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rose of Highgarden

another Margaery for :iconwelsharcher:

Solid Ink Splatter by :iconpstutorialsws:
[11] Textures Pack by :iconrosesylla:
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I find it insane how Natalie knows how to take such beautiful photos... She always look gorgeous, no matter the outfit or pose. Nicely done with this one, the colors really suit her! :heart: I love her character so much, I'm definitely looking forward to more of her next season! ^^

I'm curious, is she one of your favorites on Game of Thrones? :3
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
I know!! she is downright gorgeous! I always want to do stuff of her!
umm, not particularly. I like her but I have characters that are higher on the list :)
MakorraLove12's avatar
She seriously is! I feel like I could make so much artwork with her because she definitely has the best pictures, haha~ :heart:
Yeah, I completely get that. I'm the same way ^^ I like her character, but she's not my top-top, you know? ^^;
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she really does! I am not a fan of the Hunger Games, but she looks so gorgeous in it!
yeah, I think Tyrion and Sansa are probably my top two! 
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Explode la plz This is amazing!!! :lahigh: I just adore that paint texture and the lettering is so beautiful!! :D Bravo!! La love
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Yay!!! I seen the new EW pictures and I knew I had to do one with her!
It took me forever to figure out my text!!
welsharcher's avatar
I think it is too early for me -- what does EW stand for? I'm assuming not "ewww" but maybe Entertainment or such?
It looks amazing and that text is PERFECT! :D
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
it's Entertainment Weekly. my sister use to subscribe to it, so thats how I know.
thank you again!!
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