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Heroes Legion: Y2: Clash of the Titans: Chapter 5
Heroes Legion: Book Two: Clash of the Titans: part oneBy Maskedhero100Chapter 5: Beach TownBattle Island Tournament: Day 1: 8:00 PM"I can't believe we spent almost the entire day in that Jungle!" Velocity grumbled."We're going to have to keep on our toes and try to avoid traps like that" Techne added in agreement, brushing the remaining dirt off her body armor suit.After leaving the Jungle, the Heroes Legion was now walking along an open field trail path.After walking for an hour they found themselves standing before a crossroads.One path could be seen leading towards a big steep hill to the left, and the other to a Cliffside pathway that ran along the coastline of the island."There, over that hill, that's the direction we have to go," Silicon said, pointing at the steep hill."Are you sure little buddy?" Velocity asked, looking right at the Cliffside pathway that went alongside the shoreline of the island, "I would say that the best way to find a town called 'Beach Town' is to follow the shoreline, like that path over there.""Hmm…" Silicon said looking at the map again, "Actually, both trails seem viable.""That's what we thought about trekking through the Jungle" Shadow Knight reminded cautiously, "I think we should choose our path towards Beach Town carefully."That was when the Heroes Legion heard the sound of fighting in the distance."We'd better make up our minds fast because we've got company heading our way," Shelia said."I'm afraid we won't have time for that" Robo-Warrior said, "My suit's long-range scanners indicate that the group making that noise is heading our way, much too fast for us to make a getaway down either pathway.""In other words, we're about to be caught up in another rumble my friends" Atlas said with his eyes looking out at the growing dust and smoke cloud in the distance heading their way."Fine then…" Atlanta said gearing up for a fight, "After being blamed for what the Dark Elite did to the public perception of metahumans and nearly getting eaten alive by a walking salad bar. If these creeps want to pick a fight with us instead of fight beside us, then I say let them try. We took on an entire army of metahumans before, we can do it again.""Forget it…" Shadow Knight said sharply, "Do you forget what this is? This is the first round of the battles, everyone who doesn't make it to Beach Town before sundown loses automatically. The sun is already starting to go down. Let's just get there, let these idiots fight amongst themselves.""He's right; I calculate we have an hour and a half left before the sunsets. We have no time for a battle, need to get hustling. If what I glanced at that map is correct, it's still half a mile away from where we currently stand." Cyber-29 said in agreement."But what about the points earned from battle?" Atlanta asked, "The Grandmaster said if we didn't get the required points for the end of the day, it's Game Over!""How many points are needed to qualify for admittance to Beach Town?" Shelia asked."Oh…about a thousand more points than we have right now. We've only earned 2020 points in total between all of us." Techne answered worriedly, looking at the display on her battle counter."What…Three thousand points?" Velocity exclaimed in disbelief, "We should have got at least that much from fighting that vine monster alone!""We don't have much of a choice; we have to fight to get to Beach Town…" Atlanta said, staring in the direction of the battle on the other side of the hill."We can do this. What's our motto, alone we are strong, but together we're a legion, right? If we work as a unit, we can make it that way. We'll plow our way through if we have to, like the battle of the black gills in Atlantean war history. Follow me!"Like a cross between Xena: Warrior Princess and the creature from the black lagoon, Atlanta with her war gauntlet blades drawn, and letting out an Atlantean war Cry took off running up the hill towards the battle.Realizing there was no other choice, and that they had better go and back up their teammate, the rest of the Heroes Legion charged up the hill after her.Robo-Warrior charged up his weapons, Shelia drew her claws, Roulette readied his cards, Silicon transformed into his liquid metal form just as Murdoch turned into his Gaurdemon form, Shadow Knight managed to turn into his living shadow form and split himself into seventeen shadow clones, Velocity charged up his Acceleron powers, Raven Ducard transformed into her Dark Raven form, Techne electrified her arms with pure electric energy, and finally, Ravager charged up his body with plasma energy.They made it to the top of the hill and saw that down at the bottom of the hill, in the field, between them and the clear sight of Beach Town, a massive battle between maybe two thousand metahumans ensued.It reminded them of the Battle of New York, only this was in the middle of an open field not on a double-decked suspension bridge.Summoning up their courage, they charged towards the fray.They reached the bottom of the hill, Raven, Ravager, and Robo-Warrior blasted their respective attacks