their worship of the demon the dark fae wanted to become like him and dedicated themselves to doing so. Although they weren’t capable of using demonic magic, dark fae learned how to use black magic and further twisted themselves in doing so.
All fae metal is made from a naturally occurring ore known as mithril. Mithril deposits can be found throughout Faerie but most commonly occurs underground. Although other metals do occur, Mithril is prized for its strength (more durable than steel) and its beauty, being a shiny silver colour when polished. It's also considerably lighter than most other metals and is easy to shape when heated.
Mithril is also favoured as it's harmless to the fae unlike iron, which also occurs in Faerie, that burns on contact and even steel can cause irritation and pain with prolonged contact. Like most substances in Faerie, mithril is a natural conduit for magic and contains its own magical energies which makes it perfect for magicrafting.
As with any other metal, the purer it is the higher quality it is and the very best is used to create weapons, armour and jewellery for royalty, high ranking soldiers, and other figures of importance.
It’s a common misconception that fae are incapable of lying, in fact some seem to take great pleasure in lying. The truth is that most fae simply choose not to lie as honesty is of great importance to them and it is much harder to lie in the fae tongue. As previously mentioned, the fair folk value honesty which often makes them come across as blunt or insensitive as they dislike bandying words and seldom give thought to sparing others’ feelings. If a fae does wish to deceive they’ll do so more subtly through means like doublespeak, half truths and lies of omission.
Many fae consider it a mark of skill to be able to manipulate and deceive without speaking falsehoods. Although they generally don’t lie, it’s not a good idea to try and deceive a fae as they’re all skilled at seeing through falsehoods and consider attempts to deceive them grave insults.
Contrary to popular belief, consuming fae food and drink won’t bind a mortal to them or at least not always. What usually happens is the fae will cast a binding spell on the human which will then be sealed by them accepting the offered food or drink. To the fair folk that’s considered a deal, they just didn’t tell the mortal. This, along with other means such as offering deals, was common practice in the olden days of Faerie and keeping mortals for amusement or labour was considered fashionable but nowadays is looked on disdainfully, not that it stops some fae from doing it.
Bindings can be broken at a fae’s discretion but only by the one who cast it or by one with considerably more magical power than them.
Caution and respect are very strongly advised when dealing with the fae, especially the nobles, as they’re a very proud and powerful people and consider humans beneath them. Whilst it’s best to be polite with fae, they generally dislike sycophancy and will refuse to deal with a suck up. Queen Mab however is responsive to flattery and is said to enjoy others grovelling at her feet. Fae tend to be more subtle in showing their emotions and experts at hiding them which is why it’s often thought that they have no emotions and why dealing with them is so tricky.
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