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Future State Batman by REHone
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Dedication - Ewen Dreamlord for Yannick by FG-Arcadia
Signed sketch - Ewen Merrick for Thierry by FG-Arcadia
Signed sketch - Dreamlord for Gregory by FG-Arcadia
Inktober 2022 29 - Uh oh - Arsinoe by FG-Arcadia
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Inktober 2022 16 - Fowl - Coq-Man by FG-Arcadia
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Ardyn vs Ra's al Ghul Note: the following fan-made story doesn't follow DC Comics and Final Fantasy XV's continuities. Enjoy ! :)Ra’s al Ghul is in his Himalayan headquarters, where the feared League of Assassins in based. He sits alone on his throne when one of his loyal minions comes in panic. “Sire, some kind of stranger is wreaking havoc at the entrance of your lair. We simply can’t fight him: he’s too strong and wields dark magic…” explains nervously the masked man. The centuries-old eco-terrorist gets infuriated and grabs the servant by the throat. “You dolt, you dare bothering me for that nonsense ? Then, why are you member of my organization ?!” shouts al Ghul while breaking the man’s neck. He then throws violently the body at the ground while ordering his other minions, who are present around him, to dispose of the coward.The near-immortal villain was recently immersed in one of his Lazarus pits and feels invigorated more than ever. However, he knows that his days are numbered as his pits around the world are diminishing with the years. They can only be used once and Ra’s senses that he won’t see his beloved planet getting better.So, the mysterious ‘stranger’ appears in front of the Demon’s head: he’s garbed with a multicolored fur coat, a plain black hat and has a malicious but arrogant look in his brown eyes. “Who are you and what do you want ?” asks rudely Ra’s al Ghul with evil eyes. “Allow me to introduce myself: I am Ardyn Lucis Caelum, true and only king of Lucis.” answers boldly the tall man while removing his hat and leaning towards his interlocutor. “King of Lucis ? There is no such thing on Earth; are you merely wasting my time ? If so, I’ll kill you where you stand.” replies coldly al Ghul. “Tut tut tut ! Temper, temper Ra’s ! I’ve crossed dimensions after conquering my world, Eos, and I’ve also disposed of that brat Noctis and his friends. Then, I’ve decided to dominate the whole multiverse with my Starscourge and proclaiming myself the One and True Immortal. As recently, I’ve learned of your wretched existence: you’re nothing but a fraud that pretends to be everlasting with your insignificant ‘Lazarus pits’.” says with bravado Ardyn while smirking. “You arrogant fool: do you think you scare me with your fairy tales ? You reached my patience’s end and prepare to feel the Demon’s wrath !” shouts the leader of the League of Assassins before drawing his blood-tainted scimitar out of his leather belt.“Ooh, how many people did your kill with your pocket knife ?” laughs Ardyn as Ra’s furiously hit him. Strangely, it does no effect on him and the green-caped man gets surprised. “What kind of creature are you ?” asks with curiosity al Ghul. “I am God.” replies dryly his opponent as pink translucent weapons appears around him. He takes his Rakshasa blade, his cherished weapon, and it materializes in his right hand. “There can only be one.” laughs evilly the immortal king as he strikes fiercely the Demon’s head, who parries the powerful blow. “You can’t kill me, you dullard. Surrender while you still can !” yells with impatience Ra’s al Ghul. “Like you, I am a sword master and I fought more powerful foes than you, including Batman.” growls the villain mastermind. “Batman ?! What kind of name is that ?” guffaws Ardyn while continuing his offensive. “He was a feared but noble vigilante and was killed by his archenemy. Although he rejected my plan to marry my daughter Talia, he earned my utmost respect. Something you’ll never, ever earn from me.” answers the League’s leader, now very irritated by Ardyn’s attitude.“My, my, that fight is getting monotonous. If we continue to combat like this, the whole world will die of old age.” yawns Ardyn. “Now, time for the real thing.” adds the undying monarch while levitating in the air. His royal arms appear around him as they did earlier and he hurls them one by one towards Ra’s. The mastermind evades them and decides to throw his scimitar at Ardyn’s face: it smashes in smithereens. The otherworlder starts to laugh maniacally and he strikes Ra’s al Ghul at full speed with his sword. After, he lands on the stoned ground and takes his wounded opponent by the throat. “Admit it old man: you lost.” says with a demonic voice the man with the long coat. His eyes are now black with yellow irises and he’s no longer smiling. “Never shall I surrender to a dishonorable being like you. May you burn in Hell.” groans weakly Ra’s while spitting at Ardyn’s face. “When you’ll reach the Netherworld, tell them I sent you.” smirks diabolically the King of Lucis while piercing Ra’s heart with his Rakshasa blade. The centuries-old megalomaniac’s mouth and eyes widen as he pushes a weak cry. His eyes rolls up and he falls on the ground like a scarecrow; Ardyn uses his weapon to behead the dead man. “Now, you’ll be a good boy and your pits won’t save you this time.” says triumphally the victor. “Another world for me to conquer…” adds the laughing man as he disappears in an explosion of blinding light and thick smoke.The end
OC Florian R. Guillon
Inktober 2022 28 - Camping - Eva Vanzetti by FG-Arcadia
TIPComics Team Characters

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PACK - 2022 by Douglas-Bicalho
OC pyrasterran
Astral Drift - Cataract Jack by pyrasterran
OC Lexyverse
Necro Girl by AlanAnguiano
OC ssj3gohan007
5000+ PageViews!!! by ssj3gohan007
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Mini-Con is A Go!!! by NRGComics

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Mother Naturist showing her power. by jay042
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Fly by Mother-of-Trolls
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The Girl with The Golden Guns by MacabreHouse
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Spider-Morbius (Spiderbius) Pic 1 of 3 by TheGeminiDream


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I was away for most of the week, away from computers and Internet. I saw yesterday that some of you tried to post on the Featured folder, but the submissions expired. Now you're free to resubmit them.
That said, I'd like to add that the Featured folder isn't the only folder you can post in. It's for your best drawings, and I had to decline a lot of duplicates (post the final version directly, not WIPs or profile pages that use the same drawing twice), blurry/bad photos, and even ads for comission work with basically no actual drawing on them.
Also, despite all the warnings, I keep seeing non-superheroes deviations here. Remember: Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Spongebob, Sonic, Walking Dead - NOT superheroes. There's tolerance for characters like Red Sonja, Conan and Vampirella who were part of superheroes universes, but I can't accept everything.
And I still have to move a lot of deviations to other folders (I had the whole Power Rangers submitted in the DC Multiverse folder, for instance). Be careful where you post and look at it a little bit, because there certainly is a folder that's fitted for your deviations. If there is not, post a comment.
What can I say now? Well, keep up the good work and keep posting! Florian
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