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why so serious

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thanks, even though the last two really creep me outShivering - 13 NaNoEmo #25 
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Haha, you got the 60's Joker in!! Awesome! :D You can even see his mustache slightly that they painted over with the white!!
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I got really lucky finding a good pic of him, I could only find three that were really good quality of him by himself!
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wow this is amazing!!!!!!!!! thank you so much:)  
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thank you! I love a good challengeThe Elements: Water 
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Awesome! Thank you so much for using my stock :) x
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your welcome :) thanks for sharing!
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thank you! it was a really good idea, wasn't it? I would have never thought to put them all together!
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It was a great idea!!!
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I'm doing pretty good. Busy with school. How about you?
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pretty good, just trying to keep up on my art without getting burnt out or overwhelmed. how's your Water and Fire piece coming along? I can't wait to see the finished product, it looks awesome so far!
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Right! I know what you mean. School is killing me and I haven't even finished the first week or got any major assignments yet... ugh...
Awe thanks!!! It's coming along okay. I took a little break because another idea for a piece popped into my  head and I wanted to get some of that done. But I'll come back to the fire and water one for sure.
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so sorry! I always hated school because it was like it zapped all my creative energy out of me! hopefully it will get better!
I can't wait to see your other piece too! I do that to myself all the time - I'm working on one thing and then I'll be like "but here's this idea!" but I'm usually not that good about finishing my stuff, I'm too lazy!
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