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Daily Dev Comp - Lost In The C by supaspoida Daily Dev Comp - Lost In The C by supaspoida
My cut on the Daily Dev Comp image. Took me all damn day, longest I've ever spent on a peice. I'm happy with it, and I learned alot making it. Deviantart keeps me motivated :) (Smile)

Please let me know what you think, and see if you kinda find my meaning or whatever, it's not to hard!

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mildak Featured By Owner May 17, 2007
wow you r gooooood
spin0spin0suga Featured By Owner May 15, 2002
MAN! And I just put the other one as my bg... nah this one is even better... I absoulutely love love love it! +fav +bg
Sheepish m00 Sheepish
netguru Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2002
That's a real nice job!
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soulmunkie Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2001
The color is beautiful, as the blue and orange are compliments. The reflections are amazing, keep up all the greatness.

cype Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2001
Wow... this blew me away when I saw it. The technique, and effort brought into this piece is surely enough amazing. I wish i had the technical skill to do artwork like this, even though I have never made anything like this before, make you can help me out or show me how you put all these great photos together to make it into a superb art platform, great job!

- nicolas
aurore Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2001
Wow!...By far my favorite of all the submissions for's beautiful :) (Smile)

kar0 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2001
Oh my, how I missed this, I don't know. This is outstanding work, Lar!! *wow* And U were saying that u were feeling untalented? pshhh!
This is beautiful!! omg, I LOVE the colors!! I'm in love with this. Print me out a poster and frame for me! =P (Razz) hehe.
Really though, this is amazing. Great work!!
dee Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2001
love the sky. way cool.

psyfect Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2001   Writer
I have only seen one other submission. but just looking at this I would think it would win. it's great, I think you should of changed the color of the buildings though, they look like there a part of the bridge, if they matched the water more then it would probly look like the bridge was an escape from reality, just a suggestion, great job.
cheneymac Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2001
Thats awesome as hell. Nuff said.
devolution Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2001
You fucking slaughtered that wallpaper. That's really cool shit man. I love the colors, the way the bridge contrasts from the red and orange to make it look like it's getting shut out from the world. Or that's what it seems like to me!

Maybe I should take a stab at it...

vm Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2001
very nice indeed!
i love this
supaspoida Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2001
Damn, I spent the most time on making that dock NOT change colors :) (Smile) I wanted to kinda seperate it, draw the eye a little or something. Give it a bit of a surreal look. Oh well, I tried, thanks for the comments!

wusoulfly Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2001
wow..... that's awesome, legit... i agree about the dock, but damn.... it's cool.
tuna Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2001
amazing sky and reflection on the ocean as well! but you should have changed the colour of the bridge as well...

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