ahead of their teammates, creating a barrage of energy blasts that plowed through the combating Metahumans who were oblivious to their presence.This created a clear path for them to continue forward as they pressed through the onslaught.Taking advantage of the confusion and obliviousness, they cleared through half of the horde before the combatants took notice of them, and responded in kind.M-Leader got creative with his powers, and formed a sort of psychic energy shield "tank" around the Heroes Legion, with 'blast portholes' so that the Legion's attacks could still get through and hit their targets.The main bulk of the fighting metahumans slowed them down, and though they were all caught up in a battle-frenzy…some were soon going to have the entire horde after them.Robo-Warrior, who had been blasting through the psychic energy shields portholes, called out to his teammates over the roar of the battlefield."Guys, we're running out of time here! We've got less than seven minutes!" He declared."We're almost there, just keep pushing!" Atlanta responded."I don't know if anyone is noticing, but we're slowing down…" Velocity pointed out, "Slowing down is not good, we're at least half a mile away from Beach Town. Don't ask me how I know that, it's just something that came with the powers and I don't understand how the hell it works.""I do…" Shadow Knight responded, "It's just like my Shadow Vision giving me extra-sensory perception to safely shadow walkthrough shadow portals alone and with others without ending up six feet in the ground. Yours allows you to know the distance between objects right in front of your line of sight to allow your sharp reflexes to keep you from becoming a bug on a windshield.""Thanks for that bit of information Knight…" Velocity said sarcastically, "But unfortunately, it doesn't help us any.""On the contrary…" Shadow Knight grinned, "It helps us out a lot, especially in the failing light…which direction is the town?""Uh…" Velocity said looking around, trying to find the direction that his 'radar sense' had pinged the nearby location of Beach Town amongst this massive melee, he found it soon enough "a half a mile in that direction Why?""It's a risk, but we don't have any other option. If we don't get inside that town, its game over" Shadow Knight responded, and then he called out to the others "but might as well rack up as much battle points as we can from this battle. Cyber-29, give me a countdown for six minutes.""Will do" Robo-Warrior responded."Read you loud and clear" Cyber-29 responded as well through the Robo-Warrior suit.The Heroes Legion continued to battle the attacking metahumans for about six minutes until Robo-Warrior declared "times up, now what?""Now, we all hang on tight…" Shadow Knight said, transforming into his living shadow form, then enlarging, and also engulfing his teammates like a black fog "and hope I manage to get there safely and get us to land on somethings soft!"In a massive flash of light, which caused their assailants to shield their eyes….and then cough on the sulphuric smell of the resulting cloud of purple-colored smoke…the attacking Metahumans saw to their surprise that the Heroes Legion team had vanished…before getting right back to fighting one another.Beach Town, South Battle-Island: 9:00 PM"How come every time we use those portals, we're always landing into something or ending up in a dog pile?" Velocity groaned from beneath the resulting dog pile once the Heroes Legion team had all exited out of the exit side of the shadow portal Shadow Knight had used to teleport them to this location.A portal that had been formed out of the darkness of the adjacent alleyway to the street that they had landed and rolled into said dogpile right in the middle."…at least it works." Shadow Knight countered as he helped Raven Ducard to her feet."Yeah, but would it kill you to find us a location that won't leave us bruised?" Atlanta grumbled."Where are we…?" Techne asked looking around at the pristine-looking village they now found themselves in, "Is this Beach Town?""According to these bracelets GPS it is" Robo-Warrior confirmed."Huh…" Velocity said looking around, "Not bad, I could hang here.""You might want to hold off on that until we know we're staying here" M-Leader cautioned wisely, "we have ten seconds left on the battle point counters countdown…Cross your fingers everyone and hope we have won enough points!"The heroes' legion held their breath as the numbers counted down, time seemed to slow down as they watched.987654321That was when they all saw in the distance, a massive flash of light, in the same direction where that massive metahuman brawl had been occurring outside of Beach Town.That was also when a holographic image of the Grandmaster appeared just a few feet in front of where they stood on Main Street."Congratulations, you're the second team to make it to the town. You won the survival challenge" he said, congratulating them, "as a result; you have earned 1500000 points for making it here and defeating all of the other competitors with your teamwork, skill, and strategy.""What happened to the others?" Raven Ducard asked concerned, realizing the