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Phantom Of The Opera Mock Book Cover

my first entry for :icongraphicallysound:'s Book Club Competition is The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
The Paris Opera is haunted—everyone knows it. Everyone, that is, except for the new managers, who spark a violent dispute with the Opera Ghost when they refuse to acknowledge his existence or submit to his demands. Sometimes surfacing as a disembodied voice in Box Five or appearing as a gentleman in evening dress with a death’s-head, the phantom is obsessed with Christine Daaé, a lovely and enigmatic novice singer endowed with an amazing voice. But impetuous Viscount Raoul de Chagny is in love with Christine, and he and his brother, Count Philippe, are swept into the phantom’s deadly illusion with horrifying consequences. 

phantom of the opera font by :iconniiara00:
Phantom of the Opera Brush Set by :iconcoffinkittie:
Smoke Brushes by :iconaliceinunderland:
Point of no return by :iconfaestock:
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This is beautiful. I love the burnt sheet music and the smoke surrounding the girl. It very haunting :D
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WOW. SO beautiful!
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I love the bits of sheet music fluttering down! And the font is a perfect choice.  Very haunting graphic. 
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
Thank You Hearts Sign I actually see the burnt music a long time ago and I'm so glad I save it!
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Stunning, another good one might be Les Mis. It has that gothic, beauty feel as well. Good luck!!
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
thanks! I've never read Les Mis, so I really don't know anything about it
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I'm that way with Phantom and Les Mis -- everyone around me is obsessed with them so that is how I know about them :D
Just for fun, have you planned out your other entries for the group? I really like the Gothic feel you have been giving your art, very fitting for the upcoming holiday, and think it is a winner!
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yeah, I know how that is! 
I haven't planned out anything else, I've been kinda busy and tired, so just so tired  
I've always been drawn to gothic stuff, so I guess it's fair it would make it's way into my art and yeah, it does remind me of Halloween too!
another hard thing for me is that there are sooooooo many books I love that it's hard for me to choose which ones are my "favorites" I was thinking of doing a Jane Austen book or actually this really good Robin Hood book, Hood by Stephen Lawhead, that I was thinking of doing. Or there is always LOTR or Chronicles of Narnia or Alice in Wonderland, ect., ect......and my list goes on and on!
so yeah, nothing really planned Grin revamp 
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Haha, I love that first meme! I get what you mean -- the weather is messing with my head (I get sniffles and head fog when the weather does a 180) plus the first week back to school equals no creativity what so ever!!
I'm sure whatever you come up with next will be amazing! I think the Robin Hood one would be amazing -- who would you use for Robin though?...there is always the Fox from the 70's movie :D Books do make for excellent inspiration! Oh, Sense and Sensibility would be pretty cool (love the 1995 movie, SNAPE!!)

(btw I love the change back to Scarlet Icon -- when I first started following your art that is what you had and so that is what I always picture you as...hopefully that doesn't sound creepy O.o)

And another cat just for you for inspiration:
*Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen 
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
haha, thanks! I just kinda feel like a zombie lately! no creativity whatsoever!!
I have absolutely no idea of what I'm gonna do with the Robin Hood one!! I did kinda like this as a cover for it, maybe with a target or forest in the background?? or I may just do a target ... I really don't know!!! I do love Sense & Sensibility - that is one of my favorites!! though I do love Pride & Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey ;)

haha, thank you again!  I don't know if you know this, but Scarlet Witch is my favorite character ;) I don't think that sounds creepy at all - I know how it is, it throws you off because your like "who the heck is this strange person?? I don't know them!!" at least that is how I am, I just register people as their icons, not their names Nod 

thanks for the cat, he's super cute!!
'We're all mad here' Emote Sign 
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Oh, I really like that Robin picture! It is very mysterious since we can't see his face -- love it! A forest would be great -- I was just watching Brave where she rides through the forest and is shooting at the trees, maybe you could find a pic like that and do both?
Yes, Jane Austen -- what would culture and love be without her? :swoon: Too many good books!

:happy: We are one in the same with the icons!...most of the time I can't even remember people's users but I know their icons...and OMG SHOCK. I never would have GUESSED she was your favorite! Wink Razz
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
Sorry it took me so long to respond, I haven't been feeling that great and haven't really been on the computer much.
I do like the Brave idea, I think that would be really awesome! I am just a little unsure about my brain power at the moment.
And I agree, the world would be a much sadder place if we didn't have Jane Austen!!
I want to do more but I feel like I have no inspiration and it is just so frustrating!!!! I start something and I am so unhappy with it. But anyway, this happens to me every so often, and I'm sure I will end up making something soon ;) just needed to vent about it
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Phantom is such an amazing story! My best friend went through a major Phantom of the Opera phase, so I know a lot about it XD. Beautiful job! 
Super-Fan-Wallpapers's avatar
thank you :) it is such a good book and movie! I love the musical, too Music of the Night emote 
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