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synthetic mind by supaspoida synthetic mind by supaspoida
synthetic.body [link]
synthetic.soul [link]

In the not to distant future, mankind continues to advance technologically. It was only a matter of time before machines were integrated into biology, creating electronically enhanced cyborg soldiers. As this technology progressed, more and more human tissue could be replaced by synthetic alternatives for muscle, nerve, bone, fluids, etc. The climax of this great push of technology: Completely synthetic beings, grown to precise specifications.

Part one of the [Mind].[Body].[Soul] project. All done in PS6, tried something new when I became to lazy to restart my computer to make my wacom work :) (Smile) Sorry for the size, but any smaller than this and ridiculous amounts of artifacts appear, as well as loss of detail. To many colors!

note: full view is essential! Stupid little ugly screenshot :( (Sad)

Well, this little 4 day adventure I took has come to an end The creation of this series has been intense, more than just a work of art, more of an experience. Made special by those who watched it happen, and experienced it with me.
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pitufina Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2002
this is awesome... i like the use of So many colors... i could stare at it for a long time... hmm... i'm gonna keep my eye on you...
+favorite :) (Smile)
kalimon Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2002
Mora a color game than a geometric game...

the best color game I've seen this year!!!
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thief6 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2002
good play of geometrics here, life is really diverse like this one, nice depiction.
love the waythe colors play with you, like looking through a transparent layers of glass. nice one, supa!

dankmon Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2002

The colors rule
The design rules

Eeet eees very goot, my child of zee night.

fuctuptink Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2002
my mind feels like that.... quite often....

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babysista Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2002
so.. very.. colorful.
this would look SO good on my bedroom wall.

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s2illusions Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2002
awsome colors...
looks like a giant AVS haha

though it would be a pretty good looking avs preset

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thlayli Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good job. I'm honored to have been part of the motivation behind this piece. I especially like the outlines around the shapes. This one is going on my favorites. :) (Smile)

teeter Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2002
Very sweet...and very colourfull. ;]

firextol Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2002
A gradient map might help, but there is too much going on for that many colors.

the-city-zen Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2002
wow, how the heck did you do this?! I like it.
zlim Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2002
It is very good indeed. Maybe a bit too busy for me but damn, It's kickass man.

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death-pengwin Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wicked. i love the colors. i love the geometery. that is such a fantastic piece, i want to see more. very impressive.

alness Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
much nicer in full view

:o (Eek) jag är din soffa:o (Eek)
alness Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
very intresting some of the brighter coloures i dont like but apart from that niceness

:o (Eek) jag är din soffa:o (Eek)
quistaquay Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
i love the rings, they break up the straight lines so nicely - although i agree that it would proly look nicer with a few less colours. Nice :D (Big Grin)

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owned Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
While this is a very interesting abstract piece, the colours are a lil on the wild side. I guess this is what you are going for though. Nice focal point, looks good.
But the colours are too strong for me.
That's just me though.

peepingdan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002   Digital Artist
Im putting stained glass in my window, and I want something like that... excellent.

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raven Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
Hippies rule! Ahem...
It looks great. Kinda makes me think of stained glass windows. Very nice and colourful :D (Big Grin)
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
yeah the full view doesn't do this great deviation justice. Amazing collection of colors. Reminds me of stained glass. This is way too cool!

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valkyre Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002   Interface Designer
Stop trying to bring back the hippies! :D (Big Grin)

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nekonoko Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The full view of this looks amazing ... I keep thinking how cool it would look if it were to begin rotating OpenGL screensaver style or something :) (Smile)

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antimatter Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
It's an optometrists worst nightmare(or is that dream, not sure.) I love it, but this is just one of those pieces that really should be grayscaled, if for no other reason, to keep my eyesight from getting even worse :o (Eek)

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fairlane Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002

zyphar Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002   Interface Designer
the design is very nice, but its wayyy to colourful to match with most color schemes... this is great though, keep it up :]

klynx Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
whoa man, that is soo awesome.. looks... synthetic! hehe.. but really, it looks like the inside of some sorta cable.. the color is tasteful, somehow? :D (Big Grin) hehe love it man, great job!
tydogg Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2002
This looks really involved, but WAY too many colors. I like the shapes and layout, but it really confuses my eyes.

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