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Portal Wallpaper

By Super-Cute
I needed a new desktop wallpaper so bad. So I made this.
You can use it if you want! <3
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© 2011 - 2021 Super-Cute
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This is adorable and Cave Johnson's face is killing me
wheatly11's avatar
yay new desktop!!
Larissinhaaah's avatar
I love it! I will use 'U'
JP20Boss's avatar
Amazing! I love the drawing style :D
LauraBev's avatar
I love this! I'm using it as my wallpaper :D
Titanium-Zen's avatar
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kiyoushu's avatar
This is going on my computer without a doubt
Isaaclovespita's avatar
Sweeetnesss Favorited!!!
ShadeTheHedgehog77's avatar
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feel free to go draw your own version, I didn't feel the coffee mugs were all that important in portal 1
ShadeTheHedgehog77's avatar
Actually I am working on a Portal wallpaper.
It's based on the "You made your point" achievement :D
Super-Cute's avatar
well be sure to include that coffee mug..
ShadeTheHedgehog77's avatar
Yes I will, I'll put it right in the corner next to a turret.
Super-Cute's avatar
so how's that picture going?
ShadeTheHedgehog77's avatar
Oh damn, I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me.
It's almost done, I'll give you a link when it's finished.
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Awesome sounds good :3
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gir-rulez-you's avatar
i am using this and my friend is jelouse. :)
Yer-Mom's avatar
Are you there by any chance?
Super-Cute's avatar
I'm here now...we just got back
Jeddings123's avatar
It looks like a big mess is going to appear down below. Nice one, Kylie. :iconthumbs-upplz:
Yer-Mom's avatar
PS Chelle is so cute in that picture!!!!!!!
Yer-Mom's avatar
Hi sweetie! When Debbie picks you up today, go out the garage so you don't have to worry about locking the door. And maybe take the cherries in the fridge, or they're just going to go bad. Also, remember to take a t-shirt for PJs! I love you VERY MUCH. Have a good time at the Ekkels. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
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