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Just Disappear by supaspoida Just Disappear by supaspoida
Yea yea, it's trendy, so sue me :) (Smile) Actually, this piece contains quite alot of emotional content for me, largely due to that microscopic text there, which is actually infact, real words. However, due to how much shit life is full of, these words may not even have any true value anymore within themselves (hell, I wrote them a few days ago. To confusing). But they still helped me clear my mind at the time, even if all that would be destroyed later. Oh well, anyways, the images were pretty much just me messing around, but when I look at them now, it still holds the emotion from before. Eh, I'm confusing myself again, so I'm gonna stop. Any questions?
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shaolyn Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2001   Interface Designer
what vervain said..
nice :) (Smile)

shit happens,
just flush it.
vervain Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2001
really not bad, but i just don't like the text at the bottom, and the 3d-shape doesn't fit the rest of the piece in my opinion. the background anyway is very good.

idlejam Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2001
i'm not so hot on tha big text.. it takes from the rest of it... i like the different colors u have used though.. nice effort

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thief6 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2001
its damn good, supa!the colors are nice, good layout and youre right, theres activity and emotion flowing! those typoart adds feeling and mood to it. that image on the bottom left corner is mysterious ;) (Wink) good work, supa!

shr00m Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2001
its cool..i dont mind the big black blocky text =P (Razz)

infinil Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2001   Interface Designer
i agree with abhorsen about the trendy-ness and the blocky text.
but i would like to add this:
i know what you're talking about in the description.
either you're not crazy or we both are =) (Smile)
abh0rsen Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2001
so what if its trendy...i like it...and thats what matters ;-) (Wink) Just dont know quite what i could say about this. Other than the dark black big nasty scary text kinda bothers me....too blocky to be with the rest of the flowing parts of the picture. Over all a nice job tho.

The pathway to hell is
paved with good intentions.
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August 13, 2001
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