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Why are you so perfect? Stop be so perfect! ^^; This is seriously beautiful... I love how you chose to use the three of them in this piece, too! Damn, you found the perfect pictures to use for Arya, Brienne, and Sansa! It's always hard picking the right ones that fit best in a picture, so great job on that! :D

I really love the textures you blended together! They're absolutely stunning. I feel like the splatter texture really ties the whole thing together and then that quote... You couldn't have possibly created anything better! :heart:
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
haha, I am not perfect! trust me :D aww, thank you! I love that Brienne is out looking for them, so when I saw this picture it just fit! 
I love those textures too! it was one of those "I must use theses!!" moments!
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Oh no, you surely are perfect. You're in denial~ ;)
You're welcome though! ^^ Yeah, it's really sweet to see Brienne looking out for the two of them – they most definitely need her to, that's for sure. It definitely fit and I absolutely love how you went about creating this.
Haha, yes! I get that way when I spot certain textures too! xD But seriously, you always find the most beautiful textures to use and they always seem to work perfectly for your pictures!
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haha, thank you! that is very sweet of you to say! :hug:
I just adore her!! I was laughing when she beat up the men that were with Littlefinger - they really ought to be ashamed of themselves!! I hope she catches up with Sansa and they take out the Boltons!!and then go take out Petyr!
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This is absolutely stunning! I love how it looks like they are all "grown-up-strong-women" now :D Love-love the color scheme and the paint texture -- it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Bravo my friend!!
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Awww, thank you!! :hug: I just adore Brienne and Sansa, though Arya scares me a bit!! That is what I love about GoT, the women are strong without being over-the-top, in-your-face feminist! It is just so beautiful to me!!
I was originally going to do purple but it just sorta migrated into greenish-blue! And I was gonna do a Tyrion, but I had this picture saved and I selfishly wanted to have a new wallpaper for myself!!
I am addicted to the ink/watercolor texture, I don't know if you've noticed that or not,but I am! ;)
welsharcher's avatar
I couldn't have said that better myself!! :D
Hahaha, I know *exactly* what you mean about having one just for yourself! Go for it! Purple is always good for another time!!
No, haven't noticed it at all ;)
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
haha, I am so greedy!! I will definitely being doing purple sometime in the future!!
oh, good! grin wink 
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Yeah!! Purple!! Dancing :la: 
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veryyy prettyyy!!:o (Eek) Love 
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