implications of the massive flash of light they had seen outside of Beach Town."I'm afraid that due to the blood simple nature of the heat of battle distracting them from all sense of time, the other competitors have failed the challenge and won't be proceeding onto the next part of the first round of the Battle-Island Tournament of Power. Only you and the other team have managed to win the qualifying round, that makes you both eligible for the tournament and the definite teams in all upcoming challenges and rounds in the tournament come what may tomorrow…." The Grandmaster answered."What happens to them, what happened to the losers?""Don't worry about them my dear child…" The Grandmaster said to her, "Tonight, rest, eat, and celebrate your victory with your teammates. For tomorrow…the real tournament begins between you and the other team."The Grandmaster hologram then vanished before the Heroes Legion's eyes.Even stranger, that was the moment when Beach Town came alive.Stores opened, street lights came online… and the nearby fountain came alive as well.An automated ghost town...but one with food and board it would seem."This place gets stranger and stranger every minute" Atlas said in disbelief at this."So what do we do now?" Ravager asked."I guess we eat, drink, and find a place to rest for the night" M-Leader said wisely.Before anyone of them could even take a step, they heard a voice call out to them from down the street…a voice that not one of them could have ever dreamed to have heard here of all places.Stephanie Walker's voice!"Marcus, kids?" Stephanie Walker's voice called out to them, "Is that you?"The Heroes Legion and M-Leader turned around to see to their shocked amazement; Stephanie Walker was indeed standing there half a block away.The surprise and shock melted away, and was replaced with relived glee as the Heroes Legion rushed forward to meet their missing friend.M-Leader was faster than the others in running towards her, he caught up to her as she ran towards him, catching her halfway in his arms, holding her tight as if to make sure this was real."You…you're here" M-Leader said happily telepathically, his golden eyes watering with happiness upon seeing that she was indeed alive, "I was so worried about you.""I was worried about you too" Stephanie Walker said, kissing him on the cheek."Steph, is it you?" Raven Ducard asked hopefully."It's me guys…" Stephanie Walker nodded in confirmation, and she looked at the Titans "You're here too?""How did you get here?" Silicon asked curiously."I don't know" Stephanie shrugged, "When the Paladins overran the barricades, I was hiding with others down in the makeshift shelter, hoping for our side to win the big battle. Then when we did win the battle, that big…the big dome thing or whatever appeared, and then soon after this big green…wave…thingy or whatever, washed over all of us…and then I found myself here, in this ghost town. Just me…I don't know where the other metahumans or the Rebels went. I've been here all day, walking around, looking for signs of life… It was kind of spooky, and newsworthy. Sadly…I don't have a camera to record it." The reporter woman sighed in dismay, "Story of my life I guess.""Yep, that's Stephanie all right" Techne said with an amused chuckle."Wait a minute! Stephanie, how long have did you say you've been here? Did you say you've been here all day…as in Today?" Shadow Knight asked in concern."Yeah…why do you ask?" Stephanie answered, confused at Shadow Knight's question."Stephanie…" Atlanta explained, also concerned about the implications of the facts at hand "The battle against Ryker's Paladins and his Bio-Hounds was weeks ago.""What!?" Stephanie Walker asked in shock, "That's impossible. I've been here, all day long.""This proves a theory of mine, that time and space must work wonky here on this island, and it seems that it's all part of the game that we're playing" Shadow Knight said in realization, "remember the jungle? How we spent nearly the whole day in there?""He's right" Robo-Warrior agreed."Indeed, that would explain so much given what we've already seen today, but that doesn't explain what happened to the rest of the vanished Manhattan citizens" Murdoch said in thought, "shouldn't they be here with Stephanie? Also, why did the Grandmaster, if he is to blame for the vanishing of Manhattan citizens, bring Stephanie here to this island?""Mysterious Island, Grandmaster, tournament…what on earth are you guys talking about?" Stephanie Walker asked she was confused by all of this."I think we should discuss this over dinner…" M-Leader said wisely, "we have a lot to talk about, and some of it might be harder to digest without it."After finding a nice café' not too far from where they had once been standing, the Heroes Legion team and the Titans sat down, munched on the free food, and told Stephanie Walker about everything that had transpired since the battle with Dr. Ryker.How they had gone to the alternative future that Shadow Knight's future self-had come from, and seen the end of the world at the hands of a monster that was created by STRIPE to kill or subjugate all metahumans that went bonkers.How they had managed to