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Big huge thanks to whoever brought a print of my Engines of Creation peice! First DA print I sold to anybody but myself :)

If you wanna come forward, I'd love to thank you personally, but if not, enjoy your print!
I suck, no more bongs :(

But...soon, it shall be replaced, and danker!
Couple of weeks ago I finally made it back up here to Rochester, and two days ago school started. campus housing for me, check out my spiffy ip! That also explains why I was offline for 2 weeks, because roadrunner was slow as balls.

So now I'm back at DA, and doing more art. And making a website or two, that are long overdue. And some other stuff. And bongs!
January was a looong time ago. So, time for new Journal :)

Someone got a DAprints account. Someones elses should make with the ordering of my shits :)

Bruce Springsteen's new Album is sounding dickity dank.

I wanna do flyer's for raves. So expect to see them on here in the coming amounts of time.

Most of all I want to sleep though. So that's what I'm gonna do. Peace.

Oh yea, I move back to school Sat. Good good good good good!


In the not to distant future, mankind continues to advance technologically. It was only a matter of time before machines were integrated into biology, creating electronically enhanced cyborg soldiers. As this technology progressed, more and more human tissue could be replaced by synthetic alternatives for muscle, nerve, bone, fluids, etc. The climax of this great push of technology: Completely synthetic beings, grown to precise specifications.

Well, this little 4 day adventure I took has come to an end :) The creation of this series has been intense, more than just a work of art, more of an experience. Made special by those who watched it happen, and experienced it with me.
Well, that last deviation came from no where. Just messing around, and found this crazy cool technique, and implemented this, coming up with the concept as I went along. Purely spontaneous and completely in one 4 hour sitting :) I like the concept so much, and the style, that this will be a followup to it very soon.

Still have those two others in the works.
I'm back at school again, yippie. You should all look at my chiznillin turtle, I like him, you should too.

Got some more stuff coming soon, one in the work, and one just an image in my head :)
Headed home for break, two more peices in the works, one will be done by christmas, other soon after break.

I'm watching you Devart :)
I'm coming back...I hope...I have stuff...I swear! College life is fucked, somebody keeps stealing all my time! Don't worry, when I catch the fuckers Imma take it back and pour it into here.
Eww, I suck, I never have enough time take part in this wonderful site :(

Well, upped a remix of digi's electrasp king, and I am working on some other stuff that should be done real soonish.

I miss all my dev friends!
Lookit! I'm back! Well, kinda. Uploaded two peices, or more like 1 1/2 since the other is merely a newer version. Still have a little more work to do before I can return full swing, but it's gonna happen soon, so don't worry :) Of course, nobody reads this, I just like talkin to myself.

Time to sleep.

Oh wait, everyone should go out and buy every Tool album now!
Okay, yea, I been gone Waaaay to long :( Year is coming to a close, and I left all my portfolio projects to the last minute, so that is what I have been working on. I'll be back soon, I promise! With several cool things for your viewing pleasure :)
Haha, I saw Cannibal Corpse. It was good.

Hmm...been working on a tutorial on web development that should be up later tonight. Also been working on a portrait of MAX CAVALERA! Because he is good.

Jark says devart load times will be improved on this weekend! YAY! That makes me happy.

I dont really have anything to say, I'm just sick of writing this tutorial shiznat :)
Okay, so given by the test in my last journal, nobody reads this thing. So why am I still writing? You would be suprised what you do while you are bored!

Anyways, as you might have noticed, I uploaded my first peice with a wacom. Go look at it if you havn't noticed. I'm having alot of fun learning out to use this thing well, and am currently working on a portrait w/it. So be waiting for that.

Eh, I'm gonna go work on the portrait now actually.
Okay, so everyone left the office where I work, so of course I ain't doing jack shit :) Trying to kill an extra 10 minutes before I break down and actually go home out of boredom. Plus I'm hoping my wacom came today, so that I can get some messing around with that in.

Anyways, I know I havn't uploaded much worthwhile in a while, well, outside the ass-hair convo! But I swear, I'll be getting around to it soon! Work really interfers with creativity. It's gonna be great next year when I head off to college and can just work out of my dorm the whole time :) Enough of this shit where I actually have to drive someplace to make money. It should never cost money to make money dammit! Plus taxes suck, and from a dorm everything is off the books! Yay.

Hmm...okay, well, I don't really have much of anything to say, so I suppose I will just go home now. I wish there were some way I could tell if people were reading this, so that I could either feel foolish  for talking to myself all the time, or else feel foolish for putting out foolish garbage for people to read! So here is the deal, everybody who reads this, has to send me a note! NOW!

Okay, now I'm gone, buh bye!
Dammit wacom! Send faster! Am I being impatient if I just ordered this thing tonight? I don't think so!

Okay, time for an update here, been nearly a month :(

I have a couple projects in the brainstorming phase right now, they are all for portfolio, but since my area of focus is digital art in that class, most of the time I get to work on the comp. As soon as I get my next paycheck I'm gonna spring for that wacom and get working on it :) I know I havn't been to active here, but I have been real busy with work and school etc. I'm gonna try and make more time soon!

I've also been working on a video for english class, which I would love to show you all, but it would be way to huge :)

Well, thats it for now, miss you all!
Well, I'm finally getting settled in, got a job, making some money, gonna spend it on a wacom. Then more fun and crazy stuff will come to be uploaded!

Right now I'm gonna go to sleep. I'm just updating this because it's just about the only thing I havn't done on devart today :) You'd be amazed how much time you spend here when your plans don't work out!

Yay! I just got my computer back up and running so I'm not devart-less anymore! Imma install photoshop in a bit, and finish setting up the comp to my picky standards. I just spent the last hour or so trying to catch up on all the devart news, and am gonna go check out the Daily Dev histories right now...

this is about two hours later, I just kinda left this here and went and did other things! So I'm gonna go continue to do those things now! Good to be back!
Ugh, well, I'm in the new apartment, and my computer somehow got fucked beyond belief while moving. So I gotta fix it, and it is being a bitch and not gettng fixed easy. So thats where I am, I miss dev art :(