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CommDev R3 supaspoida v2 by supaspoida CommDev R3 supaspoida v2 by supaspoida
Until today I had no idea what a CommDev was, but I think I got it now, and it seems like a great idea, and I love it!...If I understand it right :) (Smile) Well, let me know, did I do it right? Or did I change to much? This was just a quick thing to try and see what's up. Comments!
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midnightINK Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
i love every aspect of this!!! all of it! it has the great "collage-feel" that I think is great to see in art. beautiful lighting too. i also like the slight white picture in the background on the left. ;)(;
soulmunkie Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2001
Wow i really like this one, It has amazing lighting effects. great work.

coarse Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2001
i didnīt download the V1, so iīm sorry.

zenith- Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2001
Nice image, although the circles on the lower part turn me off a little, they don't mix very well with the rest of the image. Nice work though. : )

supaspoida Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2001
Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Kar0, I used courier for the font to try and tie it into the original image a bit, since there was so little of it left when I finished with my effects.

Glad you guys like it!
thecore Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2001
Really nice one

kar0 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2001
Coarse, actually that pic was one of the ones included in CommDev R3 v1, it's from the stock art, "step away" i believe is the name. And the instructions were to use stock art ONLY.

About the deviation:
I really like what you did with it. Love the colors!! Really great job overall =) (Smile)

One thing though:
I'm not really too fond of the font in the middle where it says "commDev r3" maybe a fancier font would be better *in my opinion*

Still looks nice though!

coarse Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2001
i thought the sense was to take the commdev R3 and modify it, not to take any other deviation and alter it ...

this is the original piece --> 200
psyfect Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2001   Writer
mgee Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2001
supaspoida, did it right man! Thanks alot for your support!

lexicon V2!
It is up and it is fly!

check out the hype at:
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January 17, 2001
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