rescue M-Leader from STRIPE's facility in Alaska keeping him from being used as a weapon to wipe and expose the conspiracy to the rest of SLEET.The also told her how thanks to the Grandmaster sealing the country to scan for metahumans to participate in his tournament for the ultimate prize of power.This had the disastrous effect of cutting off the US division of SLEET from the rest of the world and the resulting schism of the US division of SLEET as a result of the reveal of it having been partially taken over by the STRIPE Conspiracy…the country was now in a second civil war between the true forces of SLEET that controlled and protected the west and the STRIPE regime that controlled the east and sought to wipe out, control all 'rogue terrorist metahumans' and retake the west.They had been fighting this new Civil War for nearly a month.One of the dirty tactics STRIPE had employed was the Metahuman Registration Act, which gave them full access to any metahuman that registered to inject them with nanites that allowed them to track them, control them, and as an extension…control and use their powers for their real agenda.The subjugation or eradication of all Metahumans.They had even tried to murder the president and blame it on Metahumans to further their cause and keep the people living in the states they still controlled oblivious and ignorant at who were the real bad guys.But even with preventing that and giving the president a means to project his voice about what happened in that SLEET dry dockyard…the people on the other side, the STRIPE side of the country didn't do anything in response, they stayed on STRIPE's side.The reasons being because as far as they were all concerned...STRIPE was the fully sanctioned broad sword of the government now, an alternative political and defensive party that had vouched for by the puppet president that was under their control, a president that was "Hardcore" about defending the country from another "Siege of Manhattan" compared to the "old president" as it were.Also thanks to the partial takeover of SLEET itself before the schism, STRIPE had enough resources and SCARE soldiers to keep the people in line should they dissent to their protection…but worst of all, the american people on the other side of the STRIPE/SLEET lines just didn't believe the truth about STRIPE's complicity in the Siege, its corruption or even care at all if it was the truth.STRIPE was producing results in their eyes.The public on the other side saw STRIPE as their first and last line of defense against a new terror on their lives…the metahuman menace.People hated and feared metahumans now, and fear and hate of a group of people who have been deemed 'dangerous' or 'different' by society or its leaders can make people of all shapes and sizes do stupid, irrational…and downright monstrous things to protect themselves from the 'other' as it were.And in their fear, they embraced a secret society that promised to protect them from their enemies, from a scapegoated minority they had scapegoated and vilified and make the country a better, stronger version of what it used to be…at the expense of innocent people who were born different from them.When you were a kid in school, you learned of such things.The History books were full of chapters on such dark moments and times in human history after all…just like the graveyards were filled with the bodies of soldiers who died to prevent such regimes from consolidating more power till the point they became unstoppable.It was one thing reading about it.It's a whole different story when you're LIVING in a repeat of such dark times that you were taught about in history class…when your home country becomes the next Nazi Germany…Only instead of Jews, its people with superpowers that the regime that's taken over is after.You hear about it happening in other countries...But you never once think it could ever happen in your country, your home.This is America.Land of the free, home of the brave, we respect freedom here in this country.We will never allow that to happen to our country.It can never happen here?Well guess what?It did.And half the country went along with it.This was a lot for Stephanie Walker to take in."I leave you, kids, alone for a few minutes, look what happens…" Stephanie said in overwhelmed exasperation, "everything's gone to pot!"She was glad her beloved grandfather was long since dead, he had fought in the second world war against the Nazis…he'd have been heartbroken if he had seen what the country, the homeland that he had fought for in defense against such villainy had now become."Indeed, we were getting ready to launch a full-scale invasion of Washington to take down STRIPE's regime…when we got pulled into this superhuman free for all on 'fantastic Island' here." Velocity finished bringing her up to speed."Battle Island" Shadow Knight corrected."Whatever!" Velocity snapped in annoyance."I still can't believe it…" Stephanie Walker said, looking down at her plate of food in shocked dismay "the country's divided, RJ's been murdered, and that story about the future… I knew things were bad when we were dealing with Dr. Ryker…but I never imagined they