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Max Cavalera by supaspoida Max Cavalera by supaspoida
Wow, this is finally done! Yay! Prbly still needs some work, but this is about as far as my current skills can take it. Not as good as a mongi or darkgoth, but I\'m pretty pleased with it. How bout you?

One more thing...first attempt at a portrait w/my wacom. Bleh. Someone give me skills.
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---soulfly--- Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wohoooo max c! im going to see sepultura in july! wohooooo again! anyways. kickass job dude..+ fav :) (Smile) i was thinking about doing a painting of him, so i was jus searching DA to see what work there already was with max in. only to find you've used the exact pic i was gonna use lol...damn..oh well i still might do it =P (Razz) anyways see ya later
arcz Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2003
wow.. realy nice.. i like this work and orginal photo.. come here to see how i mede my tribute to Max :D (Big Grin) DD -> [link]
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plan9 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2002
Ah Soulfly r0x0rs, never was much into Sepultura though

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sabotage Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really nice colors, shades, air, style.... etc
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san-tor Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
I used to like Sepultura when they released the "Beneath the Remains" album. But that was a long time ago.

They design is really cool but you have to do something about his eye.

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supaspoida Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
ya, deally w/the eye is that I based this of a picture, gettin all the shadin n stuff from that, and in the pic, you can't see any of his eye, so I tried to do that.

Coincidentally, part of that eye actually shows up on the printout I did today. Weird.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

princesnoopy Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
wtf is with his eye..
babyraven Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
Wow, really nice work! I agree with zero about the eye, but otherwise, great job!

The hair's really the clincher that makes this a great piece!


vm Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
Very nice for a first attempt.. keep at it, you've done a great job with this = )

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zeroblade Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
Excellent work here, really nice detail on the hair. Shading is also very good. Just one very tiny thing u should change, his right eye (from our view right) is too dark /not visible. It just looks, as if he had lost it :P (Razz) . Just make it brighter, it should at least be a bit visible.

Kewl work over all ...
emkay Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
yeah- it's good, i like the colors and lighting ! It's the singer of Sepultura, is'nt it ? IIRC the last time i saw him, he's got a bit thicker, longer hair :) (Smile) but anyway a great piece of work !!

Keep it up m8 !
thelambofgod Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001   Writer
wow. that's great. wish i could do shit like that.

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idlejam Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
ahhhh this is co0.... i love the way it is colored and shaded... nice

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thief6 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001

nice work on the hair and getting some skills here, supa, finally, some work from you:D (Big Grin) youre starting??? this is good!!! i have my wacom for 6 months and i havent done one like this! good work and 'max cavalera', cool!
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June 1, 2001
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