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Human Dory and Marlin

I went to Finding Nemo 3D!

Most of the humanizations on here are pretty lame so I tried to make my own! <3


This probably took like 8 hours wow
3 hours to fine-line in my sketch book cause Im slow and didn't want to mess up!!
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Persephore's avatar
Best portrayal I saw so far
GabyCoutino's avatar
They looks great
LieutenantAstria27's avatar
Dory looks like Connie from Steven universe XD. I LOVE YOUR MARLIN! Teach me SENPAI!
Eqg-AlmondB's avatar
Haha, I was just watching this movie... awesome drawing!
marioPulido's avatar
OMGgggg I want to cryyy this is adroable! :')
CoffeeQueenDemigod's avatar
Is he grabbing her booty?

Awwwwww, I ship it. I really love your Marlin.
Cerus11's avatar
such a great idead
PyroMorticia's avatar
This fits their characters much better than any of the other humanizations I've seen here, well done!
Crazyrougee's avatar
This is beautiful!
CostumesbyCourtney's avatar
These are the best humanised Nemo characters I've seen, especially Dory. I've seen other artists draw her as a young anime girl, I don't see Dory in them at all, where as I recognise her here straight away. I like her quirky outfit too, Dory is a socks and sandals kind of girl.
Super-Cute's avatar
Yeah I saw so much of those anime girls and took it upon myself to make things right! lol Thank you very much!
theoriginalblackmage's avatar
This really cool Almost as good as your Portal Humanizations
catzndogz145's avatar
This is pretty awesome!:)
forkinyoureye's avatar
Oh hey there nostalgia
Emo-and-Stuff's avatar
Awesome! No one would go see that with me. 3D is too crazy for my brain.
Super-Cute's avatar
Ha ya most films do NOT need to be in 3D and its annoying and overpowering, but it was actually really nice and well done for this one.
wonderfulwafflezzzzz's avatar
Beautiful personification
racemaster45's avatar
Aw 'man, those memories! I just remembered the first time watching that movie...
Super-Cute's avatar
I was in grade 3 I long ago!
Sunnymatsu's avatar
lol awesome! thats like exactly how i imagined them ;-;
RoyMowz's avatar
omg i love it!!!! i loved this movie (and still do). excellent job!
W3LTERW8's avatar
Oh my god, I LOVE this. The expressions are so amazing :iconcryforeverplz:
ShadeTheHedgehog77's avatar
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