could get THIS bad.""Neither did we…that's just our luck isn't it? Just when we think we have a handle on a situation, something new comes along…" Atlanta added in agreement, "but if we're lucky, Commander Hardcastle has taken down STRIPE and this second Civil War is over. Then maybe also the damage STRIPE caused is being fixed right now.""One can hope…" M-Leader acknowledged Atlanta's hopeful suggestion, "if the dome surrounding the country fell with us and that device that brought us here that was the source of it all vanished as well…half the country on their side or no, STRIPE's regime would not last five minutes against the full force of SLEET waiting on the other side of the dome.""Well at least we'd have that…" Shadow Knight said optimistically, "if STRIPE is indeed outmatched and the dome truly is gone back home…then the only thing we have to focus on doing now, is getting off this island.""No duh, Spooky…" Velocity said sarcastically, taking a sip of a cherry milkshake he had made for himself in the empty café' kitchen area, before munching on a slice of cake "if the rest of this tournament is like the 'qualifying round' as Mr. Grandmaster called it, winning this thing will be a piece of cake. Piece of crumb cake…speaking of which, try this crumb cake. It's delicious.""Is it just me…or does anyone else think it's kind of strange how no one is here but us, and yet the shops, hotels, and restaurants are open and filled with all kinds of goodies? Where are the waiters, the staff…the citizens of this town?" Techne asked as she looked over her shoulders at the ghost town they now found themselves in."No, I'm with you on that one" Robo-Warrior agreed, "It is strange.""Ah, what are you two talking about?" Velocity said in disagreement, "it's only strange because we're the only ones who passed that qualifying round. If those jokers hadn't been so 'fight club' crazy, then they'd be here and the place wouldn't feel so spooky.""He does have his moments where he has makes a fair point…not many, but he does" Atlanta said, conceding that the brash speedster had a point."Thanks Angelfish" Velocity said thankfully, gulping loudly as he swallowed a mouthful of cake "I think.""But we're not alone Speed Trap" Shadow Knight pointed out."Come again, Spooky?" Velocity asked confused."Remember what the Grandmaster said?" Raven Ducard explained, "He said we were one out of two teams that made it here and qualified for the tournament. If that's the case…who are the other players, who are the other team?""Take a wild guess…" a familiar voice said to them from the rooftop area of the café the Heroes Legion was resting in.The Heroes Legion looked up to confirm if their ears were playing tricks on them, HOPING they were playing tricks on them.They weren't.There…up on the rooftops, looking down on them….was their archenemies…the Dark Elite!With Meta-Master himself, armor suit and all, standing right there in the middle of the assortment of rogues."Long time no see...Heroes Legion!" he called down to them, "Got a place setting out for any one of us per chance? We're all starving for some PAYBACK!"
OC Florian R. Guillon
Dedication - Jungle Claire Djarvick for Eric by FG-Arcadia
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The Legendary Thor's Assassin by ThorsAssassin
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Spider-Morbius (Spiderbius) Pic 1 of 3 by TheGeminiDream


AVENGERS ASSEMBLE by ISIKOL AVENGERS ASSEMBLE :iconisikol:ISIKOL 640 113 Martian Manhunter by fabioalexworld Martian Manhunter :iconfabioalexworld:fabioalexworld 9 6 TMNT Raph by andrew-henry TMNT Raph :iconandrew-henry:andrew-henry 57 7 Marvel VS - UpperDeck PromoArt by RyanKinnaird Marvel VS - UpperDeck PromoArt :iconryankinnaird:RyanKinnaird 1,026 52 Justice League by jasric Justice League :iconjasric:jasric 2,876 219 Gamora and Peter by emeraldcr0w Gamora and Peter :iconemeraldcr0w:emeraldcr0w 25 4 The Girl of Tomorrow! by Teebsy-86 The Girl of Tomorrow! :iconteebsy-86:Teebsy-86 41 9 Ms Marvel by Artgerm Ms Marvel :iconartgerm:Artgerm 13,824 669 Marvel Team Up by AlexHorley Marvel Team Up :iconalexhorley:AlexHorley 508 79 Sunset, peace and... by Antimad1 Sunset, peace and... :iconantimad1:Antimad1 756 63 Teen Titans  at sun down by PalmZarel Teen Titans at sun down :iconpalmzarel:PalmZarel 250 20 The Amazing Spider-Man by bbcchu The Amazing Spider-Man :iconbbcchu:bbcchu 83 17 AVENGERS_Iron Ladies Ultimacy by johnbecaro AVENGERS_Iron Ladies Ultimacy :iconjohnbecaro:johnbecaro 403 63 Thor Girl version by Flowerxl Thor Girl version :iconflowerxl:Flowerxl 1,620 46 Ghost Rider vs Spawn by sia1965pak Ghost Rider vs Spawn :iconsia1965pak:sia1965pak 182 15 Ms. Marvel by lyxella Ms. Marvel :iconlyxella:lyxella 37 0


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I'm making a survey about superpowers. I invite you to take part. 
After some magic with data that I’m going to run soon, it will show how female super-powers are related. Are you in?   )
I'm going to post results to my journal at DeviantArt, but in the survey, you have an option to leave your contacts, so I will send you the results.
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