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we do not sow

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you're welcome
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Oh my gosh, that sigil or whatever is over Yara's shoulder is amazing!! :D I love this shot and it is just gorgeous all around!!
Did you see the spoiler for them? Where Theon supports her? *Heart melts*
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Now you know why I wanted to use it so badly!! But using both of them was a great idea, so thank you! :hug:
I actually watched it when I was doing the other Yara graphic - it was so adorable! I'm glad that he is growing as a character!
I was watching all the scenes with Jon and Sansa last night - the feels!!! Have you seen where he gets the letter??
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I do come up with good ideas, don't I? ;)
I love how he is growing too! No, I haven't yet -- I thought abuot it and was wondering if I should wait till I am on Season 6...was it good?
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yes, you do! where would I be without my fairy godbunny??
I don't even know how to explain it, Jon has never been one of my favorites but since season 5, I just adore him right now!
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Oh my gosh, I think "fairy godbunny" is my new favorite title!! :dignity-laugh:
Ahh, Super's in love Love JK -- I will have to watch it!!
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haha, I thought you'd like that!!
nope, I'm a one Hound girl ;) but you should - it is so sweet!! and I forgot to tell you I watched the scene with her and Petyr Crying I was almost bawling when she was talking about Ramsey and her wedding night!:crying: rvmp 
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I think that will be my new title from her on out :D
I'm a Mockingbird girl (I almost always say Mockingjay, stop it HG fingers!!) Did you see Sophie Turners interview where she said Sansa should swing the other way and try something with Maragery or Arya? O.o I don't think Starks need to do incest...
I know, right? :( Some people take that to mean she is pregnant...
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that is a good one!!
haha, so easy to mix the two up!! no, I seen something that read incest but I think they say stuff for shock value or to throw people off!
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