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Hello everyone!
Running an adoptable group, especially a rather large one such as this, can be a challenge.
Sifting through submissions is time consuming, even tedious at times.
We must decide which deviations to add to the group and which to deny.

Here are some reasons your submission may have been denied:

Wrong folder
-The deviation in question was simply submitted to the wrong folder.
Most common scenarios
-The most common problem is people trying to submit fandom-related adoptables to any folder other than the "Series-Based Designs" folder. ANY DESIGN RELATED TO ANY FANDOM (ex. a My Little Pony style pony, a Saiyan/Namekian/etc., Pokemon, a Lion King style lion, the list goes on) belongs in the SERIES-BASED DESIGNS folder.
If something fandom related is submitted to any other folder, it is automatically denied.
We may make more fandom specific folders at a later date (given how popular some appear to be, MLP being the leading one)

-The second most common scenario is with anthropomorphic designs. If your design is an anthropomorphic animal, it belongs in the "Anthro" or "Anthro 2" folders, regardless of species. Folders named "Canine" or "Feline" are for FERAL animals of the given species. IF AN ANIMAL CHARACTER IS PORTRAYED STANDING ON TWO LEGS, IT BELONGS IN ONE OF THE "ANTHRO" FOLDERS!
An animal standing on two legs submitted to any other folder is automatically denied.

-The third most common problem is with the "Adoptables Journals" folder. This folder is for ADOPTABLE/OC SELLING JOURNALS ONLY! Do NOT submit a single deviation of designs (a normal adoptable sheet) there!
This is also the folder you are to submit all mixed species character sales. If you are having an "OC Purge" or putting several designs on sale at once, this is the folder for you!

Commission Related Submissions
-This group is NOT for advertising/selling commissions. If you submit something related to commissions (excluding custom adoptables or YCHs), you will be temporarily banned from the group. Repeated violation will result in a permanent ban.
-Custom results are automatically denied. This group is only for designs that have yet to find a home. Submitting a completed custom is essentially viewed as submitting a closed adoptable.

If you have any further questions, please note me or another admin!
Thank you, and happy adopting! :D

Additional notes:
-The "Humanoid" folder is for adoptables that look MOSTLY human.
-The "Original Species" folder is for adoptables from original open/closed species that do not strongly resemble existing animals or appear to be normal humans.
-If a folder is full, PLEASE let us know ASAP!
-If you see someone trying to sell stolen designs, PLEASE let us know ASAP! We do not want to feature stolen adoptables!
We are tired of warning people who ignore this rule.
If you submit something commission related (beyond YCH/lineart, which have dedicated folders), you will be banned from the group.
If you cannot read and follow the rules, then you have no business being a member.
There are plenty of other groups for commissions, so please go there with your commission information.

Thank you,
Super-Adoptables Admins
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Group Info

All AFFILIATES are accepted.
Founded 8 Years ago
Oct 16, 2010


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35,422 Members
25,148 Watchers
609,331 Pageviews
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Oh dear D:
Do you need any help? If you're looking for contributors/anyone who can help moderate?
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I think we are looking for help still, but I am not the founder, so I don't think I can add anyone without permission 
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